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SWTOR Fan Art Appreciation

SWTOR Fan Art Appreciation was created to promote the artists of the Star Wars - The Old Republic fandom on Tumblr. A lot of love, passion, time and effort goes into creating fan art–all of which deserves recognition. Let’s celebrate the abundant creativity and talent displayed by the artists in the SWTOR fandom!

I made an appreciation blog for collecting and sharing fan art from the SWTOR fandom on tumblr! But I’ll need your help to spread the word. Please follow and share this blog if you’re interested and wish to support the lovely and talented artists in the SWTOR community.  The About page has some more detailed information about the blog, but feel free to message me (or the swtorfanart blog) if you have any further questions.  Thank you!

I emailed the draft artwork for an A5 flyer a client had requested. A little while later I received a scanned attachment of the piece on which the client had hand written their recommended changes. On the scan, the A5 design was centred in the middle of an A4 sheet. In the margins the client had created in doing this, he’d written “Too much white space – REMOVE!” 

Draft artwork for the Bright Eyes vinyl box set cover, along with the source photos. This is St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, about 8 blocks east of Saddle Creek road. There’s no exact reason I picked this for the box artwork. The line from “Waste of Paint” (from Lifted), “I park my car down at the cathedral, where floodlights point up at the steeples” was on my mind, I guess. The building is beautiful, and all lit up at night. Passing it so many times, this is the church I’ve always pictured in my mind when I hear that part of the song. Never went here, other than for a wedding and a funeral…

All the box set artwork was done without photoshop because I wasn’t good with it at the time. Zipatone rub-off lettering, chart tape, ink and paint on vellum and paper. The foggy effect on some elements was from being behind layers of vellum when photographed.


RivaMika Week: Day 7 - Vegetal
Continuation from: The Walmart Guy and Flowers and Allergies

Walmart guy takes Mikasa out to eat at a subway on his day off–and she can barely recognize him. (lol)

Read right to left, like comics. Lots of tiny scribbles. I hope it’s legible. I was going to make another page but I changed my mind. I might draw more things of this au but first I have to finish this other thing I’m working on