At first I wanted to design a Discoshy offspring, but when adding colours it started looking too much like Shy herself, so I just changed the hairstyle and turned it into Shy as bride of Discord instead.

Some hundreds of years into the future…

And while Princess Twilight initially regarded the slow transformation with suspicion, she’s now chill, cause she noticed that at heart, Fluttershy’s remained the same good-hearted being she’s always been. Better yet, she’s even influenced her husband. The two tend to disappear into the realms of chaos between worlds ever so often, playing at the twinkle of eternity.

To me, her right leg - remaining its original colour (probably still with cutie mark too) - signifies that she isn’t 100% “corrupted”.


Teatime Repainted!
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More colors, lighting, detail, and a year’s worth of learning! c:

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“Serafine, could you go and get some biscuits for me and my guest, please?”
“Uhh, sure…I mean, yes, princess!”

“A sweet girl, Twilight, but isn’t she a bit…bumbling?”
“That’s why her parents sent her to me, Fluttershy. She has a lot to learn.”
“You would think she has never seen a draconequus before.”
“I would be surprised if she had! It’s been quite a while since you last visited and even longer since Discord departed from the Equestrian dimension!”
“Oh my, it has been a while, hasn’t it. I’m sorry Twilight, time passes differently in the…chaos realm. And Discord always has something new to show me!”
“Really? Even after all this time?”
“Oh Twilight, I wish you could see it. I never dreamed the universe could be this big!”
“Well, you know me, duty calls…”
“You’re not overworking yourself again, are you?”
“No, no, no…but you know how it is…it is a big responsibility. Sometimes I really wonder how Celestia and Luna managed.”
“They probably had lots of friends to help them.”
“Yes. And I’m glad I do too…”

I kinda dislike having characters that I like run around without a proper setting, so I decided to put Discord-shy into a future AU where I may or may not put some pairings I usually don’t ship. For instance, Serafine is a future daughter of Spike and Ember, put into Twilight’s care to learn the ropes of an assistant, princess duties and other related stuff that may help her as an even future-rer ruler herself. She’s usually rather headstrong and sarcastic, but life with Princess Twilight and her friends has caught her off-guard.
(Some of you may remember a little dragoness I once created called Minu, who I also didn’t have any plans for, but who now, thanks to a name-change and some minor colour tweaking, got her purpose as Serafine. ^^)

The plan is to keep this separate from my “main fanon” (Lavender etc.) and just have fun, but with Fluttershy being able to hop dimensions, who knows…

Also, hey, commissions are open! I really need to make rent money, so if you have an idea you’d like to see realized, go check out the commission info!

“Gosh! Thank you, Mr. Mrxplz!”

Being able to travel through time, space and dimensions leads you to get to know lots of new animal friends.


The earlier fanart picture inspired me to draw another picture of Discord-shy. Plus the author told me she’d like to see more ;)

Discord-shy will also be tagged as such in the future to distinguish her from the prevalent ship-name Discoshy.


Man, you wouldn’t believe how many asks I got after last week’s post that were either scolding Trixie or crying for her to be punished! You guys are harsh! She was injured and upset, cut her a break! (Says the guy who’s putting her through all this)

Of course that was still more tolerable than the scores of “Right to bear arms” jokes…


I like a good design challenge and coming up with new characters, but fair warning: I usually don’t do much with them; and in this case especially, cause I don’t really care for the ship itself. (Frankly, I don’t care much for Discord shipping in general. I dunno, it just doesn’t work for me.)
So you guys can play around with him as you like.

I’m not exactly sure how the conception worked, but Discord definitely couldn’t resist meddling with the “final product”. He thought it’d be fun to give his offspring parts of the most dangerous animals in Equestria in the hopes that since he wasn’t allowed to cause all that much chaos himself anymore, his son would.
Of course that plan not only backfired because it’s still also Fluttershy’s offspring, so he’s got her friendly and laid-back character, but also cause those animal parts make many of Equestria’s most dangerous animals see him as part of their own race. Coupled with Fluttershy’s inherent animal-friendliness this means he can play around with Timberwolves etc. like they were his personal puppies.
He’s taken it upon himself to be a travel guide in the more dangerous parts of Equestria, entertaining ponies on the way with stories about his parents and their friends. A big, cuddly sweetheart.