There was a slight smirk on his face at the squeak, it was cute. It reminded him very much of himself when he was the younger Jack’s age. Instead of being shoved back, like he was expecting, there’s several seconds of paused kissing. 

Is this really who you want to get involved with?” 

“you’re close to what i want, i guess,” he mumbled quietly, averting his red eyes before sliding his arms away. looks like he just successfully embarrassed himself. again.

                    you could see that striking red hair from
                           miles away, and with that stark white skin, it
                           was no mistake who he was looking at.

                    drool just about dripped from his chapped lips,
                           eyes casting a bloody glow beneath his thick
                           curtain of hair. he chuckles, full of so many em-
                           otions and none of them positive; then, he starts

                    large hands snake around a thin waist, yanking
                           the other back against his giant body. a tongue
                           flickers out over a slightly-pointed ear, which he
                           breathes hotly into, “time’s definitely been kind to
                           ya, spicer.”