Is she just a purple Draculaura? #monsterhigh


SHE IS HEEEEEERE !!!! I mean at my sister house, in USA, I live in France so now I wait One month until she come back 

But I know she will be okey when she’ll arrive so wathever I can wait

so excited to see her in real, also whisp, Kieran and Raven arrive probably next week and I’m waiting my black and white skull shore doll who arrive tommorow or monday YEAH.

God bless monster high and garett sander (oh and eah)


Kat came home with a huge Argos bag full of surprises. The assistant editor for Flog It (have I not told you Kat works at the BBC?) was given a bag of dolls by a neighbour for his daughter, but his partner realised that some of the dolls weren’t suitable because they have small detachable parts. Hearing this he remember a conversation with Kat about how we collect Monster High dolls and that you can pull them apart etc. Not knowing if any of the dolls were Monster High he still thought it was worth passing them along to Kat. 
Turns out buried beneath a hand full of Bratz dolls and clothing there were three Monster high Dolls.
A wave one Ghoulia that I’ve wanted FOREVER! but she is missing an earring, bag and a shoe, but other than that she’s in a pretty good state.
A wave one Frankie (well I think it is) in a Day at the Maul outfit. The outfits missing quite a few pieces though :(
Lastly what I’m assuming is a Day at the Maul Draculaura whose outfit is also missing a few items and has one half missing finger.
I’m totally keeping the Ghoulia, but I’m not sure about Frankie. Either we’re going to keep her just because she’s wave one, sell her for the same reason or customise her. Though I think Draculaura is up for customisation and maybe turned into Princess Bubblegum.
The other none Monster High dolls we’re probably going to sell and planning on keeping any clothes we like that can fit MH dolls.
All in all a pretty awesome surprise. It pays to tell people about your obsessions ^.^