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Tom Daley and Charlie Hides bumped into each other at the airport.
They talked about performing with a cracked rib.
April 17, 2017

Brian Mccook arriving in Lima, Peru.
Part 1 - 3.10.17

I wanted to share the first part of this video with you guys because I’m missing this sweet angel SO MUCH!
I know it’s a short video but I swear it’s worth watching.

I’m the one who asked for the hug and gave him the skittles, by the way.
We knew that Brian was really nervous so we were trying to be very polite and respectful with him. He was really nice and friendly with all of us even though he was struggling with his anxiety and nervousness. I was even able to say a few things to him and he was nothing but the adorable weirdo we all love.

I love my little piece of heaven so much!

Credits to: Rupaul’s Drag Race Perú on Facebook

P.S: My english is really bad, btw. Sorry about that!

A Warning To The GTA Fandom...

Please beware of the new user Tongvahills. The blog is NOT a GTA blog. The user is a bully and has a nasty past in this fandom.

The person who runs the blog the user formerly known as Chiliadmystery (real name Euclid/Liddie/Dakota) She was the ringleader of a relentless campaign of vile abuse against so many people in the GTA fandom.

In 2015 together with some of her clique, she bullied numerous members of the GTA fandom here on Tumblr (and dragged things over to AO3/Facebook/etc too)

To being with she’s chased off a whole bunch of (awesome) content creators with her false and abusive accusations against them, including calls of plagurism/tracing etc. This caused the GTA fandom to lose some of its best artists and writers.

Then a few months later, followed that up with a full on bullying campaign against another group of users that drove many GTA fans away from Tumblr and even pushed some GTA fans to the point of suicide and self harm.

In between and after these events she spend a lot of time stalking practically every active GTA blog to vague post about them or directly attack them on the things they posted on their personal blogs. Even if they were unrelated to GTA in anyway.

The drama that this person and her posse (including fortzancudo/sansitised/chaseprice/and numerous others who have changed URLs/deleted since) destroyed a part of this fandom and ruined many friendships and blogs in the process. THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN IF WE ENGAGE WITH HER!

Please be wary of any interactions with this user as she is a vicious bully. She deliberately posts antagonistic things to insight drama and will make any beef she has with you extremely personal. If you do not agree with her opinions, or post something that she does not agree with you WILL be attacked and your life on Tumblr will be made a misery.

Most of the long time users here will remember what happened to so many of the GTA fans on here. I doubt there’s a single person who’s been in this fandom for more than a year who hasn’t been indirectly attacked or affected by trouble Tongvahills/Chilliadmystery and friends bought down on us.

Tongvahills/Chiliadmystery deleted her original blog a few months ago (claiming to want nothing more to do with Tumblr) and in the process managed to erase all trace of the trouble shes started over the years, but many people here remember and still have “receipts” to prove what a horrible person she is. I’d like to think that she’s trying to make amends and be a better member of the fandom this time round, but she is already trying to stir things up again.

Take this post as a warning and for your own sanity, avoid! Do not let this person shit on our fandom and its members again.

And if you are brave enough, please reblog this post (or make your own) to warn other unaware users against following/interacting with this Tongvahills, for their own safety and well being.

Please help to keep the GTA fandom a (relatively) drama free place, and protect yourself -  DO NOT INTERACT WITH Tongvahills.