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in which video do they call him freddie and he says papa?? i didnt notice... its so sad that this kid has such an ugly family. hes so cute in that outfit!!!! poor baby. will probably grow up to be gross just like the rest of the jungles :/

Tammi posted on her snapchat i think? they’re like taking pics and B drags him so Brett can take a pic but he’s distracted so Brett says “look at papa” and they tell him to clap hands


The one where Jean doesn’t really have anything against karaoke and goes with some friends. And when the cute brunette is forced on stage with him he thinks he could really like karaoke.

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aah, umm, i've been feeling so lonely and unsure of myself recently and i need a pick-me-up. can i get the male shepherds (chrom, gaius, and stahl especially) appreciating their significant other? if it's not too much trouble. happy early valentine's day, mods :)

Hello friend! Added Lonk to this :) Happy Valentines day! ~S

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Chrom: “Can’t mess this up, can’t mess this up,” he’s muttering to himself over and over as he darts about the room. He’s been meaning to do something special for you, but hasn’t gotten the chance to. He’s been studying romance novels to see what you would like, and decided to go with flowers.  And candles. He’s been putting them all over the room, pleased with how they look together. Finally, he’s done. There are flames with lots of different colors, and your favorite flowers all over the room. “Everything’s perfect,” he smiles to himself, very pleased that he hasn’t managed to make some blunder or another.

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Dean Winchester-Love at first cheese

Reader bumps into Dean at the supermarket and are both left lovestruck.

Dean’s P.O.V:

“I’m telling you I didn’t!’‘I groaned As Sammy snickered.I rolled my eyes grunting as I turned around to put some cheese in the basket when I bumped into someone.’'Oh sor-’'My words trailed of as my green eyes locked with their (e/c) ones.

Readers P.O.V:

’'Hi’'I whispered literally breathless as his arms were wrapped around my waist to stop me from falling backwards.

’'H-hi’'He stuttered not moving his arms.Someone coughed behind him as I tore my gaze awaw from the beautiful stranger only to see a tall person standing behind him with his eyebrows raised.

’'Oh erm Sorry’'The stranger chuckled,nervously scratching the back of his neck as he let his arms unwrap from around me.I know I had just met him but I instantly missed the feel of his arms.

’'I’m erm I-I’m erm….Uh…’'He trailed off as he looked at me.

’'Dean?’'The guy filled in for him looking completely bewildered at 'Deans’ nervousness.

’'Yeah that.Dean.I’m Dean’'He mumbled not fully concentrated.I smiled just looking at him before shaking my head.

’'Oh right! I’m…’'My eyes widened as I realised I had forgotten my own name too.

”(y/n).Your name is (y/n)“My best friend laughed from behind me.

’'Yeah that’'I giggled.We were only inches away as I could see the other guy looking shocked and confused.

’'Beautiful name’'Dean breathed out.

’'Erm sorry to interupt this…erm whatever this is but we have to go’'The guy smiled sincerely before grabbing Dean’s arm and dragging him away.

’'B-bye!’'He waved giving me a final smile.I stood there looking like a idiot as I smiled widely.

’'Hello.Earth to (y/n)’'Lily waved her hand in my face.I shook my head trying to snap out of it but his haunting green eyes were stuck in my head.I reached for the cheese that I had came to get when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

Dean’s P.O.V:

’'Dude what the hell was that?’'Sammy asked shocked as we walked out the store.I rolled my eyes not in the mood to deal with all this crap.’'Look man I’ve never seen you like that with a girl before but you know what will happen to her if you date’'Sammy sighed running his hand through his hair.I raised my eyebrows at him scoffing.

’'I don’t wanna date her and I don’t know what your talking about’'I scoffed throwing the bag into the car.Sammy raised his eyebrows at me giving me a 'really’ look but I just flipped him off and got into the car.Sammy opened the passenger seat and got in 

’'You know you might not see her again you may as well tell her you liked her but can’t date her’'He suggested.

’'Are you crazy we only just bumped into each other and I don’t know what your talking about!’'I groaned.

’'Alright fine man!’'Sammy chuckled raising his hands in defence.I glared at him before turning on the engine.

”….Do you think she’s already gone?“I asked 

’'Dude just go!’'Sammy yelled shoving me out the car.

Readers P.O.V:

’'Yes?’'I smiled at Dean.

’'I erm…I just wanted to tell you I think you are beautiful and believe me if it was different I would be askign you out so badly but erm….I can’t cause….well it’s complicated but I just wanted to let you know’'He muttered scratching his neck before nodding and turning away.

’'Dean!’'I called out.He stopped and turned around as I ran to him and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

’'I think your pretty good looking yourself”

Peter is STILL talking bad about Brittnee and discrediting her saying she’s the worst player to ever be on BB…. and then complements Ashleigh saying she was a competition beast ????

He is just mad that someone like B who is black + women made it farther than him AND is more liked than him AND is more respected AND also won more comps AND also was in a due alliance that ran the house AND with one of them actually winning the game while his alliance the flop shield was taken out entirely by jillian.

he. is. a. fucking. joke.  

If you ever for a second think that you will someday grow up and grow out of Disney or it will fade out of your life, I am here to tell you that you are very wrong because 50 years later, my dad still knows all the words to the Ballad of Davy Crockett and the Mickey Mouse Club opening/closing songs, he still gets sad when he hears “When You Wish Upon a Star”, and his favorite Disney Princess is Snow White.