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plz draw our fav boyz in yoga poses thank, also looking out for that hc you said you’d be making ;) lol


bitty’s SUPER limber bc of the whole figure skating/hockey league thing, and sometimes jack thinks it’s going to be the death of him


I need you to tell me everything you know about Magnus Bane.
Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Rhaenys had slept in her bed for months, now. Her little girl had simply climbed in one night, curled up beside her, and snored softly in her sleep. Elia did not begrudge her this; it was not as if Rhaegar would take his place beside her. He had not done so ever since she became with child.

It had hardly been a week since she had given birth to Aegon, in the midst of more agony than Elia had ever known before. Her body was barely strong enough to carry a child, and when it came to birthing the creature, it had felt as if her whole body was going to tear apart. Where women knew sweetness and bliss after such an ordeal, Elia met with fever, anguish, and strife. Some days, she could hardly move from her bed. Others, she managed to sit up. Any more than that, she had not yet accomplished.

It was her sweet girl was who stayed by her side for all those days. Rhaenys would climb into bed and take gentle hold of her hand, asking her all manner of worried questions. “How are you feeling, mama? Is the baby okay, mama? Do you need to sleep, mama?” Elia had tried her best to keep her from worrying. “I’ll be fine, darling. We’re all okay.” She always faced her daughter with a tired smile that Rhaenys returned with much more heart.

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local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 



One day you’ll leave the account. Take a wife. Father children. See less and less of the sea until she becomes like a painting hanging on the wall. Static and irrelevant to your daily existence. But she’ll keep on calling you. And when she does, you’ll step into that painting and feel the swell beneath your feet. It will all come back as if it were like yesterday.

Potent recollection
Passive to my pawing insides

What are these adjectives
I abandon to the shoreline

Comfortably cryptic words
Unexamined between us

Has it always been this way
Distractions for inspiration

Another notch scored on the belt
Another chapter of unsung dreams

The third draft of TWLC is officially finished!!

This draft took the longest to get through, with far most changes then the previous draft. 

The last three chapters are essentially the exact same versions as the first draft. I really wanted to do get a couple of the issues with them worked out before the end of this draft, but since I’ve already sent it to a couple betas and still can’t figure out how I want to fix things, I think it’s better to leave it for the fourth draft. 

Major changes for the fourth draft:

- Rewriting the first chapter, as well as huge parts of the second, third, eighth, and ninth chapters. 
- Adding in three brand new scenes.
- Removing one major side character from chapters twelve and thirteen, and replacing another side character who appears in two scenes.
- Completely changing the basic types of knowledge one main character possess.
- Lots of adjustments to the ways Kleos interacts with Vasha.
- Lots of description adjustments or additions.
- More inclusion of the continent’s prominent religion.
- Adjustments to one main character’s backstory. 
- So many bits of information need clarifying. Too many to count. 

And lastly, I still need to figure out what I’m changing in the climax, but I know there are two key parts where I absolutely must do something different.

I have a lot of work ahead of me; someone kill me now. Thank you all for your continued support, and I take my hat off to my fantastic beta readers, without whom I would not have known what direction to take the fourth draft.