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"Forget dressing up as any kind of fruit or vegetable. You should definitely dress up as the solar sysem. You know, you would be the sun, and you could have the planets rotating around you!" Megan suggested with a bright smile. Poor Sebastian.

“I hate everything right now.” Sebastian mumbled.

twitterpated. infatuated. howl is hopelessly head over heels for the young girl he’s barely known for more than a few weeks–yet she’s so kind, so beautiful, and it makes his heart a-flutter every time she smiles at him or when he hears her voice. she’s been staying in kingsbury for a good while until they found a way to get her home, and it certainly suits her. old sophie doesn’t approve of him going after someone so young, but he dismisses her opinion.

after spending a good two hours in the bathroom that morning, primping himself for his meeting with megan, he decides he’ll skip out on breakfast and leave his guitar where it leans against the wall. he can’t play the damned old thing, anyways, so what’s the use? he says not a word to calcifer or michael or sophie as he crosses the room, just merely turns the knob so the proper color is down and steps out into the streets of kingsbury, where howl had rented megan a lavish house with plenty of servants.

he wears a violet and silver coat over his suit, one that flatters his blue eyes and dark hair. while in some place like market chipping or porthaven, he’d come off as flashy and garish, he fits in just fine in kingsbury. he strolls along the streets, a smile wide on his face, and manages to snatch a bouquet of flowers when the florist isn’t looking.

howl at least has enough decency to knock on the door when he reaches it, though he has a key to it and can easily unlock it himself if he wanted to. he rocks back and forth on his heels, hiding the bouquet behind his back. a group of girls pass, whispering amongst themselves, “whatever woman attracted a beauty such as that is certainly lucky!”


Immediately, her head snaps over to the voice, and her eyes widen. Was this the real deal this time? Megan senses the danger, of course — it’s all too real, and so is the terror — but there is something exhilarating about this find as well.

“W-wait! Just give me a moment of your time, please? Are you real…?” There’s a pause, and she’s ready to turn and run or fight back if she needs, but she can’t help but press further. “Pretty please…?”

the fright in her voice is all too obvious. it just makes foxy want to come out and spill her innards across the floor even more. because the sound of fear is so enticing, and the feeling of his hook ripping through flesh even more so. he just about drools at the thought, but she’s asking him a question. he still does not reveal himself. that can wait until later.

į'm͢ ̕as ̕r̀e̡al ͢as y҉ou ar̸e͜

then he steps out, towering over the girl and taking a few steps closer, his feet clinking against the floor. the way his head cocks is mechanical, twitching, and you can almost hear gears grinding and whirring when he moves.

App for VIVID.

Name: Megan Spicer
Age: 19
Face claim: Ashley Benson
Position or Client: Stripper
Short Bio: Megan was born into the wealthy Spicer family in London, England. Her father, Jack Spicer, wanted many children but his wife was unable to give him more and died giving birth to Megan. Raised into money, Megan was taught from a very young age to be a proper lady, to be sweet and kind, however she was also very spoiled. At 18 years old, instead of going to college like her father had wanted, she found it was far easier to get money out of stupid men, and so she traveled abroad, lying to Jack and telling him she was off to college. The reality of the situation, however, was that instead of college, she was going to try her hand in the more… adult industry. 

Being trained in ballet since she was just three years old, Megan saw no qualms about trying to make money dancing on a pole, and that’s exactly what she did. She worked on and off in smaller clubs, gaining the experience that she needed for a year, keeping her eye on the bigger prize: VIVID. She’d heard good things, and had visited on occasion to get a feel for it. It was exactly what she’d been looking for.

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