• <p> <b>Marvel Comics:</b> Everyone's hydra, nazis won WWII, oh but remember hydra aren't nazis at all nope<p/><b>Agents of SHIELD:</b> HYDRA ARE NAZIS!!!! BLATANTLY COMPARING HYDRA TO TRUMP!!! ALTERNATIVE FACTS!!!!HYDRA!!! ARE!!! NAZIS!!!!<p/></p>

new au idea, needs a home:

2006: dean winchester serves his country in afghanistan. before he even really understands what being a soldier means, just a load of daddy issues and an attitude problem, he works on a fuel convoy in the triangle of death, and like so many veterans in the middle east he gets an up close and personal view of what it means to be dependent on foreign oil. when he gets home, he uses that smart engineering brain of his to get into tech development for clean energy. sam is all bleeding heart about it, but to dean it’s a continuation of the public service that encouraged him to put on the uniform in the first place. it’s making the world a better place - cleaner and safer for everyone else after him. he can’t even fucking recycle his plastic mountain dew bottles but he is completely dedicated to finding alternative energy solutions.

enter stage left………… hippie!conservationist!cas

*Freaks out* YES, YES!!! More Sebastian x Misha!!! Dreams come true…

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Rpdr9 snatch game spoilers

So from what I’ve heard these are what the Queens are doing for snatch game:

Peppermint: Nene Leakes
Shea Coulee: Naomi Campbell
Alexis Michelle: Liza Minnelli
Trinity Taylor: Amanda Lepore
Sasha Velour: Marlene Dietrich
Aja: Venus Xtravaganza (or someone else from the ballroom scene apparently)
Nina Bonina Brown: JASMINE MASTERS
Farrah Moan: Gigi Gorgeous
Cynthia Lee Fontaine: Sofia Vergara (it was her s8 choice which she wasn’t able to do but she may change)
Valentina: sorry this is the only one I don’t know anything about