drag it up

Y’all are whining about how this isn’t RuPaul’s Best Lipsync race and how she unfairly disregarded the entire run of the show/challenge wins for a “crappy” lipsync but literally the whole show has had queens skidding through the competition on the bottom and making it far because of their killer lipsync skills (Jujubee, Dida Ritz, Coco Montrese, Trinity K. Bonnet, Kandy Ho, Jaydinn Diore)  and queens with excellent track records getting eliminated on their first stumble for poor lipsyncs (Ongina, Jessica Wild, Milk, MAX, Thorgy, Valentina) but NOW you’re whining about the lipsync system being unfair and rigged? Girl bye

I was watching a gif of sasha taking off her wig and showering herself in rose petals and i kind of sighed and groaned and then my sister was like “what?” I said ‘nothing’ then she was like “something about sasha?” And that’s a pretty good representation of how much i love her and how often I talk about that love

I think the only reason Shea didn’t make the final two is because she didn’t have a costume change or a big set piece in her costume when she went against Sasha. I love Shea (more than Sasha tbh) but once Sasha took the rose petals out of her gloves and wig and Shea had no response… it was over.

So… fuck. The spoilers were right. My mom’s beside herself with joy but… we ALL know Peppermint won that last lip sync. I know it, my mom knows it, Peppermint knows it, Sasha knows it, and Ru knows it. But they couldn’t crown a trans queen because too many transphobes plague the fandom, so Sasha won by default, I guess