dracon con


Dragon Con



Cecil Baldwin - Dracon*con 2013
Made and modeled by me
Photos taken from [x] and [x]

This was supposed to be an easy closet cosplay to wear on the last day of the con. Oh, how it was not…

While admittedly all my clothing was just thrifted and tailored, I somehow decided it was necessary to make a portable Night Vale radio station?? The final set-up was extremely lightweight and featured a microphone, keyboard, decorative weather CDs, dismantled sound board (I had a hell of a time shifting through techno recycling plants for the costume) functioning speakers and flashing LED lights (not very visible in pictures). It was quite the endeavor making something that would also be able to travel safely by bus, as I knew I’d have to transport this thing from NYC to Atlanta. The whole thing dismantles very easily - only downside being that one time that it dramatically dismantled in front of the whole WTNV gathering…

Wearing this costume was so much fun! The meet-up was fantastic, and I absolutely loved having my own sound system be part of my costume. I felt like a little portable party, since techno music followed me wherever I went that night! 

Sadly I haven’t been able to find many pictures of me in this costume! And since I wore it while at a bar and drinking on Sunday night, many of the pictures are Cecil drinking on the job. For shame, Cecil. For shame.