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percy weasley and oliver wood were in the same year and house at hogwarts, i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise this but

  • oh god they would be so annoying to live with
  • both total perfectionists but about different things
  • percy getting annoyed at oliver for revising his quidditch strategy when they had a test tomorrow
  • percy acting smug because he’s head boy, oliver firmly believing that being quidditch captain is much more important
  • oliver happily aiding the twins in their pranks to get his own back at percy for not appreciating how important it is that he wins the cup
  • their dorm mates getting totally fed up of the two of them stressing tirelessly
  • ‘oh my god we have an exam in three weeks i need to revise’ ‘oh my god i have a quidditch match soon and the team is not practicing hard enough’ 

honestly, im surprised that none of the other gryffindor boys smothered them in their sleep

Alluring Tune | (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: Fluff, a lot of smut
Warnings: Mature content
Word Count: 4.4K

His voice was almost a whisper, warm breath hitting the shell of your ear. And the heat coupled with the slow, savory movements of his fingers overtop the thin fabric had an almost numbing effect, your mind drawing a blank as you enter an intoxicating haze.

“I thought there was no punishment?” you manage to say, swallowing back the moans that threatened to escape.
“This is a demonstration baby, not a punishment.”

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What You Deserve

Originally posted by trevanterhodes

Imagine: You and bucky develop a close relationship when you join the team, but it’s put to the test when he accidentally hurts you

warnings: smut, choking (tragically not the sexual kind), angsty if thats a warning? 

a/n: buckle up y’all this is a long one, like 5.3k words long (yikes i know i got really carried away okay) I’m really sorry if it gets typo-y at the end, i’ve been working on this all day and my head hurts and i want to get it out for you guys so i didn’t proof read please for give me. Enjoy!


When you joined the Avengers, you didn’t expect to fall in love. Save the world? Sure. But falling in love was most definitely not on you radar, at least not until you met a certain boy with a mess of brown hair and striking blue eyes.

Bucky was your first friend when you moved into the compound. You were more on the quiet side, very unlike your other team members, who were a rambunctious bunch. It’s what drew you and Bucky together, staying behind while everyone else went out to a club or party.

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anonymous asked:

How about some sin? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) How about Reaper, Hanzo, Genji, and Roadhog getting tired of being teased by their needy s/o decides to pin their s/o down and over-stimulate the crap out of them

oh man oH MAN it’s been so long since i’ve written dirty shit g o o d b y e

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bad habits (for a heartbreaker) (m) pt.1

Words: 18,139.
Genre: Smut, fluff + tattoo (kinda) soulmate au + messy love triangle.
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Yoongi x Reader. 
Summary: “The world suddenly feels as if it’s closing in on you, crashing and burning and dragging you along with it, because you can’t be in love and yet you obviously are - and the mere thought is absolutely, undeniably frightening.”
A/N: Inspired by this and this submission and the songs bad habits by the kooks and how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds.

part 1 |


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doodled it on knee socks (11/28) day and only remembered that it existed now lol

Battle of the Senses

Requested by Anonymous: Aelin has a nightmare about the coffin and Rowan comforts her 

Rowaelin - just a short fluffy drabble

Never had Aelin hated a sound more than iron sliding against iron. The grating noise and corresponding vibration had awoken her for the weeks she was kept captive in Wendlyn, when they would decide it was time to torture her again. Never had Aelin despised a smell more than that of iron rusting under the constant applicant of fresh blood. The tangy, gruesome scent making her want to plug her nose forever that she might never be subjected to it again.

Never had Aelin loathed a feeling more than one of blood stuck under her fingernails and matted in her hair. Constantly, she would be scrubbing her hands raw and double washing her hair just to make sure they were always clean. Never had Aelin abhorred something as much as the taste of dirt, blood, and sand as it coated her tongue and teeth when she was denied water before being shoved back into that infernal coffin. But nothing did Aelin Galathynius detest more than darkness.

Each of these things, however, overwhelmed her senses at night, when she would curl up in bed, months after being rescued from Wendlyn. She tried very hard not to make Rowan aware of this fact, but sometimes, it got to be too much.

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//joshua + nightlife moodboard

//You throw your head back, letting your body move with the music. The speakers are obviously low quality, and the bass is turned up so much that your ribcage is vibrating with every beat. It’s exhilarating. You don’t know how long you’ve been dancing; maybe an hour, maybe four; it doesn’t matter. What matters is the music, moving along with your hips, and the gaze of the cat eyed boy sitting at the bar. He’s been staring at you for a while now, and you can feel the burn of his attention in the pit of your stomach. Your eyes meet, and he’s suddenly up and coming towards you. As soon as he reaches you, he leans into your ear and whispers “Do you want to get out of here?” You simply nod your head and let him take you away. Instead of bringing you to his car, or a shabby motel nearby, like you thought he would, the boy - Joshua - takes you on a stroll in the city. Your ears are still resonating from the club’s loud music, and your vision is blurry from the alcohol you’ve consumed. You pass dark alleys and shops with bright facades and everything seems to highlight Joshua and his feline gaze. You end up at the highest point of the city, very far away from where you started. You stare out at the city, bright and beautiful under the dark sky. You can barely see the stars, but the lights from the buildings are almost as beautiful as them. You look at Joshua, and he looks at you, and you realize that the night is even louder than any dingy and cramped club.

//request: - hi- could i request a night life/night busking aesthetic for joshua pls? tysm – Jisauce anon /)///(\

//admin cora//

No Way Around

A Malec oneshot ~ 3.8k words

Also available on Ao3. 

Summary: Magnus and Alec are assigned to kill a demon terrorizing a mundane neighborhood, but once they split up, Alec is faced with a difficult decision. Both have dire consequences, so what is Alec willing to give up?

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The Concubine - Kihyun (M)

A/N: this is weird, I made it Joseon au— probably bc I was watching Hwarang [which is Silla anyway…] anywho, I just felt a nice au would switch things up^^
I think it’s the first time I’ve made it centered around the ‘2nd round’


Word Count: 315

You stared at the wall, listening as your breathing slowed, your flushed cheek pressed to the silken sheets.
Ragged breaths echoed through the dim room.
A cold draft wafted through the room, making you tense. Kihyun’s warm hand grazed your sensitive skin, an involuntary gasp leaving you.

“I’ve always liked you the most.”

His warm lips pressed to your shoulder, branding your delicate skin.
He drew back, gazing at your lithe form beneath him. Roughly, he seized your hips, pulling them from the silk sheets. His erect length prodded at your entrance once again.

“Your highness!”

You looked to the door across the room, able to make out the dim figure of a man behind the thin paper screens groveling.

“Not now-” Kihyun bellowed, his hold constricting.

The man scurried to his feet before bowing profusely behind the doors. The flames beyond the doorway flickered, the night air quelling their fierce brilliance ominously.
He sheathed his member within you. A choked cry left you as your core adjusted to his throbbing length once again.

“Always so tight,” he mused quietly, “no matter how many times I use you.”

You gasped loudly as his hand wove into your hair, yanking harshly. Your back bowed as your let out a low groan, your arms trembling as they struggled to support you.
Satisfied, he released your tangled hair, drawing back slowly, watching as his length unsheathed itself.
Your hollow walls contracted, a shaky breath leaving you as he slowly entered once again.
He grunted, his hips stuttering, his throbbing member satisfying into your quivering core. His white seed seeped from your spent core with each lewd thrust.
You gripped the silk beneath you, a wanton moan escaping your plump lips.
His hips stilled, his warm chest meeting the feverish skin of your back and shoulders.

“If I could make you my queen I would,” he murmured, drawing back.

anonymous asked:

kara grinding on the reader at a club which leads to them having sex in the bathroom

You two decided to go out tonight after a long day at Catco. Featuring the regular chaos between Kara getting papers to Snapper and you filling her old position as Cat’s assistant, things were never slow at work for either of you. It had been an especially stressful day for Kara since the intern/alien she brought in (Mike? Mon-el?) keeps trying to flirt with her while she’s working. She kept glancing over to you through the windows of Cat’s office, her eyes pleading for you to get Ms. Grant or someone to stop him and get him back to work.

Someone eventually did drag the boy away from your girlfriend, much to your relief she was able to then turn in her piece on Cadmus. Snapper was impressed, impressed enough to send her home early. You stayed behind to help Cat with some things but she too eventually let you leave early like Kara had.

By the time the sun had gone down on National City, you’d made it home to your and Kara’s apartment. You were surprised to call out for her to get no response. The window was open and the breeze was creating a draft in the room. Kara had left it open in case any Supergirl duties had come up during your time in, but since she messaged you saying she wanted to go out clubbing there was no need to keep it open like that.

Since she had time before you came home you assumed Kara had something planned for you two when she messaged you on your way home. Checking your phone again you see she’s messaged you a selfie of her at the bar you frequent, along with the text of  ‘Wear something sexy.’

That certainly set the mood for the night. You didn’t really have anything sexy in your closet, Kara made note of that the last time you both went out together. You really needed her to pick something out for you one of these days. You settled for dress pants and a tie, knowing when she kisses you she likes to grab you by it.

When you get there you can hear the bass from outside the building. You wait for your turn to be ID’ed in, thanking the bouncer when you enter. Your mission was to find Kara and maybe get a drink or two before doing that. You made your way through the crowd to the bar, not finding your girlfriend on the way there. You shrug and order drinks for both of you, pulling out your phone to see if she’s messaged you since you left the apartment.

There isn’t anything present on your screen but there is on your neck, you spin around to catch Kara jumping back in surprise. Relief that you found her washes over you, and a bit of something else as you glance her over. She’s never worn anything like this before, not out in public or at CatCo. Except maybe she did. You think back to the day she was under the influence of the Red Kryptonite and her outfit choices then. The one she wore to CatCo that day was the same exact one she was wearing right now, and you’re pretty sure you know why. It’s easy to get out of for one, and secondly Kara knows it makes your knees weak and lets her have her way with you.

You gulp audibly as you throw money on the counter for the drinks you never touched, Kara’s pulling you through the crowd of people to the middle of the dance floor. She yanks you into her chest. You chuckle as your face lands in her breast area. She shivers due to the hot air of your laughter reaching her exposed skin. Goosebumps pop up all over both of you, probably from different things but the reason was the same; You were both incredibly turned on at the moment and you had a whole night to tease each other about it.

Even with the little lighting the club has, you can see Kara’s eyes are dilated way past their normal range. The blue of her irises are almost completely surrounded by the darkness of her pupils. If it wasn’t obvious before that she wanted you, this was a clear enough indicator. You kiss her with fervor, hands on both sides of her face,. You don’t wait to see if it’s alright to french her, you know by the way her kisses are open mouthed that she wants exactly that. You grin and slip your tongue into Kara’s mouth, she throws her head back, her hips rocking against you as they move with the beat of the music. She’s panting into your kisses, she’s getting antsy or tired and since you don’t know which you break away for a moment.

“I don’t - you shouldn’t have stopped,” she says, her chest is heaving and her hair isn’t in the bun you first saw it in. She must’ve taken it out while she was grinding with you. You smirk and pull her against you again, she gets the hint and starts moving her hips once more. You can’t take much longer, especially when she’s moving with a leg between yours and marking your neck with hickeys.

“Kara,” you try to get her to stop even though you don’t want her to, but it’s too much for the middle of the dance floor, “Kara, baby,” She detaches herself from your neck, you can see the color in her cheeks, it’d be cute any other time if you didn’t want to rip her shirt off right now.

“Hey,” you say nuzzling into her neck.

“Hey,” she purrs in response to the kisses you’re leaving there.

“Wanna go somewhere, more private?” you ask in between nips. She nods frantically, already having an idea apparently of where to lead you both. You’d always thought it was weird that this club in particular had its bathrooms upstairs. You don’t put much thought into it though because suddenly you’re being pushed into one by your girlfriend, Your incredibly sexy, turned on, super human girlfriend.

You’re about to tell her she can take the reigns when she whimpers as you wrap your hands around her waist. You arch an eyebrow in confusion until you guides your hand underneath her skirt, underneath her now soaking underwear, to where she’s been wanting you most. You groan as your hand meets her wetness, you pick some up with your fingertips, letting it drip over her clit. Kara awkwardly juts your hips into your hand, you decide not to rip off her skirt but ask her to step out of it. She quickly does so, throwing it to the tile of the bathroom floor and whining into your ear how much she needs you inside her.

“Please, Y/N, I’m so wet for you, don’t you see?” she asks, nearly losing her footing when you nod and tell her how good she’s being, how patient. She’s wet enough for two fingers so you give her just that. You let her walls clench as they take you in, you marvel at her body trying to guide them deeper inside. Kara’s a wobbly mess against the wall, she was nothing to grip onto except your tie and your waist. You’re hoping she guides her other hand to your waist, it’s becoming harder to get air in with the grip she has on your tie. You wheeze and stop your movements, knowing that will get her attention quicker than you asking her to let go of your tie.

She whines at the lack of movement and lessens her grip. You sink to your knees as to not give her the opportunity to grab onto it again, and because you really really want to eat her out right now. Kara mewls at the visual of you in front of her. You lick at the wetness running down her thighs, teasing her produces more and more arousal. Her scent surrounds you, you too get tired of your own teasing and put your mouth on her center.

You know she isn’t going to last long with the sounds she’s making above you and the way her thighs have you locked between her legs. You rub her clit with your nose as you lap up her juices, knowing she’s going to make even more when she cums. She’s either going to break the railing she’s holding onto, which is weird because when you stumbled in here you didn’t notice she had chosen the handicapped stall, or she’s going to cum. You hope it’s one and not the other because having to explain to the bar staff of how Kara managed to rip out a handicap railing would be a mighty tale to tell.

“Y/N,” Kara whines as you quicken your pace, alternating between sucking on her clit and curling your tongue inside her. You make a half thought out choice in trying to add in a finger along with your mouth. Suddenly Kara’s thighs are shaking, locking your head in place. You know she wants you to talk her through her orgasm, she cums even harder when you coax her down from her highs.

“That’s it Kara, cum for me, be a good girl.”

Kara’s whining and writhing above you, she’s biting her lip and if she wasn’t Kryptonian there’d definetly be bite marks on her lower one. It’s one last flick of your tongue over her throbbing clit to send her over the edge. She’s cumming, and hard. It’s on your face and down her thighs, you hear it dripping steadily onto the floor below. 

When Kara comes to and realizes the mess she’s made she’s highly embarrassed, She insists you exit the stall to go get paper towels as she fumbles with the toilet paper stand. You nod, licking around your mouth before you exit. You’re not expecting there to be people, elderly people at that, outside the stall when you exit. You jump back in surprise, starting to mumble random things to try and cover up for you and Kara’s activities. They glare at the both of you when you manage to finally get enough courage to leave the stall. You didn’t want them reporting you  anyways.

“Why were there even old ladies there?!” Kara exclaims when you both reach the apartment.

“Dunno, I don’t think National City has many stripper poles in their retirement homes. We should ask Cat-”


Cocky (Jungkook College AU)

Originally posted by jengkook

Jungkook x Reader AU (Gender Neutral)

a/n: wow it’s been a long time. I’M SO SORRY OMFG IT’S BEEN SO LONG HOLY FUCKC. BUT I’M BACK !!!!! also, I’m really not sure whether to continue this or not, to make it a 2/3 part piece but I’m really not sure. Let me know !

type: university/college au, fluff (??), mild angst, romance-ish

word count: 1.7k

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Masterlist

The last thing you wanted to do today was to be told that your project deadline was being moved. Moved so that it had to be handed in a week earlier than what your whole class had been told before. Shit, you thought, I really need to focus.

You’d not woken up in the best mood, one of your flatmates had decided to bring around his entire sports team last night, and they’d been extremely noisy and loud until probably around 4am, meaning that you got hardly any sleep and that you woke up late, forcing you to skip breakfast and rush to your morning lecture. Just making it in time, you somehow powered through it, grabbing a coffee on the way to your favourite section of the day. The project and drafting room was the other side of the university campus, unfortunately for you, but the coffee kept a spring in your step and you arrived just in time, taking a seat at the side of the room by the door, on a small table away from the bigger round ones, where people all worked on their projects together. 

With being in an art and design course, you didn’t really have to focus too much in the lectures as they weren’t as beneficial and important as the project and workshop things that you had to focus on, so this was your favourite part of the day, and you and your teacher/tutor got on really well. 

The only downside, though, was the cocky bastard that always came in late. There was always only one seat left - next to you. 

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