These songs were a result of struggle. Struggle is something that everyone experiences. Why we all walk around pretending that we don’t is a problem deeply rooted in our human makeup. You will find heavy and dark lyrics strategically disguised by catchy melodies and creative song structures. We would like you to think and write for yourself. Writing down what you think is imperative. A human must create. That’s why we were created.
—  Tyler Joseph (i think?) about Self Titled (2009)
Writing is never a waste. Even if the book is a ‘failure’ … you’re still learning, you’re still growing as a writer, and you’re still going to be creating things you’re going to take with you to other projects.

Kiersten White, New York Times best-selling author of the PARANORMALCY series, MIND GAMES, THE CHAOS OF STARS and more, reminding you that the act of writing is never lost time.

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