Honestly give me a world with wildly different dragon types. Give me small rainforest dragons that live in the canopies, hoping from branch to branch, eating large insects. Give me long legged dragons that run on the plains, that hunt in packs. Give me gigantic dragons that are more wing than body and spend most of their lives soaring through the stratosphere. Give me hulking giants that lurk around volcanoes, guarding their territory with earth rumbling growls and breaths. Give me mountain dragons that use the winds around the mountain to glide and fly, looking for prey. 

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  • Keystone Team Seven: weird hipster metahuman children get together to create a hero team to protect their college and the local Wawa and end up sometimes falling on their faces. But if they go pro, they’ll get dental coverage so it’s fine.
  • Draconologist: tryhard draconology student Alder eavesdrops and overhears that dragons in the king’s forest are being poached. So she bullies her way into the investigation with her roomie (slash beautiful crush) tagging along
  • Cape Were: Ana tried at being a werewolf hunter for two years, until she was bitten. But the “”alpha”” weres in town won’t let her live her life and try to date the beautiful new girl, Sylvie, so…you know. Gotta come out of retirement!
  • Punk Rock Romeo: Sean is taking a year off from school to prepare her bad brain for college; since she’s already in the business of being so brave, she decides to also go after the boy she’s basically loved since middle school. Also? Debates about punk rock left and right.

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