teen wolf au meme: [2/8] movie aus - princess and the frog

In the 1920′s, young and ambitious waitress Braeden is desperate to open her own restaurant. Her best friend, the rich and fabulous Lydia Martin, convinces her to take a night off and to join her at the Martins’ famous masquerade ball. It is there that Braeden meets a frog–or, kind of. It’s actually the foolish, foreign prince Derek Hale, who was cursed by a voodoo master to spend his days as a frog until he can be kissed by a princess. He begs Braeden to kiss him and save him, but as soon as her lips touch his slimy skin, she follows suit and becomes an amphibian as well. Together, and with the help of horn-playing alligator Stiles and cheerful firefly Scott, they must find a way to break the curse and defeat evil Doctor Peter.