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I never played the games but I get what “wall chicken” is about… it’s just not gonna translate well to the screen unless it’s more of a subtle nod than actually having prepared food hiding out in the walls of Daddy Vampire’s castle  :D

Nightmares - Draco Malfoy

Request: First of all, you’re writing is great! Second of all, may I request a scenario/imagine where Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend gets terrible nightmares and he has to calm her down? xx  ((Anon))

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: Nightmares. Being panicked. Torture (bit descriptive).

A/n: Thank you for liking my writing!

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Bellatrix stands over you, a dagger in her hand, a wicked smile on her lips as she cackles. Draco stands behind his mother, eyes cold, face blank as he stares at you as if you mean nothing to him. You cry out for him and try to reach your hands towards him but they’re tied down.

“Draco, come, finish her off.” Bellatrix gives the dagger to Draco and he steps in front of you.

“Please don’t do this,” You look up at him, crying and afraid, “Please, Draco, don’t do this.”

He presses the cold blade to your throat and you take a deep breath.

“Please, I love you, please don’t-!”

Draco!” You sit upright in your bed, on hand reached out and the other one on your neck. Draco was sitting across from you, his hand on your shoulder and a worried look on his face.

“I’m here, I’m right here.” You look wildly around you at the room you shared with Draco. It was barely dawn.

“Bellatrix- she was- and then you- and I- you killed me.” He frowns and pulls you into a hug.

“It was just a nightmare.” You shake in his arms, afraid and hopeless feeling.

It wasn’t the dying part that hurt you the most, it was that you knew Draco loved you, and that killing you was just going to turn him even more into a dark and twisted person that he never wanted to be. His eyes were so cold, colder than the blade he had pressed to your neck, colder and more wicked than the laugh of Bellatrix Lestrange.

“I love you.” Your hands had balled his pajama shirt in your fist as you held him.

“I love you so much.” You had no idea you were speaking until Draco was answering you.

“I love you too, of course I do.” He pulls out of the hug and wipes away your tears.

“Come on, it’s morning, and it’s a Saturday. We’ll make pancakes.” He stands up and offers you his hand. You take it and soon your walking behind him to the kitchen of your apartment in Diagon Alley.

You make hot cocoa, it was winter after all, as he starts to mix water in with the dry pancake batter from the box. Every time you have a nightmare you always find yourself thinking about him and you, your differences as well as you similarities. He was raised a wizard, he never knew anything different, but you were raised by muggles, and magic had always been a fairytale. You met in Diagon Alley when you were eleven, Draco was with his father, and when Lucius called you a mudblood you had no idea what it meant but your parents kept you far from him from that point on.

In fourth year you and Pansy Parkinson got in a fight. You both got sententious for a week. She looked worse than you did, you broke her nose, bruised her cheek, and ripped about half her head of hair out. It was a fist fight, not a duel with wands, because you had said to her that cowards only hid behind wands. You only had a bruise and cut on your cheek. A cut you still had the scar from. Draco never got in fights, he was the poster child of family image.

In year six you weren’t in school. Bellatrix had captured you and had been trying to get information out of you via torture for months until you saw Draco again. He saved your life, and at the same time he admitted to having a crush on you. Which was shocking, to say the least.
Now, you were both adults, Draco was making pancakes on a Saturday and you were drinking hot cocoa. He no longer held the fortune of his family, only a shortened version of it that a distant cousin of his left behind for anyone who left the family, but none of that mattered to either of you. You worked in the Ministry, Muggle-Artifacts section, and Draco worked as an Auror. You worked with Mr. Weasley, who would carry a message from Mrs. Weasley that would insist you coming over for dinner at least once a week.

“Mrs. Weasley wants us to come over tonight for dinner.” Draco says, which doesn’t surprise you. But you figured that tonight you could actually go, no point in refusing twice in a row.
“We should go, it’ll do us some good to change our schedules.”

It was true, for two young adults you were pretty boring. Draco would wake up with you, you’d drink coffee and tea at the breakfast bar, he’d leave a half an hour before you, and you’d get dressed before heading for the Ministry. You come home, exhausted, ready for a shower. You’d flick on the radio, listen to the news and some quidditch updates, order dinner, and take a nap on the couch. Draco would come home with the food, having picked it up on his way home, he’d wake you, you’d eat together, discuss your days, and then you’d go to bed. It was dull, and boring, and you really both needed to get out much more. So a dinner at the Weasley’s sounded pretty great.

“Sounds great, but what should we do until then?” Draco sets a plate with a pancake on it in front of you and you start to eat.

“Do a little shopping? I’ve been meaning to get a few potion ingredients, we need groceries, and I’ve been wanting to stop by Florish and Blotts, the Prophet says they’ve got a few new books in, and maybe we could go out into London and visit this new shop that just opened.” Draco listens quietly across from you, chewing on his pancake and nodding.

“Sounds like a plan.”

I painted this for the Castlevania Secret Santa 2017 exchange for armouredescort. I really hope they enjoyed this!

Remember how Alucard’s White Wolf form was regarded as Castlevania City’s “Mythical Savior” which helped the needy and lost? Well, I imagined a scenario where, in the end, Dracul joins his son and starts to help people while in his Dragon Form. Sure he might weigh a couple dozen tons and may tower over most buildings, but that’s not important!

Medium: Faber-Castell artist pen and watercolors. 

Honestly watching Swag_Dracula play F13th is slowly becoming more and more entertaining with every stream I see. Like already tonight he’s gotten his group that he’s streaming with to play Cash Cab, Freeze Tag, Hide And Seek, America’s Got Talent, and do a Scavenger Hunt. And not to mention he’s funny as hell


Okay, but I was listening to this episode again and all I could think of when it got to the “Shrimp, Heaven, Now!” bit, this was all I could think of. ^^’


We WAAAADDLIN HERE! The penguin mafia is on the search to recruit more penguin members.

Inspired by gh005tie’s VRChat stream, featuring twitch streamers Sniivy, Gh005tie, and the penguin mafia ring leader himself Farmer John

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Drac: Hey! Stop exercising and help me out. I’m having a 21st Century problem.

Humann: Hm? Whats up?

Drac: I’m trying to set an alarm and this thing wont let me.

Humann: Ok thats simple. Whats the alarm for?

Drac: For when I wake up.

Humann: Ok. So thats like, Seven-ish Eight-ish?

Drac: P.M. Yes.

Humann: Ok so just put the time there and then set a ringtone to wake up to.

Drac: Ringtone?

Humann: Its something that you don’t mind waking up to every morning. You can download something or make a recording!

Drac: How do I make a recording?

Humann: Press this button.

Drac: *Presses button*

Humann: What are you doing?

Drac: I want to wake up to you every morning.

Humann: Thats…

Humann: Thats really sweet!

Humann: But definitely not how it works.