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harry potter fandom, circa 2007
  • harrypotterfanfiction.com
  • harmony vs romione vs dramione – it was getting UGLY out there (hell, it’s STILL ugly out there)
  • constant idealization of draco and constant demonization of ron – which led to the creation of the “draco in leather pants” and “ron the death eater” tropes. (you still see this, of course, but i think we’re getting better)
  • my immortal dramatic readings EVERYWHERE
  • my immortal still being on fanfiction.net
  • actual fanart of my immortal
  • soooo many youtube music videos for the creator’s otp
  • “harry potter chatroom” videos on youtube where the premise was that each character had a laptop and was in an online chatroom for some reason. usually each character got their own music that played in the background while they “typed,” and they all looked like this:
  • i wish i was kidding
  • i may have been obsessed with these when i was nine
  • so many fanvids of draco with “untitled” by simple plan (aka “how could this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeee i made my mistaaaaaaaakes”)
  • fanfics where voldemort had a daughter (and it was ALWAYS a daughter. pre-cursed child, mind you.)
  • people actually liking snape
  • pretty blatantly ignoring the fact that electricity doesn’t work at hogwarts in fanfictions
  • drapple (draco + green apples. not joking.)
  • that fanfic that was a lemon of the giant squid and the hogwarts castle… i can’t be the only one that read it out of sheer morbid curiosity 
  • jily fanfics that gave lily two OC friends that would be paired off with sirius and remus
  • no muggleborn slytherins, ever
  • fanmade potter puppet pal videos – some of them were quite good, but most weren’t
  • bashing viktor krum, cho chang, lavender brown, fleur delacour, and the entire weasley family for no reason
  • fics where people “switched houses”
  • people actually shipping snily
  • you could always tell the author’s opinion of draco malfoy based on whether they called him “malfoy” or “draco” in their narration
  • fanvids of “you belong with me” for every ship imaginable 
  • the trio ALWAYS being white in fanart
  • fics where hermione randomly got hot over the summer
  • sorting yourself into slytherin to be “edgy”
  • or because you had a crush on tom felton
  • or both
  • pairing hermione with literally every male character. ron, harry, draco, cedric, fred and george (sometimes both at once), lucius, snape, voldemort, neville, dean, seamus… if they interacted in canon (or even if they didn’t), they were shipped
  • “transfer student” OCs to explain why they haven’t been there for the past five years
  • not many same-gender pairings apart from wolfstar and drarry
  • harmony fanfics making ginny an “evil bitchy slut” and ron a drunken rapist so harry and hermione can find comfort in each other’s arms
  • people placing literal bets with actual money on who would die in the last book
  • which led to a bit of an issue for people who had bet on harry, as no one was sure whether or not it actually counted since he didn’t stay dead
  • my immortal predicting that harry would turn out to be a horcrux
  • people flipping the fuck out when their otps got sunk in the epilogue and swearing off the series forever
  • everyone having a crush on oliver wood (to be fair this one is completely understandable)
  • school play fanfics, usually with the purpose of getting their otp to kiss on stage (i am 1000% convinced jk rowling had “tales of beedle the bard” mention that theatrical productions are banned at hogwarts specifically to get people to knock it off)
  • “american exchange student” OCs
  • a girl ends up in harry’s (or draco’s) dorm for some reason – either bc she’s pulling a mulan or because of a mistake no one bothered to fix
  • lots of fanfics of the otp banging bc “i don’t want to die a virgin”
  • “101 ways to annoy lord voldemort” lists
  • calling voldemort “moldyshorts”
  • fanfics of the characters somehow reading the harry potter books and reacting to them (these were all taken down bc of copyright)
  • leaving peter out of marauders fanart and fanfic (i understand the urge but come on he was a marauder it’s what made his betrayal so tragic)
  • fred/george fanfic (my eyes, they bleed)
  • fred and george (but mostly fred) being the school heartthrobs
  • think of any two characters. any two. there is a fanfiction somewhere that ships them. (this is still true, of course – in a fandom this massive, it’s inevitable)
  • if you spoiled THAT DEATH from the sixth book, and someone murdered you for it, it was your fault
  • same with THAT DEATH from the fifth book. and a certain few THOSE DEATHS from the seventh.
  • cedric dying was old news within like a month though.
  • the divide between people who had gotten into the series late (or, sometimes, because of the movies) and people who had been there since (almost) the beginning
  • people refusing to go online until they’d finished reading the seventh book for fear of spoilers (i am SO glad i didn’t have tumblr back then)
  • people actually saying they wanted to join the death eaters
  • every character was either good or evil. no in between as far as the fandom was concerned.
  • everyone’s icon looking like this for some reason

  • dramione fanfics where he calls her mudblood AFTER THEY START DATING??? AND SHE PUTS UP WITH IT????
  • dramione fics where hermione heals him with her love
  • making ginny out to be the school bicycle and basically burning her at the stake for going on dates
  • fics where the head boy and girl get their own separate room??? for some reason???
  • VAMPIRE AUS (usually harry and/or draco)
  • dumbledore either being 100% heroic or satan
  • hermione’s parents always being named “dan and emma”
  • fics where hermione turns out to be adopted and a pureblood all along!
  • harry switching to the dark side for some reason??
  • basically
  • the harry potter fandom has ALWAYS been wild
  • it’s the same shit as always, the details are just different
October 12th: Apple Pie

Day Twelve of the Drarry Halloween Fest @drarry-halloween-fest

After the war, Draco and Harry had joined the aurors. Harry was automatically admitted, while Draco needed a recommendation from Dumbledore himself. When they were told they were to be roommates at the auror training camp, they had many objections. However, the head auror and their trainers would not hear it and they were stuck with their living arrangements. 

At first, they had argued nearly night and day. Any time they were both in the flat, a fight would break out. Usually, it ended in hexes and their neighbors calling them in. After that happening three times, the head auror told them they needed to ‘get over themselves’ or they would be kicked out of the program. Both determined to see through their training, they agreed to a truce. This truce was basically an agreement to not speak to each other unless absolutely necessary.

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A quiet (okay, maybe not that quiet) breakfast scene during 8th year

“Draco, is that a sticker on your elbow?” Harry pulled his boyfriend’s arm towards him and pulled the Pink Lady sticker from his pale skin. He held it close to his face, recalling vaguely from his time at the Dursley’s that Pink Lady was an incredibly sweet and also incredibly red and gold instead of green apple brand.

“Apparently.” Draco answered, seemingly uninterested though the slight blush creeping on his face told Harry something quite different.

“I thought you only ate Grammy Smith’s?” Harry asked puzzled, recalling quite a lot of scenes from their childhood which quite prominently featured Draco and green apples.

“And how do you know that?” The flush was replaced by a cocky smirk as Draco got the upper hand back in their breakfast conversation. “As far as I know we’ve never had deep conversations about my food preferences, nor have I ever mentioned my apples to be Granny Smith’s.”

“That’s because they aren’t.” Harry didn’t even get the chance to blush as Pansy Parkinson sat down opposite them. Her lips curled into a devilish grin as she saw Draco turn properly crimson. “You don’t think Mr. Sweet Tooth over here takes a fancy to sour apples now, do you Potter?”

“Please shut up Pansy.” Draco dropped his head onto his arms as a last desperate attempt to hide his flustered face. Harry still wasn’t sure what part of the conversation was embarrassing Draco, but he did know he didn’t mind Pansy putting the focus back on the blond. He felt no need to confess his habit of watching Draco eat. 

“Oh but darling, I don’t want to.” There was nothing but pure, slightly cruel joy in the small squeeze Pansy gave to Draco’s now sticker-free arm. “See, Potter, Draco has always preferred the most ridiculously sweet apples, but in his childish habit of translating every colour to a Hogwarts House, he didn’t want to be caught dead with a red and gold apple. The only reason he aces transfiguration is because from day one he’s been transforming his sweet red and gold Pink Lady’s into green Granny Smith’s. Only on the outside of course.”

Surprised, Harry looked at Draco. “You transfigurated your apples, so they wouldn’t have Gryffindor colours?” He chuckled as Draco lifted his head up just enough to throw a bread roll at Pansy.

“It wasn’t because of that. I just didn’t want anyone else to steal my apples.” Draco sulked.

“You keep telling yourself that darling.” Laughed Pansy, as she caught the bread roll and tore off the top part. “Just as you told yourself that you weren’t gay, didn’t fancy Potter, don’t like muggle music, or haven’t dye your hair.”

“You promised not to tell anyone about that!” Draco shot her a not-actually-vicious glare, and the green (Pink Smith? Granny Lady?) apple hit Pansy square in the face, while Harry was having his first laughing fit since the war. After a second or two Draco joined in, and even Pansy chuckled a bit after her nose stopped hurting so much.

“We’re finally allowed to be teenagers now, aren’t we?” Harry sighed happily when his laughing fit had eased a little.

“We are Harry.” Draco chuckled again as he saw Pansy rub her nose. “We finally are.”

Inspired by the apple sticker on my elbow. If you liked this thank the sticker.

An autumn day with Draco would include…

- First of all, it would be quite a bit of an effort to convince Draco to join you

- He wouldn’t really understand your excitement about leaves falling and all that, but seeing how enthusiastic you were about it, he would eventually agree

- The two of you would get up in the early morning hours, and would make your way to the first stop of the day: The corn maze

- Scarecrows of all shapes and sizes would linger behind every corner, making it a perfect activity for such a cold foggy morning

- Draco would seem kind of unimpressed, stating, that a few ugly puppets on sticks weren’t that good of a reason to get up this early

- You would look at him for a few seconds, pulling your jacket tighter around you before deciding to not make a big deal out of it, after all he was here with you

- His remark wouldn’t tame your enthusiasm for long anyways

- In fact, you were at your peak as you two came out of the maze to see that someone brought a donkey that could be fed and petted

- Even Draco would fondle it’s mane for a few seconds

- You’d swear you saw the tiniest of smiles on his face as the donkey turned away from the other people to be petted exclusively by Draco for a bit

- Munching on a corn dog (because what else?), you would make your way to one of your favourite activities: Apple Picking

- The sun would be up by then, dipping the whole plantation a soft golden light 

- At some point both you and Draco would sit in one of the big apple trees, since you insisted that the ones on the high branches were especially red

- Both of you would grin at each other, trying very hard to keep quiet as one of the workers would walk underneath the tree, especially since it was the one that stated a few rules in the beginning (such as to not climb the trees)

- Your little ‘hiking adventure’ would go unnoticed though, and even you could see that Draco looked rather pleased with himself, since the two of you clearly collected the prettiest apples

- Especially as you were told that you could make your own candy apples

- Draco didn’t really have that much of a sweet tooth, yet he always enjoyed seeing you so focused on trying to make the candy apples look as pretty as possible, decorating them with all kinds of extra sweets

- It would have gotten afternoon when the two of you were about to leave

- You would have slung your jacket around your waist, since the last warm sunrays still seemed to have quite a bit of power

- Contrary to your expectations, Draco would not take you home right away, instead you would walk through a long alley, hemmed by large trees in all colours from a warm orange to vibrant red, over to a faint brown

- You would smile at him, getting a bit more excited on the inside by the sound the colourful leaves on the earth made with every of your steps

- Draco would immediately take your hand as he saw you trying to warm it on your jacket

-  “You enjoyed it too, didn’t you?”
    “I enjoy seeing you happy, Y/N”

- Both of you would have to smile at his answer, you knew he was still too proud to admit that he actually had fun

- This didn’t matter that much to you though, since autumn had just begun


Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 7/??

Aegis (In This World or Any Other), Chapter 02 | A Reylo fanfic

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Read Chapter 2 Here (On AO3)

Those whom the gods love die young. To obtain a god’s attention is to hand over your life, so keep your head down and pray that they never notice you.

She took pity on the god no one ever visited, the god she doesn’t believe in, when she started leaving small offerings at his feet. She should have listened to local superstition.

A Hades/Persephone AU. 

Chapter Preview: 

Her visits are but a blink of an eye in his lifespan, a breath long held then quickly released, lasting only seconds. And yet he finds those seconds to be the most fascinating ones in his long days, for it turns out that this girl doesn’t fear him.
Which is why he finds himself sitting on his throne now, running long, pale fingers through the pool at his feet, bringing up an image of his favorite past time as she enters the dwelling her mortal kind have made for him, a quirked lip in the vague semblance of an amused smile. Such an odd thing to cross his face, yet it has been happening more and more lately.

What would the little mouse do this time?

Read Chapter 2 Here (On AO3)

Imagine Harry and Draco in a secret relationship during their 7th year !!!

Harry throwing an apple aimlessly but it ending up in Draco’s hands

and all the muggleborns gasping very loudly, attracting all the other nearby students’ attention

Hermione dropping all her books accidentally when she sees it happen because oh my Godric, FOR THE GREEK MUGGLES, THAT MEANS MARRIAGE

Hermione (accidentally) saying this loudly to everyone else and it just escalating really quickly to catcalling and shrieking and teasing

Draco hearing this and tossing the apple back at Harry, saying nonchalantly, “Now we’re even, Potter.” and just walking away like it’s no big deal


arriving-hell-on-heels  asked:

I want pie

Harry: So do I.

Draco:  Leave it alone.

Harry: but you made one.  Just now.  It’s sitting in our kitchen as we speak.

Draco: It didn’t set!

Harry: What does that even mean?

Draco: It means that I failed at pie baking.  The apples are practically floating in the filling.  As soon as I cut the stupid thing, it’s just going to run all over the plate.

Harry: Not everything has to look perfect.  I’m sure it will taste alright.

Draco: You think I am going to settle for serving our guest “alright pie”?

Harry: If it’s really that big of a crisis, just take a spoon, stir the damned thing up, and call it an apple cobbler and serve it in a bowl.

Pansy: *shows up out of nowhere*  Did You Make Apple Cobbler?!  You know that’s my favorite guilty pleasure!

Draco: Of course I did. Er…just.  Give me a minute.

Pansy: *starts to follow him to the kitchen*

Harry:  *grabs Pansy by the hand*

Pansy: Potter?  What are…

Harry: *shakes his head* Trust me.

Draco: Harry, quickly!  I need a bigger spoon! …And my wand!

Whatever happens to Draco
  • Drarry- fans: Yeah, Harry is definitely gonna find out he's gay and end up with Draco.
  • Dramione - fans: Draco will end up with Hermione, after all it's been love all this time.
  • the guys that made Drapple a thing: You know, the apple and Draco, that works just fine. He doesn't need a woman.
  • the realists: I can see Draco and Pansy ending up together.
  • Druna - fans: It'd be the best twist if he ended up with Luna, so JKR is definitely gonna do that.
  • JKR: Yeah, no, we're gonna make him end up with some random girl.
  • Drarry - fans:
  • Dramione - fans:
  • the guys that made Drapple a thing:
  • the realists:
  • Druna - fans:
  • -years later-
  • Film makers: We'll make her dress green so the Drapple - guys will think she's the apple in human form.