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The Castlevania Opening Title sequence is officially up! This opening in particular was a special passion project for us, as we wanted to create an opening that encapsulates the feeling and themes of the show along with doing something visually exciting in the vein of opening sequences we at the studio admire.

The opening was also done by a small crew of us in an incredibly short period! It was spearheaded by me and @SpencerWan with help from @dannyaraya and @adamdeats in just about 3 weeks. I hope folks enjoy it!

ʚ 14th nov 2017 ɞ

some of my dracula notes for english literature ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) our teacher is a potterhead and she once opened a dracula (1992) movie clip. she asked, “do you guys know who played dracula?” and i was screaming like “IT’S SIRIUS BLACK”

gary oldman is a legend ♡( ◡‿◡ )


Vlad x Lisa 
Thank you  Anon! Your negotiation seemed fair and I appreciate your donations <3 Here is your colored commission and have a nice day <3 
Anon,wanted me to finish this drawing and paid to see the final result, I hope you like it too.

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Intro HD: Castlevania (Netflix Serie) 60 FPS


By all you hold sacred, by all you hold dear, by your love that is lost, by your hope that lives, for the sake of the Almighty, take me out of this and SAVE MY SOUL FROM GUILT! Can’t you hear me, man? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Will you never learn? Don’t you know that I am sane and earnest now, that I am no  l u n a t i c  in a mad fit, but a sane man

(ind. r. m. renfield of ‘dracula.’ written by kay.)

your-fave-is-bi  asked:

Loved the thing you wrote for Oni Hanzo falling in love! Could i request something like that for Dracula Reaper? (Extra kudos if u can make it Soft somehow)

He watches them closely. The way they walk proves just how observably unsure of their direction they are and how lost in thought they have become as they wander though unfamiliar corridors. Alone. They stop in front of a rich tapestry as if awakened while sleepwalking, finding themselves eye-level with the soulless mask on the figure in the center and unable to tear their gaze away.

It’s then when he makes himself known, softly starling them as he slips out from a veil of shadow. Legends are made to be told and they are quite remarkable as they listen to each velvet word, enchanted by his striking face that leaves them hanging on each line. He is enticingly human in the radiance of candlelight, his scared face and prominent features almost kind and something he has grown to exploit without mercy.

Save for tonight.

Whatever he was going to do to them, whatever compelled him to follow them, dies with their curiosity. Exploring reason does nothing but aggravate him, his fragile temper already tested and mask concealed behind his back as heavy as lead as they leave. His head pounds with each of their long-echoing footsteps.

He finds them them the next night, foolishly alone once again, making use of the castle’s impressive library. They sit by a window facing a rocky outcrop overlooking a river; the water’s surface as still as glass. From the spine, time-worn and faded, he recognizes what it is they’re reading and feigns surprise.

That book. Well, of course they would be drawn to that book— full of myths— of creatures, of demons, and of vampires, such as himself. And he had known this well.

He had wrote it, after all.

“You inspired me.” They tell him with maddening innocence before their voice dropped, becoming secretive. “You must know other legends…”

A lifetime’s worth, exactly.

His smile was a delicate flash of unnaturally sharp canine as their eyes widened in interest.

Open RP || Eleanor 

“In the days of my youth, I wanted nothing more than to be a man. The freedom it allowed, the ability to choose one’s destiny…” 

A deep breath was taken, and Eleanor lounged back in her seat as one long leg crossed over the other. It was rare that she spoke of the girl she once was, of the young woman that had traded her very soul to gain power over those that would seek to command her. 

“But now? I see them for what they are. Men are weak. And I’ve no time to entertain their fleeting delusions of grandeur. Not anymore.” 

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