drafting artworks

updated commission sheet as of 17/7/17

additional rules:

  • all prices listed are for one character only, with $5 per extra character
  • backgrounds will be charged extra depending on the complexity of the request
  • i highly recommend for you to provide visual references for characters i’m not familiar with, as well as reference images for the pose you have in mind.
  • all transactions will be done via Paypal. you will only need to pay after i have accepted your request and shown you a rough draft of the artwork.
  • i reserve the right to decline a request without disclosing my reasons why.
  • i can be contacted here via tumblr PM or at my email coleslawunagi@gmail.com

When the doctor is here, D̮̼̊E͔̗̣ͩ̂͗A̟͎̥̮̙̝͍̖̓̎̔̉T̗͔̻̯͔͙̊ͬͯͨͩH̱̝̘̩̘͎̍ͨ͑ͯ͋ ͙̬̻̖͕̲̰͇ͫ̽̇̅İ̼͎̱̬͚͈͎̍ͯ͊̃̓S̬͍͈̗͔̞̪̦ͯ͆ͣ͂́ͨ̌ ̱̝͖͌͊̋͋̏́N̳̣͍̙̩͉̈́̓̍̉ͫ̓Ȇ̥͉̂ͮ̈̈̉̏A͖̱̤ͤ̇͛͗R̯̭̖̦͓̟̫͙̯͐̆ͯ̎ͤͩͧ

Ever since I watched Sean play epidemic and the anti appearance happened, I had an inkling somethin was going on. Then when he talked about diseases and medicine my mind drifted to Dr Schneeplestein.

I’ve had this artwork drafted for ages but never really started it until recently.



This is the USS Horrible Unending Nightmare, colloquially known as the Wolf 359 Big Bang! I apologize for how long it’s taken me to get this set up, so let’s get down to business


The link is HERE, and if you responded to the interest poll from a week ago, you’ll find it’s pretty much the same deal. Please include your tumblr username so I can confirm with you that you’re all signed up, what sort of writing you’ll be doing (and I’ll get to that in a second), and what characters/ships you’ll be writing. When it comes time for artists to sign up (a couple weeks from now) it’ll be very, very helpful for them to pick their writer. 

In response to the poll and because I’ve heard this was the standard at another fandom writing event, I am putting a minimum of 500 words. Additionally, because this is all going down in the span of two months, I’m capping it at 15k for the written versions. If you really, really, really, really need to go over 15k, please consider making it a podfic instead (see below).


The plan was for everything to be ready for me to post on June 12th, to coincide with the start of the new season, and as far as responses on the interest poll go, that seemed to be fine. If the need arises, the deadline will be moved, but here’s how it’s going to look now:

4/7/17 - 4/12/17: Writer sign-ups! Please fill out the poll and I will get back to you to confirm, and please start thinking about what you want to write!

4/26/17: Ideas are due! Writers, this means please send me (through message or inbox) a brief summary of what your fic is about (”Person X and Person Y are going to do Thing A in Place Z”). You can send me this any time between sign-ups and the deadline but they need to be in by the 26th because

4/27/17 - 5/3/17: Artist sign-ups! I’ll have a blind list of plot summaries for you to chose from, so please indicate your top three when you fill out the form! It’s first come, first served but I will try to match you to at least one of your picks!

5/11/17: Rough drafts are due from the writers! The artists need these so they can read through them, get a feel for the fic, and figure out what to draw! At this point writers and artists can be in contact and figure out what they want to do if they want, and if there are any major plot points that change between the rough draft and the final, please let me and your artist know!

6/11/17: Final drafts and artwork are due, posting will begin Monday, June 12th!


I don’t know! We’re figuring it out together!

No, I’m mostly kidding. In anticipation of questions, I’ve tried to answer as many as I can think of, and if you have any more, please send me a message!

What counts as writing? 

  • “Traditional” fanfiction (prose, poetry, etc)
  • Scripts
  • Podfics of your own fics!

Other such write-y things! We’re the fandom of a podcast and I’ve seen a lot of really cool script-style fics, and podfics seems to come with the territory. I am going to be a stickler for the writers to podfic their own works, because

What counts as art?

  • Digital/traditional artwork
  • Fanmixes
  • Videos
  • Edits!
  • Moodboards!
  • Podfics of other people’s fics!

Many things! Again, because we are the fandom of a podcast, there are a lot of options. The only thing I’m going to be a huge stickler about is you must have the author’s permission before you make a podfic of their work. If you submit something and you think I won’t contact the original author, you underestimate my wrath. It’s also, y’know, a common courtesy to check with people before you play with their things.

Zahra, how the flying fuck are we supposed to pull this off in two months?

I know! Two months is hellishly short, and this all came about from a chat on a Discord server about two weeks ago, so it’s really is a “took it and ran with it” sort of thing! However, hopefully here are a few things you can keep in mind that will hopefully make it easier. Do you have a fic that’s already in progress that you were planning on posting anyway? That could count! Now you’ll finish the fic and have cool fanart for it as well! The only caveat there is to be sure that that work hasn’t been posted anywhere else in its entirety (WIPs and snippets and whatever are totally fine). Want to collaborate with another artist or writer and put out a piece together? Have an eldritch god living in your laundry room who’ll do the writing for you, if only you’ll provide them with more pipe cleaners and fake flowers to make a mortal form with?

Also, in the event that there’s a heavy skew (more fanfic than fanart, or the reverse) I’ll be stepping in and other folk too if they want to to pinch-hit, mostly likely by podficcing their works or figuring out some more fics for the artists to work off of.

Finally, if for some reason you sign up and then realize you can’t do it anymore, please let me know! No judgement, shit happens, please just communicate so I can fill your slot. I’ll be checking in periodically and will announce those dates soon.


  • Min of 500 words, max of 15k
  • No theme! Write about whatever!
  • Please keep an eye on deadlines!
  • You must get permission before using someone’s work!
  • Have fun!
  • Don’t burn the house down!

I’ll answer more questions as they come up, and feel free to reach out on my personal @saekal

Fic Selection Update

Hi guys!

We spent the days since the deadline reading, re-reading, comparing, flailing and crying over the 465 pages you guys sent us - you are so creative, we have no words!! 

Well, the crying part was mostly because there are stories that literally brought us to tears but also because we most definitely have to make a selection.

*heavy hearted sigh*

We -are- approaching the final selection - almost there, we promise!! But we want to make sure that everything that’s in line for the book so far will definitely fit and that we don’t inform anyone prematurely.

That said, we have a weekend of juggling layout drafts, artwork and texts ahead of us and hopefully by Monday we can finally reveal who’s with us!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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