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To Clear Things up about the expansion draft

Exempt Players

Players who are exempt do not need to be protected in the expansion draft. These include players in their first and second year of professional hockey and unsigned prospects. First and second year professionals include AHL and NHL but no other leagues. For instance the Toronto Maple Leafs will not have to protect: Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, Connor Brown ect. Matt Murray from the Pittsburgh Penguins however will not be exempt because even though he’s an NHL rookie this is 4th professional season. These players cannot be chosen by vegas at all and therefore are exempt from the draft.

Protected Players

Each NHL team is allowed to protect a specific amount of players with two ways to go about this. 1. You can protect 7 forwards, 3 defensemen and 1 goalie or 2. you can protect 8 skaters and 1 goalie. No more than this. There are also players who have to be protected who get mixed up with exempt players. These players count towards your amount of players you need to protect and take up those spaces. Unlike the exempt players who don’t affect the protection lists at all. Players that have to be protected are this way because of No Trade Clauses or No Movement Clauses in their contract. These players can waive these at any time. 

The Draft

There is a strict time schedule for this. By 5pm on June 17th ever NHL team must submit their protected lists. By 5pm on June 20th Vegas must submit their selections. and On June 21st these selections will be released. What’s happening on March 1st is not the actual draft, they cannot trade for any players currently playing and can only trade for draft picks, trade for unsigned draft picks and sign free agents. Vegas has a gauranteed top 6 pick in the first round of the entry draft and the 3rd pick in every other round. They can use these to trade up draft picks ect. But they will not be taking actual NHL or AHL players until June 20th. 

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anonymous asked:

I have no concept how how drafts work in any sports realm and the whole expansion team concept is new to a lot of ppl but like can the new team just like take any players they want (that aren't exempt or 'saved') even players still under contracts with their current team???? (Why does sport have to be confusing)

Hi hello! I’m so so sorry this took me so long to respond to, but real life has been chaos lately. anyway, i’m gonna put most of the explanation under the cut bc it’s gonna be long.

A lot of this language was taken from the nhl website and either edited or explained. i’m not an expert, but i hope this is still helpful. Capfriendly is also a great website to check out, and if you’re feeling wild, they have an expansion draft tool you can play around with (x). Another good resource is this article from puck prose, especially the speculation on how Restricted Free Agents (RFAs) play into this whole Thing (x).

Also, all the players I used as examples either meet or are expected to meet eligibility requirements for the expansion draft based on the info available to the public. I tried as best I could, but I only know so much. 

Remember, this is based on what we know right now. Trades could happen. Players could waive their no move clauses. Right now, a lot of this is guesswok. 


The Las Vegas team must select the following number of players at each position: 14 forwards, 9 defensemen and 3 goaltenders.

Essentially, teams have 2 options in terms of who to protect from the draft: 

a) Seven forwards, three defensemen and one goaltender

b) Eight skaters (forwards/defensemen) and one goaltender

The Vegas team has to select at least 1 player from each of the 30 teams in the league.  It also has to select at least 20 players who are under contract for the 2017-18 season (instead of rookies coming into their draft year now like Nolan Patrick and Nico Hischier)

The Las Vegas franchise must select players with an aggregate Expansion Draft value that is between 60-100% of the prior season’s upper limit for the salary cap. This is salary stuff that could be a whole different post, so i won’t get into that. 

* The Las Vegas franchise may not buy out any of the players selected in the Expansion Draft earlier than the summer following its first season. Any player Vegas drafts from an existing team has to be on their roster for at least a season. 

When is this all happening, actually?

The 30 NHL Clubs must submit their Protection List by 5:00 P.M. ET on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The Las Vegas team must submit their Expansion Draft Selections by 5:00 P.M. ET on June 20 and the announcement of their selections will be released on made on June 21.

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anonymous asked:

Part 1/2 Hi! I just wanted to thank you for what you said in your Israel/gal gadot post. As an Israeli living in the US, it's always been hard for me to explain why the Israeli army is different than the US army. I also wanted to point out that not every Israeli must serve in the IDF. Before Israelis start training, they go through a process to see where they'll fit in best and to see if there's a medical issue or something. My brother's best friend was exempt from the IDF because of asthma.

Part 2/2 I also have a cousin who was exempt, but she fought her way into getting drafted. I got exempt from serving, but can’t staying in Israel longer than a year (or I’ll get drafted). It’s not necessarily every Israeli citizen MUST serve. There are regulations and such. I hope I’m explaining correctly -_- Anyways, sorry for the long comment, but it always makes me happy to see support for Israel, so thank you!! Much love from one Jewish girl to another <3 (and a HanLeia fan!! :P)

Ah thanks for clearing up the serving thing when it comes to health issues and other things, but I assumed it would be the case for there as well as the United States. But as you said before some Israeli immigrants to the USA do eventually to go back and serve, either out of religious duty or to help out their friends. One of the male soldiers in my birthright group immigrated to Chicago but when he graduated high school decided to go back and serve. And then we have the other half like my ex boyfriend who had the option to go back and serve but knew he wouldn’t emotionally be able to do it [he actually told me he had a month limit each time he vists Israeli family members I guess its more flexible]. But again thank you for giving me some clarification cause I know alot about Israel from Birthright and Hebrew School but not that much.

Hey I am always here to support my fellow Jews, especially the ones who believe Hanleia is a goregous couple, especially those in your situation who came from the motherland and have to see such ugly discourse without fact. As questionable as some actions could be [like with every other country], I had the fortunate of going twice and it’s a beautiful country and hope to go back some day [maybe if I am rich enough own a house in Elliat for vacay X3]. It’s part of my life and history so I am always going to at least stand by it in its existance.

Shalom and lot’s of Han and Leia love my friend!

This Mess of Moments

A Joyce and Hopper Fic
(on ao3)

HAHAHAHA IT’S FINALLY DONE. CAN YOU BELIEVE??? This started as a simple 5 times fic and now it’s a little over 35K and spans from high school to post season one. It’s got fighting and angst and sex and more fighting and more sex and more fighting! It’s even got plot! PHEW. 

Anyways, big shoutout to francesca and rebecca for being CONSTANT cheerleaders. High fives to my other cheerleaders, you’re the best too! (these people will tell you never to add me on snapchat because you’ll get frantic 1am messages about plot and endings.) 

SO …here friends. Enjoy! 


Coming out of chemistry, his last class of the day, was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. And seeing Joyce perched on the hood of his car, her pencil skirt hiked up as she let the sun reach all the way above her knees was a much needed reminder that life wasn’t always boring chemical bonds. But if any of the escaping teachers caught her with her skirt up like that, she’d be fucked.

“If you’re gonna sit there, at least wiggle your ass a little to buff the hood,” he joked as he got closer to her.

She rolled her eyes and flicked her cigarette butt in his direction before hopping down and leaning against his door.

“You gonna survive Mr. Cook?” she asked, looking up at him as he got closer. She was so small.

“Any chance you’ll do my work for me?” He cocked an eyebrow but she rolled her eyes again.

“I already did that work last semester and I’m sure as hell not doing it again. Go find a new girlfriend for that.”

Hopper tossed his books through the window behind her, then slid his hand up her side as he leaned down to kiss her.

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