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modern high school!au vox machina group memes

  • Grog’s foolproof plan to seduce Tom Hardy
  • Percy’s sexual orientation is Exhaustion
  • grog responding to literally any text message with “GET WRECKED”
  • “Listen. Vex’s eyeliner is so sharp it could kill a man,”
  • Pike responding to anyone in the group swearing with “WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” 
  • keyleth being both horrified by and incredibly, implausibly skilled at those deer hunter video games with the plastic guns
  • yelling “THEY’RE SIBLINGS, YOU FUCKS” when someone assumes Pike and Grog or Keyleth and Percy are dating
  • Scanlan asking Pike to prom at least three times a month
  • “what is keyleth doing?” “her best”
  • pointing at lawn gnomes and saying “look, it’s scanlan”
  • “I’m just saying, have we ever seen Scanlan and Tary in the same room?”
    • Tary, standing next to Scanlan: “YES”
  • saying “where the fuck is vax?” when vax is standing three feet away
  • WWPD: what would Pike do? 
  • picking a random inanimate object, pretending it’s vax, and having a conversation with it in the place of the real Vax when vax Disappears and no one feels like going to look for him
  • Keyleth The Frog Murderer
    • “guys, that was ONE TIME. and the frog was already dead”
  • *points at stranger* “who is that?” “i don’t know but they probably owe Vex money”
    • Vex, sliding her ten dollar Target sunglasses down her nose: “damn straight” 
  • exchanging blurry candid pictures of Percy with the caption CONFIRMED when he’s taking too long to text back 
  • Grog secretly being Hillary Clinton
hello hello hello and welcome to periscope

part 1

@Lin_Manuel: Oooooooh vas ist das “live” button, TWITTER?! I wanna play with that! Hold up let me eat I’m a play with that at 4.

@Lin_Manuel: BAHAHAHA damnit lemme try again

part 2

@Lin_Manuel: Holy hell what HAPPENED

@Lin_Manuel: So that’s a button to use sparingly. Good to know. Thanks all! It was really fun!

@Lin_Manuel: Still shaking from this and I’m onstage in 15 minutes…


Barzal and Skjei are the same person from different timelines that somehow both got stuck in this one, proof:

  • Both white brunettes which is shown above
  • The only picture that exists of both of them at the same time is also shown above
  • one is on the rangers one is on the islanders
  • Brady Skjei born March 26th. Mat Barzal Born May 26th. 
  • Skjei’s number is 76. Barzal was born 1997. They were both born on the 26th. 
  • Barzal’s number is 13. 1 + 3 = 4. Brad Skjei was born in 1994
  • 7+6 (skjei’s number) = 13 (Barzal’s number)
  • Skjei is an american defender who went the NCAA route. Barzal is a Canadian forward who went the CHL route. 
  • Their height difference is 3 inches. Their age difference is 3 years (skjei was born in 1994 and Mat Barzal was born in 1997)
  • Barzal weighs 182 pounds according to NHL.com and Skjei weighs 211 pounds. 1 + 8 + 2 = 11. 2 + 11 = 13.
  • Skjei is from Lakeville which has 9 letters in it. Barzal is from Coquitlam which also has 9 letters.
  • Skjei was drafted 28th overall and Barzal was drafted 16th overall. 28 - 16 = 12 and 12 + 16 = 28.
Not gonna make 500 words on my WIP (not TDPL) tonight

But that’s because I did it. I wrote an ending.

It’s mainly in outline/word vomit form. There’s a ton missing from the middle. There are many plotholes. But this story has a beginning, middle, and end.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that (except for one time in 3rd grade). I finished the story. I did it!

Originally posted by lifetimetv

I might hang around for a bit longer, but I think I’m gonna go home, clean a little, and then just tear the story apart in my notebook. A lot of good plot points got developed in this outline/word vomit phase and I wanna start fleshing them out before I start the rewrite.

But by God. I DID IT !