Jo always talked about him as being vulnerable. Most bullies are. They’re actually hugely insecure and have their own problems, and he has the worst parental guidance of any child I’ve ever seen in my life. Harry has these great influences, even though his parents have passed. Draco, he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, really. He’s stuck. — Tom Felton.

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oooh i’m curious to know how you shipped scorose though :3

Ehhh basically to me it was always about the quiet boy who and the loud girl who looked like they had nothing in common on the surface but who were actually terribly alike. The weight on their shoulder didn’t have the same roots (she was from a family of war heroes, he was from a family of war criminals) but it was the same kind of weight (she was she had to live up to her parents’ name with everyone waiting for her to either do better or compltely screw up, while he had to re-build the family name and everyone wanted to know if he was going to succeed or if he’d end up be as bad as his father/grandfather)

And like they bond over that, over the fact that while they come from completely different backgrounds and have clashing personalities (Rose just wants to play Quidditch, get decent enough grades to please her mother, and be friends with everyone, while Scorpius feels like his name means he doesn’t deserve any friends and he focuses on his studies instead), they realise in their later years as Hogwarts students that there isn’t quite anyone else they can relate to that much because no one else really knows what it feels like, to only ever be the child of someone in the eye of the world.

And none of that Romeo and Juliet bullshit like woah it’s been over twenty five years bridges have been built to get over it.

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