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justice league: the male gaze at work

So, I saw Justice League this afternoon, and I could get into an examination of the issues that have been discussed in numerous critical reviews already – shoddy CGI, thin plot, forgettable villain, not enough time to get to know characters that haven’t been previously introduced before throwing them onto a team – but that would just be a retread. Instead, I want to focus my post-movie thoughts on one aspect in particular: the obvious presence of the male gaze.

The male gaze in superhero film, in film in general, is nothing new; because the majority of movies have been, and are still, directed by men, this is something that has been around since the dawn of cinema. It’s so ubiquitous, in fact, that the average moviegoer thinks nothing of it. Having the camera linger on a woman’s butt or breasts is just accepted, and a woman’s… woman-ness is commonly the primary attribute of her character.

I’m not here to claim that I’ve made some profound observation about the way that women are typically treated in film for the first time. I’m here to talk about how coming on the heels of this year’s Wonder Woman (directed by Patty Jenkins), the contrast is stark.

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chances of a third series

we were all pretty certain that tg would be a trilogy as we all thought tg:re was coming to an end. but most of the main questions/themes are being answered rapidly with each passing chapter in :re that there may not be a third series? and now it feels like tg:re may be coming to an end not that far off.

last chapter, the birdcage broke. that’s been a main theme/concept in tokyo ghoul since the time where kanou meet kaneki & revealed that the one-eyed ghoul surgery is being done and repeated to ‘break the birdcage’. however, in the recent chapter, kaneki, although it having been years since his surgery, was still a prototype/test subject of kanou’s research, ‘thus the birdcage breaks’. most questions about ghoul biology is being rapidly answered, as well as missing characters reappearing, including hide, itori and so on. we’ve been given some origins to the washuus & further information, which we all thought would have been answered in the third series we thought we would have.

not only that, but from the start of tg, the idea of equality of ghouls and humans had always been an important theme. i believe that touka’s pregnancy represents that, and acts as a bridge as she’s married/having a child with a former human, and that former human is married/having a child with her, a ghoul. it shows that humans and ghouls alike can get along after all, therefore representing hope.

kanou presented a interesting concept of how all humans do is make quinques, but instead they could’ve saved so many lives with ghoul medicine. kanou broke the birdcage, because no matter what now, the relationships between ghouls and humans have to change. humans cannot look down upon what kaneki has done because the ghouls were almost pushed to extinction and murdered, and ghouls can’t look down upon to humans because of what kaneki, their king, has done. it really corresponds with how eto said she wanted to take this world and fuck it up even more, then give it a factory reset. no matter what, something will change from now on in regard to ghoul and human relations.




listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp