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derek owns the building like the entire thing and just conveniently disappears with braeden and lets scott use his loft for his date like no he didn’t leave the building no they didn’t catch a movie no they didn’t go get dinner they didn’t even leave the building man listen derek & braeden had sex on every surface in each vacant apartment twice and it took just long enough for scott & kira to be kidnapped

Protecting My Invesment

Prompt  : This wasn’t requested but I’ve seen several people wondering how Derek would react if Braeden’s hair was naturally curly and I thought an imagine was necessary ! Hope you guys like it xx

Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Rating : PG-13

Word count : 622


“Need help?” Derek asked, standing up.

“I’m fine.” Braeden winced, trying to untie her gown.

“I can get a nurse in here.” He reminded her.

“I can undress myself, by myself. Thank you.” She barked.

“Suit yourself.” He said, sitting back down in the chair.

“Shit.” She hissed, almost ripping her stiches out.

“I’m getting a nur-” He started.

“Fine. Just, untie this.” She said, finally giving in.

She hating receiving help. Especially from men. She felt like they’d think she owed them something, after.

“Don’t think you’re doing me any favors.” She told him, as he stood to untie her gown.

“I save you..for once, don’t even get a thank you and you think I'm shady for wanting to help you get undressed?” He inquired, unraveling the knot.

She didn’t even bother responding. She just got out of her bed … well attempted to but Derek ended up helping her with that too.

“You really think you should shower by yourself?” He questioned.

“You suggesting I’m incapable of taking care of myself?” She snapped.

“I’m just saying … you just got shot and you can barely raise your arms, let alone clean yourself. Plus your stitches are brand new and you shouldn’t get them wet.”

“You sure care a lot about your … investment.” She said.

He just looked away and down at the ground, smirking at her reactions.

“I’ll get Melissa. You can trust her.” He spoke.

“And why should I trust her?” She questioned.

“Because I do.” He said.

“And I take it you don’t do that often?” She inquired. 

He sighed and ignored her last comment, walking to the nurses station.

After awhile Braeden sat back down on the edge of her bed, reflecting.

“Hi Braeden.” Melissa came in, Derek behind her.

“Ready?” Melissa said, helping her out of the bed.

“Easy now. Easy.” She added, helping her to the bathroom.

While Melissa helped Braeden in the shower Derek stayed seating, waiting.

Once Braeden came out from the shower, in a new hospital gown, she came out of the bathroom.

Melissa helped her back to the bed and Derek couldn’t help but stare at her.

He was in awe of not only her but her hair aswell. Her curls, all different from each other, laid perfectly on her shoulers.

Melissa cleared her throat interrupting him from his thoughts.

“Maybe you could walk her around the hospital? She needs to be up and moving as much as possible so her body doesn’t stiffen up.” Melissa said to Derek.

“Sure. Thanks Melissa.” Derek said.

Once she left, Derek’s eyes went back to Braeden, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Is there any reason you keep staring at me?” She asked.

“What?” He questioned.

“It’s my hair isn’t it? God I knew I should’ve put it up.” She said, getting a bit insecure.

“What? No. I like it. I mean you should uh wear it like that more of- Well you can do what ever you want- I’m just saying you c- ” He stammered.

“Thanks.” She said.

They both broke into really big smiles, laughing at the awkwardness that they had just caused.

“Wanna take that walk now?” He asked her.

“Looking like this?” She inquired.

“You look fine, I wouldn’t lie to you.” He told her.

“And why is that?” She questioned.

“Why wouldn’t I lie to you?” He said.

“Yeah, I thought you said you didn’t trust me.” She stated.

“Like I said before there's a lot of money riding on you. Which means there’s no room for lies and not trusting each other.” He spoke.

“So what, you trust me now?” She grinned.

He sighed at her stubbornness and let out a small laugh.

“Let’s go…‘investment’ ” He smirked.


A/N:  I know it’s kinda short and maybe even a little corny but tell me what you think xx Keep the requests coming (:

Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (5)
Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Request: No

Rating : PG-13 (Rated R for future chapters/Serious matters)

Word count :  558

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Derek looked in awe as the doctor pulled the baby out of Braeden’s stomach, finally revealing the sex of the baby.

“It’s a girl.” The doctor spoke.

He patted the babies back and a little cry came out.

“Oh my God. You see that.” Derek beamed as they cleaned the baby.

“She’s beautiful.” He told Braeden.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah.” The corners of his mouth rising.

“Why do I still feel the doctor pulling?” Braeden inquired.

“Uhh..” Derek was still admiring the baby.

All he could see from his view of her was her soft dark curls and tiny feet.

The next time Derek looked at Braeden her, her eyes were shut.

“Braeden? B-baby?” He stuttered.

“Blood pressure’s dropping.” The doctor insisted.

“What’s going on?” Derek stammered..

“We gotta get baby number two out of there before she goes into shock.” The doctor added.

“Baby number two?” Derek gulped.

“Did he just say baby number two?” He asked.

“Her blood’s not clotting. Get him out of here.” The doctor demanded.

“I’m so sorry.” The nurse told Derek..

“You have to leave now. I’ll try my best to keep you posted.” She added, pushing him out.

Derek’s mind clouded and he couldn’t hear a thing. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

Minutes later Peter heard a howl from inside the hospital.

“Oh no.” He cursed to himself.

“Was that?” Stiles questioned.

“Derek.” Scott finished.

 "We need to find him before he ruins this place.“ Peter told them.

"Whoever finds him first, get him out of here.” He added.


 "DEREK?“ Stiles shouted.


“Shhh. I can hear his heartbeat.” Scott spoke, trying to listen closely for the sound of Derek’s heart.

They walked to the parking lot and found Derek on the ground, Peter sitting beside him.

“Derek?” Stiles inquired.

“You know …. Deaton warned me, that if I ever chose to have kids, the mother will suffer. He said the baby will literally tear Braeden apart and that’s exactly what happened.” Derek said, putting his head in his hands.

 "God, what if she doesn’t make it? What if the babies don’t make it? What if they all d-“ Derek panicked. His claws came out and his yellow eyes flickered.

"Derek. Slow down. Breathe.” Scott reminded him, eventually calming him down.

“What happened in there?” Peter asked Derek.

“Twins. All I saw was the first one. A girl. She looked healthy but the second baby wasn’t out, before they made me leave. They said Braeden’s blood pressure and her blood was clotting I guess.” He said.

“God. He’s right, the baby is ripping her apart.” Peter said.

“Why are you even here? That isn’t what he needs to hear right now.” Stiles started.

“I’m his uncle, my job isn’t to tell him what he needs to hear. He needs to hear the truth.” Peter argued.

“Guys.” Scott said.

“Yeah, well all this negativity isn’t what he need-” Stiles continued.

“What do you kn-” Peter interrupted.

Scott let out a massive growl, making the two stop.

A few seconds of silence went by when Braeden’s surgeon came out.

“Mr.Hale, I ha-” He started.

“How is she?” Derek said, immediately standing up.

“Well, I have good news and I have bad news. Which one do you want first?” He asked.


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Part 6 : Baby, we’re having a baby…Maybe. (6)

I can’t get over how much I love the three current canon couples of Teen Wolf. I mean in their own way they’re each pretty extraordinary and out of the norm for this genre of tv.

1. Scira: An interracial main couple is great enough but the fact that neither of the two is white just makes it rarer. Each of them is also two distinct people and aren’t walking stereotypes of their cultures. Yes, Kira’s Japanese heritage is mentioned a good bit but only in regards to the fact that she is a kitsune and when they were dealing with Japanese monsters last season. Scott the poc main guy is super into his awesome badass girlfriend and is not at all intimidated by a strong girl (also that is so his type - look at Allison), in fact look at his face when he sees her kicking ass, he looks super turned on! That Kira is also a super nerdy, awkward girl who can still be a badass wielding kitsune is also super important because way too often tv tends to places characters in certain “molds” and its practically impossible to escape them. The badass characters are tough as nails with cold hearts while the nerdy characters are super shy with magicky magic computer skills who can’t so much as open a jar without help. Both Kira and Scott (an alpha who is a complete people person and is unfathomably kind) are actual characters and defy these molds. 

2. Stalia: A couple that completely bends gender norms and stereotypes of the genre and society in general. We have a supernatural girl dating a human boy, the exact opposite of pretty much every supernatural show atm. The girl is blatantly and obviously stronger than him but does he feel inferior? Nope! He helps her through with any supernatural issues she has by being super supportive (look at their scene in “The Benefactor” - his whole “I know you won’t hurt me” speech was so typical of the human girlfriend dating the dangerous supernatural guy in this genre). Malia is so great in that she hasn’t been tainted by societies double standards for gender (because of spending so long as a coyote), she asks Kira what it is SHE wants from her relationship with Scott, goes everywhere with disheveled hair and clothes she looks like she just threw on (i mean she’s still gorgeous - this IS television - but she’s the tv version of looking like she doesn’t gaf), and has ZERO interest in pretending to be anything she’s not. Then there is the adorable fact that she’s the big spoon and as evidenced by “Time of Death” Stiles is not only completely comfortable with that, he loves it! That they gave us a scene showing Stiles unable to sleep without Malia is just another scene that would be typically given to the female in this type of relationship. IT’S SO GREAT.

3. Draeden: Then we have the newest addition, yet another interracial couple, this time with a black woman and a white man - a depressingly unusual thing to see on tv. Far too often, black women don’t get to “get the guy” but are simply caricatures of “strong independent women who don’t need no man!” This is a load of shit because why the hell does being in love or having a boyfriend diminish your badassery? Answer: it doesn’t, a relationship is a completely separate thing from your personality and unfortunately tv seems to forget that a lot. So having this amazing woman who we’ve seen kick a lot of ass and save our heroes get some action is super satisfying. ALSO the fact that she has a large, visible scar across her face! I mean, Meagan Tandy is STUNNING even with the scar but its so rare to see women with noticeable defects on tv, let alone be in a relationship. But on Teen Wolf, it was mentioned once when she first appeared with it and never again, and clearly Derek doesn’t care about it at all. This is too great seriously. Then the fact that in “Time of Death” we had Braeden teaching Derek how to shoot, another complete gender reversal. I mean seriously, there are so many amazing things about this couple I could be here ranting all day.

Seriously! They’re all so great! Teen Wolf, you’re doing it right!