Seen at The Women’s March Chicago.

The woman holding it was there alone, and when I asked to take the photo, she told me that her seven year-old daughter helped her pick her signs and was so excited that One Direction could be a part of it and for people to see her mom’s cool sign. Talk about a girl almighty!

FAQ - How to enable Baby Hairs and Edges for Toddlers (TS4)

I have a MULTITUDE of asks in my inbox about how to or where to find baby hairs for toddlers. All the ones I use are ones I have enabled for toddlers using Sims4Studio (S4S). So I will drop this mini tutorial on how to achieve this ^_^ (using Windows - not sure if it’s the same for Mac users)!

What you need:


1. Open S4S and click on My Projects.

2. Locate the baby hair/edges you would like to enable for toddlers and double click to select it to open in S4S.

3. Select the Categories tab.

4. Check the Toddler flag and add the tick.

5. Press Apply To All Swatches

6. Hit Save.

And there you have it! Simples! You can use this method to enable almost anything related to CAS (eyes, skins, skin details).

Now, go lay ya baby’s edges!

Reblog to save a life!

You gotta love a man like Misha. A man who is confident enough in his sexuality and identity, that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable about what others think about the sexual orientation of a fictional character he plays on tv. Thanks Misha, I love you and respect you so much because you respect others as well.

And no, I’m not trying to start shit, I have always felt his way.

anonymous asked:

Your thoughts on Taylor tweeting but not marching? Your thoughts on Karlie not saying anything about the march?

Ahhh, I’ve been waiting for this type of ask since yesterday. *cracks knuckles* *inserts here_are_my_thoughts_on_the_bullshit.jpg*

Taylor Swift could make it rain 100,000 checks at the Women’s March, chop off both her tittys, offer them as a sacrifice to Gloria Steinem, and take a shit on Trump’s new front porch, and people would still be calling her a “white feminist” or that she was doing it “for publicity.” The girl can’t win. Does this negate all her white feminist offenses of the past? Absolutely not. Do I think if she had spoken up and said something in favor of Hilary during the election that our white savior Taylor Allison Becky Swift would’ve saved us all? Also absolutely not. The girl can literally never say the right thing, no matter what position she takes/speaks up about. If she had marched, that particular march, wherever she attended, would’ve probably become all about Taylor, and not what it was actually about, so I’m honestly okay with her not going, but I think it’s nice she did say something. 

Which brings me to Karlie. Do I wish she had tweeted or gone to a march? Yes, that would’ve been nice. Do I think she is the devil incarnate because she didn’t? Or that she’s unsupportive? No. This whole narrative in the fandom (looking at the Kaylors, particularly) of “Taylor versus Karlie” “Karlie did something problematic! All hail Taylor” and “Taylor was problematic! Protect Karlie my sinless child!” is gross, and ironically, not even close to the feminist behavior standard ya’ll wanna hold these two to 24/7. Karlie is in Paris, I’m assuming for work, so calm the fuck down and live your life, which brings me to my final, and most important point.


I would genuinely like to know how many of you who I’ve seen criticizing Taylor Swift and/or Karlie Kloss got off your asses and went and marched yesterday? The people I’m seeing drag these two people (and other celebs) to hell and back on the internet, where did you march? Did you make a donation to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or other organization that is in danger under Trump? Stop worrying about what people like Taylor and Karlie are doing, and worry about what YOU are doing. At the end of the day, if you’re relying on celebrities to be the only ones out trying to make a change with their voices, instead of getting out there yourself, then let’s be real, the issues you stay whining about them not representing enough must not be all that important to you.