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Series Rewrite: Season One - Masterpost

What if Jess never died in the fire? 

You and your little sister, Jess, get dragged into the hunting life, whether you like it or not. How will Jess cope with a life on the road? How will Dean cope with two women joining the hunt for his father? How will Sam cope with trying to protect the love of his life from this terrible world? How will you cope when you realise that all you knew about the world was wrong?

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Dead In The Water

Phantom Traveler

Bloody Mary 


Hook Man 



Asylum (drabble) 



Route 666 (drabble)


The Benders


Hell House

Something Wicked 


Dead Man’s Blood


Season Finale

Devil’s Trap

Season Two - Coming July 2017

( gi. ) — diego barrueco

alright !! in this gif hunt you’ll find [ 30 ] gif icons of my prince diego barrueco. every single one of them was made by me from scratch & they’re all roleplayable !! please don’t repost/claim these as your own, as i’ve worked very hard on them. as usual, i will be adding to this hunt as i make more, so stay tuned !! you can find the gif icons HERE.

Re: Videogamer Atem from this post:

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: XDD whatever game he plays, Kaiba manages to find and challenge him

Atem spent 3 days trying to master DOOM, going straight for Ultra Nightmare (he had to restart four times), before delving into the multiplayer. Around half an hour in, a person called BEWDown2Me starts hunting him in every match. Atem hasn’t worked out yet how Kaiba has so many different accounts. Or when he learnt to play DOOM. Or how he’s doing this if he’s in an investor meeting til 6.  

Pokemon they have to arrange to play. Seto counter-teams him and still loses. 

Skyrim isn’t multiplayer, so that required some thought. They end up achievement racing. Atem wins by not getting distracted with cheese wheels.

He has to explain in chat that this is a Build Server, not a PVP Server when a blocky character in a Kaibaland hoodie shows up while he’s playing Minecraft. Atem gets bored after making a simple house. Kaiba makes a replica Blue Eyes. Silently, Atem concedes that round.

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: (((I still want to see a picture/fic about them playing an MMORPG and Kaiba is forced to play the damn Healer/Priest *snort*)))

“Don’t see it as being a Priest- “
“-say ‘again’ and the console goes out the window.”
“See it as playing the only character who gets to wear robes with a dragon on.”

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7 with Sam Winchester!!!!!!

Prompt #7: “Let’s have a baby.”

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fluff

You’d never thought that three minutes could go by so slow.

About a month ago, after a long night of drinking, Sam and you had slipped up and forgot to use protection. You had completely forgot about it until last week when you started feeling sick to your stomach. You were going through every possibility in the book until you remembered- oh shit.

You’re not sure how you would feel if you do happen to be pregnant. You’d never really thought about having kids before, not with the hectic lifestyle that you live as a hunter. But the more you think about it, the more you realize that maybe you do want a baby. You and Sam have been dating for almost five years, and now that the whole God and Amara situation has been settled, there couldn’t be a better time.

The three-minute timer on your phone goes off, and you quickly get up off the bathroom counter and check the results of the pregnancy test. The test only shows one line, meaning that its negative- you’re not pregnant.

Disappointment runs through your body, something you would not have expected to feel only a few hours ago. Throughout the timespan of buying the test and now, you’ve realized that you definitely do want a baby with Sam.

Throwing the test away in the trash, you walk out of the bathroom and go to find Sam. You desperately wanted to talk to him about this, but you’re not sure whether or not he’ll want the same things you do. Despite dating for so long, this topic of conversation has never been brought up.

“Sam, I need to talk to you.” Your voice comes out shaky as you enter the bunker’s library. Sam is perched up on a chair, his head buried in the new lore book of the week. He looks up at you, a look of concern spreading across his face as he places the bookmark in between the pages and sets his book down.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He gets up from his chair, worry prominent in his voice.

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s okay.” You reassure him, a soft smile appearing on your lips. “I just, I’ve been thinking lately… What would you think about having a baby?”

“A baby?” Sam’s eyebrow raises. “Huh. I guess I’d like them. When I was younger I used to think about having kids, living the normal life, but once I got dragged back into hunting that kind of just seemed like a fantasy to me. Why? What’s going on?”

“So… Remember a while ago, when we forgot to use a condom?”

“When did that… Oh.” His eyes go wide. “Are you pregnant?”

“No, I’m not. I just took a test to confirm that. But, I did some thinking, and I think I want kids.” You breathe out.

You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but for Sam to run over to you with a big smile on his face and engulf you in a hug was certainly not it.

“I’m assuming that’s what you want to?” You laugh.

“Yes, you have no idea.” Sam kisses your forehead. “I just wasn’t sure how you would feel about it… You’ve never brought it up once. Plus, our lives are so crazy, I didn’t know-“ You cut him off with a kiss, both of you smiling into it. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him in closer as his hands roam your back.

“So, let’s do it. Let’s have a baby.”

(Guys I wrote a fic)

The Black of Blood

Jonas and Sidney just wanted to get supplies with as little drama as possible. But that’s not how this world works.

Zombie Apocolypse AU.

Read on AO3

It was far too quiet in the parking lot. A single, abandoned pickup truck sat in the middle of cracked concrete. The body was starting to rust, weeds sprouting around its deflated tires and orange dust lay on its windows. It had been months and months since it had last been turned on, left in the middle of the parking lot to become part of the scenery.

In the dusty truck bed, Sidney and Jonas sat, their eyes trained not only on the supermarket in front of them but on each and every alleyway and road around them. The houses around them were spaced out and few in number. The roads were wide and filled with pot holes.

They were in the open and not safe. Not yet at least.

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"if anyone has taken up Jimmy’s mantle as Claire’s dad in any regard, it’s Dean. Even in 10x20, when Cas was around, Dean’s the one who really bonded with her. " Yeah just give Dean another character while Cas is completely isolated. What a good idea! Its not like every chars revolves around him. Charlie,Jody,Donna,Ketch, Bobby, Mary and now Claire too

Do you really think that Claire’s character “revolves around” Dean? That she isn’t entirely her own character? or that her dynamic is very different with Sam than it is with Dean?

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, but she’s clearly just as important to Sam. It’s just… Sam relates to people differently than Dean does.

And Jody. You really think Sam’s friendship with Jody isn’t as strong as Dean’s? I mean, I’ve always thought at least her character “revolved around” Sam more. Sure Dean and Jody have bonded over “parental” sorts of things, while Sam and Jody have bonded more as “friends.”

Thing is, other characters serve as mirrors to bring out traits and show underlying characteristics and feelings of the main characters. And because Sam and Dean are fundamentally different people, the side characters are going to reflect those differences.

This is how storytelling works.

And since the start of the show, and for the majority of the 12 years it’s been on, Dean has been the emotional POV character (aside from that time he was in Sam’s usual spot as the Mytharc character during the MoC arc, and even then we often saw Dean’s emotional reactions more than Sam’s). So just by the structure of the narrative, we inherently understand Dean’s pov more than Sam’s.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it just is. And because of that, the mirror characters tend to reflect Dean’s POV more than Sam’s. Dean also tends to bond with people more readily than Sam does, because that is his personality. You can see that really clearly in 2.18 (which I watched yesterday so it’s a fairly fresh example in my mind) and in 2.19 (which I just watched like 20 minutes ago, so also fresh in my mind). Heck I’m writing up notes on 2.19 now, and the thing I’ve still got saved to the clipboard is Sam’s quote to Dean:

Dean, does it … bother you at all, how easily you seem to fit in here?

And Dean’s like, no. It doesn’t bother him. He can fit in practically anywhere he wants to.

What’s the first thing we learn about Sam? He’s got a very solid idea of where he wants to fit in, and he’s never felt like he fit in in the hunting world. He wanted to go to Stanford and have a normal girlfriend and a normal life being normal. His entire narrative has been about getting dragged back into hunting, where he dragged his heels kicking and screaming back into the life.

It’s just who he is as a person.

But if you think Sam doesn’t have just as important of a bond with Mary or Bobby, then I don’t really think you’ve been paying attention. It might not be the same kind of bond that Dean has with them, but it’s no less important.

Saying it’s different doesn’t imply a value judgment here, either.

As to Charlie… well, why do you think the queer character has been more associated with Dean than Sam? Knowing that other characters serve as narrative mirrors for the main characters? It’s not difficult to understand that one.

Donna, who has self-image issues, is a tough-as-nails cop on the surface but who also is completely unashamed of her bubbly, fluffy sense of humor? Oh, and who deals with her emotional distress through a complicated relationship with food… She’s basically the G-rated girl version of Dean.

And Ketch. Really? Wtf? You really think his character “revolves around Dean?” He’s basically a dark mirror for Dean, in the way that we’re supposed to disassociate his character from Dean. This is the WORST incarnation of what Dean could’ve become… IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR SAM showing Dean the shades of grey in the world…

Yes, Dean gets more of these narrative mirrors than Sam does, and yes he relates to these character differently than Sam does… but that’s because Sam has almost always been the character that the narrative happens TO, Dean’s the observational POV through which the audience processes our reactions.

It’s not a judgment about Sam vs Dean here. It’s literally the narrative structure of the show.

anonymous asked:

You've got me obsessed with venomous arrow! Please keep telling us more about it!

Yes, one more person in the very small trashcan we have at the moment!


  • After Widowmaker gets rescued and rehabilitated by Overwatch, she never loses her blue skin. Everyone keeps calling her Amelie or Widowmaker and she absolutely hates it. She confesses this sharply one night on the rooftop to Hanzo, explaining that Amelie is dead and she’s trying to not be Widowmaker anymore. After a quiet moment, Hanzo asks if he may call her Aconite. She shivers when she hears him whisper that word, and she accepts the name.
  • Hanzo only calls her that when their alone, and glares whenever anyone calls her Amelie.
  • They often meet up on the roof in the middle of the night, laying on the ground in opposite directions but so their heads are side by side. Both of their hair is untied and draped across the side the rooftop. Eyes watching the stars cross the dark heavens. They stay there in silence for hours, neither able to fall asleep.
  • Widowmaker will always make sure Hanzo has eaten. Noticing whenever he hits bad days that he tends to avoid his own health. She’ll sit with him until he eats, saying she won’t until he does and that always gets him chewing.
  • She loves playing with his hair on the rare occasions he lets it down. Braiding a hundred small plaits in his dark locks just to unravel them and do it all over again. Overtime this becomes a calming routine, especially after she’s had a nightmare. 

This ship is so interesting and the dynamics just blow my mind. idk bruh it just really connects with me <3

What happened to (y/n)

Title: What happened to (y/n)

Characters: John x Reader, Lucifer x Reader (if you squint), Sam, Dean, Michael, Mary (mentioned)

Word Count: ~4k

Warnings: Emotional hurt, hints at unhealthy relationship, angst, pretty sure this goes through every genre/emotion (angst, fluff, crack, hurt…)

Prompt: What if Lucifer’s demons mistimed when they were supposed to release Lucifer, thus jump starting the apocalypse too soon…when Sam and Dean were still children?

A/n: This was written for @sdavid09 and her awesome writing challenge! I loved this prompt!!! There was so much potential there and I pray to Chuck I did it some justice.

Growing up you had always dreamed that someday you could change the world or at least make it a little bit better. In your teens you discovered how much a mess the world really was when your parents died one quiet summer night. It had been a mild summer and you had a small family BBQ, they had send you in early because of a stupid test the next day. If they hadn’t you would probably be dead just like them. Even after years you would still remember their soft good night wishes as you headed into the house with typical teenage grunting. It was the last memory of them you had and their smiles would always be the one thing you’d hang on to.

“What are you day dreaming about?” A soft voice whispered in your ear from behind. You felt a warm hand travel around your waist and a solid even warmer chest against your back. Instinctively you leaned into him as the curious hand started to play with the hem of your sleeping shirt.

“Just mum and dad” You whispered back “It’s been years but I can’t forget their faces.”

“You never forget family” Johns voice was deep, a hint of his own sorrow about past losses in his voice. You sighed, both of you had lost so much. But without all that loss you wouldn’t be where you were today. You probably wouldn’t even know about monsters if one hadn’t come for your parents that night. No one knew for certain but if you had to guess you’d probably be married by now with a kid or two and a nice suburban life, you wouldn’t be changing the world there either instead you’d be baking cookies for bake sales or driving around for soccer practise.

“Come on” John had stopped playing with your shirt, he placed one final small kiss on your neck before rolling away “Let’s make those little trouble makers of mine breakfast. It will get your mind off of things.”

You rolled out of bed too, mostly to hide your face from him. You had been sleeping together for about a year now, you dragged along on hunts but mostly you were the one staying with his kids. By now they felt like your kids too, but he never acknowledged that. When you had left your job as a waitress at the Harvelle’s Roadhouse to go with John you had known about the amount of emotional baggage the man had but a small part of you had always hoped that one day you’d get past that. You had been wrong.

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Drag Race Reaction gifs

My favourite Drag Race gifs I don’t take credit for any of these they have all just been saved in my gif folder :)

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jack as mr. hyde to ralph’s dr. jekyll

after an analysis, I’ve reached the conclusion that jack can be viewed as a dark version of ralph.

you can see in the beginning that they appear to be very similar, almost having the same conduct - both of them are confident boys who have inclination towards leadership, both have similar personality traits - they are outgoing, jokesters to an extent, extroverted, charismatic, almost as if they are the same person shared by two physical forms.

but this is where the differences come in, differences manifested in almost opposite traits: while ralph is beautiful and manages to attract attention through his good looks, jack is ugly and manages to attract attention through his intimidating, even frightening appearance; similar to how mr. hyde looks terrifying and much more spiteful than jekyll and inspires fear in people around.

ralph has inclination towards bad humor to an extent, but eventually grows out of it, while jack goes deeper into it: while ralph eventually realizes that it’s not alright to make fun of other people, jack gets more and more power from it. jack loves stepping on people, humiliating them, he loves dark humor to the point where he thinks it’s amusing to bully and beat people and joke about murder. it’s as if jack was ralph’s initial dark side that separated itself from ralph and just grew stronger as the story progressed, similar to how dr. jekyll’s dark side grows and becomes an entity on its own in the form of mr. hyde.

while ralph tries to keep things at bay, organize the group and establish some order among the boys, jack tries to instill as much chaos as possible: he convinces the group to follow him in every violent activity, he convinces the boys to kill and paint themselves like wildlings and dance around fires, feeding his spirit from the growing disorder. this is similar to how jekyll is a quite just man who doesn’t step out of line, while mr. hyde destroys everything in his way.

while ralph is a decent boy who just wants to go home to his family and leads especially for this purpose, jack is particularly perverted and cunning for his age and seeks to remain on the island in order to grow as the absolute power. which is another great parallel to how jekyll is a normal man who tries to keep up with his life, while mr. hyde only seeks to commit atrocities and perversions.

ralph mostly shuts himself off from the group when jack takes over - when jack speaks up or holds his speeches, ralph mostly remains quiet, when jack gives orders and convinces the group to follow him, ralph doesn’t want to blow the conch anymore in fear that the rest of the boys wouldn’t instantly return and he would lose what has remained of his power. this is by far the strongest similarity: the fact that jack eventually takes over ralph’s leadership. and not only over ralph’s leadership, but also over ralph, to the point where he leaves ralph with nothing. no followers, no friends, no identity, no spirit.

jack also influences ralph and drags him into the dark side on occasions: in the fire scene, when jack beats piggy then makes fun of his misery, ralph knows it’s not alright to laugh at this, but he gives in and smiles against his will. he is also dragged into simon’s hunt by jack, just like the rest of the group. it’s as if jack is ralph’s personal devil that makes him commit wrong. a very powerful jekyll-hyde similarity.

in the end, ralph ends up being hunted and almost murdered, taken over completely by jack, just like how hyde ends up completely taking over jekyll. ralph’s innocence is murdered mostly by everything jack has caused, just like jekyll is murdered by hyde’s spirit and madness.

Bump In The Road

Reader x Dean

You swore loudly as the car hit the bump and something popped, the back tire made a skidding noise but the car didn’t move.

“No, not now… any time but now.” You whispered and glanced at the bundled-up baby in the back seat, his apple green eyes staring at you with a concerned curiosity.

You started dialling the few numbers you had, apparently New Year’s Eve, was the worst time of the year to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a busted tire. Bobby always told you to keep a spare and Sammy always told you the same but he was spending the evening with his girlfriend and you could hardly ask either of them to help.

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I don’t know which is worse: believing that I did it, or believing that you did this to me.

People have already talked about how profoundly this statement emphasizes Will’s attachment to Hannibal, and God it makes my heart hurt to hear him utter it, both for the tragedy of it for Will, and because it is the first time we’ve heard him openly voice his attachment to Hannibal…

But I want to talk for a minute about just how brilliantly manipulative this statement is. 

All through season 1, what Hannibal wanted above all else, what he was so curious about, was to see if Will could embrace the violent side of himself, the side that derives pleasure from envisioning murder and empathizing with the darkest parts of human nature. And Hannibal wanted this because he was lonely. He wanted a connection. He wanted a friend. 

As Hugh Dancy said at SDCC, Hannibal and Will are “two people who have been wandering their whole lives through a world in which they have not experienced really any viable form of connection with another human being…. And then they meet.”

And what does Hannibal do at this, one of the most pivotal moments of his own life? He allows his curiosity and his perversity to destroy the relationship, the only viable relationship he’s ever had. He wants Will to be a murderer so badly that he’s willing to risk everything for it, so that he can be truly seen by Will, who has both the capacity to understand him and the worthiness to receive Hannibal’s trust. Hannibal wants for his connection to be authentic and abiding and real.

Will now–finally–voices that he reciprocates Hannibal’s feelings of friendship and connection. Hannibal must face that he gave away the one truly good thing in his life. And Will simultaneously reminds him that the relationship is tainted by his lack of trust, so Hannibal is going to have to work, understandably so, very hard to try to get it back. 

At the same time, Will also says that Hannibal’s friendship is so desirable to Will, the connection between them so precious, that Will would almost rather have that connection than be innocent. Will might prefer to be a killer because Hannibal means that much to him. It’s murder and friendship all wrapped up in one.

It’s everything Hannibal’s ever wanted. 

Subtly, Will is presenting Hannibal with the closest and dearest desires of Hannibal’s heart, hinting but not promising, tempting him, luring him, drawing him in.

The words may be true, but they’re no less manipulative for that. 

Supernatural has a lady problem, part one

So, “There’s Something About Mary” made me start thinking long and hard about the pattern of how women are treated on Supernatural. I say this as a fan. For the most part, I enjoy the show. I love the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester. But, on the whole, the writers have shown that they’re pretty willing to sacrifice the female characters (and some male characters) for the sole purpose of getting an emotional response from the leads. This is my type ranting.  

I’m staring out with Jessica, Jo, and Lisa. Charlie, Abbadon, and Eileen will be covered in future writing, when I am able to craft a more coherent piece.

Jessica Moore

Originally posted by coltsandquills

We never actually got to know much about Jess other than a peak at an idealized, sexy girl-next-door type who was encouraging her man. I suppose if Sam is going to hit the road and have no ties to anything, he needs a motivation. Not to mention, if he up and disappears, someone is going to notice. Nice clean solution: let’s burn Jess on the ceiling a la Mary. Very neat indeed.

Let’s not mention that she’s trotted out to further his guilt—especially by Lucifer when he’s trying to convince Sam to be his vessel. She’s not a character; she is a plot device that the writers pull out when they need Sam to react emotionally.

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probably an unpopular opinion on the RvB15.5 cliffhanger

*takes a deep breath because I really don’t mean this to stir up discourse, I just… feel like I have to say it. It’s only my opinion.*

(this ended up being a lot longer than expected sorry)

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Reaction To a Zombie Apocalypse of the zodiac signs

Aquarius Zodiac – will be totally unemotional and as the trendsetter for the future, their job is to eliminate as many “walkers” as they can. Aquarians tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way so don’t try to stop them…they will do it their way even if others have proved it wrong.

Pisces Zodiac – will try to befriend the zombies and understand their past. They will be the ones looking

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