dracos apple

harry potter fandom, circa 2007
  • harrypotterfanfiction.com
  • harmony vs romione vs dramione – it was getting UGLY out there (hell, it’s STILL ugly out there)
  • constant idealization of draco and constant demonization of ron – which led to the creation of the “draco in leather pants” and “ron the death eater” tropes. (you still see this, of course, but i think we’re getting better)
  • my immortal dramatic readings EVERYWHERE
  • my immortal still being on fanfiction.net
  • actual fanart of my immortal
  • soooo many youtube music videos for the creator’s otp
  • “harry potter chatroom” videos on youtube where the premise was that each character had a laptop and was in an online chatroom for some reason. usually each character got their own music that played in the background while they “typed,” and they all looked like this:
  • i wish i was kidding
  • i may have been obsessed with these when i was nine
  • so many fanvids of draco with “untitled” by simple plan (aka “how could this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeee i made my mistaaaaaaaakes”)
  • fanfics where voldemort had a daughter (and it was ALWAYS a daughter. pre-cursed child, mind you.)
  • people actually liking snape
  • pretty blatantly ignoring the fact that electricity doesn’t work at hogwarts in fanfictions
  • drapple (draco + green apples. not joking.)
  • that fanfic that was a lemon of the giant squid and the hogwarts castle… i can’t be the only one that read it out of sheer morbid curiosity 
  • jily fanfics that gave lily two OC friends that would be paired off with sirius and remus
  • no muggleborn slytherins, ever
  • fanmade potter puppet pal videos – some of them were quite good, but most weren’t
  • bashing viktor krum, cho chang, lavender brown, fleur delacour, and the entire weasley family for no reason
  • fics where people “switched houses”
  • people actually shipping snily
  • you could always tell the author’s opinion of draco malfoy based on whether they called him “malfoy” or “draco” in their narration
  • fanvids of “you belong with me” for every ship imaginable 
  • the trio ALWAYS being white in fanart
  • fics where hermione randomly got hot over the summer
  • sorting yourself into slytherin to be “edgy”
  • or because you had a crush on tom felton
  • or both
  • pairing hermione with literally every male character. ron, harry, draco, cedric, fred and george (sometimes both at once), lucius, snape, voldemort, neville, dean, seamus… if they interacted in canon (or even if they didn’t), they were shipped
  • “transfer student” OCs to explain why they haven’t been there for the past five years
  • not many same-gender pairings apart from wolfstar and drarry
  • harmony fanfics making ginny an “evil bitchy slut” and ron a drunken rapist so harry and hermione can find comfort in each other’s arms
  • people placing literal bets with actual money on who would die in the last book
  • which led to a bit of an issue for people who had bet on harry, as no one was sure whether or not it actually counted since he didn’t stay dead
  • my immortal predicting that harry would turn out to be a horcrux
  • people flipping the fuck out when their otps got sunk in the epilogue and swearing off the series forever
  • everyone having a crush on oliver wood (to be fair this one is completely understandable)
  • school play fanfics, usually with the purpose of getting their otp to kiss on stage (i am 1000% convinced jk rowling had “tales of beedle the bard” mention that theatrical productions are banned at hogwarts specifically to get people to knock it off)
  • “american exchange student” OCs
  • a girl ends up in harry’s (or draco’s) dorm for some reason – either bc she’s pulling a mulan or because of a mistake no one bothered to fix
  • lots of fanfics of the otp banging bc “i don’t want to die a virgin”
  • “101 ways to annoy lord voldemort” lists
  • calling voldemort “moldyshorts”
  • fanfics of the characters somehow reading the harry potter books and reacting to them (these were all taken down bc of copyright)
  • leaving peter out of marauders fanart and fanfic (i understand the urge but come on he was a marauder it’s what made his betrayal so tragic)
  • fred/george fanfic (my eyes, they bleed)
  • fred and george (but mostly fred) being the school heartthrobs
  • think of any two characters. any two. there is a fanfiction somewhere that ships them. (this is still true, of course – in a fandom this massive, it’s inevitable)
  • if you spoiled THAT DEATH from the sixth book, and someone murdered you for it, it was your fault
  • same with THAT DEATH from the fifth book. and a certain few THOSE DEATHS from the seventh.
  • cedric dying was old news within like a month though.
  • the divide between people who had gotten into the series late (or, sometimes, because of the movies) and people who had been there since (almost) the beginning
  • people refusing to go online until they’d finished reading the seventh book for fear of spoilers (i am SO glad i didn’t have tumblr back then)
  • people actually saying they wanted to join the death eaters
  • every character was either good or evil. no in between as far as the fandom was concerned.
  • everyone’s icon looking like this for some reason

  • dramione fanfics where he calls her mudblood AFTER THEY START DATING??? AND SHE PUTS UP WITH IT????
  • dramione fics where hermione heals him with her love
  • making ginny out to be the school bicycle and basically burning her at the stake for going on dates
  • fics where the head boy and girl get their own separate room??? for some reason???
  • VAMPIRE AUS (usually harry and/or draco)
  • dumbledore either being 100% heroic or satan
  • hermione’s parents always being named “dan and emma”
  • fics where hermione turns out to be adopted and a pureblood all along!
  • harry switching to the dark side for some reason??
  • basically
  • the harry potter fandom has ALWAYS been wild
  • it’s the same shit as always, the details are just different

Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 7/??

Imagine Harry and Draco in a secret relationship during their 7th year !!!

Harry throwing an apple aimlessly but it ending up in Draco’s hands

and all the muggleborns gasping very loudly, attracting all the other nearby students’ attention

Hermione dropping all her books accidentally when she sees it happen because oh my Godric, FOR THE GREEK MUGGLES, THAT MEANS MARRIAGE

Hermione (accidentally) saying this loudly to everyone else and it just escalating really quickly to catcalling and shrieking and teasing

Draco hearing this and tossing the apple back at Harry, saying nonchalantly, “Now we’re even, Potter.” and just walking away like it’s no big deal


Imagine #1

As you can see, I’m very much bored that I thought of this

Harry Potter

You were in your shared apartment with Harry, spending the Christmas break with him as the both of you decorated the tree

You were playing some music on youtube, putting it on the trending playlist so that the surroundings won’t be that quiet, and so that it would lighten the mood up

Harry climbed down the ladder, helping you down as well when he saw you’re also done. Together, both of you admired the tree in front of you, the music playing on the background fitting the scene perfectly. His arms wrapped around you in a hug

That until, a weird Japanese song started to play.

“What in the name of Merlin is that?!” Harry asked, his other arm falling out from you, his face filled with amusement

You laughed as you watched his expression while you dance to the music, copying the moves “Oh, come on now Potter! Don’t be a kill joy”

Harry then laughed as he keep watching you. When the music was done, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head “I married a child”

Ron Weasley

You and Ron were were exploring the muggle world after you finished your 5th year

He was hesitant to go but since you insisted you’re familiar at the place, he finally gave in.

You were in a hotel, reading a book while you let Ron fiddle with your phone, letting him explore ‘internet’

You were getting drowsy, you put the book on the bedside table and glanced at Ron. The drowsiness in you faded when you saw his face, Ron looked at you and showed a video he found

“Bloody hell! What is this?! Is this what music means in this world?!”

“Oh Ron…”

Draco Malfoy

Everyone knows Malfoy’s doesn’t really like mudbloods muggles and muggleborns

Now, one Malfoy started to consider muggle rights, thanks to you. Draco’s parents is openly not very supportive of the thought, but Draco had his mind settled about supporting their rights

Draco’s mind has been very curious about the muggle culture that he would beg you to go around a muggle town every free time, begging for you to show him more movies, the list goes on.

Both of you are on his family’s vacation house, he was reading a book you recommended while you were fixing your closet, it was very very messy.

The place has an on going conversation, explaining the “Percy Jackson” story to him every now and then.

It was just that until your phone rang, the ringtone? The trending PPAP song.

You reached for the phone as Draco just gave a disgusted look, he knows about cellphones but that song? He just heard it now and he immediately hates it. His eyes followed the phone as you reached for it

“Y/N, turn it off” He instructed, his eyes with relief when you finallu turned it off “I’ve heard better, yet you settle to something like this?”

“Shut up Malfoy, it’s catchy” and little did you know, he was jamming to it few weeks later

Neville Longbottom

He was walking around the park with you, his hand clutching yours tightly.

You already spent time in the wizarding world and easily knew how things work.

Neville was scared going into the muggle world, but since you are one and sees how sweet you are, he thought it wasn’t really that bad

Now they were on the park she always told him, saying how she loves it that it made him curious, what is special about it?

Now that he’s here, he realized why. It was very calming. A simple fountain and the trees was calming enough

But that ridiculous song that suddenly played made him cover his ears “BLOODY MERLIN! WHAT IS THAT?!??! Y/N, MAKE IT STOP!”

“Longbottom, you slashed the dark lord’s pet horcrux head off. A gigantic snake thing. Don’t react as if a Japanese song would take you out”

Fred and George Weasley 

It was only the Three of you who was bonding around since everyone went to Hogsmeade You, being a muggleborn, decided to introduce them a few things about muggles, and they were very open for that idea 

You being a big fan of cartoons, decided to introduce them this genre. Showing them Adventure time, Amazing world of Gumball, Spongebob and even a few Disney classics 

After that, you let them roam around your house while you make lunch, reminding them every minute to not break or take anything. 

And them asking you something every now and then Especially when they saw the PPAP music video pop out from your phone.

“Uh Y/N, is he speaking parsel tongue?” Fred asked, both of their faces filled with confusion 

“No, he’s speaking English. He just have a different accent because he’s Japanese, a different breed as you call it" 

“It’s weird, but we dig it!” they lied, thinking that if they don’t you might hate them, thinking it’s a respected song in the muggle world

Whatever happens to Draco
  • Drarry- fans: Yeah, Harry is definitely gonna find out he's gay and end up with Draco.
  • Dramione - fans: Draco will end up with Hermione, after all it's been love all this time.
  • the guys that made Drapple a thing: You know, the apple and Draco, that works just fine. He doesn't need a woman.
  • the realists: I can see Draco and Pansy ending up together.
  • Druna - fans: It'd be the best twist if he ended up with Luna, so JKR is definitely gonna do that.
  • JKR: Yeah, no, we're gonna make him end up with some random girl.
  • Drarry - fans:
  • Dramione - fans:
  • the guys that made Drapple a thing:
  • the realists:
  • Druna - fans:
  • -years later-
  • Film makers: We'll make her dress green so the Drapple - guys will think she's the apple in human form.
The Locker Room || Smut

He’s still inside of her when they hear the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team chamber inside, after the game.

Their loud voices echo off the walls, and with a grunt, Draco grips her tanned waist and walks her back, to a corner of the room that is further from everyone else, but no less exposed.

Hermione felt every step, every shift of his hips, as he moves her at his own pace. She choked on her moans and gasps as he stifles his own sounds behind a clenched jaw.

“Draco.“ She whisper, a warning, maybe they should stop, but as soon as her legs settled on the floor, his whole body blanketing hers, his hips begin their relentless rhythm once more.

“Draco.” The way she says his name changes, and he looks down on her from his position above her, his arm braced against the wall, caging her in. It’s not fair, she thinks, it’s bot fair how he looks entirely unaffected by everything but for the sheen of sweat on his forehead and the minute bob of his Adam’s apple.

“Draco.” she moans.

The snap of his hips is quick, hard but not hard enough, he can’t risk making too much noise, and as it is, the only thing probably keeping her from getting caught is the loud exclamations, the jokes, the laughter from his teammates.

She stuffed her fist in her mouth, she couldn’t help it.

But, he moves his hand from where they held her legs apart to lace his fingers with hers, and she’s not sure if it’s a display of affection or his playful side wanting to make things harder for her to not scream in pleasure. It’s a safe bet to say that it’s probably both.

When her mouth opens in a loud moan, he leans down and captures it on his tongue, seals it away between his own lips. When he moves toward her, it changes the angle of his body and the head of his cock reaches something deep within her.

Hermione tensed, and it’s almost unsatisfying that she doesn’t get to shout as her orgasm crashes over, but with a few more thrusts, Draco finishes just as the last of his teammates exits the locker room.

She grins up at him, tired but trying her hardest not to let the warmth and satisfaction of the afterglow sink into her bones just yet.

“I hope you enjoyed that because that’s probably the last time we are ever doing that again.”

He scoffs, but she catch the small smirk on his face.

“You can think whatever you want Granger, but this won’t be our last.“ He said as he kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth.


When Hermione packs Draco his lunch for work
  • Draco: Alright, I got my wand, my jacket, and my lunch. I feel like I'm missing something.
  • Hermione: *hands him a green apple*
  • Draco: I thought you packed one already.
  • Hermione: Oh I did. I just know that you like to have two apples. One for your morning snack..
  • Draco: ..and one for the afternoon.
  • Hermione: *blushes*
  • Draco: What would do without you?
  • Hermione: Come home cranky because you didn't have your second apple.
My family conversation today

Brother:  Hailey, Drapple or Chickron?

Me:  Drapple, obviously. Chickron isn’t even close.

Brother:  Not even! Chickron is way better!

Mom:  What are you guys even talking about???

Brother:  *leaves*

Me:  We were talking about shipping.

Mom: Oh… *has confused look*

Me: I was saying Drapple, Draco and an apple, would be a better couple then Chickron, which is Ron and chicken

Mom:  *looks disturbed. Leaves me to blog in peace*