dracodormiensnunquamtittilandus replied to your post:  commandersya said: Wait, you’re from Portugal as well??

oomg - more portuguese bellarke fans??? this is so awesome thought I was alone!! olá :)

Oh yeah, totally Bellarke trash over here. I’m crazy about them! xD 

(Like you can see from this tumblr ahah)

So good to meet portuguese people over here! :D 


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The fandom is actually particularly bad. I've been in some bad ones, but this one is worse I think.I never actually took part, but I love the show (especially Jake and Olivia) so i decided to check out the tags and saw so much hate that I just followed a couple of blogs that seemed to be about loving characters and not hating on them and that was it. So thanks for being a great blog and sorry you have to put up with so much hate :)

I think every fandom has its bad apples, and I avoid those bad apples as much as possible. I try to quickly scan tags for graphics. I just don’t understand why people have to be nasty. Especially on a graphic of a couple they loathe. I’ve tried very hard to keep this blog hate-free.