draco orientalis

lesamis  asked:

ohh in case you're still doing the 3 sentence fic thing - combeferre/jehan, literally any AU at all involving dragons? :D

Yes, I’m still doing these, feel free to send more if anyone wants to, these are so much fun! Thank you! 

‘Jehan, if this is another of your morbid humour about apocalyptic Paris…’ Combeferre stopped in mid-sentence to gaze at the curious object in Prouvaire’s rooms, ‘Is it, a draco orientalis magnus?’ he said adjusting his glasses to look at the creature which was covered in tiny metallic scales and was bright red from its snout to its tail which it was swishing lazily; the creature sneezed and a tiny flame shot from its nostrils. 

‘A dragon. I’ve called her Athena,’ Prouvaire said looking happy, ‘My friend brought her from his travels abroad, isn’t she pretty?’ Combeferre thought that pretty was the last word that could be used to describe her, this species alone grew to almost three times the human size and while they were generally herbivores, they were known to be vicious sometimes and required a lot of care.

He was excited at the thought of seeing a live specimen; he hadn’t studied dragon care at college for extra credit just to publish papers on hypothetical dragons, here was one in front of him and it took all his efforts to look serious and unenthusiastic as the foot long dragon went to sleep, ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘she is very pretty.’