when partnered on the same auror cases, it takes two not to get distracted…

If Harry had been a Slytherin, 2nd year would’ve been so fun for him. The moment the rumors of him being the heir of Slytherin got out, no one would’ve stood a chance.

The literal morning after, you see Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson shoving everyone out the way saying “Move peasants, let the heir through!”, while Harry Potter is carried on Crabbe and Goyles shoulders like some makeshift throne, behind them Blaise Zambini plays “Bow Down by Beyoncé” on top volume.

No one questions it, not even the teachers.

to all the new Slytherins that will join us at hogwarts today…

  • you are not evil
  • you are not bigoted
  • you are not hateful
  • you are not manipulative
  • you are not selfish
  • you are not cruel
  • you are not cowardly

and I wish every single one of you ambitious, determined, cunning, resourceful, wonderful people a fantastic year

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so anyways i was thinking about this post the other day 

and anyways long story short i did a thing 


drarry social media au (that no one asked for) part 12/ next

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Slytherin: you all annoy me

Hufflepuff: *starts tearing up* i annoy you?

Slytherin: no not you honey, them two do *points at Ravenclaw and Gryffindor*

Ravenclaw: rude!

Gryffindor: im used to it