Exactly 24 year goes I was born, so here’s 24 things life has taught me:

1. Nothing is more important than family.
2. Love your parents well.
3. Don’t compare your journey to others.
4. Learn how to let go.
5. Don’t pretend to like something you don’t/ don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
6. Cats AND dogs are both great so just chill, guys, ok. We’re lucky to have both.
7. Travel and explore as much as you can.
8. Our lives are all stories, so make yours a good one.
9. Work out as often as you can.
10. Also eat (well) as often as you can.
11. Read.
12. Love even when you feel silly.
13. Date when you’re ready, not when you’re bored.
14. Never give up. It gets better, trust me.
15. Forgive without expectation.
16. Write and make art.
17. It’s ok to not be ok.
18. Mental illness is real and terrifying. Ask for help. You’re not weak, you’re quite the opposite.
19. Be open to new ideas.
20. There’s no such thing as “normal”
21. Chances are everyone feels as awkward as you do.
23. Dance. Like seriously get weird on the dance floor. Who cares?

And lastly,

24. Rejection is inevitable in life, accept it from everyone but never from yourself.

It was my birthday on March 24th for 24 hours, I turned 24 and I’m still working on my 24 fps animated film that has 24 scenes, deadline in 24 days, what is up?


birthday time
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twenty four
  • Brody:So Stacey now thinks I have a questionably high level of patronage at the seedy strip club outside of town, but that's seem to satisfy all her questions about where and with who I've been spending my time.
  • Brody:She's also been gone for five days and I still haven't heard from you.