Horror tropes of Innistrad #16: Human reaction

Seeking guidance from the other side 

Penny Dreadful: Séance (2014)

Séance (Dark Ascension)

The hunter of hunters

Dracula (1958)

Fiend Hunter (Innistrad)

The ever-growing angry mob

Frankenstein (1931)

Unruly Mob (Innistrad)

Other tropes (open all)

#1: possession  //  #2: post-Romero zombies

#3: weird science   //  #4: outnumbered

#5: jump scares  //  #6: vampiric lust

#7: the monster made by man  //  #8: anthropophagy

#9: gothic eeriness  //  #10: ghostbusters

#11: modern vampire archetypes  //  #12: lycanthropy

#13: Hogwarts  //  #14: Dracula’s vicissitudes

#15: 20th century icons

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"Super Violent" Anime version of Konami's Castlevania in the works

“Super Violent” Anime version of Konami’s Castlevania in the works

Hi Vamps,

If you love anime and/or the Castlevania video games this one might be of interest to you. Comicbook.com has reported Adi Shankar is currently working on bringing us “hard-hitting anime” based of the property. He claims this will “flip the vampire sub-genre on its head”.

Shankar also revealed the the miniseries’ plot will be based specifically on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The…

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Los hombres y las mujeres somos como cuerdas en medio de diferentes fuerzas que se expanden hacia distintos lados. Entonces vienen las lágrimas y nos tensan la cuerda al igual que la lluvia, hasta que la tensión se vuelve extrema y nos rompemos.
—  Drácula