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Here is the official blog for the Meagan Tandy Scrapbook Project!

Due to the general response of the audience I decided to create a page where submissions can be accepted for the project, followed with some more detailed guidelines.

1. Works

All works including photos, text, edits, art, and ficlet with be accepted for the project.


  • Ficlet under 2000 words will only be accepted due to limited space.
  • Text post limitation of 200 words.
  • One piece of art work please.  If this is an edit, it is okay (especially if there are two-four pictures) as long as it is that one edit. 
  • All pieces must be original work unless permission is granted by the artist and they must send a message stating so.
  • Submissions including nudity, profanity, vulgarity, and derogatory/insulting language will be deleted and not included in the project.
  • While usernames and names will be added to the post this is not a shoutout so that Meagan Tandy can follow you on various media outlets.  
  • Please add credit to artwork, edits, and fic submissions. 
  • If there is anything you would not like to be shared as I post progress photos please include this in your post so that I know to keep your work in a certain file. 

2. Schedule

  • The last day to submit post is September 25, 2014 by 5pm Eastern Time
  • By October 6, 2014 the scrapbook will be sent to Meagan Tandy’s fanmail address. 
  • Updates will come every Monday or Saturday depending on my (lux-chels) or hashtagsavebamon schedule. 
  • However, even though the last day is the 25th, please do not wait to the last minute because we are both college students who have busy schedules ourselves. 
  • If we need to close the submissions before the last day we will make a post stating so.
  • The best way to stay in contact would be to follow either me (Chelsea) at lux-chels.tumblr.com or Karis at   hashtagsavebamon.tumblr.com 

3. Donations/Contribution

  • At this time we wiill not be needing any contributions besides getting the word out! 
  • And making sure to not wait till the last minute to send in your submission.

My Masterlist (as of 9/14/14)

: Luke Hemmings

There’s never a right time to say goodbye. (Luke)

Leave, Luke. Just go.

Let’s go get married xx

You and your piano.

My heart want’s to come home.

I promise.

It’s “Nurse” to you. (Smut)

: Calum Hood

Definitely hooked.

: Michael Clifford

Battle of the fandoms.

Swim Good. (Smut)

: Ashton Irwin


Daddy to be.

Aint nothing wrong with a little bump and grind (Smut)


Daddy, please. (Smut)

: 4/4 blurbs

You speak welsh ?

My short, yet older woman. (Blurbs)

Break up Break down. 

Victoria’s Secret.

Turn ons

Daddy 5SOS (Preference)


: Teen Wolf (Derek x Braeden)

Stay With Me 

There’s always a first for everything, so take me home. 

Im Into You

Date Night

Pretend With Me 

Jealousy Is The Sexiest Trait (Smut)

Alone Together, Forever Until Tomorrow.

You made your bed, go right ahead and lay in it. (Smut)

4 Minutes (Smut)

Do I Wanna Know? (Smut)

Just one, my ass.

All I Wanna See You In, Is Just Skin (Smut)

If It Means Alot To You

Baby, we’re having a baby… Maybe. (1) (Chapter 1)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (2) (Chapter 2)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (3) (Chapter 3)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (4) (Chapter 4)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (5) (Chapter 5)

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (6) (Chapter 6)

One love, one house. (Smut)

Protecting My Invesment

Forbidden Fruit


: Magcon

Honeymoon Avenue (Cameron fanfic)

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 2 )

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 3) (Smut)

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 4) (Smut)

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 5)

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 6)

Honeymoon Avenue (Part 7)

Take me home (Preference)

Turn Ons (Pics/Gifs and Songs included) (Smut Preference)

Get well soon (Preference)

Youtube with Y/N (Cashew Edition)

Partition (Gif’s included) (Smut Preference)

Or Nah (Gifs Included) (Smut Preference)

Baby Boom (Black/African American Edition)

Baby Boom (Hispanic/Latino Edition)

Baby Boom (Asian Edition)

Baby Boom (POC Edition)

Baby Boom (Caucasian Edition)

Break Free (Part 1) (Cameron Fanfic)

Break Free (Part 2)

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 This is Derek & Braden. They are a canon couple, a legit dating couple. They are a consenting adult couple that has tons of hot sex, sometimes on tables, sometimes in bed but they always cuddle. That’s right..ALWAYS because Derek is a romantic and Braeden doesn’t mind. They stay wrapped in each other’s arms until danger arises and then you know what they do? They grab their guns and they defend each other, although to them they’re just "protecting their investments."

This is Derek & Braeden. They understand each other. They trust each other.Their relationship is free of judgement, hatred, malice or revenge. They haven’t threatened to kill each other nor do they plan on it. They are both loners who found each other so they’re not lonely anymore. They’re functional, drop-dead gorgeous together, hotter than liquid danger and want the unconditional best for each other but most of all…



*refer to top gif, bye

I can’t get over how much I love the three current canon couples of Teen Wolf. I mean in their own way they’re each pretty extraordinary and out of the norm for this genre of tv.

1. Scira: An interracial main couple is great enough but the fact that neither of the two is white just makes it rarer. Each of them is also two distinct people and aren’t walking stereotypes of their cultures. Yes, Kira’s Japanese heritage is mentioned a good bit but only in regards to the fact that she is a kitsune and when they were dealing with Japanese monsters last season. Scott the poc main guy is super into his awesome badass girlfriend and is not at all intimidated by a strong girl (also that is so his type - look at Allison), in fact look at his face when he sees her kicking ass, he looks super turned on! That Kira is also a super nerdy, awkward girl who can still be a badass wielding kitsune is also super important because way too often tv tends to places characters in certain “molds” and its practically impossible to escape them. The badass characters are tough as nails with cold hearts while the nerdy characters are super shy with magicky magic computer skills who can’t so much as open a jar without help. Both Kira and Scott (an alpha who is a complete people person and is unfathomably kind) are actual characters and defy these molds. 

2. Stalia: A couple that completely bends gender norms and stereotypes of the genre and society in general. We have a supernatural girl dating a human boy, the exact opposite of pretty much every supernatural show atm. The girl is blatantly and obviously stronger than him but does he feel inferior? Nope! He helps her through with any supernatural issues she has by being super supportive (look at their scene in “The Benefactor” - his whole “I know you won’t hurt me” speech was so typical of the human girlfriend dating the dangerous supernatural guy in this genre). Malia is so great in that she hasn’t been tainted by societies double standards for gender (because of spending so long as a coyote), she asks Kira what it is SHE wants from her relationship with Scott, goes everywhere with disheveled hair and clothes she looks like she just threw on (i mean she’s still gorgeous - this IS television - but she’s the tv version of looking like she doesn’t gaf), and has ZERO interest in pretending to be anything she’s not. Then there is the adorable fact that she’s the big spoon and as evidenced by “Time of Death” Stiles is not only completely comfortable with that, he loves it! That they gave us a scene showing Stiles unable to sleep without Malia is just another scene that would be typically given to the female in this type of relationship. IT’S SO GREAT.

3. Draeden: Then we have the newest addition, yet another interracial couple, this time with a black woman and a white man - a depressingly unusual thing to see on tv. Far too often, black women don’t get to “get the guy” but are simply caricatures of “strong independent women who don’t need no man!” This is a load of shit because why the hell does being in love or having a boyfriend diminish your badassery? Answer: it doesn’t, a relationship is a completely separate thing from your personality and unfortunately tv seems to forget that a lot. So having this amazing woman who we’ve seen kick a lot of ass and save our heroes get some action is super satisfying. ALSO the fact that she has a large, visible scar across her face! I mean, Meagan Tandy is STUNNING even with the scar but its so rare to see women with noticeable defects on tv, let alone be in a relationship. But on Teen Wolf, it was mentioned once when she first appeared with it and never again, and clearly Derek doesn’t care about it at all. This is too great seriously. Then the fact that in “Time of Death” we had Braeden teaching Derek how to shoot, another complete gender reversal. I mean seriously, there are so many amazing things about this couple I could be here ranting all day.

Seriously! They’re all so great! Teen Wolf, you’re doing it right!