When Draco won't shut up about Potter
  • Draco:He thinks that he's so perfect, saving everyone all the time. It makes me sick
  • Draco:How'd he even make the Qudditch team in first year anyway? Who does he think he is?
  • Draco:And his hair's always a mess but somehow he manages to pull it off, like how does he do that. Stupid Potter.
  • Pansy:Honestly, you won't stop talking about Potter. Potter this, Potter that. Anyone who heard you would say you have a crush on him or something.
  • Draco:A crush?? On P-Potter?! You're mad! As if I would ever have a crush on Scar-head! Sure he's a not a bad looking bloke and all that, and he has nice eyes I suppose...And his smile...
  • Draco's thoughts:Well, fuck.
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by april_zephyr (April_Zephyr)

“We should probably see a healer.” Draco announced, rubbing Harry’s back. He had been feeling sick the last few weeks. Constant nausea and loss of appetite.

“We don’t need to see a healer.” Harry groaned, “It’s probably a cold or something.”

“Harry. You said it was like you were pregnant again.” Draco argued, “We need to take you to a healer.”

“It’s not possible. You know it’s not possible.” Harry stated stubbornly, “I haven’t been taking any fertility potions or anything. I can’t magically get pregnant without the help of magic.”

Words: 1455, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Potter-Malfoy Verse.

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okay bUT imagine drarry going to ikea because they can
• and Draco is being a classy bitch like he is and he picks out white furniture
•but Harry is like ‘babe look at this fluffy chair it’s red and-“
•Harry that’s ugly we have no red
• Harry sitting on literally every chair and going ‘Draco try this one omg’
• and Draco does lmao because his boyfriend is a huge nerd
• they do the same with the beds
• Draco striding into a kitchen that Harry’s looking around in and going ‘honey I’m home’
• 'Draco we literally live together why are you saying that’
• of course halfway through the novelty is wearing off for Harry
• 'Draco please where is the end’
• Draco just ignores him because Merlin he needs to see every section
• he perks up a little when they get to baby furniture because Draco says
• 'we should think about buying one of these soon’
• and Harry’s face just lights up because
• and they’re my adorable couple


I’ve been thinking about high school drarry for a while and then pillowcasey was like “HIGH SCHOOL AU” and then she was like “DRACO IN HARRY’S FOOTBALL JACKET” and I was like “do you want to kill me or was that unintentional”

So Harry forgot his jacket at Draco’s place on purpose last night, and Draco put it on and completely outed their relationship also on purpose, but he would never admit to that

Draco's fashion sense
  • *both are just out of Hogwarts*
  • Harry:*takes Draco muggle clothes shopping*
  • Draco:Potter this is really stupid, what kind of clothes could Muggles wear that could possibly be any close to appealing-
  • Armani:
  • Versace:
  • Louis Vuitton:
  • Prada:
  • Burberry:
  • Draco:well fuck fuck damnit harry how do you convert these into muggle currency, quick hurRY UP
"ground rules"
  • Draco:Nothing's going to change, okay Potter?
  • Harry:*kisses his head* Mhm
  • Draco:we're still going to pretend we absolutely hate each other
  • Harry:*nips his ear* yep
  • Draco:just because we're exclusive to each other doesn't mean i'm giving you preferential treatment
  • Harry:*nuzzles his neck* of course
  • Draco:You need to keep at least a three foot radius away from me
  • Harry:*steps back* Like this?
  • Draco:What? No. What are you doing? Get back here and keep kissing me.
  • Draco:*walks up with confidence*
  • Draco:Potter!
  • Harry:what now, Malfoy?
  • Draco:i have come up with yet another challenge to completely humiliate you in front of your stupid friends!
  • Harry:*sighs*
  • Draco:*snaps and holds out his hand to Blaise without breaking eye contact with Harry*
  • Blaise:*rolls his eyes and hands Draco a galleon*
  • Draco:heads, i win. tails, you lose.
  • Harry:wait, wha-
  • Draco:*elbows Blaise*
  • Blaise:*looks at his palm* winner gets bragging rights. loser has to kiss the winner.
  • Draco:ooooooooohhhh man, Blaise! that's harsh! how'd you come up with that?! hahahaha! ok i'm in.
  • Blaise:
  • Harry:
  • Draco:
  • everyone else:
  • Harry:but-
  • Draco:sCARED POTTER?!?!????
they tried
  • Hermione & Pansy:*bursts into dorm room with camera* YOU TWO ARE HAVING SEX!
  • Harry:*doing homework* ...
  • Draco:*reading* ...
  • Harry:...
  • Draco:*looks over* Harry? Really? Why didn't you tell me, I would've put my book down.