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I’m just curious as to why you say you are MRA-friendly in your description? that could be a reason why feminists won’t really take you seriously…

I say I’m MRA-friendly because I think the men’s rights movement is important and needed and I have a huge problem with feminists who sabotage their activism or treat them like the enemy.

Some MRA issues, just so people reading this won’t think I support the ‘fedora-wearing friend-zoned nice guy’-stereotype when I say MRAs:

  • men get longer prison sentences for committing the same crime as women
  • divorced dads rarely get custody of their children
  • male infant genital mutilation (=circumcision) is still a thing
  • there are close to no shelters for male victims of domestic abuse
  • most male rape victims still don’t count in rape statistics or before the law
  • etc etc etc, there is much more

Supporting people who are trying to change these things doesn’t seem like an anti-feminist thing to do to me. Actually, they are trying to take a huge step towards gender equality and that is the main goal of feminists too, isn’t it?

The men’s rights movement and feminism are really just two sides of the same coin.