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modern high school!au vox machina group memes

  • Grog’s foolproof plan to seduce Tom Hardy
  • Percy’s sexual orientation is Exhaustion
  • grog responding to literally any text message with “GET WRECKED”
  • “Listen. Vex’s eyeliner is so sharp it could kill a man,”
  • Pike responding to anyone in the group swearing with “WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” 
  • keyleth being both horrified by and incredibly, implausibly skilled at those deer hunter video games with the plastic guns
  • yelling “THEY’RE SIBLINGS, YOU FUCKS” when someone assumes Pike and Grog or Keyleth and Percy are dating
  • Scanlan asking Pike to prom at least three times a month
  • “what is keyleth doing?” “her best”
  • pointing at lawn gnomes and saying “look, it’s scanlan”
  • “I’m just saying, have we ever seen Scanlan and Tary in the same room?”
    • Tary, standing next to Scanlan: “YES”
  • saying “where the fuck is vax?” when vax is standing three feet away
  • WWPD: what would Pike do? 
  • picking a random inanimate object, pretending it’s vax, and having a conversation with it in the place of the real Vax when vax Disappears and no one feels like going to look for him
  • Keyleth The Frog Murderer
    • “guys, that was ONE TIME. and the frog was already dead”
  • *points at stranger* “who is that?” “i don’t know but they probably owe Vex money”
    • Vex, sliding her ten dollar Target sunglasses down her nose: “damn straight” 
  • exchanging blurry candid pictures of Percy with the caption CONFIRMED when he’s taking too long to text back 
  • Grog secretly being Hillary Clinton
Katy Perry Launches 'Witness: The Tour' in Montreal, Canada

The setlist included 21 songs during the concert and 10 of them were from the  album Witness. Watch the performances below! 

1. “Witness”
2. “Roulette”
3. “Dark Horse”
4. “Chained to the Rhythm” (Clip)

5. “Teenage Dream”
6. “Hot N Cold”
7. “Last Friday Night”
8. “California Gurls”
9. “I Kissed a Girl”

10. “Deja Vu”
11. “Tsunami” (Clip)
12. “E.T.”
13. “Bon Appetit”

14. “Thinking of You”
15. “Save as Draft”
16. “Power” (Clip)

17. “Hey Hey Hey”
18. “Part of Me”
19. “Swish Swish”
20. “Roar”

21. “Firework” (Clip)

On this day of mourning, I present to you a little piece of happiness.

This is an excerpt from a draft of the August 16, 1777 letter from Washington to General Clinton.  Alexander Hamilton actually wrote this draft - except for the postscript you see at the bottom.  The postscript was written by none other than John Laurens.  This draft is one of only a few letters, to my knowledge, that was written in both Hamilton’s and Laurens’s hands.

hello hello hello and welcome to periscope

part 1

@Lin_Manuel: Oooooooh vas ist das “live” button, TWITTER?! I wanna play with that! Hold up let me eat I’m a play with that at 4.

@Lin_Manuel: BAHAHAHA damnit lemme try again

part 2

@Lin_Manuel: Holy hell what HAPPENED

@Lin_Manuel: So that’s a button to use sparingly. Good to know. Thanks all! It was really fun!

@Lin_Manuel: Still shaking from this and I’m onstage in 15 minutes…


Barzal and Skjei are the same person from different timelines that somehow both got stuck in this one, proof:

  • Both white brunettes which is shown above
  • The only picture that exists of both of them at the same time is also shown above
  • one is on the rangers one is on the islanders
  • Brady Skjei born March 26th. Mat Barzal Born May 26th. 
  • Skjei’s number is 76. Barzal was born 1997. They were both born on the 26th. 
  • Barzal’s number is 13. 1 + 3 = 4. Brad Skjei was born in 1994
  • 7+6 (skjei’s number) = 13 (Barzal’s number)
  • Skjei is an american defender who went the NCAA route. Barzal is a Canadian forward who went the CHL route. 
  • Their height difference is 3 inches. Their age difference is 3 years (skjei was born in 1994 and Mat Barzal was born in 1997)
  • Barzal weighs 182 pounds according to NHL.com and Skjei weighs 211 pounds. 1 + 8 + 2 = 11. 2 + 11 = 13.
  • Skjei is from Lakeville which has 9 letters in it. Barzal is from Coquitlam which also has 9 letters.
  • Skjei was drafted 28th overall and Barzal was drafted 16th overall. 28 - 16 = 12 and 12 + 16 = 28.