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RFA+V and Saeran finding out that MC is really protective of their s/o and having to hold them back from trying to beating up someone who talked crap about them. I'm not sorry MC will fite anyone. Even themselves. I will go down with this headcanon


  • Ok, he’s supposed to be the one getting pissed when his director gives him shit???
  • Yet here he is, holding MC back, trying to shut her up so that she doesn’t make things worse for him.
  • “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll apologize, just let me go.”
  • “Sir, you’re lucky to have Zen as part of your cast for this musical. It’s a wonderful production, but I would advise you to treat all of your actors with more respect before it causes a problem.
  • When she turns back around to see the disappointed look on Zen’s face, that’s when she remembers she was supposed to apologize.
  • “Oh yeah, and I’m sorry I tried to punch your face. I hope it helped get my point across, though.”


  • “He called you a what?!?!”
  • “Oh god, MC, please don’t start anything…..!”
  • “No, I’m gonna go give this guy a piece of my mind!!! That’s bullying! God, I hate bullies!”
  • She literally drags Yoosung out of the car and forces him to show her where this asshole might be.
  • “Oh look, the annoying kid’s girlfriend is trying to come to his rescue! What a bunch of freaks! If you have a problem with me, handle it yourself, you fa-”
  • MC’s fist landed hard on his jaw, then she pushed him up against the wall. She’s yelling about respecting others and “people who only have shit to say should keep their goddamn mouths closed!” and Yoosung is freaking out.
  • Yoosung grabs her by the shirt and literally drags her away.
  • “Be assholes to ANYONE again, I dare you! There’s enough of my fist to go around, fellas!”
  • Nobody ever bothered Yoosung again.


  • Okay, all they wanted to do was run to the convenience store for some lunch. The past week, they’d only been able to spend time together at night, assuming that MC wasn’t already asleep by the time Jaehee got home.
  • According to Jumin, the report that Jaehee had submitted to him earlier in the day was “trash” and she’d have to use her lunch break to fix her mistakes.
  • “MC, you know how Mr. Han is. We can have lunch tomorrow.”
  • “Oh, yeah.. That sound’s good, Jaehee.”
  • …….
  • “You realize that Jaehee is the hardest worker that you’ve ever come into contact with, right?!? Having her work for you is more than you could ever ask for and sure as hell more than you deserve!!!”
  • When Jaehee heard the commotion and ran out, Jumin was pushed up against a wall with the front of his shirt balled up in MC’s fist.
  • Jaehee just sort of picked MC up and ran off with her before any of them got any angrier.


  • “Yeah, I did an interview with him a few weeks ago about C&R’s possible cat hotel line, and the guy was awful! Jumin Han is one of the most arrogant bastards I’ve met, and that’s coming from someone who does celebrity interviews for a living.”
  • MC called up A! Celebrity News in a rage, requested she get an interview, and damn it, she was not hanging up until she got one.
  • Jumin came with her to the interview. Before they went on the air, MC had a small amount of time to talk to the interviewer.
  • “Actually, I’m not interested in an interview. I only wanted to confront you concerning what you said about my husband earlier this week.”
  • When MC lunged at him, Jumin grabbed around her middle and told her that he doesn’t care about what some shitty news program has to say about him, so neither should she.
  • Jumin literally carried her outside and threw her into the car to avoid being sued.


  • He took MC to an amusement park, and they’d been playing games for hours. 
  • The guy at the dunk tank was insulting everyone who walked by, calling them “scrawny,” or “weak,” or even shouting “Hey ugly!” at some of them.
  • When he shouted “Hey, little frilly thing in the pink! Think your frail little arms can take me down?” at MC, she was sucked in.
  • She got three goes at it, and every time she missed, the dunkee laughed.
  • “Oh, why don’t you give the boy a try? He’s obviously been working out, what with the juggling and everything! God, the clowns really do get more breaks than us!” He started touching his hair, implying that it was Seven’s red hair that ‘gave him away.’
  • MC’s last ball missed, making her sigh and the man in the tank laugh. “Hey, Maybe you should be getting back to your posse! I think I saw balloon animals and red hair go that way!”


  • MC wasn’t really paying attention, and V literally didn’t see where he was going. 
  • When V bumped into a guy with two waters in his hands, he immediately apologized.
  • “Fucking idiot, watch where you’re going. You fuckin’ blind of something?”
  • None of the water had even spilled?? Why the hell was he so angry?????
  • And he picked on something that V couldn’t control???? oh no.
  • MC took both of the waters from him, dumped them both on top of his head, then threw the cups at his face.
  • V grabbed around MC’s waist, picked her up, and started walking in the opposite direction.
  • “Darling, I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going somewhere to calm down.”


  • If someone so much as thinks something bad about Saeran, MC is going to kick ass.
  • Saeran waits for her to do some damage before he actually tries to help. 
  • Fights are exciting and she usually wins anyways. What do you want from him????
  • They’re banned from quite a few places because one of them ends up fighting someone almost every time they leave the house.

spoilers for 4.16.

Of course Jemma wants to come, and of course Daisy tells her no.

It’s obvious, why Jemma shouldn’t be there—Daisy knows it and Jemma knows it— and yet, she still blocks the door with her body and crosses her arms, eyes burning. “I’m coming with you.” Jemma says, her voice still a bit raspy but as clear as ever. “I need to go with you. I need to see him.”

Ward—still so strange, to have him here— stands a bit out of view, watching. Listening.

“Jemma—” Daisy tries.

“—Don’t bloody ‘Jemma’ me, Daisy.” Jemma interrupts. “Stop trying to stop me. I am coming whether you like it or not.”

Of course Daisy doesn’t like it, but of course she stops trying to stop her.

(They need each other now more than ever.)

“Fine.” Daisy points her finger at her. “But you don’t leave the car.”

Jemma doesn’t argue, and with that silent acceptance Ward clears his throat and walks towards them.

And that’s how Daisy, Jemma, and Grant Ward plot to kidnap Fitz.

“Soooo.” Ward drawls out, one hand on the wheel as if they’re friends taking a drive instead of going into the lion’s den. “In this other world of yours, you’re The Doctor’s girlfriend.”

“Fitz.” Jemma immediately lashes out, and Daisy doesn’t need to glance back to know that Jemma’s looking out the window, trying to remind herself that everyone and everything are all strands of code.

(But sometimes, Daisy knows, it doesn’t feel that way.)

“But our Fitz isn’t like this one.” Daisy speaks. “He’s good. He’s different.”

“Kind of like how I’m different, there?”

He knows. She stares straight ahead and doesn’t answer him. The real Ward was very smart, and so is this one. He knows that’s why she’s been acting strange, and knows why Jemma throws him dirty glances when she thinks he’s not looking and when she knows he is.

Knows why Jemma hates him.

Knows why Daisy does.

Silence creeps into the car, and it remains that way until they park a short distance away from the Triskelion.

Ward turns his head towards her. “You ready?”

She nods, and they both glance back at Jemma, who still refuses to look at them, and whose hands are twisting in her lap.

“Remember to stay in the car.”

“I know, Daisy.”

Daisy reaches out and grips Jemma’s hand and squeezes gently.

Jemma grips her hand right back, and turns to face her.

“We’ll come back soon.” Daisy says.

“With Fitz.” It’s not a question its not a question to come back without him. Daisy sees it in Jemma’s eyes, clouded with fire and mist.  

“With Fitz.” Daisy promises.

But Daisy and Ward come back with The Doctor.

They can hear Fitz’s voice coming from the trunk of the car, and they can feel the vibrations of his fists pounding against steel.  

Ward grits his teeth and tightens his grip on the wheel. “Is the Fitz in your world this annoying?”

“Only sometimes.” Daisy quietly mutters.

Jemma stares out the window.

She doesn’t make a sound.

Daisy was worried about Jemma staying in the car, and now Jemma won’t leave it.

Ward has already taken Fitz inside, and Jemma still hasn’t said a word. Daisy texts Ward telling him that Jemma needs some time, and she waits.

Daisy waits, and waits, and waits.

(It’s the least she can do.)

But seconds roll into minutes and minutes are minutes they cannot spare so Daisy opens her door and gets out.

“Jemma.” Daisy walks over to Jemma’s side and swings the door open. “C’mon. We’re here.”

Jemma’s face is pale and her breaths are short, and she grips the edges of her seat.

“Daisy, I’m afraid.” Jemma whispers.

Daisy sighs, and shakes her head.

“I know. I am too.”

(She also knows that Jemma’s just going to get hurt again.)

Jemma knows it too.

Daisy thinks it’s corny. It’s corny and it’s stupid and it’s childish but it’s the only thing they’ve got. But first, she’s going to try a different way. She motions for Jemma to wait as she walks into the apartment, where Ward’s got Fitz tied to a chair, and Fitz glares at her with his lips curled and eyebrows narrowed.

(That’s the first difference between her Fitz and this Fitz. Her Fitz has kind eyes, eyes that have seen too much but are still warm although they have every reason not to be. This Fitz has dead eyes. There’s nothing in them but nothingness.)

“Agent Skye, Agent Ward.” Fitz spits out and struggles against his bonds. “I knew there was a mole in Hydra, but there’s two.”

Daisy inhales and exhales, trying to keep her heartbeat steady and calm. She crosses over to Fitz and kneels, placing her hands on top of his.

Fitz gawks, glancing down at their hands and then back up at her, his dead eyes widening.

“Fitz, please remember.” Daisy begs, her voice cracking. “You’re one of my best friends, and you’ve been there for me even when I couldn’t be there for you. You’re kind, and you’re compassionate, and you’re a million times better than The Doctor could ever be. I need you to remember me, and remember that this is not who you are.”

She doesn’t believe it works for a second. She had hoped, but she watches herself in the reflection of his eyes and she sees that they don’t change at all.

Fitz chuckles quietly, and it’s so eerie that Daisy shivers and stands up, backing away.

Fitz leans forward. “You’re crazy, Skye. Now— Let. Me. Go.”

Daisy thinks it’s corny. She thinks it’s corny and senseless and only happens in stories where there’s happy endings.

But if any of them have a shot at those, then its Fitz and Simmons.

Jemma steps out from the hallway and pauses, staring at Fitz.

Fitz stares at her.

(Daisy watches them both.)

“Come back to me.”

Jemma’s voice is still a bit hoarse, a bit tired and a bit shaky. But it’s powerful, filled with all the affection and love she has for him, and for a second Daisy believes in true love, and that true love can break the curse.

It doesn’t.

Fitz is still tied to that ugly chair in the middle of the apartment, Ward is still watching him, and Daisy and Jemma still can’t sleep.

Jemma cries.

Daisy holds her tight.

“I was so stupid to—to think that it might work.” Jemma lowers her hands from her face and her eyes, puffy and red and full of everything, meet Daisy’s.  

Daisy whispers back. “No, you were human.”

(Aren’t they all?)

“The Director has all of Hydra looking for me right now, with The Calvary leading them.” Fitz says to Daisy as she walks into the room for her shift. “Let me go now, and I’ll make sure you die as less painfully as possible.”

“Yeah, sorry. Not gonna happen.” Daisy responds. “Do you want some oatmeal?”

“Fuck you.”

“No oatmeal then. Eggs, maybe? I learned from the best.”

She doesn’t add that she learned it from him.

The longer they keep Fitz with them, the less time they have until Hydra finds them. Ward makes sure to remind them that.

And they refuse to listen.

(Yet Jemma ignores Fitz completely. She stays in the bedroom with her computer and tries to find information on everyone else.

Daisy doesn’t blame her.)

When they wake up on the third day after they took Fitz, Jemma narrows her eyes and tosses back the covers aggressively.


“It’s been three days. I am not going to wait for him to wake up any longer. I’ve already had to wait for days, and I am not going to do it again.” Jemma throws the door open still in her pajamas and storms out, leaving Daisy frozen until she curses and scrambles to follow her.

Leopold Fitz.” Jemma shouts, crossing across the room with her finger pointed at Fitz, who blinks rapidly and opens his mouth in surprise as she approaches.

“You– you wanker! How bloody dare you? I drag your bloody arse from the bottom of the ocean and you jump through a hole in the universe but some fucking code tears us apart?”

Jemma clenches her fists and leans forward, right into his face. “Fuck you, Fitz. Fuck you, Doctor. I’m done waiting for you.”

She takes his shoulders and shakes him once.

“You have to remember me!” Jemma screams.

“You’re insane!” Fitz screams back.

“Jemma! That’s enough!” Daisy reaches over and pulls Jemma’s grip off of Fitz.  “It’s not his fault he can’t remember.”

Yes it is!

“No, it’s not!”

In a way, Daisy thinks, it is his fault.

In a way, Jemma thinks, it isn’t.

Either way it doesn’t matter because they’re tired of waiting but it’s all they can do. They go out and look for the others, and they wait for Fitz to remember.

(and on the ninth day, he does.)

Like the universe, it starts with a bang.

While they had all hadn’t been looking, Fitz had tried to get out of the chair but only caused him to fall over, clattering to the ground and wooden chair splintering as it hit the ground.

They all rush over, but Jemma reaches him first.

“Fitz! Fitz are you okay?”

He looks confused, dazed. He closes his eyes and opens them slowly, squinting like he’s staring into the sun.

“What’s your name again?”

Jemma freezes. She glances back at Daisy and Daisy tilts her head to the side and gestures for her to go on.

Jemma inhales and exhales slowly. “I’m Jemma. Jemma Simmons. ”

“I… I don’t know.” Fitz responds.

“You don’t know what?”

“My head hurts.” He squeezes his eyes tight and scrunches his face, and if his hands weren’t still tied behind his back he would’ve been pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

Or, at least, Daisy thinks, that’s what her Fitz would do.

“Here.” Ward crouches down, putting down a glass of water before helping Fitz sit up. “Drink.”

But Fitz stares at the glass, eyes darting from the glass to Ward’s face to Daisy’s to Jemma’s to back to Ward’s.

“We’re friends, aren’t we?” Fitz murmers. “We’re friends– we’ve had laughs together.”

Ward doesn’t understand.

Daisy and Jemma do.

On the tenth day, they don’t need to tie him to the chair anymore. He sits on the couch with his head in his hands and mutters to everyone and no one.

They leave him alone to piece together the pieces shattered on the ground.

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you were being a dick.”

Fitz doesn’t answer.

Daisy sighs and pulls him into a tight hug. It’s been too long since she’s last wrapped her arms around him and there’s a sudden lump in her throat that won’t go away. She holds him tight.

(He holds her tight back)

“I’m glad you’re back.”

“Me too.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

Daisy pretends not to notice how Fitz and Jemma stare at eachother, at a loss for what to say.

“I love you. So, so much. But–”

“I know.”

(Daisy thinks that in every universe Fitz and Simmons must share that strange, wonderful psychic connection.

She hopes it’s a good sign.)

It is.

He throws Ward dirty glances when he thinks he’s not looking and when he knows he is.

It makes Daisy and Jemma smile.

Of course Fitz wants to come, and of course Daisy and Jemma tell him no.

It’s obvious, why Fitz shouldn’t be there—He’s still known as The Doctor, after all– and yet, he crosses his arms across his chest and huffs. “I’m coming with you.” Fitz says, his voice ringing throughout the apartment. “I need to go with you. I need to fix this.”

Ward—still so strange, to have him here– stands a bit out of view, again. It seems that this Ward’s thing is to watch, and listen.  

“Fitz–” Daisy tries.

“—Don’t bloody ‘Fitz’ me, Daisy.” Fitz barks. “I can get you inside. They won’t expect me, they’ll expect The Doctor..”

Of course Daisy doesn’t like it, but of course what he says makes sense.

(They need each other now more than ever.)

Daisy glances at Jemma, who still hasn’t said a single word.

“Fine.” Daisy points her finger at him. “But you’re never alone, got it?”

Fitz doesn’t argue and neither does Jemma, and with that Ward cracks his neck and walks towards them.

And that’s how Daisy, Jemma, Grant Ward, and Fitz plot to kidnap May.

(huge, HUGE thanks to @agent-85​ for helping me think of this, and  @buckysbears@hemnalini@lapiccolina@clearascountryair​ for helping me when i got stuck. you guys are amazing <3)

Solangelo Headcannon’s:

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  • Nico always wanting to cuddle and/or touch Will in anyway
  • They are always sneaking into each others cabins for sleepovers. Mostly Will into Nico’s
  • The only time Nico doesn’t have nightmares is when Will is sleeping next to him
  • Nico watching Will getting out of the shower and just muttering a silent “holy shit”
  • Will calling Nico ‘death boy’ just to get a rise out of him
  • Nico returning the favour and calling him ‘sun boy’ or ‘sunshine’
  • Will always being the first one up in the morning, and Nico threatening violence if he is woken up before 9am
  • When Nico is sick Will keeps a very close eye on him, knowing how he is with medication
  • When Will is sick Nico is almost worse. Since he has no idea what to do he just kind of shoves everything towards Will and tries his best to be of assistance
  • “Hand me the bottle of medication. The green one”
  • “Here”
  • “No the green one”
  • “Okay”
  • “NO the green one” 
  • “WILL THEY are all green”
  • “Gods I’ll be dead before sundown”
  • Nico shunning all forms of touch while out in public, but when they are alone he never wants Will’s hands off of him
  • Slowly he gets better with public affection
  • Will trying to get Nico to join in on the camp fire sing along’s
  • “Solace you are lucky I am even here, don’t you dare drag me up there’
  • Will getting Nico a pack of Mythomagic cards for his birthday, because nostalgia 
  • After Will confessed the places he had always wanted to visit, Nico shadow traveled them to one of those places every night. (Much to Will’s constant scorn for wearing himself out with his powers)
  • Little kisses on cheeks

Anon: ʊ Once-ler (2012)

Anon didn’t specify which Once-ler, so I went with a transition from “good” to “GREED”

Send me a ‘ ʊ’ + a character/ship and I will make an aesthetic board of them.
All images found on Google/edited by me

Listened to this mix while making this and thought I’d share: Life of the Onceler

Wrecker | 01

word count: 3.392

genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, best friends w Jikook, angsty shit and fluff in later parts

A/N: So another series guys. I just can’t help myself, lol. I was really inspired to write this one and I think I like wrecker more than my other serie better. Oh and the love story thingy won’t happen between y/nxjimin only y/nxjungkook. :) Although Jimin is my bias, I can write more about Jungkook, i live for fuckboy Jungkook lmao. I hope u like it xo

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You had always thought that idols were just people set up bij agency’s with too much fame. They only had to dance and sing and thousands of girls/boys would come after them.
But you never thought you would become friends with one of them. Until Jimin and Jungkook came in your life, crashing in to you, literally.

-1 year ago -
Jungkook POV
“ Hyung we need to go now, there is no time for your hipster selca’s! Our flight is almost departing!”
“ Slow down Jungkookie, no stress. Just one more for twitter than we can go.”
“ Park Jimin-ssi, there is no time!” And with that I pulled Jimin away from the starbucks while he was taking pictures of himself as always. It wasn’t my fault this time, that we were late again. I’m usually stuck with Jimin when we’re flying, not that it’s unpleasant. It’s just that we both take a lot of time for everything and we’re extremely slow. So two slow people? Nah, that can’t be good.
“ And you call me hyung while treating me like this. How dare you to drag me to the gate huh! I blessed Busan girls with this beautiful selca yesterday, did you bless Busan?” He said nagging me, while I was still running with him to our gate. Damn, why was it so far away.
“ I blessed Busan with my birth and my… Shit!” I crashed into some girl who was apparently running too.
“ Yah, look out. I’m late for my flight already and now my shirt is wet too!” It looked like she wanted to sound angry, but actually she looked really cute with my coffee spilled over her shirt. It was kind of funny.
“ I’m sorry can I do something for you to make it okay?” Jimin said, apologizing for me. I was still impressed by her cuteness.
“ No it’s okay. It’s your fault that my shirt is wrecked and I’m late again.” She faked a smile. Damn she has an attitude. The most surprising was that she didn’t recognize me or Jimin.
“ Aren’t you guys from that blood sweat and thingy video?” I was laughing out loud right now.
“ Yes we are indeed. I’m Jungkook and this is my tiny friend Jimin from Busan.” Jimin hit my leg but I liked teasing him so much.
“ Oh yes the scouting boys, I remember my friend talking about that. Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N”
Her name sounded foreign but also not. When I looked at my watch, I was shocked to see our plane was supposed to depart 5 minutes ago. We were late again.
“ Shit, hyung, we are late again!” I began to run, but Jimin just stood there with the girl watching me run to the gate.
“ What’s the point of running, PD-nim can’t be that mad again. And MAMA rehearsal only starts in 5 hours, chill down.” He was right, we could just say we had to pee and forgot the time.
“ Well let’s talk with the coffee spilled girl then.”
“ Yah! I have a name!”

Well that was interesting. I just met two idols and I wasn’t even excited or something. I just wanted to take a picture with them in case my friends wouldn’t believe me.
“ So, I have to go change my flight. It was nice meeting you bye!” Just when I was about to leave. Jimin grabbed my hand, refusing to let me go.
“ Why don’t go together. We have to change or flight too. We can grab some coffee and talk a bit.” To be honest, I really didn’t want to be alone. But talking with idols with girls running over them didn’t seem like the best idea ever.
“ I don’t really know, what if someone thinks I’m a crazy fan only wanting to talk with you.”
“ Then we will tell you are just a girl with coffee on her shirt.” Well guess who spilled the coffee.
Jungkook didn’t said anything but just stood there staring at my shirt. When I looked down I saw my shirt became a little bit see through.
“ Oh no, I don’t have a spare shirt in my bag.” What was I supposed to do now?
“ Oh wait I have one, it’s white too and without coffee.” Jungkook grabbed a shirt out of his bag and handed me it. It smelled like soap.
“ I’m going to change in the washroom!” I said walking to the washroom.
“ Don’t you dare to run away!” Jimin said.
When I came back, Jungkook was filming himself with his phone. When he saw me he immediately came over to me and my face showed up on his phone.
“ So army, this is y/n. The girl who we just met.” He said.
“ Who look y/n, everyone is calling you pretty!” Jimin said giggling. And he was right, all the comments on Vlive were about me. Their fans were calling me pretty. I felt pretty flattered.
“ Hi guys, I’m y/n nice to meet you.” I blushed, I never showed my face on social media. So all these compliments were new to me.
“ We have to go and change our flight. Sorry PD-nim, we will gladly accept our punishment in Hong Kong.” He joked a little saying his last words and stopped the live. They were going to Hong Kong to?
“ Are you guys going to Hong Kong?”
“ Yes have you been there? The food is awesome!” Jimin said.
“ I actually am going to Hong Kong today. My friend is living there and told me she wanted to do something for her birthday.” It was true, I met Yuri my best friend in high school. We parted when we went to the university. My university was in Korea and Yuri’s was in Hong Kong. But we never lost contact and always were together for our birthdays and most holidays.
“ Oh you are Korean?” Jimin asked.
“ No not really, my father is Chinese and my mother is European.” My mother was Croatian and my father Chinese. That’s why I had dark green eyes instead of brown like every asian. But the rest of my features looked all asian like.
“ That’s why you have green eyes, but you look really like a real Korean, and you speak Korean well.” Jungkook said while inspecting my face. “ Well we are going to Hong Kong for the MAMA awards.”
“ Oh shit.” Jimin said “ we have to change our flights quick, a hour passed already.”

- 8 months ago -
After the first day you met Jimin and Jungkook. You went to the MAMA awards after to visit them with Yuri. Yuri like the real kpop fan freaked out after seeing you on their vlive.
Now it’s been 2 months and you were sitting with them here in their dorm. Your head laid on Jimin’s shoulder and your feet on Jungkooks lap.
In the time you guys spent together, you fell in love with Jungkook. But you couldn’t just say that because you know became best friends. And the first time you met them you had a thing for Jimin. But that faded away when you realized it was just friendship between you and Jimin.
On the other hand you did really like Jungkook, from the way he laughed at your stupid jokes to his little scar on his face that got your notice when he showed off his features ( that’s what you thought, he was actually just being the golden maknae ).

“ Y/N spacing out again?” Jimin ticked your head, like you were a brainless human being.
“ Huh sorry what did you say?” You were to busy with thinking about Jungkook not even noticing Jimin was talking to you.
“ You always seem to be like this when Jungkook is in front of you.” That little jerk Jimin. You hadn’t told him about your crush on Jungkook, but he did notice. And he confronted you with it. Although you had denied, you still blushed. And he knew he was right.
“ Jimin pabo, what are you talking about. I was thinking what to wear to the party tonight.”
“Oh yes you have a party right? Can we come with you pleaseeeeeeee.” Jungkook was such a cutie. He could beg like a puppy, but fight like a monster.
“ Well, I don’t know if it’s aloud to take outsiders..” The truth was that I wanted to go out again. I needed this after all the stress. And if I take them with me, they would only draw attention. And that means that all the fake girls would come and talk to me like I’m their best friend, only to get in bed with Jungkook or Jimin.
“ Pleaseeee y/n, hyung and I will behave. And when we come with you, there will be lots of people who want to dance with you.”
“ That’s only because they know y/n is our friend.” Jimin said, I knew he didn’t really like parties. Because when he goes to one, he goes completely wild. And that’s one thing an idol can’t do.
“ If you help me picking my dress for tonight, and buying me food, then yes I will take u guys to the party.”
“ Yes! Thank you y/n! You are the best! Jimin will take you to the mall today.” And he stormed to his room, and left both me and Jimin confused.

“ I don’t understand why I have to go with you. Not that I don’t like it. It’s just that he insisted on going and now I can’t go to Yoongi hyung.” Jimin pouted, he was always a sucker for Yoongi, Jimin looked up to Yoongi and always wanted to do everything with him.
“ Well, I don’t understand why he wants to go so bad. Like it’s just a frat party, nothing special. If he wants to go out, you could go to a fancy club with the boys or something.” I sighed. I just hoped that Jungkook would take me to the mall, but yeah that won’t happen today.
“ It’s okay y/n. It’s not like he doesn’t like you. He totally likes you, maybe he just wants to go to see you in a short dress.” He grinned, what an asshole. An asshole who I cared so much for.

In the mall we were looking for something I could wear. These days everything is just so short and revealing, that just wasn’t exactly my style. But Jimin said one night would do no harm. So here was I standing in the changing room with a too short pencil skirt on and a bare shoulders crop top. It looked pretty, I admit. But just too revealing. You could see my cleavage if I bent down.
“ Y/N-ssi are you done with changing already? Or are you not showing me the outfit? Show it to me please, show me the red one I picked.” And with the red one he meant this too short off the shoulder crop top.
I stepped out of the changing room and Jimin gulped when he saw me.
“ Jimin isn’t this a little bit too revealing?”
“ uhm… well… Jungkook won’t dislike this.”
“ I don’t know Jimin…” I was really not sure about this outfit, insecure, I thought my legs were too thick, my belly too fat and my arms clumsy around my body.
“ You look stunning. I will pay for the outfit, just wear this tonight. If Jungkook doesn’t notice you then obviously someone else will.”
“ No thank you Jimin, I will pay myself.”
So with that, I bought the outfit. With my own credit card. And Jimin bought ice cream for me.
On the road back home, we talked a lot about our love life which we don’t talk about a lot.
“ Why do you actually like Jungkook, y/n-ssi?” He asked
“ I don’t really know. The first time I saw Jungkook he was really handsome I have to admit, but I mostly like his personality and how he treats me and stuff.”
“ Oh yes, when I was in love with Sunny, I liked everything about her. We just didn’t click, although she was the best girlfriend I ever had.” He was with sunny a few months before we met. I heard a lot about he since Jimin loved her dearly, they just fought a lot. And it got tiring.
“ Who was your first love y/n?” He suddenly asked.
“ To be honest, it’s Jungkook.”
“ What? Really, so you haven’t had loved anyone before? Not even in high school?”
“ I’m sure that Jungkook is my first real love, because I have never felt this feeling ever before. I had crushes in high school, but that isn’t love.” My first crush was indeed in high school. His name was Jackson, he did ask me for prom. But I said no, because Yuri and I were supposed to go date-less together. And no one means more to me than Yuri.
“ That’s impressive y/n. You know, Jungkook has never loved someone, he never told me he really liked someone. He just likes to fuck.” Jimin said like it was the most normal thing ever, but it was my first time hearing it.
“ Jimin, does Jungkook fuck around?”
“ Oh, you have never heard it? Well, he used to yes, now not so much.” So Jungkook still does fuck around, wow what a information.
“ I’m sorry I told you this y/n, this is so disappointing for you. I should watch my mouth.”
“ No Jimin, it’s not your fault he fucks around. It’s just that I didn’t thought of him like that.” I was a little bit disappointed, because Jungkook was always so sweet and honest about everything. I didn’t see this one coming.
“ Good, don’t think about Jungkook in that way, he truly is a good guy.”
“ I know Jimin, I know.”
After coming home, you changed in your outfit and you guys left for the party. Jungkook and Jimin both looked good in their sort of matching outfit, Jungkook in black pants with a white v-neck, and Jimin the other way.
Jungkook did stop breathing for a moment when he saw my outfit, maybe it was because he hadn’t seen me like this before. I blushed and just kept walking. Wouldn’t want my feelings to ruin this night.
It was a nice party. The alcohol was good, there was a lot of soju. But your favorite whiskey was there too. You could easily drink some shots without getting drunk or passed out. After a while you saw Jimin leave with girl to go the the front yard. Finally he had been getting his free time and his mind of Sunny. And Jungkook, well he disappeared the second you came in this house.
In high school you went everywhere with Yuri, but now both of your friends were gone you had to look for company. The first guy you laid your eyes on was probably Jinyoung, he looked a lot more different during school days. You shared an English class and he was really nice. Maybe you should just talk to him.
“ Hey Jinyoung! Long time no see.”
“ Indeed y/n, you look sexy tonight.” He always made really sarcastic jokes about everything, and most of the time to make you feel good. He praised a lot, just like Jimin.
“ Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself either. How have you been doing?” You didn’t want anything else but a friendly conversation, but there were already eyes on you and Jinyoung. He was one of the popular guys of the school.
“ Doing this and that, pretty busy I guess. You came with Jungkook and Jimin again?”
“ Yes, next time I won’t tho. They always leave me alone.”
“ How can a pretty girl like you be left alone?” Suddenly a girl came to him and asked him to dance with him.
“ Oppa, can you dance with me. I have been waiting all night for you.”
“ Yeah sure Tiff. Y/n I see you at English, bye hun!” And he walked away with the girl.

I was a little bit bored and alone. I declined a lot of offers from guys to dance with me. This outfit really draws attention. I got up and went upstairs to find a bathroom. I wanted to fix my make up and find Jimin after. I opened a few doors, but none were a bathroom door. I walked into a few people in ( almost ) fucking. And I was fucking sick of it. Damn these parties and all the horny people. Why isn’t here a fucking bathroom.
There was still two doors in front of each other. This was the only blue door, so I assumed it would be the bathroom door. But no just another bedroom.
But when I looked clearly, I saw two people fucking in the bed. A voice that was so familiar, it almost sounded like…
“ Leave the fucking room and close the fu…” Jungkook stopped in his sentence when he recognized the person standing in door. “ y/n?”
I couldn’t hold my tears, my heart broke and I ran away. He had asked me to come to this party only to fuck with some random uni girls? Did he use me to come into these parties, where there won’t be any paparazzi and enough girls who want to go to bed with him. Sure, Jimin warned me saying Jungkook fucks around. But I didn’t prepare for this feeling, I felt broken. And he wasn’t even my boyfriend, I couldn’t be angry and I didn’t have any right to be mad at him. The first person who came to my thought was Jimin, I had to find him. I should tell him.

“ Jimin, Jimin!” I shouted with tears in my eyes. I ran of the stairs to the front yard. I saw Jimin drinking with a few other guys, but I couldn’t hold back my tears.
“ What’s, going on? What the fuck happend?” He asked worriedly and taking me to a much quieter place.
“ He was banging a random girl, and I walked in on them. I couldn’t hold my tears. Jimin why am I like this. Why does it feel like he betrayed me when he isn’t even my boyfriend?”
“ This is how it feels when your trust is broken in the one you love. Come here y/n.” He hugged me and patted my head. The only thing I wanted right now was to cry in my bed.
Why was I even sad? I knew there was no chance Jungkook and I could be together, but I always thought there was a connection. But apparently the only connection he saw was getting free uni girls to fuck with.
“ Jimin, can you take me home please?” I said still sobbing.
“ Offcourse y/n, grab your coat, we’re going right now. You should go home and rest.”

The ride home was horrible. Jimin wanted to cheer me up, but he stood no chance. I always saw Jungkook in the good light, never like this. I always thought Jungkook was no fuckboy like everyone is right now. But he is, and my thoughts will never be the same. Maybe it was my fault for falling for him. Because he didn’t even knew.
When we arrived at my home Jimin asked to stay with me, but the last thing I wanted was for him to give up his friday night to stay with a sobbing girl with her first heartbreak.
“ Y/N You know you are no trouble to me, if there is anything I can do for you I would. But I am not good with feelings.” I forgot that all this maybe have led Jimin to think about Sunny again, and I felt really guilty for that.
“ I know it is hard for us both. I think I just need to figure this out on my own. Thank you Jimin.”
And he left.

All night I laid in bed, thinking about Jungkook. Did I even see the real Jungkook. Why did I knew so few about my best friend whom I was in love with. My did my tears keep streaming down even when I didn’t want to. Why was I like this. Did love hurt so much?


Title: Taunted.

Pairings: Tate Langdon x (F) reader!

Warnings: Blood, killing.ANGsT!!

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

For a fleeting second, Y/N hated him. She hated him with her entire being. He was a manipulative rodent who dug his filthy claws into anything that displayed the slightest amount of light - the slightest amount of innocence - and he’d ruin them. Y/N had seen it before - many a times - all at the hands of the seventeen year old boy. His face was angelic, his eyes were soft, but he was cold and heartless - he was selfish and unforgiving. Everything he touched surely died. Y/N believed Tate was death itself. He had taken so many lives without even a second thought, some who remained confined in that very house. The house they were held captive in for all eternity - with no escape.

“You forget that I know everything about you, dear Y/N,” his voice taunted, echoing through the halls, “I know where you hide, I know the sound of your heart - it’s so easily distinguishable. I will always, always find you, my dear. There’s no point running.”

His thunderous steps echoed through the house, teasing Y/N. she padded across the carpeted floor, trying to keep her breathing at a minimal. She couldn’t let him find her - if he did, she was dead. She knew she couldn’t get away from him, he had always had the ability to catch his prey. He had killed so many before her, this was his forte. He enjoyed the hunt almost as much as he enjoyed the kill. She was completely scared of him and he knew that, he knew how to use it to his advantage. She was done for. She knew that. He knew that. But why did she keep running, Keep trying to find an escape? Because she didn’t want to die at the hands of her lover.

Her murderous, psychopath lover.

Y/N skidded to a halt, stopping just metres away from him. She gasped for air, her lungs wheezing. She couldn’t fight any longer. It was over. It was all over. Her lower lip trembled as sadness crashed over her in giant waves, she was going to die. She was going to die. She was going to die at the hands of Tate. She stumbled backwards, but he took two steps forward. His long strides asserting a sense of dominance over Y/N. she audibly gulped.

He could hear her heart racing, a smirk creeping its way onto his face, giving him a sinister look. As if his true self was revealing, he looked like a demon - something from a nightmare.

“You don’t have to do this, Tate. I won’t leave, I promise. I’ll stay with you forever, just please don’t do this to me.” She begged, tears glossing her eyes.

Tate’s strides faltered as he saw the sadness and pain in her eyes. He never wanted to hurt her - but she couldn’t leave him. He couldn’t risk her leaving him. He shrugged off the feeling - the nagging in the back of his head, begging him to stop too; this wasn’t what he wanted - Tate had never wanted to hurt her, but he had no choice. She was going to leave him and he couldn’t let that happen.

Y/N noticed his falter and used it to her advantage, she bolted back in the direction she came from. Grabbing onto the banister, she turned round the corner and pounded down the stairs. Screaming at the top of her lungs - screaming bloody murder. She prayed inwardly that someone would save her from the monster she loved, from the monster trapped inside the boy. She grabbed the handle of the door - locked - she shook the handle aggressively. Frustrated tears falling rapidly. She grabbed the keys from the pot, shakily jamming the key into the door and wrenching the door open just as Tate reached the bottom of the stairs.

She yelped when he caught up to her, seizing her aggressively by her upper arm. His blunt nails digging into her skin, drawing blood to the surface. She shouted in pain, swinging her elbow back and delivering a harsh blow to his gut. He doubled over, hissing through his teeth, glaring daggers at her. Y/N wasted no time as she sprinted down the driveway and through the gates, across the road for safe measure.

She rested her hands on her knees, heaving through struggling, burning lungs. She coughed a few times, cautiously glancing at Tate across the road. His eyes were almost burning red with anger and his lips were pulled back in a snarl, a sinister and menacing snarl that sent shivers down Y/N’s spine. But for now, she was safe. Until Halloween at least.

Halloween rolled around and paranoia had settled inside Y/N. she was constantly looking around, trying to spot Tate’s cold, brown eyes through the crowd. She jumped every time someone stood behind her. She was terrified and frankly, losing her mind. The paranoia was eating her alive. The bags under her eyes were as prominent as ever. She was afraid.

Y/N knew she had to walk past the house on the way home, she just prayed Tate wasn’t lurking around, waiting to pounce. Her pace increased drastically as the house came into view. She could feel eyes on her back, her pace once again picked up. The hair on the back of her neck spiked as she let out ragged breathes, anxiety bubbling up inside her.

She turned round the corner, glancing left and right. She almost jumped out of her skin. His eyes seemed to shine through the darkness, taunting. He was always tainting her. Eyes that were once were filled with only love and adoration for her were now filled with rage and a murderous glaze. Y/N’s skin prickled with goosebumps. He advanced towards her before she had time to react, she was frozen in her place.

“My darling, Y/N, why’d you run away? Leave the house when you knew I could not follow, oh how naughty of you.” Tate smirked, running a chilled finger down her tinted cheeks.

she flinched away from his touch, causing him to seize her chin in a painful grip. Her eyes glossed with tears, a few escaping revealing just how scared she was. Scared of the man she once adored with all her being.

“Don’t have anything to say? Hmm, that’s not what happened last night. I recall you calling me a psychopath, insane I believe. Is that what you remember, darling?”

Y/N nodded, fear consuming her.

“We’d better get you back to the house and if you dare fight, I will not hesitate to drag you in myself.”

“Tate, fight it. For me. For us. Fight the monster inside. Don’t do this, my love. Don’t condemn me to a miserable life, bound to that house!” She whispered, tears now streaming freely down her cheeks.

He didn’t even react to her words as if he had heard them a million times before and they held no significance anymore. He would show no mercy.

Y/N had never seen him so malicious and heartless towards her. Sure, she had seen him glare and spit snide comments to his mother and occasionally Hayden, but never her. He had only ever shown her kindness and love. The change in personality chilled her to the bone. What had happened to the boy she fell for? Or was this him all along?

He shoved her forward and she staggered slightly. He grabbed her arm, stabilising her before dragging her towards the dreaded murder house. Her insides flipped as it came into view. This was were it ended. She knew that. He knew that.

She staggered through the front door, collapsing to her knees almost instantly. Sobs erupted through her, her shoulders shaking as she cried. She knew he enjoyed watching his prey beg, plead for their lives, but she couldn’t help herself. She had given him the satisfaction of seeing her beg.

Tate’s smirk only grew. He weaved his fingers into her hand, gripping the tendrils tightly and yanking her head back, revealing her neck. He smiled sinisterly at the exposed skin, picking up the knife from the table and dragging the tip along the apple of her cheek. The tip cut along her skin causing Tate to sigh in satisfaction, blood trickling down her cheek and down her neck. Tate circled around to be in front of her, he knelt down, smiling. And then he delivered the fatal swipe, a long cut along her neck.

She gurgled, blood spilling from the wound. Blood spilled from her lips. She spluttered, choking slightly. Her hands flew up to her neck, her eyes wide. And with that, the world went dark and her limbs grew heavy. She hit the floor with a thud. Blood spilled from her mouth and the wound on her neck, dribbling onto the carpet. Leaving a taunting stain, leaving a stain that would forever leave visitors curious.

Y/N vision cleared and she sat up, the floor now clean apart from the dry, reddish brown stain on the carpet. Her hands flew to her neck, she let out a stifled sob when her fingertips brushed against the wound. Her eyes squeezed shut, her breathing irregular.

“I’m dead.” She wheezed, shaking.

“I’m sorry, baby, I really am. I couldn’t fight the urge. I couldn’t risk you leaving me. Please forgive me.” Tate rasped from behind her.

She scrambled to her feet, spinning around to face him with wide eyes and a hand outstretched to ward him off.

“Go away, Tate.” She cried, he let out a whine of protest which evolved into a scream.

“No, Y/N. I’m sorry. Don’t do this! Y/N!” He screamed, tears streaming down his face.

“Go away!” She screamed just as loud and she was gone, back in her room. She collapsed onto the bed, crying and kicking.

Tate whimpered. The silence that spread through the house taunted him. Oh what had he done?

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LISTEN, you ever read Good Omens? Bc Quodo +"[...] I'll have known, deep down inside, that there was a spark of goodness in you." / "[...] I will have known that, deep down inside, you were just enough of a bastard to be worth liking."

OH NO OH GOD don’t you dare drag me into another fandom! NO!!!

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Omg please do a cis girls one for pearlet!! Maybe a high school one where pearl confesses her feelings for violet at a sleepover ?

Thank you lovely!
Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

‘Truth or dare Pearl.’ Violet raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at her friend across the circle. Pearl raised one back at her.
‘Truth.’ She folded her arms, her lip turning up at the corner a little. 'Do your worst Vi.’
Violet smirked and looked like she was thinking about this for a second but really she already had a question up her sleeve.
'Is it true that you like girls?’ Violet asked her which promoted ooohs and ahhhs from the rest of their friends.
'Maybe.’ Pearl shrugged in a nonchalant fashion.
'Yes or no Pearl.’ Violet challenged her again.
'Fine. Yes it’s true.’ Pearl shrugged again. She hadn’t expected to quite come out like that but they’d had some vodka they stole off Violet’s mom so she blamed that.
'Oh my god do you wanna like make out with us?’ Trixie squealed. Pearl turned to her and pulled a face.
'Just because I like girls doesn’t mean I like all girls.’ She rolled her eyes.
'What girls do you like? Are any of them in this room?’ Violet spoke up. Pearl turned back to her. The bitch knew. Of course she fucking knew. Pearl wasn’t giving it up that easily though.
'I’ve had my turn. You’ll have to wait bitch.’

They carried on the game and Violet perked up when it was Pearl’s turn again.
'So Pearl, truth or dare?’ She smirked, she was enjoying this too much.
'Dare.’ Pearl said because she knew that wasn’t the answer Violet had wanted. Violet looked stumped for a second but then she smiled again.
'I dare you to tell us who you’re crushing on.’
'Nuh uh.’ Pearl scoffed. 'That’s not how this works.’
'I know!’ Katya chimed in. 'I dare you to kiss the girl you’re crushing on!’
Goddamnit Katya, Pearl groaned a little. Violet was beaming from ear to ear.
'Go on Pearl. A dares a dare.’ There was something dancing in Violet’s dark eyes. Fucking bitch. Pearl sighed.
'On one condition.’ Pearl looked at the girls. 'You all have to close your eyes. I don’t want you to see this coming.’
There was some arguments from the other girls but Pearl refused unless they met her demands. Reluctantly they all agreed and one by one they closed their eyes. Pearl watched Violet for a second. She’d dreamt of kissing the ebony haired beauty for just about as long as she could remember and now was finally her chance. But the bitch knew it was coming, Pearl had half a mind to kiss one of the other girls just to throw Violet off. But she couldn’t do that. She’d waited for this moment for too long. But my god she knew Violet was going to be smug about this. She downed a little more vodka and then crawled across the circle to where Violet was sat cross legged. She had a small smile on her lips. She fucking knew. Knowing she would no doubt regret this, Pearl quickly moved in a placed a quick peck on Violet’s lips. Violet’s eyes fluttered opened and landed on Pearl’s. Violet smirked and licked her bottom lip.
'So predictable.’ She whispered but before Pearl could say anything Violet grabbed Pearl by the neck and pulled her close. Their lips met again and they fell back to the floor, Pearl on top of Violet. Seconds later they heard gasps from the other girls. They barely noticed. Their tongues found their way into each other’s mouths and Pearl held Violet’s delicate face in her hands as Violet’s hands roamed her back. It was as though they were the only two people in the world.
'Maybe we should have played seven minutes in heaven.’ Trixie giggled. They broke for air and Pearl sat back a little, her eyes narrowed on Violet.
'You planned this whole thing didn’t you?’ She asked the brunette. Violet had her signature smirk on her lips as she looked up at Pearl.
'Pearlie I have no idea what you are talking about.’ She feigned ignorance. Pearl shook her head laughing a little.
'You’re terrible at hiding your emotions.’
'I could say the same about you.’ And with that Violet pulled her back down and kissed her once more. One way or another Violet Chachki always gets her own way.

Mutual; Part 2

Summary: Completely content with your asexuality, you’re once again thrown back into confusion when you meet Tall, Dark, and Handsome, which leads you to believe you’re a gray ace after all. But his own confession has you wanting him even more.


Genre: Fluff

Member: Sehun (appearance by Chanyeol)

Words: 1,121

prologue part 1 part 2

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You can leave now.

Requested by @melconnor2007

Summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a few months. But when the Russian spy Natasha Romanoff comes into the picture, everything changes. She is ready to do anything, anything, to get him. You’ve been warned: she is not scared of playing dirty.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: Angst… But lots of fluff, fluff for everyone!!! There may be some cursing…

Word count: 2,616

About the SHIELD Archives: When we carried out some research about James Buchanan Barnes, we found out he was the Casanova of Brooking. We submit some of his adventures. Security Level: Classified.

A/N: I’m taking a break from “The Past, the present… The future” to write this request. I was in serious need of writing some fluff! But don’t worry, the next chapter from the series will be up soon. Enjoy reading!

Originally posted by elves-n-angels

“Do we really have to go?”

“The answer remains the same it has been for the last hundred times you’ve asked me”

I put my best puppy face “Please?”

“Ughh… No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. We have to go.” Bucky turns around to face the window but I go around him.


He clearly intends to say “No” again, but he makes the mistake of looking inside my eyes. In a second, he is out of combat, looking at me with a heartbroken expression. I intensify my puppy look. “We could stay here and have some fun” I whisper, stepping closer to him. He is still too mesmerize to answer. “Please. I’m begging you.”

He leans closer, his gaze never leaving mine…

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This isn’t gonna be short but I don’t give a damn cuz I’m annoyed, so if you don’t wanna read keep scrolling.

Also I am on mobile and can’t use the ‘keep reading’ link so suck it up.

I’m honestly so sick of going in the Kaisoo tag and seeing posts about people disagreeing with shipping and how ppl are just delusional and in denial and want their otp to be real, like honestly get over yourselves. If you don’t like what people post on here just don’t read it, it literally is that simple like I don’t understand why people are making a big deal when they aren’t forced to read sh!t like tf?? People aren’t saying that they hate Jongin/Krystal and there are legit understandable reasons why some people think their relationship isn’t real and that’s OKAY. Its okay to question things and not be a naive pos that believes whatever people say.

And before y'all try to come for me and say I’m a “delusional 12 year old shipper” check the facts:

- I’m 25 years old (will be 26 in a couple weeks)
- I’m married to a male (so don’t throw the “you’ll never marry your oppa” crap at me cuz I already married the love of my life :)
- I do not ship idols whether same sex or opposite as I am not a fan of pairing, with the exception of kaisoo. (there are reasons for this)
- I’ve only been into exo since overdose era but didn’t start paying attention to kaisoo until after I went to exoluxion Chicago in January.
- I love f(x) and Krystal as well

When I first got into exo ksoo was my bias and then slowly Jongin stole my heart. I’d always known about kaisoo but as I wasn’t a fan of pairing I never really thought much of it. Then exodus era happened, I officially became an Exo-l and learned more about Jongin and his personality/heart as well as his interactions with ksoo and just like that I understood why people shipped the two of them. The way they are with each other is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen within any other kpop ship which is why I ship only them.

Now when the news broke about Jongin dating, even after seeing the way he is with ksoo I was happy and made jokes like “Ksoo is not gonna be happy with this hehe.” The fact that Jongin wasn’t covered in the dispatch pics was odd to me, but even still I was prepared as a fan to support his relationship and protect him from hate at all costs so that he wouldn’t have to endure what baekhyun went through.

But then April 1rst came, and as soon as I saw that tear in ksoo’s eyes and how Jongin looked like he’d been crying for hours I suddenly felt like something wasn’t right and been feeling that way ever since.

And that’s why its annoying when people act like its unreasonable to be skeptical of the legitimacy of this, like r u srs? The article said that he and Krystal met up in Korea on a certain day and that was proven wrong, all the pictures and receipts were proven wrong, this on top of the fact that the two literally never interacted besides for that photoshoot with Taemin, the 2012 insider post predicting they’d be paired and SM’s less than ethical treatment of Idols and y'all really can’t understand why people are questioning this and think its just cuz of an OTP??? I’d be questioning this shyt regardless, hoe!

In the dispatch photos Jongin and Krystal weren’t disguised. Jongin, although he is open with his emotions, is known to be an extremely private person, the fact that he has no public social media accounts reinforces this. Why would someone like him, who is private, who has a lot of sasaengs and anti-fans, who is followed by cameras 24/7, and MOST IMPORTANTLY after seeing what happened when his fellow band mate was in a dating scandal…go on a PUBLIC date.. With a woman.. With no disguises.. To a restaurant where SM idols frequent.. With the possibility of getting outed, put in a scandal and receiving hate? Why do you think someone like him would be careless enough to put himself in a situation like that?

And as far as the shipping of him and ksoo and how this might be a coverup for the two of them… Again please tell me how tf this is not a logical possibility as well? Jongin has called him ‘Honey’, has spoken to him in a flirtatious matter, they’ve slept in the same bed with one another, he tells him he loves him numerous times, they sat and ate food by themselves even with the other members being in the same restaurant, I mean they literally have done tons of shyt that could be taken as more than just friendly even in a place like S.Korea.

And it cracks me tf up when ppl say “oh shipping them is disrespectful don’t force your ships on them!” we don’t even have to force anything on them because they literally ship themselves, like wtf are you on?? If its disrespectful how come every time they see shipping signs at concerts they smile about it, even with Jongin not liking to be paired up? What’s disrespectful is spreading rumors that he bangs his gf with studded condoms and receives blowjobs from her in a public pool. Once again get over yourselves.

Like I’m not telling people what to believe, Jongin could be dating Krystal or ksoo or another man or another woman or maybe no one at all, literally anything is possible, but a lot of things aren’t adding up and until they do I will forever be side eying this confirmed couple. All I’m saying is at least look at the damn evidence before saying someone is just a delusional shipper and if you can’t do that then just stay tf out of the kaisoo tag so we can have our moments in peace!

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or as i prefer to call them, glue. or doomed 

Gives nose/forehead kisses

  • he probably starts doing it sincerely cause he’s a sap 
  • and then blue will make a face and wipe it off all disgusted
  • so he starts doing big exaggerated smacking kisses and it always makes her laugh when she’s sad 
  • bc gansey is always so serious but he lightens up so much around her

Gets jealous the most

  • gansey is scared and turned on tbh

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

  • either one would be so hilarious though
  • blue picking up gansey:
  • “gansey, why tf are you crying NOW?”
  • “w-when i left…noah looked so COLD!! what if he’s c-coming..down with something?? i s-should have given him my jacket..im such a bad friend!!” 
  • “gansey, noah’s a GHOST. he can’t feel the cold.” 
  • “oh g-god…now he’s never going to talk to me again….what am i going to say? s-should i apologize??? I always f-forget these things…because I’m so privileged!!! Oh g-god blue I’m GARBAGE”
  • “gansey what did i just say-”
  • “OH GLENDOWER I AM NOT DESERVING” *20 minutes of gansey loud ugly sobbing*
  • blue: [looks into the camera like she’s on the office] 
  • gansey picking up blue: 
  • “blue the speed limit here is 80, its not safe-”
  • “statistically speaking, the cliffs in west virginia are on average at least 70 feet high, it would be impossible for us to survive-”
  • “the burning rubber from the tires would release toxins that pollute the environment-”
  • “astronomically and physically impossible-”
  • “FUCK YOU, SUN!!!!!!!!”
  • gansey: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office] 
  • amazing

Takes care of on sick days

  • ok but gansey taking care of a sick blue would be the greatest 
  • because he would fuss over her endlessly but blue is independent AF and wouldn’t want any help even if she needs it 
  • but she’s more fiery than adam so she’d actually snap at him 
  • “do you need a cool cloth? how’s your temperature? i have vaborub for your chest but you should probably do it in case your mom walks in-”
  • “…im not just going to leave you”
  • “ok then just…cuddle with me?”
  • and he curls up beside her and every time she coughs blue gives him this warning look like “don’t you DARE”
  • and its gr8

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

  • i feel like they’d both love the water (i mean canonically they’re both really good swimmers) 
  • but gansey would want to like. swim majestically and show off and blue would want to have waTER FIGHTS
  • so you’d just see this guy doing like an on point breaststroke 
  • and then getting slapped in the face by a tidal wave created by this small angry mermaid 

Gives unprompted massages

  • ok so my first feeling is gansey but consider:
  • gansey always gets this Look when he’s thinking about the bees or his nightmares or something such related
  • and blue will sort of just dig her fingers into his shoulders or lightly scrape her nails along his scalp or vigorously rub his arms 
  •  and it brings him back to the present
  • nO

Drives/rides shotgun

  • obvi blue would ride shotgun in the pig 
  • and gans feels so at home in the pig and its so fascinating to her to watch him drive, the way his face completely relaxes so unlike any other time
  • also forEARMS/HANDS
  • but consider: BLUE driving the pig on one of their night drives
  • and she likes to drive fast and cut corners and play the radio loud and she has this dangerous wild look on her face 
  • and at first gansey is scared
  • then he’s amused and then its like oh shIT
  • i am so….Turned On

Brings the other lunch at work

  • gansey bringing lunch to nino’s I’m laughing 
  • “gansey you don’t need to bring food here, this is a RESTAURANT we just eat LEFTOVERS”
  • “but blue…you forgot your lunchbox!!!!!” 
  • this boy i s2g

Has the better parental relationship

  • mom is obvs blue and dad is gansey 

Tries to start role-playing in bed

  • wow okay i can honestly Not See This Working 
  • but blue would be kinky AF tbh 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

  • gansey is honestly the Most Embarrassing White Suburban Dad 
  • blue and ronan have so many shaky cam videos feat. The Scuba Diver, The Carwash and that One Thing He Does With His Legs That Looks Like A Spider Drowning In Battery Acid

Still cries watching Titanic

  • ok but picture this: 
  • gansey is sobbing and loudly singing along to my heart will go on 
  • while also clinging onto a pillow with his head in blue’s lap
  • who is stroking his hair while pretending to vomit in the general direction of a laughing adam/ronan/noah
  • i LOVE IT

Firmly believes in couples costumes

  • he probably edited them with filter and everything this loSER

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

  • gansey would but he doesn’t want to die so 

Makes the other eat breakfast

  • blue brings him so muCH YOGURT
  • and she moves his fridge because honestly that thing is a HEALTH HAZARD
  • gansey, shouting out the window of monmouth: “BUT BLUE WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THIS YOGURT??? MY FRIDGE CANT HOLD IT ALL” 
  • blue, shouting back from outside: “GET YOURSELF A KITCHEN, RICHBOY!” 
  • and he just sighs and stares at the yogurt cartons covering his bed
  • in an act of defiance, ronan still uses the old fridge

Remembers anniversaries

  • i feel like neither of them would forget 
  • and they’d celebrate by driving up to that peak where they had their first non-kiss 
  • and throwing some blankets down beside the pig and maybe some lanterns and watching the stars 
  • also there are board games and gansey always wins scrabble but blue always wins battleship because she is RUTHLESS

Brings up having kids

  • neither of them wants kids. or pets

send me a ship/character and ill give u headcanons 


Imagine; Daryl looking out for you after hearing Shane threaten you.

“I know what you’re doing, I’m not dumb” she said

“What do you mean?” Shane smirked at the 18 year old girl.

“I-i know I don’t speak much but Im pretty observant, I can see what you’re doing” he

“just shut your mouth y/n, it’s better when you don’t speak” Shane spat

“Lori is married! To your so-called best mate! You seriously need to back off and s-stop sending her those… Looks. Ricks gonna notice, it’s pretty obvious to everyone” y/n frowned at him when he shot her a deadly glare. Anger flashed on his face before he quickly walked to where y/n was leaning against a tree.

He grabbed her by her top, fisting her shirt and shoving her up against the tree, her back hitting the rough bumps of bark making her wince.

“You better shut the fuck up y/n. If you dare tell anybody I will drag you from you’re tent in the middle of the night and kill you, then feed you to the walkers for a late night snack.” He threatened, shoving her one last time and leaving her in the woods.

She caught her breath, sitting down on the dirt floor, resting against the trunk of the tree.

Only then did she take in her surroundings, seeing Daryl watching her from a few metres away.

“What did Shane mean?” He asked, frowning at the young girl. Much too young to be out in the woods alone with walkers around every tree.

“H-he … It doesn’t matter.”

“I heard what he said.” Daryl stated bluntly.

“It doesn’t matter… H-he won’t kill me, someone will hear if he tried.”

“That mans messed up, God knows what he’s do.” Daryl said. “I doubt anyone would hear you if he tried, you’re the quietest person here y/n”

“Just because I don’t speak much doesn’t mean when I do my voice is quiet.” She mumbled.

“It’s not safe out here, you shouldn’t be out here alone.” He said walking away in hope that she would get out and back to the farm.

“I can handle myself” she called after him.

He turned round to look at her, raising his crossbow.

She looked scared for a minute as the arrow came flying across in her direction. She winced making herself smaller as she thought it was going to hit her.

She heard a thud behind her, looking to see a walker on the floor, arrow sticking out of its eye.

Daryl smirked at her shocked face as she got up and quickly followed Daryl back to the farm.

“Handle your self my ass” he grunted.

“I’m perfectly capable” she muttered

“Of course” he said smugly.

“I just wasn’t paying attention at that moment.” She said

“That’s the thing, you need to be aware at all times now, if I wasn’t there you’d be the walkers meal.”

They walked in a silence for a while. The words Shane had said to her sinking in. What if he tried to kill her anyway. She knew about him and Lori what would stop him from killing her to prevent others finding out. She though about the past 10 minutes, threatened to be killed, then nearly killed, Daryl saving her ass.

“Thanks” she muttered knowing Daryl would hear.

“Just stay out of trouble” he said as he walked over to his tent, sitting outside and gutting a squirrel he had caught while looking for Sophia.

Y/n walked back to her own tent that was quite a way from Daryls.

Shane caught her eyes sending her the harshest glare. She backed away and decided to go help Carol out with washing.

“Are you okay y/n? You look a bit pale” she asked concerned.

“Oh, well you know I’m just worried about everything… Same as everyone, it’s all a bit overwhelming.” Y/n replied.


“Glenn, Andrea and I are going on a supply run tomorrow. We’re looking for food, clothes, antibiotics, anything we find useful.” Rick
Informed the group.

Y/n has sat next to Daryl at dinner, feeling safer near him than anyone else in the group. She was shaken up over Shane’s threat, he kept sending glares, it was making her uncomfortable.

Daryl picked up on this of course. Being extra observant due to the circumstances of the world now.
He could see the deadly look in Shane’s eyes, it wasn’t a threat, he would kill her any chance he got.

He could see the fear in y/n’s eyes. At her young age there was no way he was going to let a psychopath be the reason for her death in this messed up life.

Eventually people started retreating to their tents for bed. Dale on look out from the RV.

Y/N was one of the last ones to leave, fearing the night time as she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

She made her way to her small tent, Daryl was still sat where the group had been minutes ago. He saw Shane follow behind y/n.

He wasted no time in getting up and following. Shane was standing in front of her tent as y/n had started backing away from him.

“Y/n” Daryl called casually “need ya help with something”

Shane narrowed his eyes at her before turning off towards the line if trees.

“Daryl.” She whispered. “I-I’m scared, w-what if he tries to -”

“He won’t.” He said

“How do you know”

“Follow me” he whispered.

If Shane wanted to kill her tonight then he wouldn’t find her in her tent.

Y/n followed him over to his own tent. She was surprised when he unzipped it and ushered her in quickly before following and zipping it up again.

“Sleep in here, he won’t be able to get to you then” he said awkwardly.
“I’ll talk to Rick tomorrow”

“Thank you so much Daryl, I really appreciate this” she said softly.

“You can have my sleeping bag it’s warmer, I’ll take the blanket” he said.

“I owe you Daryl” she whispered once she settled down into the sleeping bag that faintly smelt of him.

“Just looking out for you kid” he said before settling down next to her.

“Not a kid” she mumbled sleepily.

“Sure…” He said and she could hear the smirk in his voice.

It was quiet for a while and he thought she was asleep.

“daryl?” She whispered, waiting for a few seconds until he replied.


“Do you ever get scared?” She whispered



“Do you?” He asked

“Every second” she said “I’m so fucking scared Daryl” she whispered

“Don’t swear, doesn’t sound right on ya” He said rolling over to face her. She looked so small and frightened.

She moved closer to him as he stared . His breath hitching the closer she got. They were face to face now.

Her hand reached up to his cheek, angling his face more towards her as she softly kissed his other cheek.

“Thank you” she whispered.

From then on she slept in the same tent as him