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“How can a forced marriage bring peace to either of our kingdoms?” the prince questions with a sour tone to his voice. He doesn’t get it. Just a few weeks ago King Garon was knocking at Hoshido’s door, begging for war (figuratively speaking) but now he set up this marriage between him and Princess Corrin, asking for peace. “This whole thing seems… suspicious.”

[ ❄ ] ~ QUIET FOOTFALLS echoed through the corridor as Felicia made her way to Corrin’s room. Arriving at said liege’s door, the pink haired maid knocked on her door with her index finger’s knuckle. “Milady? I’ve come to clean your room!” Felicia called, returning her hand to her side.



Puck had just recently joined Corrin’s army and at first was quite excited to see how their tactician deals with war councils and on the battlefield. His expectations were exceedingly large for her, only to be disappointed greatly after the first meeting. A scowl on his face, and a book in his hands was how he appeared for the rest of the night after that meetings. From what he was able to gather she was raised a sheltered life and had only just gained control of the army she held in her hands.

A scoff escaped his lips as he watched and listened to everyone speaking during the war council. The placement of the mounted soldiers were all wrong and the fliers were left wide open on the simulation. He hadn’t cared if he was heard by anyone. With what ‘skills’ she held with tactical situations they were barely scraping by with their hides.

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As much as I'd love to agree with the "there are enough awesome ladies" I can't. There are way more where the girl is portrayed as useless and stupid than the guys. And sometimes even when they are neither, people say they are. Marvel movies have their awesome ladies, yes. But that's not really the standard. Don't take this as an attack, because it's not. I just can't agree with there being enough awesome ladies. And sometimes even awesome ladies aren't portrayed as awesome as they could be.

There are ALWAYS awesome ladies. EVERYWHERE. Awesome ladies is a staple of a good movie. Hell, check out James Bond. Quite a few times he gets SAVED by the woman he was going after. Some of his greatest foes are women. His BOSS is a woman who is ultra bad ass. Women in media are bad ass. Look at True Grit. IT IS EVERYWHERE!! I’ve RARELY ever seen a woman portrayed as a stupid person who is just there for eye candy. The way people go on and on about it you’d think it would be RARE to not see it. But nope, I can think of maybe three if I push myself to. And even then, that’s a stretch. Hell, check the Lego Movie. Bad ass woman who gets shit done.

twitterpated. infatuated. howl is hopelessly head over heels for the young girl he’s barely known for more than a few weeks–yet she’s so kind, so beautiful, and it makes his heart a-flutter every time she smiles at him or when he hears her voice. she’s been staying in kingsbury for a good while until they found a way to get her home, and it certainly suits her. old sophie doesn’t approve of him going after someone so young, but he dismisses her opinion.

after spending a good two hours in the bathroom that morning, primping himself for his meeting with megan, he decides he’ll skip out on breakfast and leave his guitar where it leans against the wall. he can’t play the damned old thing, anyways, so what’s the use? he says not a word to calcifer or michael or sophie as he crosses the room, just merely turns the knob so the proper color is down and steps out into the streets of kingsbury, where howl had rented megan a lavish house with plenty of servants.

he wears a violet and silver coat over his suit, one that flatters his blue eyes and dark hair. while in some place like market chipping or porthaven, he’d come off as flashy and garish, he fits in just fine in kingsbury. he strolls along the streets, a smile wide on his face, and manages to snatch a bouquet of flowers when the florist isn’t looking.

howl at least has enough decency to knock on the door when he reaches it, though he has a key to it and can easily unlock it himself if he wanted to. he rocks back and forth on his heels, hiding the bouquet behind his back. a group of girls pass, whispering amongst themselves, “whatever woman attracted a beauty such as that is certainly lucky!”

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Why were medieval times called the dark ages? Because of all the knights. (You get a pun because you're cool.)

    Foleo knew he shouldn’t laugh at such a joke, but alas he could not help himself. It was..so cheesy ! So cheesy, but so grand.  

          ❝ Is that so ? I must relay this to father. ❞ 


Immediately, her head snaps over to the voice, and her eyes widen. Was this the real deal this time? Megan senses the danger, of course — it’s all too real, and so is the terror — but there is something exhilarating about this find as well.

“W-wait! Just give me a moment of your time, please? Are you real…?” There’s a pause, and she’s ready to turn and run or fight back if she needs, but she can’t help but press further. “Pretty please…?”

the fright in her voice is all too obvious. it just makes foxy want to come out and spill her innards across the floor even more. because the sound of fear is so enticing, and the feeling of his hook ripping through flesh even more so. he just about drools at the thought, but she’s asking him a question. he still does not reveal himself. that can wait until later.

į'm͢ ̕as ̕r̀e̡al ͢as y҉ou ar̸e͜

then he steps out, towering over the girl and taking a few steps closer, his feet clinking against the floor. the way his head cocks is mechanical, twitching, and you can almost hear gears grinding and whirring when he moves.



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