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If I want to write a long-ass answer about my ocs, I’ll do it.

Anon asked me about the inspiration for names and designs of my characters, so here goes take two.

•Carina Alistair

Her first name actually came from the name of my mum’s car: a Toyota Carina <XD. Her surname was originally Damon, but I eventually changed this to Alistair. Design-wise, she’s based on me, reflecting elements of my appearance and style. Being my main oc since I was 6, she’s been in everything. And I mean everything. Transformers, Pokemon, Minecraft, Darksiders, you name it.

•Kayden Alistair

Kayden came about during the peak of my Minecraft obsession. I’m not sure where his first name came from, but when I heard it, it stuck. The surname Alistair came from a character from the Ratchet and Clank series.
His design is based on Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and Barry’s dad Palmer from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
It’s funny though, in both Minecraft and Darksiders, he’s dead unless an RP states otherwise.

•Draegan Azamith

This sadistic asshat’s first name just popped up in a name generator. His surname however came from the same character as Kayden’s: General Alistair Azamith from Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time.
Draegan was once a Minecraft oc that also went by The Skeleton King. In this universe, he was Kayden’s mortal enemy and so I made the decision to reincarnate him into my Darksiders story. Both designs came from several characters I’d made beforehand.

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