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Some book covers for decorate agendas, notebooks…

She's Um... Dextrously challenged.

Context : I recently joined in on a new D&D 5e game run by a friend. My character starts out in a cell with another character, who happens to be a cleric. We’ve been drafted into a tournament to honor Kord, but we’re also tasked to investigate a disturbance below the arena. Naturally, we investigate and find the rest of our adventuring party.

DM : You hear muffled conversation ahead. It sounds like 3 or 4 people are plotting their next move.

Cleric : I’d like to try and sneak closer to them.

DM : Give me a stealth check at disadvantage due to your armor.

Cleric : Rolls a natural 1.

DM : A loud clatter emits from the stairwell as an Asimar cleric loses her footing and descends the stairs in a violent fashion. *indicates the rest of the party* You all see this woman come to a skidding halt in front of you. She looks up and kinda smiles sheepishly.

Me : (playing a Triton Bladelock) Don’t mind her. She’s Um…. Dextrously challenged. I certainly hope you lot are investigating the disturbances down here as well?

Hamilton college AU part two (part one), now with more Schuyler sisters

  • Angelica and Peggy run a community outreach group that meets at the same time and across the hall from the social justice group Laurens and Hamilton run. After a semester of passive aggressive subtweeting about the “loud, unorganized group across the hall,” they end up joining as one group. They’re practically unstoppable.
  • Alex and Eliza meeting while doing laundry at 3am. For an entire semester, they both do their laundry at 3am every other Wednesday just to talk before someone suggests they just go on a date like normal people do. 
  • All dorms have a strict “no pets” rule. Burr is their RA who conducts surprise searches for “contraband” and Laurens has a turtle he keeps in a huge tank on his desk so he and Lafayette are forced to sneak the entire tank across campus to Eliza and Angelica’s room in the middle of the night while Hamilton distracts Burr. This happens at least five times a semester. 
  • After noticing that the Gay Trio always stays on campus during breaks, Mulligan and the Schuyler sisters take turns inviting them (& Burr sometimes) over to spend holidays with their families in New York. 

Commission for Rhydian Cowley, who represented Australia in the 2016 Olympics and also qualified for Pokemon Worlds that year :P 

He commissioned me to do a picture of his singles team, which was inspired by Ho-Oh, apparently, and won a singles draft tournament! 

  • Membership card: What team(s) do you play for?
  • International Quidditch Association: How long have you been playing?
  • Brooms up!: Why’d you join your team?
  • Headband: What position(s) do you play?
  • Pump up chant: What do you do to hype yourself up before a game/tournament? Do you have any pre-game rituals?
  • Random bruises that you didn't know you had but assume you got while playing quidditch: What was your last injury?
  • Scar that you're proud to tell your friends you got while playing quidditch: What was your worst injury?
  • Broom: Alivan’s/wood brooms or PVC?
  • Quaffle: What’s your jersey number and why’d you choose it?
  • Bludger: Why do you play your current position(s)?
  • Snitch: Why’d you stick with this sport?
  • Celebration huddle: Favorite game you’ve played in?
  • Handshake line: Favorite team to play against?
  • Carpool: Farthest you’ve traveled for quidditch?
  • Tournament afterparty: Favorite memory with your team?
  • Recruitment flyer: Have you ever successfully convinced a person to pick up quidditch?
  • Jersey: What team has the best jerseys/kits?
  • Rulebook: How did the refs do in the last game you played in?
  • Yellow card: What was the last penalty you were given?
  • Red card: Have you ever been ejected from a game?
  • Short hoop: Tell us as much as you can about the first quidditch game you played in.
  • Medium hoop: Tell us about your best goal/beat/save/snitch catch/tackle.
  • Tall hoop: What are you looking forward to most this season?
  • Fantasy draft: Last summer fantasy tournament you played in? How’d your team do?
  • Quid Goes Pro: Do you play for a Major League Quidditch team? If not, what team do you cheer for?
  • Penalty box: Angriest you’ve gotten due to quidditch?
  • Overtime: Do you think you’ll continue to play quidditch after you graduate? Do you already do so?
  • Trading card: Have you ever been on a quidditch card?
  • Signed trading card: Is there a quidditch player that you’re a fan of?
  • Cheerleaders you got because your team bought their team's Indiegogo perk: Are there any other quidditch teams that you cheer for?
  • Mouthguards: Yes or no?
  • World Cup: What’s your favorite thing about quidditch?
  • Swiss System: Is there anything in/about quidditch that you’d like to see changed?
  • French Toast Best Toast: Tell us a random quidditch-related fact about yourself!

Ever wonder what an uncut sheet of Magic cards looks like?

A buddy of mine works at Wizards of the Coast and he recently played in an internal drafting tournament. His prize for winning first place was this beautiful sheet of uncut foil cards from Battle for Zendikar.

I thought some of you might find this as interesting as I did, so I asked him if I could share the photo.

the thing about ssb4 shulk is that he uses the first monado

so this is pre prison island shulk

meaning lost confused mourning upset afraid shulk

what a terrible time to be drafted into a fighting tournament