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(1/3)Lil Jason hc that one cold night before he was Robin, Jason was having a rough time trying to get warm and sleep what with bad memories of the last bitter winter he spent alone in Crime Alley (and also the manor is big and old and drafty),


Based on the message I sent to my bb Colette

Basically Levi giving Erwin a sort of handjob while in the middle of a meeting.

It’s the first fic I’ve made about SnK, and it’s also the first fic I’ve made the breaches past a T rating, so that’s something. Please be gentle

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Drafty confession: I always have a weak spot for drarry fics that have Harry kissing Draco's Sectum Sempra scars (I can't spell it lol) as an apology

*weeps for days*

I actually get upset if a fic doesn’t address this the first time they are together sexually, or the first time he sees Draco shirtless. 

I live for moments where they’re undressing and touching and Harry sees Draco’s sectumsempra scars (you spelled it right!) 

and Harry apologizes for them with tentative yet burning kisses, desperately trying to make up for it but knowing he never can, not really, and Draco tries to get him to stop or just gets really breathless and chokes out a whimpered “Harry-” 


send me your drarry confessions

Finally Found Pt 1

Dean x Reader

A/N: I started in a motel but they do get to the bunker… in part 2. Yeah there’s a second part. Also not a lot of Sam in the first part but we’ll see more of him in part 2.

Warning: None.

Summary: Dean takes care of you after him and Sam found you locked up and beaten.

The motel room smelled like men’s cologne and whisky which was surprisingly comforting to you. You’d been locked up for a little over a year but it felt like centuries and the only thing you smelled while confined to the four walls of your cell was sulfur and the metallic stench of your own blood.

Dean’s hand never left your waist as he led you into the drafty room and to the bed closest to the door. Sam wasn’t far behind, carrying an olive green duffle bag in one hand and a riffle in the other. As Dean sat you down on the bed and as the fresh wounds on your back brushed against the pillow you let out a whiny yelp and tears began to roll down your cheeks, washing away the dirt that stained your face.

“I’m sorry” you apologize when you see a flash of worry flush over Dean’s face “It’s my back” you turned around, pain rippling over your entire body as you attempted to pull your shirt up and expose your lashes and cuts to Dean. You were only able to lift it half way before the pain in your arms became too much and you fell forward on the bed, trying to balance yourself on your forearms.

His eyes grew wide and watery as he took in the deep cuts which were now covered in dried blood and the purple and black bruises that surround the raw lashes. He used his thumb and index finger to gently lift your shirt up more so that he could examine the rest of your wounds. You found your strength again and pushed yourself back up, your shirt slightly raised in the front when you turned around to face Dean once again, and his glance went straight to your mangled up torso, which was also covered in cuts, lashes and bruises.

“Why are you apologizing?” Dean asked as his eyes found yours.

The man, with the black eyes, who kept you locked up, would get mad at you when you screamed or cried and he would inflict more pain on you until you passed out. So it has become second nature to you to apologize for expressing your pain. You didn’t want to tell Dean and Sam or anyone what happened to you in that cell. You were too embarrassed and ashamed also you only remembered bits and pieces but what you do remember made your stomach feel uneasy and your blood boil with anger at the person who did this to you.

“I don’t know habit I guess.” You answered Dean as you broke eye contact and looked at the floor beneath your bare, dirt covered feet.

“Well you’re going to break that habit sweetheart.” Dean put his hand on your chin, lifting it up so that yours and his eyes met again “You’re safe now.” His thumb brushed over the cut on your bottom lip “Now let’s get you fixed up.” He removed his hand from your face and started digging through the duffle bag that was now next to him on the bed.

“Are you hungry Y/N” Sam asked, smiling down at you.

You looked up at him and nodded “Yeah I haven’t eaten in days” you paused “I think” you didn’t know how long it had actually been since you’ve eaten or slept. Where you were there was no windows and when the black eyed man would visit, he came in through a solid steel door. So you had no concept of night and Day and you lost track of time after a few weeks. Still it felt as if it had been days since you’ve had food or water.

“Bacon cheeseburger, extra onions right?” Sam pointed to Dean, who was still digging through the duffle bag looking for supplies to patch you up, he nodded his responds.

“And you Y/N?” Sam looked over to you and waited your response.

You hadn’t had anything other than bread and water in over a year, a burger sounded like heaven. Your mouth began to water at the thought of it. You realized you were just staring at Sam and haven’t given him and answer yet, caught in a daydream of food, water and sunlight.

“Burger sounds amazing, no onions though.” you closed your eyes when you finally answered Sam, still day dreaming about your next meal.

“Okay I’ll be back soon” And with that Sam was out the door and you could hear the loud engine of the impala as he started her up, the sound quickly fading as he drove down the road.

Dean was silent as he continued pulling out supplies from his bag. You marveled at the man in front of you and couldn’t help but wonder why he and his brother cared so much about you, a stranger, they could have just left you there or dropped you off at the hospital but they took you with them. Maybe they felt responsible or guilty. Maybe they need you, thinking you might know something that could be useful to them.

You didn’t, however, know anything. You could only remember so much, none of which would be useful to them. You couldn’t even remember what the man looked like, just his eyes so black and cold, like he was soulless. And the things you remember that happened to you down there wasn’t something you wanted to relive and you were silently praying to yourself that he doesn’t ask about it.

“You’re going to need to take a shower first.” Dean broke the silence and your train of thought “I don’t want these to get infected” he gestured to the wounds that coated your body and then pointed to the bathroom door “Bathroom’s right there.”

You looked over at the door and then back at Dean. You just sat there, not wanting to be left alone again. The bathroom had no window, the door would be closed. The idea of being in there, alone, made your chest hurt and your breathing heavier. Your glance fell to the floor again and you put your hand over your chest to try to calm yourself down, until suddenly you felt a hand over the one you had on your chest.

“Y/N you’re okay” Deans voice was comforting. It wasn’t like the man who spent months torturing you. Deans voice was soothing and gentle “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.” He gave you a smile hoping it would calm your nerves.

Your heart stopped pounding as hard and your breathing slowed down. Dean went to move his hand, which was still over the hand you had on your chest, when you placed your other hand over it “Not yet” you said looking back up at him. He understood and relaxed under your hand. You closed your eyes, committing Dean’s touch to memory. You reconnected your eyes with Deans and nodded your head, letting him know it was okay to let go now.

“Can I leave the door open?” you never broke eye contact with him when you asked, realizing that he might think your request was awkward you quickly try to explain yourself “I don’t think I can handle being alone and the door being-“ Dean cut you off “I get it Y/N” He place his hand on your shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze “I’ll be right here waiting for you. Call out if you need anything”

You made your way to the bathroom, peeling off your bloody dirt stained clothing. As you step into the shower you let the steamy hot water work its magic on your wounds, at first it burned but the burning soon turned into soothing and your muscles relaxed as you stood beneath the head of the shower and watched the dirt and blood funnel down the drain.

The only toiletries they had were for men so you had no choice but to clean yourself with the old spice body wash. Any smell was better than the smell of that place. As you lathered yourself up you realized that the body wash you grabbed was Deans. You knew because you had just spent an hour in the backseat of the car, in Dean’s arms, while Sam drove back to the motel. You breathed in the familiar scent and took comfort in knowing that you were safe.

You finished up your shower, washing your hair twice because after the first wash you still smelt a faint hint of sulfur and you wanted everything about that place gone from your body and your mind. You grabbed the towel from the towel rack on the wall and that’s when it dawned on you, you don’t have anything to wear. You turned around and found Dean in the same spot you left him, he was trying so hard not to stare at you.

“I don’t have anything to wear” you walked over to Dean, towel tightly around your small frame.

“I know that’s why I took out a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt you can wear that till we get you some new clothes.” He pointed at the neatly folded boxers and tee next to him on the bed.

You picked them up and wondered if you should just go back in the bathroom for a minute to change, that way you had some privacy. But that was the last thing you wanted was to be alone, behind a closed door the thought of be alone made you feel confined.

“Could you turn around please?” You twirled your finger.

Dean turned around now facing away from you but he could still see you in the mirror that was on the dresser in front of him. He watched as your towel fell from your broken and beat up body your back was to his back so all he could see was your bare back and rear end, both of which were mark and slashed. He heard you wince as you pulled the t-shirt over your head and hiss as you pulled the boxers up over your bottom.

“Okay you can turn around now” you yourself turned around to so that you and Dean were now both facing each other.

Your legs were just as beat up as the rest of your body. Dean couldn’t help himself and he instinctively walks fast toward your fragile, broken body and takes you in his arms. Hugging you tight enough to show he cares but gentle enough so he doesn’t hurt you. You finally broke down and started crying into Dean’s chest and he just held you.

You finally had time, in the shower, to process what had happened and you thought you could handle it, emotionally, on your own. But as soon as Dean’s arms wrapped around you and pulled you into his warm embrace, you let go. You gave into your emotions and lost it. Sobbing and repeating “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” over and over again as Dean pet your wet hair and reminded you “You have nothing to be sorry about Y/N” He held you for a few more minutes until you stopped sobbing and the tension in your body disappeared.

“I need to stitch all these cuts up, it’s going to hurt like a bitch but I have to. I’m sorry” Dean apologized.

You forced a smile and repeated Deans own words “You have nothing to apologize for Dean.” you sat down on the bed and turned around so he could tend to the wounds on your back first. He was gentle as he cleaned them with alcohol, stitched them up and then badged them.

Sam had gotten back to the motel room over an hour ago and tried to distract you from the pain with the food you’d been day dreaming about since Sam left. 2 hours later, a full stomach and a hundred or so stiches and you were all fixed up and fast asleep.

“Well head back to the bunker in the morning Sammy” Dean told Sam as he positioned himself next to you on the bed, so he could be there in case you woke up frightened or in pain.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea Dean?” Sam asked in a hush tone trying not to wake you. Not that you could be woken at this point, it’s been the most peaceful sleep you’ve had in over a year.

“It’s the safest place in the world for her right now.” Dean answered “We know this is demons and we can’t just leave her waiting to be taken again.” Dean ran his fingers through your air dried hair, looking down at your face taking in how content you looked in that moment.

“We saved her Dean our job is done.” Sam was right. Their job is to save people not take them in and take care of them “What is it about this girl that’s got you doing the whole ‘over protective boyfriend’ act?” Dean could help but agree with Sam. He was treating you differently than most other people he’s saved but he didn’t know why, not yet anyways.

“Shut up” Dean responded defensively “The demon who did this might come looking for her to finish what they started” Dean continued to run his fingers through your hair being careful not to wake you “Our job is to save people and she’s not safe yet. So she’s coming back to the bunker.”

Sam gave his older brother a sympathetic look and shrugged his shoulders, realizing he wasn’t going to win this argument. Dean celebrated his victory silently while watching over you, his own eyes becoming heavy and falling closed.

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Shadow: *the gengar being invisible snuck up behind the Gem & gave her a chill* ((if it gets chilly, might be my ghost pokemon))

why was it so cold? 

Peridot looked around for the source. “could be the systems acting up, or it’s just drafty…..or…someone else is doing it.” she shivers from the dramatic change in temperature.


1st Writing Task: AU no. 1: Live Up to the Moon's Brightness

<p>author: aph-vella

rating: k+

Ludwig walked down the drafty halls of the Montpelier Local Art Museum. It was getting darker and darker outside, signifying the near end of Ludwig’s shift as century guard. He was quite relived for the days end. As amazing as he thought all the art was, it did start to get redundant after days and days of roaming the halls. He wasn’t even sure what the point of having a century guard at such a small museum was. He doubted that anyone would want to steal any of the paintings or statues, no matter how expensive they were. It was a job, though, and it payed well. That was enough to keep Ludwig going.

Ludwig was so lost in his thoughts that he had barely noticed a light on seeping out from one of the rooms. Strange…the museum had closed an hour ago due to early closings on Saturdays. Did someone actually break in? He never would have thought. He cautiously walked up to the room as quiet as he could, which was pretty silent for a guy his size. He put his back against the wall and turned his head to peek into the lit up room. At first he couldn’t see anyone, but when he looked further into the rather large room, he saw a man in the corner. He must have been painting or something, for he leaned close to an easle, swishing his hand back and forth with speed only the most confident artists could withstand with any amount of skill. Surprised, Ludwig decided to enter and approach the man. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn’t realize Ludwig come up behind him.

“Um…hello,” Ludwig started, after a moment of awkward lurking. The painting man gave a startled jump as he stopped to look behind him.

“Ah, you scared me for a second there! I thought you were some kind of museum monster, thank goodness! But hello there!” The man smiled brightly as he looked upon Ludwig, despite not knowing him one bit. That baffled him. Ludwig knew nobody who smiled at him just for the sake of it besides his brother, let alone anyone who had just met him. His brother Gilbert had told him that he carried a sort of angry glint in his eyes. Nobody smiled at him unless they knew him…which not many people did due to his shyness and social inability. Ludwig shook his head, bringing himself out of his daze.

“Hello…um, I am a century guard here. The museum has been closed since an hour ago.”

The man looked slightly surprised as he looked out the window to see that the sun had set. “Oh…” He said, a little dismayed. “I was not aware. I am sorry!”

“No need to apologize,” Ludwig responded. He started to recognize the man as another worker at the museum. Perhaps a receptionist? A tour guide? Oh god, he was smiling at him again. Ludwig found it hard breath for some weird reason.

“Oh, good! I hate to be a bother. So what it your name, Mr. Century Guard?”

“L-Ludwig Beilschmidt…”

“Nice to meet you Ludwig! I am Feliciano. Feliciano Vargas.”

“Nice to meet you, Feliciano…” Ludwig found himself looking around the room, partly to avoid Feliciano’s gaze, and partly to distract himself from feeling too awkward. He found himself looking at the picture that Feliciano had painted. It turned out that he must be a skilled artist with much confidence. The picture was highly detailed, very realistic. It was a painting of a village, old looking and covered with over growth. Feliciano had managed to capture such a place, all the while giving it a certain beauty that Ludwig doubted would be there in actuality. Feliciano followed Ludwig’s gazed and smiled softly.

“Do you like it? It’s a little town that I made up myself. Though it would be wonderful if it really existed, would it not?”

Ludwig took a moment to speak, still marveling at the work. “Yes…you’re quite the artist.” Feliciano laughed at the compliment, and Ludwig’s heart began to beat hard in his chest. What was happening?

“I was working on it ever since I finished my shift as tour guide. I must have lost track of time, huh? Good thing you found me! I could have stayed here all night!”

“Yeah…” Ludwig wished to say more, but he couldn’t bring himself to. Luckily, it seemed Feliciano liked to talk.

“I should really get going. Sorry to have bothered you! How long is your shift anyway? Do you have to work all night?”

Ludwig tried his hardest to form his words together, and luckily, he didn’t sound like a complete idiot. “No, I am actually just done…I can see you out of the building and to your car if you would like…”

Feliciano’s smile grew wider, if that were actually possible. “Yes! That would be wonderful! This place is quite scary at night, and I don’t usually stay until dark if I can help it! You can protect me!”

Ludwig felt the corners of his mouth twitch ever so slightly. Feliciano was so kind, so cheerful and happy. Also, very amusing. “Yes, and keep you away from those museum monsters that you mentioned earlier.”

“Let’s go then Ludwig! Let me clean my brushes first, though. I will just be a moment!” Feliciano turned away with his paint brushes and swished them around in a jar of water. He used his fingers to work out any access paint that hadn’t been cleansed, and sure enough, he was done in just a few minuets. Ludwig watched him, still a little stiff in the limbs. He watched as Feliciano jumped happily past him with his paints and paint brushes. “Come on then!” Feliciano ushered. Ludwig followed after the man to the door, turning off the light before going into the hallway. Feliciano slowed down a bit to allow Ludwig to walk beside him. Once again, Ludwig found it hard to breath as his heart beat fast in his chest. What was it about Feliciano that got him so riled up? He had only just met him. He was just a man…a man who was kind and who smiled and who seemed to draw out only the pleasant things about Ludwig.

Feliciano hummed a little tune all throughout the museum, all the way until the two exited the building. “Ohh! Ludwig, look! The moon is orange tonight!” He pointed up into the sky and Ludwig looked. The moon, sure enough, was abnormally large, abnormally orange as well. Ludwig suspected it was smoke from the nearby factories. Feliciano seemed as if he suspected it to be another reason.

“My grandfather says that the moon is a reflection of all the good that we do in a day. The bigger and brighter it is, the better we did in the day!”

Ludwig almost laughed at the insane notion. “But what if someone had murdered today? They would still be gazing at the same moon.”

“Yeah…” Feliciano’s smile faded a little.

Ludwig felt frantic, not wanting to rain on his good mood. He added on, “however, the moon can symbolize all the good that we hoped to accomplish in the previous day. Perhaps the good we were capable of doing?” He was happy to see that Feliciano smiled just a bit more, and was kind of perplexed on why that made him happy. He wasn’t used to talking so much to anyone, not even his brother. Something about Feliciano just beckoned him to speak, and he was surprised that most of the anxiety about it had faded away.

“I am glad I stayed over time, Ludwig. I’m glad I got to meet you!”

Ludwig felt his heart skip a beat in his chest. “I am glad too.” How could he not have talked to him before? What he was missing out on was far more wonderful that he suspected. Maybe that was him ignoring the moons brightness. How could he not see?

Feliciano smiled one last time and walked to his car, a little yellow Volkswagen Bug. He waved one last time for the night, saying his last thank you. Ludwig waved back, feeling as if he were under water.

“I will see you at work Monday?”

“Of coarse! Who else will keep me away from museum monsters?”

And with that, Ludwig felt as if he had earned the moons brightness. He had met Feliciano. And that had done all the good he had ever hoped to do.

The End.

To all the new freshman!

To all of the college freshman moving in to their dorms in the coming weeks, may I offer some advice?
When your mom wants to take a bunch of awkward pictures: Let her.
When your dad wants to introduce himself to everyone on your floor: Let him.
When your mom wants to move your bed “away from the drafty window” and your desk “closer to the lights”: Let her make your dad do so.

As big of a milestone as moving out is for you, it is a longer-worked-for milestone for your parents. Your going to college is a new chapter for all of you; don’t ask them rush through it.

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Our home is going to be big enough to get Evie a…

Sometimes we are forced into situations that are so much better for us than our current situation. I know that it hasn’t been easy for you guys but I’m so glad it all worked out for the better in the end.

I really can’t believe it’s worked out so well! I mean, it’s going to be tough because the rent is significantly higher but it’ll be worth it. Eric used to take care of the bills because that’s just how it was when I moved into his apartment but he’s not very good with money so I’m going to take over. I’m really good at staying on a budget so we’ll figure it out. They put all new windows in and it seems really well insulated so hopefully the gas bill will be lower there too. Here, it’s tiny but the windows are old and drafty and the temperature fluctuates wildly with the weather outside. If it’s hot out it’s unbearable in here and the winters are freezing. Having baseboard heaters didn’t help either. Evie might not get as much for Christmas or for her birthday but we’ll have a home big enough to have her birthday parties in, so it’ll cost less in that way. And it’ll be easier to do fun things with her there! We’ll have room to play outside (we don’t have a backyard here and the front yard is sad and tiny), there’s a creek to explore, and it’s a dead end with a ton of kids on it. I think it’ll be really good for her, which is the most important thing. 

And we won’t be literally bumping into each other when we walk through the house like we are now. Like seriously, when we’re getting ready to go out, I bump into Eric and Evie so much and it drives me crazy. 

Thank you so much for being there. You (and the other great people that I follow/follow me) have kept me from freaking out and I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am. How grateful we are. Just reading about you and hearing about the awesome things going on reminded me that things would get better eventually. Sometimes the end is just a new beginning I guess.

Why I Stand With PP (1)

If you’re not up on current events in women’s health today, you should read up on the latest attack campaign launched by the antiabortion group, Center for Medical Progress, which attempts to discredit and vilify Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been providing health care and support for women for nearly 100 years.

This is a view a man will never be able to experience first hand. Sitting anxiously in the exam room; waiting for the nurse, under a flimsy paper sheet, in a drafty, scratchy robe; waiting to explain any uncomfortable feminine issue; to then be uncovered, prodded, poked and inspected, feet in the stirrups, legs spread wide, under the heat of lamp with a stranger’s face and latex fingers in your crotch. It’s an experience that a woman endures yearly or more frequently as life and body changes. It is our responsibility to ourselves to be stewards for our body and our health.

As a college student, I owe my education and understanding about my body and my health to Planned Parenthood. The staff at PP provided a welcoming face, a platform to communicate concerns without judgement, and the resources to take charge of my body and my sexuality. I learned about different methods of birth control available to me, the right way to put on a condom, and I saw my vagina, up close and personal, for the very first time. I felt empowered of my body as a woman when other avenues were closed to me.

For this first reason, I stand with Planned Parenthood. It is critical that our bodies remain our choice. Whether pro-life or pro-choice, liberal or conservative, our bodies as women should remain free of legislation, shame and restraints, just as we enjoy other freedoms provided us under our rights as citizens of these United States. We should support the people and organizations that help to empower women in that freedom of choice.

#standwithpp #plannedparenthood #prochoice #freedom #equality #freedomofchoice #women #womensissues #health #womenshealth #righttochoose #feminism #feministart #thevword #mybody #myself #knowledgeispower #together


» ƑΙЯЄ «

Lee was busy buying the new food for his place. Why the orphanage would throw him into a small drafty appartment at the age of 6 was a riddle to him, but at least he didn’t have to pay so he could afford some food with the money he got from the orphanaged ensurance. 

It was when he saw a female with bright red hair walking among the masses. He never saw her before. But her hair were so…beautiful. Lee wanted to give the pretty lady a present. He reached down to pluck a few daisies from the ground. The young boy walked up to her and reached the flowers out.

“Your hair are so pretty…f-for you..”


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Foolish to oppose, tapir. Very strong

All I Crave Is CellarDoor My Triangle Is Drafty