draft photoset


Sebastian Stan 

“I think why my mom named me Sebastian was after Sebastian Bach…she was a pianist, and then she was like, “I don’t know what else could go with Stan,” which is such a funny name to me: Stan. It just makes me think of, um, like Newman from Seinfeld. … Stan was a very awkward name for me in high school. …I still get a little, like when I get to a hotel and someone’s like, “Mr. Stan,” and I’m like, I dunno, that sounds weird. … I would not change my name, I’m happy with it.”


rex, this, it’s…bigger than any of us… 
                                   ……anything i could have imagined. 
                                                                                            i never meant to….

                                      “i only wanted to do my duty.”


local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 



Fear: “Tell me, heretic. How does it feel to have your hands stained red? Do you believe that saving Thedas will wash away your sins? Your maker has forsaken you. Your family has disowned you. You are unloved and forgotten. Your life is for naught.”

Cathrin: “Should you seek to break me, demon, may I suggest a more persuasive route? I was expecting offers of virgins and riches. You know… I’ve always thought I would look spectacular astride a griffon - you have any of those?”