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percy weasley and oliver wood were in the same year and house at hogwarts, i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise this but

  • oh god they would be so annoying to live with
  • both total perfectionists but about different things
  • percy getting annoyed at oliver for revising his quidditch strategy when they had a test tomorrow
  • percy acting smug because he’s head boy, oliver firmly believing that being quidditch captain is much more important
  • oliver happily aiding the twins in their pranks to get his own back at percy for not appreciating how important it is that he wins the cup
  • their dorm mates getting totally fed up of the two of them stressing tirelessly
  • ‘oh my god we have an exam in three weeks i need to revise’ ‘oh my god i have a quidditch match soon and the team is not practicing hard enough’ 

honestly, im surprised that none of the other gryffindor boys smothered them in their sleep


//joshua + nightlife moodboard

//You throw your head back, letting your body move with the music. The speakers are obviously low quality, and the bass is turned up so much that your ribcage is vibrating with every beat. It’s exhilarating. You don’t know how long you’ve been dancing; maybe an hour, maybe four; it doesn’t matter. What matters is the music, moving along with your hips, and the gaze of the cat eyed boy sitting at the bar. He’s been staring at you for a while now, and you can feel the burn of his attention in the pit of your stomach. Your eyes meet, and he’s suddenly up and coming towards you. As soon as he reaches you, he leans into your ear and whispers “Do you want to get out of here?” You simply nod your head and let him take you away. Instead of bringing you to his car, or a shabby motel nearby, like you thought he would, the boy - Joshua - takes you on a stroll in the city. Your ears are still resonating from the club’s loud music, and your vision is blurry from the alcohol you’ve consumed. You pass dark alleys and shops with bright facades and everything seems to highlight Joshua and his feline gaze. You end up at the highest point of the city, very far away from where you started. You stare out at the city, bright and beautiful under the dark sky. You can barely see the stars, but the lights from the buildings are almost as beautiful as them. You look at Joshua, and he looks at you, and you realize that the night is even louder than any dingy and cramped club.

//request: - hi- could i request a night life/night busking aesthetic for joshua pls? tysm – Jisauce anon /)///(\

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Sweater Weather: Remus x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader goes to steal one of Remus sweaters because she’s cold & notices that he only has a handful that aren’t too small or torn & so she buys him a few and just puts them in his trunk and then he sees the reader wearing his favorite one and just knows it was her and its just really fluffy?

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff fluff fluff

A/N: I know they’re called jumpers in England (and if you’re me) but for the purposes of the story, we’ll stick with the American version (sorry) also, I’m changing it up just a little bit ;)

Word Count: 1350


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I feel a chill run down my spine as a draft passes through the room. The fire blazes at my side, and yet I can’t seem to shake the chill of the coming autumn. I tuck my feet into the crack between the cushion and the armrest of my chair, huddling closer to the plush fabric, trying to keep warm as my eyes scan the pages of the book in my hands. But after reading the same paragraph for the tenth time and absorbing none of it, I give up.

I mark my page in the book, and crawl toward the boys dormitory. If there is one place to get a sweater, it’s from my boyfriend. I climb the stairs to the room he shares with his three best friends and don’t even pause to knock before opening the door, knowing fully well that the boys are in Hogsmeade for the afternoon.

I pry open the heavy lid of his trunk, and my nose is filled with the wonderful scent of cinnamon and apples that seems to be on everything around him. Under the lid, I find his impeccably organized belongings inside and a stack of four sweaters sitting on top. I immediately go for the grey one with blue embroidery, remembering how soft and cozy it was from the last time he wore it. It’s at the bottom of the stack and as I rifle through, I notice that the other three are in various states of disrepair. The knitting on two has started to unravel, while the other looks like it’s shrunk in the wash. A huff escapes my lips as I look over the sweaters. I carefully fold them anyway and replace them inside the trunk, and then pull the grey sweater on over my shirt, grab my book and head back to the girls dormitory.

I hear voices as I approach my own bedroom door, and recognize them as belonging to Marlene, Alice, and Lily.

“Knock knock,” I announce as I enter the room, immediately crossing to Lily’s bed and plopping down next to her.

“You know, saying ‘knock knock’ doesn’t actually count as knocking,” Marlene laughs from her bed, adjacent to Lily’s.

“Whatever, it’s my room, too,” I say.

“Is that Remus’s?” Alice asks, eyeing the sweater.

“Yep,” I reply, wrapping my arms around myself, and inhaling the scent of cinnamon. “Seems to be his only good one left, I almost feel bad for stealing it.”

“Emphasis on the ‘almost,’” Lily teases. And then an idea comes to me.

“Alice, you know how to knit, don’t you?”

“Yeah, why?”

I smile at her as a plan formulates in my brain.

Hours pass and Marlene, Lily, Alice, and I are completely surrounded by yarn of varying colors and textures, maroons and dark greens strewn across the floor, and our handiwork sits in the middle of our circle. Luckily for us, Alice had all of her crafting supplies stashed under her bed. It took about an hour for Lily and I to get the hang of the knitting, whereas Marlene gave up after about six minutes and has now put herself in charge of criticizing our work.

“(Y/N), he’s going to love these so much,” Lily says over her clanking knitting needles.

I smile, looking down at the dark navy sweater I’ve been working on, and then look back up at them. “I’m not sure I want to tell him it was us.”

Marlene laughs from her spot on her bed. “What, you want him to just happen upon them and think that the elves brought them for him?”

“Yeah, kind of,” I reply, smirking a bit. “I dunno, I just. I like the idea of him just… finding them.”

Marlene laughs again, shaking her head at me. “I swear you two were made for each other. You’re too nice.”

After a week of me disappearing with the girls at random times during the day to continue our work, the sweaters are finally finished and perfect. We’d created seven, rather gorgeously crafted sweaters, deciding one for every day of the week was best.

The door to my room creaks open and Alice pokes her head in announcing, “Coast is clear! They just went down to breakfast.”

I squeal a little bit, as Lily and I scoop up the sweaters and sneak over to the boys dormitory, stealing into their room. I pry open Remus’ trunk, the smell of cinnamon and apples hitting me once again, and put my stack of sweaters in, followed by the ones Lily’s handing me. As I close the lid, I look up to see her staring absentmindedly at the bed two over from Remus’.

“Hey, Lil, y’know James probably wouldn’t mind if you just waited up here for him,” I tease. She shoots me a look, semi-amused and semi-disgusted.

“I hate you,” she replies, shoving me in the arm before taking off out of the room, her dark red hair flying behind her.

The fire blazes by my side as I sit cuddled up on the sofa, enjoying the warmth of the flames while reading my book. A confident smile plays on my lips, and I revel in the idea of seeing Remus in one of his new sweaters. Suddenly I feel a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders from behind me, and smell the familiar scent of cinnamon.

“Afternoon, my love,” Remus says, leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek.

“Hello,” I reply, turning my head toward him, and closing the book and place it on the sofa by my side.

“So, the strangest thing happened and you’ll never believe it,” he says, as he crosses to sit on the couch next to me, lifting my feet to drape across his lap.

“What’s that?” I ask, perhaps a little too innocently.

“So, one week ago to this day, my favorite sweater disappears while I’m gone with my friends to Hogsmeade, and then today seven brand new sweaters appear in my trunk, smelling strangely similarly to my wonderful girlfriend’s perfume, who happens to be sitting down, reading, in the common room wearing my same favorite sweater. What are the odds really?”

My jaw drops and I look down to realize that I was, indeed, wearing his grey sweater with the blue embroidery.

I groan at my stupidity, “I meant for it to be a secret gift.”

“Love, you’ve always been terrible at keeping secrets,” he replies, taking my hand and squeezing it a little.

“I beg to differ,“ I quip, giving him a look.

“Alright, you’ve kept that secret,” he laughs in surrender, and I chuckle a little too.

“I didn’t realize this one was your favorite,” I say pulling at the sweater slightly. “You can have it back, if you’d like.”

“I think I like it better on you, actually. Besides I have these seven new sweaters that this amazing girl got for me, so,” he says, while wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap.

“Well, ‘got’ is really not the correct term. More along the lines of ‘poured hours of her soul into creating’ is more like it,” I tease, refusing to make eye contact with him.

“You… you made them for me?” he asks, in a small voice. I look down into his eyes, and they’re full of amazement and wonder.

“Well, Alice and Lily helped a lot, but yeah,” I say.

In a moment, my back is pressed down against the couch, and Remus is pinning me down, and kissing me as if his life depended on it, one arm wrapped tightly around my waist, the other cupping the back of my neck. And my arms are wrapped around his shoulders, holding him even closer to me.

He breaks this kiss, and looks down into my eyes.

“I hope you don’t thank Alice and Lily that same way,” I tease and he throws his head back in laughter.

“I love you so much,” he says. “You know that?”

I smile, slightly out of breath. “Yeah, but it’s still nice to hear.”

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Everyone else in the room can see it - A masterpost

All quotes used are original.

Initial reaction or information as a starter

  • it just seemed very far fetched to me and too crazy to be true.
  • always felt like Elounor was a bit fishy
  • even though I hear rumblings about “Larry” I didn’t believe it at all
  • I knew nothing about the band, their music (except WMYB lol), what they looked like (except 17-year-old Harry)   

Immediate reaction after seeing videos/story told

  • My husband is quite impatient so after 30secs he’s like “Yeah ok they’re clearly together, so what’s your point?" 
  • he was speechless, he then asked if the whole fandom knew because you’d have to be blind to not be able to tell 
  • He totally called it after watching like two clips
  • I’m not even from this fandom but is there people who actually think he is not with the other one guy from this band??
  • It’s seemed so obvious to me that H&L had something going on between them 
  • I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not just Larries that can see H&L’s relationship. It’s super obvious to people outside of the 1D fandom too
  • and i’m also pretty sure two of them are in love, which is how I found your blog
  • So the two that were singing to each other on the AMA’s, when did they come out? I don’t remember hearing about it. (AMAS 2014)
  • Does the little one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him? (male, 40 married, teen kids, AMAS 2014)
  • who is he looking at?!” but I didn’t reply. When the performance ended she looked at me and said, “he was so looking at Louis THE WHOLE TIME.” and she said it as if she’s been shipping them for years, although I rarely mention it to her (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • young couple that basically said that they newly ship larry cuz they were watching the AMAs and saw how much they are actually together and I wrote your blog name down for them and LITERALLY PEOPLE ARE SHIPPING IN FALAFEL SHOPS (AMAS 2014)
  • You didnt tell me there was a romance in the band! Those two there *points at Harry and Lou* are the cutest! (gay brother, AMAS 2014)
  • As the performance we ending, she looked at me and said in reference to Harry “he just can’t help himself can he? (AMAS 2014)
  • It hurts me to say but I realized that. Every time he sang ‘it will never change me and you’ he looked straight at Louis. You might be right about this Larry thing (non-shipper, AMAS 2014)
  • Is Harry looking at louis through the whole performance  (outsider, AMAS 2014)
  • hey you like that harry styles guy right? What’s up with him and that other guy in the band, are they in love? (AMAS 2014) 
  • My only question about the performance, who was he staring at? (twitter, AMAS 2014)
  •  two staff members were talking about the ama’s and one said to the other did you see those two from one direction staring at each other last night? I think something’s up there? And the other lady said no shit they had serious eye fucking going on. So I slid past them and said wait until you google their tats and then walked away smirking (supermarket, AMAS 2014)
  • You said Harry was staring at the other one the whole……ohhhhhhh. Yeah I get it. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • I saw the AMAs and they looked happy together and it’s nice to see, they aren’t being too crazy with the pda though which is really cool too (friend who thought they’re already out, AMAS 2014)
  • omg harry is totally gay, and louis! they’re so gay for each other! was i blind this whole time?? (after watching Larry videos)
  • You were right. They’re in love. (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • he’s not even hiding it anymore, is he? singing straight to him. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • god, Harry truly does love Louis, doesn’t he? (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • that one (Louis, I didn’t even know his name yet) is gay and…he has a crush on one of his band mates. (video diaries)
  • *points at Louis* “that one’s gay” (mom, TMH)
  • They are so obviously gay and in love 
  • 30 sec into the first video, she turns to me and goes “and why are people arguing about whether they’re a couple or not? (mom, videos)
  • 'oh he’s the gay one isn’t he?’ I was like ye with Harry and then she replied with 'he’s definitely gay but i can’t see so much about Harry, he has the possibility’ she came to me after the AMAs and was like 'yep your right sorry Harry is deffo gay’!! (TIU then AMAS 2014)
  • Well, I looked up Harry Styles yesterday and saw pictures of them and if they’re not together then I’m a damn fool (straight boy)
  • The camera guy should’ve moved away aand let him do his thing (AMAS, 2014)
  • Besides, I saw them on the AMAs, and that little one with the big hair probably has his hands full with the tall one in the hat that fake-dated Taylor Swift. (brother, AMAS 2014)
  • how do people not believe their together? They’re so fucking obvious, you’d think they already have kids. HE’S SUBMISSIVE, WITH A DADDY KINK? WHO’S THE LUCKY BASTARD?” He was shown a pic of Louis and his jaw dropped. “Makes so much sense.” (gay dad AMAS 2014, call me daddy tweet and little spoon)
  • They are so so obvious, I can’t believe people still don’t believe it. (dad)
  • I kinda know what you’re trying to say, ok? I’m 62 years old, and if you believe they’re in a romantic relationship, then you’re not crazy. Curly was serenating him and Arched Brows liked it (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • And after that kind of statement you needed to ask me if I think they’re in a relationship? Haha, you’re funny (same mom, Mario Kart int.)
  • holy shit dude they’re together. (co-worker, Mario Kart int)
  • I’m not a Larry shipper per se, but even I’m like: so he was with Louis (outsider at Jesal’s not with Louis tweet)
  • IT WAS SO OBVIOUS!! (mom, 40 yo)
  • well that explains all the leaning in
  • they make the goggliest heart eyes, it’s so bad
  • Laaaa’, you didn’t tell me two of them were banging each other. Why no one’s talking about it (brother, 15 yo, video diaries)
  • Ok, they weren’t only banging each other, they’re fucking married. Should I tell my classmates to stop fantasizing over them? (same brother after AMAS 2014)
  • it’s the way they look at each other. Louis doesn’t look like that with his gf and Harry doesn’t look at anyone else like he looks at Louis. (12 yo, AMAS 2014)
  • which one of the boys is your favorite?’ and I said it was Louis and she was like 'Harry’s husband?’ (mom, WWA DVD)
  • Oh my gosh, he’s gay! He’s so gay! It’s so obvious! (mom, “Now kiss me you fool”)
  • So what’s up with him and the teeny tiny one? Are they married? (aunt)
  • and people still doubt and question whether they’re in a relationship?! (oldest sister, when jealous Harry grabbed Louis’  leg in the interview)     

Harry sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • Why would someone straight have so many PR stunts
  • This is like the scene in the movie where you realize all the red strings on your wall of clues and suspects point to the same place: Harry Styles’s butthole
  • You can’t have a womanizer who looks miserable with women can you?
  • it was just the vibe that I got from him. He’s very flirty and charming in person towards basically everyone around him, men and women alike, but he just seemed a lot more comfortable around other men. Also just the way he carries himself is much more feminine than most straight men that I know. And that doesn’t always mean definitely gay, but in a room where the majority of the men were openly and comfortably gay, he didn’t stick out as the lone straight man, is basically what I’m saying
  • sorry but I’m pretty sure he’s gay
  • Makes sense I had a feeling Harry liked boys so I was confused when he pushed a girl to him.
  • I think you should like the Irish one honey, I think harry is gay
  • The one boy with the curly hair, Harry Styles, I like him” and I was like yeah lol so do I why because it was out of no where and he goes, “He’s just so like funny and doesn’t care. He’s gay, right? I see him and he acts gay and people ask him but he doesn’t answer just acts more gay, It’s rad. And then the next day I come back and he goes “What about Louis? Is he gay too?”
  • I didn’t know that 1d guy is gay (someone looking at Louis and Harry on the phone of the person who they sat next to)
  • “is the hottie also gay? This is beautiful, he’s singing to the other one!” (1D day, little things)
  • the broomstick and the elf need to stop staring at each other or people are gonna think something’s up (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • "is the curly haired one gay” and then when Louis was talking about his deepest love my brother said “I bet you he’s talking about the curly haired one” (brother, 1d TV special)
  • that harry styles, he likes the older men (dad, Graham Norton)   
  • Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. I thought this one (points at Harry) was the only gay member. (brother)

Louis sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • If Louis comes out later this year or next year, I guarantee that no one in Doncaster over the age of 16 is going to be remotely surprised or shocked. /Doncaster resident
  • He stood there about 30 seconds pointed at Louis and said “he’s gay.” Everyone can see it.  (42 yo boss upon hearing 1D)
  • ahhh like Elton John, I’m not surprised (grandma)
  • No one, I repeat no one, from the general Doncaster area would be surprised if Lou was gay. My little sister is his age, and I remember when 1d were on the xfactor, all of her friends used to talk about him being gay. All the lads I grew up with think he’s gay, it’s a common opinion there

HL narrative not adding up

  • Never put together in interviews or seated next to each other.
  • They want to quell the rumors because they’re actually true.
  • How Harry has all his tattoos on one arm and Louis on another (this was before the tats on Louis’ left hand)
  • The more Harry and Louis blatantly ignore each other onstage, the more I get confirmation that something is going on between them that is trying to be covered up. There is absolutely no reason for the complete 180 in interaction. The other guys have had rumors as well, but they still talk all the time.
  • it is very clear that louis and harry can’t interact, I found it weird cause I didn’t see it much in that performance like I didn’t think it was that noticeable, maybe I’m used to it, but I then showed him their cute interaction and he said no wonder they can’t it takes 5 secs to know they are more than just friends haha (dad, iheartradio 2014)
  • 50+ year old man watched that special just to see how H&L acted together & he said they are the reason he wants to listen to Four
  • Brother, 30 m. later: Oh. So they say “We are straight”, and then get coule tattoos and look obviously gay together. Funny. The girlfriend (makes air quots) is pretty though. (brother)
  • but when I mentioned the public separation, she came to a stop. And then she said: 'Well, that sounds fishy. Why would they be separated if there was nothing going on? That doesn’t make any sense.’ Ding, ding ding. (mother)

Shady shit

  • it’s the only explanation that makes sense. There comes a time when coincidences stops being coincidences and starts being a pattern, you know? 
  • how Louis’ family made it a point to let everyone know that Harry was there
  • we saw pics of him mingling with Louis’ family and none of Eleanor with Louis family
  • You don’t waste your time and your energy to hide somethings that is supposed to be false
  • Either they have the worst team ever or they are laying low before something big hits
  • they aren’t disproving the rumor solidly besides on twitter because they know they will lose many fans (Larries) by disproving it
  • Wow, they surely have an iron grip on them, is it because two of them are involved? ..<>… Hahaha please, everybody knows! (friend from the music industry)
  • my mom came to me this morning and asked me about larry stylinson. out of the blue asked me 'what and who is larry stylinson’. this is a 45 year old woman who has literally /no/ time to read the news, watch tv or anything because of the workload she has so the fact that she comes up to me and asks this completely baffled me. turns out she had read more than three articles on different websites in between a week on different days (shes kinda hooked on 1d drama despite not having the time) and had picked up on larry stylinson because it had been mentioned. these articles were all different. one to do with zayn leaving, the tour rider and louis and eleanor. she said to me that when she was dealing with a case one time (she works for the police and works in liason with journalists on seeding info abt crimes in the media so that its less of a shock when people find out) that everytime they got closer to the suspect being found guilty they kept mentioning his/hers name more &more contand she said to me that she found it interesting that this name had been mentioned a lot of times. i said to her that there used to be literally no larry articles once and she said that somethings going to happen and whilst we all know this what with seeding and everything it was just nice to see an outsiders perspective on it. she also mentioned that the two pictures of h&l together would help coax younger fans who might read articles into seeing them together which i found interesting as well!

 Had an idea

  • I fucking knew it
  • The one.. I think Lewis (yes he said it that way) is his boyfriend right?
  • he looks at Louis and goes hey isn’t that the one who’s dating that styles kid?
  • the group with the two boys in love with other
  • is it true Harry and Louis are together?  (12 yo)
  • he is WITH LOUIS AND FANS CALL THEM LARRY’ AND I WAS LIKE WHOA WHERE DID YOU HEAR THIS FROM , she found it on the web and she said rumours about his sexuality were also on the tv this is how spread this is guys my grandma found it (grandma)
  • that one on the left gay (harry) the 20 yo in the seat next to me goes yeh he is with that one whose staring at him (louis) the stylist replied with oh yeah ive heard about those two (hahir stylist) 
  • mum was looking over my shoulder and when Liam said 'a song about beards because that’s new’ or whatever, she went 'huh no it’s not, that tiny one and his twin have been pretending to be dating for a while now’ (mom)
  • is it because he’s dating the curly haired one?“ (friend’s reaction after hearing that some fans hate Louis)
  • The other day i was talking to my best friend (a bloke, not interested in 1d at all, who barely knows their names) and 1d came up in our conversation. He was trying to remember their names and he goes like "there’s the blond one, uh, and then there are the two who are together…”. 
  • Today some of my friends from grad school were gossiping about celebs and 1D came up, which never happens in my circle. I casually brought up that two of the members were dating. One of them asked me which two so I start to say “Harry and…"and I got interrupted my other friend says "Louis.” The whole group shrugs at me like its old news.         

You don’t do this with a friend.

  • I mean is that normal? Is it? For your best friend to get into a relationship with a girl and you go and get a compass right after he gets a ship? Not even a full day later? Is that normal?
  • they’re acting like that awkward couple that has so much chemistry and everyone wants them to date cause they look so cute together
  • I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone like that in my entire fucking life. There was so much flirting between them Jesus.
  • she saw Louis and Harry sharing one of their 'looks’ and immediately went 'Oh, these two like each other, don’t they? (video diaries)
  • I have only seen that look once.“ and I was so confused so I asked where and he said "My dad looked at my mom that way till the last moment he held her hand (grandpa)
  • I saw a gif set of the infamous "if that” moment. Louis’ response made me suspicious b/c that’s not how a straight guy would normally talk about his best friend’s gf
  • little sister who is kind of a her girl, and my mum and brother were like 'who is the gay one?’ and she got really angry but when they saw Louis it was so funny they were pointing at him saying it as him (AMAS 2014) 
  • How come people don’t know?! They’re so obvious. Look at the way they look at each other. (mom)


  • it’s obvious that a lot of their tattoos are a matching set
  • We should get those! I can get the ship, and you the anchor cus you keep me grounded (boyfriend to his girlfriend after seeing the anchor and rope- no faces shown)
  • okay but why can’t they just be together (anchor/rope tattoo)
  • yeah the birds have like human faces/eyes. (dad)
  • I’ve been married for 10 years now, and I still don’t think I’d get a couple tattoo with my husband don’t tell him
  • i jokingly asked ‘so who’s gonna get the rope tattoo and who’s gonna get the anchor’ and she turns to her husband and says ‘that’s so cute it’s the same concept as if i get a lock and you get the key’ and he laughs and i continue just pitching out other ideas for complimentary tattoos and bring up the compass and the ship and gave a brief explanation and she LOVED it so i continued and said ‘maybe you should tattoo it on opposite arms so when you hold hands or walk next to each other it would align’ and he looks at me and goes ‘that’s too much no one does that’ and she laughs and says ‘do you know people that has that’
  • absolutely, no way, too much commitment. (about getting complementary tattoo)
  • ‘So his mum or someone has the rope,’ she said, and when I told her it was Louis she was pretty taken back and ranted about how they were ‘pretty fucking stupid.’ And I was like, ‘they don’t just have one matching pair, they have six.’
  • I asked him like the dork I am, if those tattoos are for couples or friends, he said: “Maybe one, but 3 or 4 that’s a bit too much don’t you think?” and then he pointed at the ship/compass and he went: “I actually thought they’re together when I saw only this… So…” (tattoo artist)
  • Yeah, they’re fucking. They might even be married, that’s legal in England, ain’t it? (tattoo artist)
  • our artist saw my phone background and said “two of those guys have to be dating. like you two are getting matching tats but those two, that’s different. my wife won’t even get tats like that with me” (tattoo artist)
  • Wait. Is this a dagger? Me: Yeah. Brother: Doesn’t the curly one have a rose? Me: Mhm. Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. 


  • Youtube videos
  • friend/family
  • internet
  • stunts not adding up
  • from other fandoms

A home at the end of the world.

“When the war is over, misery and struggles long forgotten, from the rubble and ruins, for our damaged souls to finally rest… we will make a place of our own.”

me: looks at cat for too long
me: why

bulletproof in black !! it’s that time again where i, unfortunately, need to drop some threads that i can’t muster up the motivation for or have been sitting around for too long with no reply bc. of a hiatus/archived blog, etc. in order to clean up my drafts and make room for some new threads in the near future. so, without further ado, here we go !

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Having someone sit in on your suit fitting was not uncommon in general terms, although it was a rare occurrence when getting fitted for a Kingsman suit. Having Arthur sit on a second fitting for the same agent (not only unorthodox but highly unneeded unless there was a serious change in the agent’s physique, as the measurements had been taken and recorded already) even more so.

As it stood, Eggsy was more than a touch nervous. He had made it through the first fitting just fine, after Dagonet had explained why there was so much close-contact involved (he had jumped more than once on several of the seams and the man had felt it prudent to assuage his fears). It wasn’t the meeting that had him on edge, no, it was that Harry had taken it upon himself to join them.

“I’m merely going to sit quietly in the chair in the corner, my dear boy. I won’t say a word.” Harry had said when he saw the barely bridled look of terror in Eggsy’s eyes.

“Fitting room one is ready for you now, sirs,” a shop attendant - one who Eggsy had only met briefly - snapped him out of his reverie as he stood from the over-stuffed couch and followed his once-mentor into the room. “Dagonet will be with you in a moment.” Eggsy nodded, still absentminded, and was vaguely aware of Harry taking his seat while he stripped down to his undershirt. Brushing a hand down his trouser leg to smooth it, Eggsy made eye contact with Harry in the trifold mirror. He didn’t have time to examine the look in Harry’s eyes or the change in his posture, however, as their resident tailor (who could kill you seventeen different ways with a pincushion alone) rapped three times on the door and stepped inside.

“Alright, sir,” he said, setting down his clipboard and pencil and beginning to uncoil his measuring tape. “You’re aware of how this works, so fortunately it means that this will be very quick. I know both of you are quite busy.”

With no more than a nod from Eggsy to let him know that he was free to begin, Dagonet began to bustle around the young agent, constantly flitting between the tape measure and the clipboard to mark down whether or not any changes in measurements needed to be made. While he worked, Eggsy turned his gaze back to the mirror and chanced a look at the man seated behind him.

Harry was studying him again, and now that he properly had time to analyze the man, Eggsy realized that he seemed predatory. It was an apt description of him, a predator, for he was every inch a panther - all lethal grace and unassuming appearance, wrapped up with a cunning mind and a readiness to defend those he deemed worthy. He was smiling slightly when he caught Eggsy watching him, though it was less of an actual smile and more of a look one might get in a restaurant upon receiving a choice cut of steak, or perhaps straddling the line of propriety over a glass of wine with dinner while out with a potential lover. Having found himself needing to look away lest he cause his tailor any undue… trouble… Eggsy focused on the fine-grained green wood panelling on the wall above the mirror and took several heavy breaths through his nose. He could hear Dagonet chuckle quietly under his breath, and resisted the urge to huff in his annoyance.

“There, all finished. There wasn’t much that needed a change, so everything seems to be in order. When you’re ready, I’ll be out front and we can discuss cuts and colours.” Eggsy nodded again and thanked him, and the man left, leaving the agent to reassemble his outfit in what would have been silence, had he been alone.

“I’ve seen the footage, you know.” Harry said quietly from his chair. Eggsy tried desperately not to still his movements, not to let the other man know how much this was affecting him. Risking a glance in the mirror, Eggsy watched as Harry stood up and crossed the small room until suddenly he was much closer than he had been all day. The room was charged, and even if the moment ended here, Eggsy would be thinking about the heat and Harry’s sandalwood cologne and the expressions on his face for days at the least. “You were stunning. Just like I knew you would be.”

Without moving from his spot, Harry reached to pick up the discarded suit jacket. He raised the article behind Eggsy and lifted an eyebrow, silently petitioning him to move his arms. The thought of Harry dressing him - of Harry doing anything more than friendly - was enough to send a rush through him and did as he was asked. Smoothing the soft fabric around his shoulders, Harry smiled at him again, wider this time, though no less hungry than he had been before, and Eggsy could feel something hot coiling in his stomach.

“I didn’t think I was all that great, really.” He hadn’t done any more than had been asked of him, when all was said and done, and it would most likely be a day in the life for someone who was recruited into an organization and tested by being nearly drowned, strapped to train tracks, and asked to shoot their dog. Harry’s eyebrow had turned from questioning to openly incredulous.

“That’s positively ludicrous. You were more than twice the agent as any I’ve seen pass through the door.” One of the hands that had been smoothing out the fabric on his shoulders ghosted down his back to settle lightly on his hip, and Eggsy wouldn’t even have known it had happened had he not tracked the motion with his own eyes. “And, if I do say so, wear a suit better than all of them.”

“Really?” Eggsy turned slightly in the man’s grasp so that he could look at his face and not just a reflection, and he nodded.

“I’ve seen many a man wear a bespoke suit in my lifetime, my dear, and not one wears it like a second skin as you do.” He sighed as though plagued by a long-term injustice. “Though, I suppose that says more about the men we employ than it should.” Eggsy barked out a laugh.

“Oh yeah, good ol’ Chester was the epitome of a gentleman.” Harry smiled again, a bright one, and as of that moment it became Eggsy’s mission to wring as many of those smiles out of the man before him as possible.

“I can’t believe you poisoned him and then stabbed him in the neck with a pen.” Harry’s voice was no more than a whisper, and suddenly Eggsy was blindsided by the situation he had landed in; the heated looks, joking around, and now Harry’s large palm on his hip felt scorching, added to the knowledge that in order for the man to have known how exactly Eggsy had removed the chip, how exactly he had killed him, he would have had to have watched the recordings. Aside from telling Merlin that the king was dead and that Eggsy found the scar and chip, he doubted even the tech wizard knew the full extent of what happened that night.

“You -”

“Yes, Eggsy, I know.”

The words “I’d rather be with Harry, thanks,” rang thickly between them, as heavy and sharp as an axe waiting to fall. Eggsy bit down on his bottom lip to avoid gaping like a fish and turned his head, trying to find the words that could make this not sound as dreadfully romantic as it must have been in the video recording. Both men seemed to be at a loss for what to say next, but moved to speak at the same time nonetheless. Unfortunately - or rather very fortunately, if you happened to be two of the most thick-skulled, stubborn people on the planet - they caught each other full on the mouth as they did so, staying frozen in shock for the span of several heartbeats. Pulling away slightly, the two men blinked owlishly at each other for a moment, processing the turn of events.

“I -”

“Um -” Eggsy buried his face into Harry’s shoulder, as though hiding would erase the moment entirely. “Sorry, I - that was - I should have -”

“Can I kiss you again?” Harry said quietly, barely audible, clearly still in awe that this was happening to him at all. Lifting his face from the man’s jacket, Eggsy narrowed his eyes and studied him for a moment, then grabbed his tie and pulled his head down roughly to give him a proper kiss. The hand on his hip became a vice and he was sure there would be suspiciously finger-shaped bruising there, the other hand gravitated into his hair and tilted his head roughly, pulling on the strands and dancing the line between pleasure and pain. He looped an arm around Harry’s shoulders and involuntarily canted his hips as Harry plundered his mouth before moving to nip at the sensitive skin by his ear, and he nearly drew blood biting into his cheek to keep from moaning loudly. Harry slipped a hand into the back pocket of his trousers, possessive and claiming, all while resting his forehead against Eggsy’s and gently untangling the mess he had made of his hair, both panting far heavier than they should for men who were in prime physical condition and used to exertion. “Would it be agreeable to finish this later? After dinner, perhaps? I came across a recipe for slow-roasted honeyed-ham that I think you might like.” Eggsy grinned and kissed him soft and quick, because that was a thing he could do.

“Yeah, sure. We’ve both got mountains of paperwork to do at the office, so if neither of us come out and call surrender I’ll meet you at the tube station at half five, sound good?” Harry nodded, and Eggsy slapped a hand on his arse before wiggling out of the man’s grasp. “Now go, if we’re in here too much longer they might send some poor trainee in here to check and see where we’ve scampered off to.”

Closing the door softly behind him, Eggsy surveyed his reflection in the mirror, trying to get a handle on the giddy grin that kept threatening to take over his face. His hair was a complete mess and there was enough styling gel in it that no amount of finger combing was going to make it any better. Smoothing a hand over it anyway, Eggsy winked at his reflection before spinning on his heel and leaving the fitting room himself.

Now, people who frequent Saville Row tailor shops are notorious for being nosy, spies or not. The scandalized look he received (and responded to with a wink and a smirk) from a middle aged woman waiting to be helped had clearly seen Harry leave the same room he had just come out of looking thoroughly debauched was probably going to be the highlight of his politely recountable day. If he taught her a subtle lesson about the importance of not staring by making a point of fixing Harry’s tie - so askew he could see it from across the shop floor - and slipping a hand into his back pocket while whispering a feather-light kiss into his neck before turning his attention to Dagonet and the tablet of suit styles he had brought out, well, then that was his business.

Drafting room 5, Utopia Planetia Yards, Mars, while the Enterprise D was under construction. (Star Trek: The Next Generation “Booby Trap” s3e06)

The background here looks like the Enterprise was not constructed in the “dry dock” scaffolding-like structures like we’ve seen a lot elsewhere, but inside a much larger structure, similar perhaps to Spacedock.  I sure would love to see more inside this facility.