draconis machina

I worried that his new design made him look… less intelligent but messing with it more just makes him look insane.

And considering Fafnir’s character is basically a delusional war machine that believes it’s the perfect union of mankind and dragonkind’s technological advancements and therefore a god… I think the mad look fits.

Title:  Silent
Rating:  G
Characters:  Altair, Theron
Summary:  Altair is tense and skittish around Theron.  He’s also trying to figure out what he wants.  Theron belongs to tumblr user clanketybritches and this takes place in her lovely Draconis Machina world!
Warnings:  Uhhmm…borderline stalking?  It’s…odd and hard to put in words

When it had happened, Altair was confused, a bit shocked, because he wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the sudden touch.

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Also the Animatic for my Finals

Parts I like, parts I don’t like but at least I got it done. 


things im doing in class instead of work ahahaha