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In the play on Saturday during the Godric’s Hollow reunion scene was a little different to the awkward, half hug that was described in the script. Scorpius runs to Draco stops dead, Draco says his line and then Scorpius jumps on Draco and wraps his legs and arms around him. Making Draco hold his son like this for a couple of seconds. Just shows Scorpius’ love for Draco and how pleased he was to see him as doing this nearly knocked Draco over. I will do anything to see you draw this!

Sorry this is more than a few months late, I had this in my works-in-progress folder for SO LONG…..! Malfoy family hugs will always make me cry with happiness jfdklsajklfd ////

 Dramione WIP Fluff from the ‘Fics I Won’t Write’ Game.  

If I’m Gonna Fall in Love:  Draco had made a list of everything he needed to fall in love. She had to be classically beautiful, and deferential, and from a good family.  She had to be someone his parents would like, someone his friends would approve of.   If he were going to fall in love,  he planned to make sure she was everything he’d ever wanted.  He planned to make sure she was perfect.  This made the way he kept running into Hermione Granger at every social event incredibly annoying.  How was he supposed to meet the perfect girl if he kept getting caught up in arguments with Potter’s bushy-haired sidekick?

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What if Draco and Harry were sitting in a bar - a noisy, crowded bar with the music so loud it was almost deafening, their drinks watery and of a nauseatingly bad quality, the repugnant smell of sweat and beer overwhelming them. What if Harry was sitting there, his eyebrows knotted because he had tried to talk, tried to get his voice to carry over the narrow space between them. What if Harry’s hand was resting on Draco’s leg to get closer, to get his mouth next to Draco’s ear to let himself to be heard, his warm breath tickling against Draco’s cheek. What if Harry would be like that, close and familiar and hot - the hand on Draco’s leg all Draco could focus on, his breath all he could feel.

Because in such a moment Draco would, beyond a single doubt, fall irreversibly in love with Harry, with the way his heart would clench with every throaty laugh, the way he’d flinch closer to Draco whenever each new song started - seemingly louder than the last one. He would fall head over heels for the saviour, for the glint in his eyes under the cheap disco lights, for the cocky grin he’d give Draco for a joke Draco hadn’t been able to focus on because all he could think about was Harry, Harry, Harry -

What if Draco and Harry were sitting in a bar?

During the Godric's Hollow reunion scene, Scorpius jumps on to Draco wrapping his legs and arms around him. Making Draco hold him there for a few seconds before dropping him to the floor.

Script lines: “they sort of half-hug in a very awkward way” - Yeah didn’t play out like that. 

Scorpius also runs to Draco at full speed before and nearly crashes into him but stops just so Draco can say “we can hug too if you like” then Scorpius leaps onto Draco.

The only awkward thing was that I don’t think Alex had any idea that Anthony was going to jump on him like that. So it took him by surprise as I don’t think that has ever happened before.

Showing of the 29th October

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Head Boy

1.5k words, G rated

Scorpius’s seventh year letter from Hogwarts contains an unexpected piece of good news, and Draco has never been prouder. 

Beta’d by @abradystrix

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important detail

draco is taller than harry by a few inches as we all know
but he’s got super long legs so when they’re both sitting down he actually becomes shorter and uses this circumstance to nuzzle into harry’s neck whenever it’s possible
i just felt like y’all needed to know

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whenever draco is sleepy he answers every question with "yeah". harry uses this opportunity to get draco agrees to them getting a dog or a cat

oh my god i LOVE this

My Writing

Harry arrived home from his late shift at work to see Draco curled up on their couch, fighting to keep his eyes open.

Harry walked over to the couch and smiled down at him.

“Hey love,” Harry greeted softly and lightly ran his fingers through Draco’s hair.

Draco hummed his response.

“Are you sleepy?” Harry asked and kissed his temple.

“Yeah,” Draco said sleepily and yawned.

“Did you have a good dinner?”


Harry chuckled. This was one of his favorite things. Whenever Draco got really tired, he was unable to think of proper responses to questions, so he always just responded with “yeah”. Harry often liked to use it to his advantage.

Harry gently moved Draco’s legs so he could sit on the couch, and then pulled the blond into his lap.

“So, I was thinking,” Harry began, running his hands up and down Draco’s sides.

“That’s good,” Draco responded and rested his head on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry smiled fondly at him.

“I think we should get a dog. Would you like that?”

“Yeah,” Draco mumbled, letting his eyes fall closed.

“Yeah? And should we go look for one in the morning?”


“And you promise you won’t be mad at me when I bring this up tomorrow?”


Harry chuckled.

“Okay, love. Should we go to bed now?”

“Yeah,” Draco nearly whimpered out of exhaustion.

“Me too,” Harry said and kissed the top of Draco’s head before lifting him up and carrying him to their bedroom.

Harry laid Draco down in their bed and crawled in next to him.

“Good night, Draco. I love you.”

“Love you too, Harry,” Draco sleepily slurred before quickly drifting off to sleep.

Harry laid there for a moment, thinking about what Draco’s reaction to them getting a dog in the morning would be, before he, too, fell asleep.

The way you are.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco x Reader
Based on this request: The reader as a prosthetic leg. Draco comes back from A detention. to find that in the common room, after your quidditch Pansy and the other girls playing catch with it. While his girlfriend lies helpless on the floor in the middle of it all.
Words: 650
A/N: I’m sorry it took so long, I needed my time to figure out how to write this one, I really hope you like it.
The requests are open.:)

The Quidditch training is hard today. The sun stands high at the sky and the sweat runs down you skin. Exhausted you land on the grass to go to the cabins and change clothes while the other girls follow you. You don’t like Pancy and her friends and they don’t like you, that’s not a secret. All the time you always try to be the first one or the last one to change clothes because of you prosthetic leg you have since a long time. You know the girls wouldn’t understand, that’s what you thought of everybody. At the beginning of your relationship with Draco you also always hided it away until on day when Draco came into your room while you’ve changed clothes. He was really surprised and stood speechless at the door. You tried to apologize because you’ve never told him anything but he just shook his head:”There is nothing to apologize. That’s the way you are the way you are is the reason why I love you.” Draco pulled you into a hug and after an half hour of telling him why you have this leg the both of you simply went to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer.

Pancy and her girls would never react like this and you know that. As fast as you can you try to put on your pants but suddenly the girls walk in. They simply stare at your leg. “What is that?”, she asks and laughs a little bit. “What does this look like?!”, you simply reply and pull on your pants and shoes to walk away. You can hear their laughes and try to walk away as fast as you can. You head to the common room so you could learn a little bit until Draco comes back from detention. You sit on the ground and pull a book out of your bag and begin to read but you get interrupted shortly after. “Hey, y/n!” You turn your head to see Pancy and her friends. “Why do we use a Quaffel if we could use this?!”, Pancy pulls out her wand and after casting a spell she holds your prosthetic leg in her hand. You can feel the heat of anger and shame in your head and look angry at her:”Give it back to me, I can’t walk with that!” But the girls simply laugh and throw it to each other. “A little bit to large but it works.” Your eyes get watery but you don’t want to cry in front of them so you try to hold back the tears. Suddenly the door opens and you can see Draco come in. First he looks like he doesn’t understand what happens here but then the sees you sitting there without your leg. Pansy turns around to see Draco and stops because she knows that he gets angry about everyone who tries to harm you. He rushes towards he to take the leg and give it to you. “You all should go, now.”, he whispers to her and looks angry in Pancys eyes. With a pissed off face she and the other girls go out of the common room. While Draco sits next to you you take on your leg again, still trying not to cry. Draco lifts his arm around your shoulder and kisses your forehead: “I’m so sorry that this happened. But believe me, they will never do this again.” You aren’t any longer strong enough to hold back your tears and begin to cry. Draco simply sits there hugging you and whispering some nice words until you stop to cry. “Let’s go and get some food in the great hall.” You shake your head and whip your tears away: “I don’t know..”
“But I do, come. If anyone says anything I will put a spell on them. I don’t care if I need to go to detention again.”

Me : Damn, the description of this fanfiction is great, I wanna give it a try, let’s read this good shit- *MAJOR CHARACTER’S DEATH*

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  • so draco malfoy is a passionate, energetic, dramatic little punk, right
  • so when he goes home one summer, particularly frustrated with the antics of harry potter
  • ok so it’s mostly sexual frustration
  • he just lets it loose in malfoy manor when his parents are out
  • footloose
  • he fucking starts rage dancing a la kevin bacon
  • he throws down his best moves and let’s face it he’s got plenty look at those legs
  • he goes fucking nuts, sprinting down the halls, sliding down the banisters, slamming his fists on the walls, downing a bottle of firewhiskey then throwing it across the room, swinging from the chandelier
  • he turns around, horror-stricken, when he hears a quickly stifled giggle
  • narcissa is in the doorway trying not to smile and lucius has a hand over his face
  • he puts his shirt back on and stalks off to his room, cursing saint potter 
It's definitely Harry's fault

Drabble for cassiafrankincense who requested flustered!Draco. I hope you like it. ☺️

Moving in with Harry had been an almost natural occurrence. They hadn’t even talked about, it had just happened. 

Lingering kisses had turned to passionate nights in bed, and if Harry had thrown a leg over Draco that first night in post coital haze it was only polite not to move his leg. And surely it was only polite to let him stay that way, listening to Harry’s breathing evening out as he slipped into a slumber more peaceful than Draco had thought him capable of.

And once that happened well Draco surely couldn’t move because if he did that might have woken Harry up and that most certainly wouldn’t have been good bedside manner. Draco was nothing if not a very obliging lover. And if he couldn’t move then he obviously couldn’t get out of bed and if he couldn’t get out of bed then he definitely needed to stay the night. So it was most obviously Harry’s fault.

Once he had stayed the night that first time, Draco obviously had to keep doing it. Harry seemed to have taken that as a precedent because each time after that when they’d had sex, Harry would curl into him, throwing an arm and leg over him or wrapping his arms around him, as if enveloping Draco with his own body as he fell asleep was vital to his survival.

Harry surviving was very important, therefore Draco took it all in stride. If he felt wanted and protected and safe in Harry’s arms well that was just a lucky side effect because he did it all for Harry of course. Harry was terribly difficult to please.

On second thought, Harry was ridiculously easy to please. It was something Draco had noticed immediately. He’d found it particularly unsettling to realize that bringing Harry a perfectly brewed cup of tea when he was in bed, or remembering to pick up Harry’s favorite curry before he came over after work would make Harry’s face crinkle up in a smile as if he couldn’t believe Draco might remember him. And if that just happened to always lead to mind blowing sex it certainly wasn’t Draco’s fault. Especially because he didn’t do things like hide notes in Harry’s auror robes or put a warming charm on his slippers in the winter just because he was falling in love with him or because of the way his heart ached at the look on Harry’s face, certainly not. It was all Harry’s fault, and though Draco wasn’t one hundred percent sure why he still knew it to be an indisputable fact.

And when, after a few months of dating Draco had realized that he spent all of his time at Harry’s flat and hadn’t been to his own place for anything except collecting clothes he figured there was no point in having it anymore. So on a whim one rainy Saturday he’d packed it all up, flooing to Harry’s with several trunks of clothes and a rather prickly “Harry you really need to make more space for my things.” Harry hadn’t even said anything, had merely looked at the trunks and smiled that that smile that made Draco’s stomach do funny things as he walked across the room and pressed Draco against the wall and kissed him so suddenly and forcefully that he’d dropped his wand.

And so really Draco thought, as he and Harry laid curled up together on the couch naked and content in front on a roaring fire, it was so clearly all Harry’s fault that he’d moved in. Because Draco certainly couldn’t be the one to blame if Harry made him want to be a better person; made him want to do things for the other boy just to see him smile, made him give up his flat because just the idea of having a place that wasn’t entirely overwhelmed with Harry’s things and his smell and his smile and his voice made Draco’s throat close off and his hands sweat.

No, it was definitely Harry’s fault. 

Smutty One Shot

Draco wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he apparated to Harry’s flat but it certainly wasn’t being fucked by the great hero himself. Harry’s eyes had shone when he opened the door to find Draco standing there he had offered Draco a glass of firewhisky and before the glass had reached his lips Harry knocked it to the floor. The rest was blur for Draco, Harry’s lips on his, becoming rock hard in mere seconds, Harry directing him to a wall in his living room, clothes coming off. Draco eyed Harry’s cock long, thick, and tinged red before Harry was turning him around to face the wall. Draco spread his legs willingly for Harry and Draco could barely hear a muttered spell before his hole suddenly felt stretched and Harry’s now slick cock was sliding in. Draco was bracing the wall, panting, and reached down to take hold of his own cock before Harry slapped his hand away, a growl in his throat and Draco found his hands spelled to the wall. Harry began to thrust into Draco, hands gripping Draco’s hips so hard that Draco knew there would be bruises. Harry sped up his thrusts and Draco was left panting Harry’s name like a mantra, his own cock achingly hard and leaking onto the wall in front of him. “Do you like that?” Harry grunted “Are you going to come on the wall for me, you dirty little slut?” Draco found himself screaming “Yes! Yes! Oh Merlin, Yes!” and Harry’s thrusting impossibly sped up even faster and he leaned over to whisper in Draco’s ear, “Come for me, Draco, come for me” and that was it Draco arched his back and screamed “I’m coming Harry! I’m coming!” his cock finally exploding onto the wall without any stimulation. Draco could feel the warmth of Harry’s orgasm fill him a few seconds later. Harry pulled out and un-spelled Draco’s hands from the walls before asking “Now what can I do for you, Malfoy?” a smirk playing on his lips. 

Loki X Reader “Cat Got Your Tongue” Part 2

[Warning: Smutty goodness]

You close your door with a sigh and then proceed to wave your hand over the door. “Colloportus” A distinct lock is heard. “Muffliato,” you whisper before walking further into the room and ungracefully flopping down on your bed. “ You’re going to cause quite an uproar when you finally let them know your choice, you know.” You roll over and look up to the cat perched on top of the wardrobe. “You’ve mentioned that,” you say sitting up. “What would you suggest I do, ‘oh great one’?” “You could drop the sarcasm for one, and two, don’t ask me, I’m a cat.” With this, Draco raised his leg and proceeded to lick himself.

“Psh.” You throw a pillow in the general direction of Draco. “Could you not lick your crotch while we’re having a conversation?” Draco looks up and glares at you. “Just tell them both how you feel (Y/N). Rip off the band aid quick.” He jumps down from the wardrobe and walks towards the open balcony. “Did you go into Loki’s room again? It smells strongly like the mischievous Prince in here.” You look up quizzically. “Not today, no.” A slow smile crosses your face, “maybe he came in my room today.” “Oi. You’re hopeless, I hope you know that. If you need me, I’ll be scouting the grounds.” Draco jumped from the balcony onto the lower roof and then out of sight.

You sniffed the air a bit. “Mmm, it does smell like Loki in here.” You remove your shoes and stockings before leaning back against your pillows and closing your eyes. You take a deep breath and move your hands up your body to cup your breasts gently.


The cat just talked. Loki was reeling. He had seen the cat many times and even felt brave enough to pet the animal once or twice, but it had never spoke in his presence. No one else in the palace could have possibly known about that either or else the animal would have been secluded to (Y/N)’s chambers. This was good information to have. Really good. “Did you go into Loki’s room again? It smells strongly like the mischievous Prince in here.” Loki looked up sharply. Draco was looking right at him. Staring him down, actually. (Y/N) did not appear to notice. “Not today, no.” A smile graced her face and Loki felt his heart rate increase. “Maybe he came in my room today.” Loki turned back to the cat wondering what he would do. Draco gave a short nod in Loki’s direction before speaking. “Oi. You’re hopeless, I hope you know that. If you need me, I’ll be scouting the grounds.” He appeared to wink at Loki before jumping out of sight.

Loki’s attention was drawn back to (Y/N) as she spoke softly, “Mmm, it does smell like Loki in here.” She removed her shoes and stockings haphazardly before laying back down on the bed and closing her eyes. Loki chose this moment to inch closer to the bed so he could get a better view of (Y/N). She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. There were so many things he wanted to do to her. His thoughts were halted when her hands reached up and delicately squeezed her breasts. She let out a little moan accompanied with a whispered “Loki.”

He took an involuntary step forward, forgetting himself for a moment. He was entranced. One of her hands slowly slinked down her body and gently lifted her dress. Loki felt himself harden painfully. She was looking so delectable. He had never witnessed a woman in this state. Her dress rose up to her hips and exposed her womanhood. Loki felt his mouth water as he watched (Y/N) circle her fingers across her bare skin. He was doing everything in his power to maintain control over himself, but when (Y/N) slipped a finger into herself with a moan Loki grabbed his erection hard. Her hand moved slowly at first, but increased with her breaths. Loki pumped himself in time with (Y/N)’s hand. Her breathing became more erratic and she began to say “Loki…oh Loki” with fervor. He was going to cum. He was going to cum harder than he ever had before, and he had to be quiet about it. (Y/N)’s body arched off the bed as she came, moaning Loki’d name over and over. He spilled his seed into his hand with a grunt as he finished at the same time.  Loki had to take a step back to lean against the wall while he slowed his breathing.

He had to have this woman. There was no doubt in his mind. He would marry her and make love to her. He wanted to pleasure her every day and every night if only to hear her say his name with such passion again, but he was left with a predicament. Her room was locked, he was invisible, and he was covered with evidence of his mischief. How could he get out without her knowing he watched her?


[How will our bad boy get out of this mess? Shall I continue? Read and review please! Much love and respect to your butts!]

The Quidditch Disaster ( Draco Malfoy Imagine)

About you :

You are in Griffendor and have been together with Draco for one month. You are totally in love with him.
The fact that he is in slytherin is not the problem. The problem is that, the first Quidditch game is going to be between Griffendor and Slytherin.
And this game is bringing problems.

Y/n Pov :

I was sitting in Dracos room, my legs finding their place on Dracos lap.
We are both doing our homework as always.
On my lap is laying my book about herbalogy. I hate this subject, but happily my best friend, Neville longbottom, is very good at it and he can always helps me.
Suddenly Draco poked me into my leg with a pencil. I looked up from my book and he asked smiling 《 Are you coming to the game tomorrow? 》 I swallowed. That was something I have alread think about. I would really like to come to this game to chear for Draco, but badly this match is between Griffendor and Slytherin, and when I chear foe Draco I chear for the oppisite team. So my house is going to be mad at me. But if I don’t chear for Draco, he would be mad at me, he would not say that but I know that he is going to be hurt inside of him. And that’s something that I don’t want. 《 I don’t know.I have a lot stuff to do so…》 i answered.Feeling quilty lieying to him.
《 But I need you! You give me energie. Please come 》 I bite on my lip. 《 Well…》I wanted to say some thing but he interrupped me 《 And don’t you want to see your hot boyfriend winning the match? 》 and with every word he said his words are getting quiter. I stare into his beautiful eyes, and then I realised how close he came. 《 I will try my best 》 I wispered pressing my lips against his.

When I was trying to sleep, all my thoughtes were about the Quidditch game tomorrow. I can’t be that rude to Draco and don’t go. But I don’t want to be mobbed by my house because i chear for the wrong team.
I will see tomorrow…
And with this thought I feel asleep.

The next morning my dumb alarm- clock woke me up and I accdently smashed it on the ground.
I fell back into my pillow pressing my face in to an other and I wispered 《 Let’s begin this horrible day》
When I was in my bathroom, I had a shock. I look like a total mess, dark eye circles and my hair standing is standing around in every direction. For the dark circles under my eye I used a concealer and Mascara, and for my hair just a messy bun. After I have put on my robe I walked to the Great Hall. Suddenly a arm was layed around my shoulder 《 Good Morning princess 》 Draco said and gave me kiss on my head. I wispered good morning into his cheast.
《 Do you wear make- up?》 He asked rasing one eyebrow. 《 well…yes I..》 he didn’t let me finishing my sentance he said 《 You look beautiful with and without make-up 》 I smiled brightly. He is too cute.

After we arrived in the great hall I wanted to go to Hermione and Harry, but Draco pulled me back and gave me a kiss on my lips and said 《 See you at the game ok?》
And befor I could answer he was already gone.
After I ate my breakfast, every one walked to the Quidditch field, but my legs find their way to the libary.
When I arrived I sat down in a chair.
《 Why are you still here? 》 some one said behind me, I stand up and saw Neville.
I smiled and told him every thing.
He listened to me and asked《 You love him, right? 》 I nooded 《 then the answer is clear. You must go and chear to him. He needs you. And if some one said some thing dumb? I will kick their asses. 》I smiled. He is right. I nees to go to him.
《 Thanks Neville 》 I said giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. I ran as fast as i could to the field. And when I arrived I saw that half of the time already have been played.

He searched me.
Next to me stand a girl with a poster where is standing 《 I love Draco》 I asked her if I could borrow it. But she just looked ugly and didn’t want to give it to me. So I used my death stare, which Draco have showed me, and suddenly I helt a massive poster in my hands. I raised it as high as I could and shouted 《 GOOO DRACOOOO》
he didn’t reconised me, but lee does 《 LOOKS LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND Y/ N JUST ARRIVED DRACO》
And suddenly his eyes met mine and I smiled as bright as i could rasing one of my thumbs up. He grinned back.
Happily I came because after 10 min I have arrived the snatch was in the field and omg draco catched it!!! 《 150 POINTS FOR SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN WINNNNSSSSS》 Lee shouted.
I ran on to the field. Searcving m boyfriend and as i found him I jumped to him crossing my legs behind his back and giving him a kiss.
First he was suprised but then he kissed back. After we finished the kiss leans his forhead against mine. 《 I love you 》 he wispered.
And my eyes widen.Draco never said that to me. I couldn’t stop smiling. I am so happy.
《 OUUUH DRACO DID YOU JUST SAID THE 3 MAGICAL WORDS?》 lee shouted. I laughed and blushed and wispered 《 I love you too, Draco 》

This took me so much time to write.
But I hope you like it, cause i do 😅 i tgink the idea was so cute that i needed to write it down.even when it toons me nearly half an hour.
Do you like it??

And if you have any requests you can sent me them 😊

You do care about me, don’t you? I mean, more than just your hero complex caring.”

“Yes. I do.” Harry patted the side of Draco’s leg, then stood up. “And you’d better not take advantage of that.”

Draco pushed himself up and toed into his shoes. “Not a chance. I’ve just gone from having nobody on my side to having half of the Weasley clan, Seamus Finnegan, and you on my side. I might as well be a bloody Gryffindor.”

Harry chuckled. “Don’t forget Headmistress McGonagall.”

“Bloody Hell! I am a fucking Gryffindor, aren’t I?”

“Not a chance.” Harry kissed Draco’s cheek and held open the door for him. “The day you go out of your way to help one of us without thinking about how it will give you some kind of advantage is the day I’ll consider letting you wear a red and gold scarf.”

Draco laughed and flashed him a bright, although bruised, smile. “On the coldest fucking day in hell, Potter.
—  Wool by littleblackbow