I’ve been dreaming of drawing some dragons for such a long time and here they are with some drarry in the background, ahaha. Let me introduce you their lil’ dradon babies: Blueberry, Sicily and Magnoly. It’s easy to guess which name has been chosen by Harry.

Quick Thoughts on TRR Book 2 Chapter 11

• We’re past the halfway point in the book but it amazes me how similar to Book 1 Chapter 10 (the beach party) this chapter is.


• “I’m saying ‘rap battles’ a lot, aren’t I?” See this is why the MC said Maxwell would be the entertainment way back in the Blue Grotto lol.

• Sooo…Regina was hoping the MC would succeed, but Constantine was more in favour of Madeleine. Regina was in fact in favour of the MC’s return to court. And Bastien answers more to Constantine more than he does to Regina. Ergo, Constantine is the one behind the plot that smeared the MC’s name.

• I wonder if there is more to it, though. I feel like his intention was to - in some warped twisted way - protect Liam. But from what?

• It’s also interesting how much more freely Regina talks to the MC when there is no Adeleide around.

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NAME: Dradon (V9).

POWER(S): Aeonyx essences absorption.

HEIGHT: 20ft (he’s a big boy).

GENDER: “Masculine” (sense aeonyx are technically genderless they assume ether masculine or feminine forms).

S.O.: Bisexual. (sense he’s my self moc might as well be bisexual like me 😜).

CLASS: Titan.

RANK: Warrior.

BIO: Dradon was once one of Alieraahs’ strongest acolytes, but when Alieraah found out he was question Lady Voids’ methods of ruling there people Alieraah cast him out of there world to save him from Lady Voids’ rath. This caused him to crash land on the same planet as Endeavor and Dradon being the smart giant that he was used some of the tech from the planets inhabitants to enhance himself. Now he roams the galaxy searching out any and all aeonyx to kill and absorb there essence to become stronger and stronger! (Btw the reason he has a purple and blue hand is because that’s a parasite that attached itself to his hand, Dradon calls in Brog).