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I Gift to You

@restlessandordinary OKAY, two things. One, I had this idea in my head and it is probably WAY different than you originally planned. Sorry about that. Two, this is later than I told you I would get it out. Sorry about that. Three, if you’ve got an AO3, I would like to have it so that I can gift this to you, since it is longer than a normal drabble and can stand as a oneshot. 


               The first time it happened, Draco swore it was just a slip up. He wouldn’t do it again. Nope. Potter certainly didn’t deserve his generosity. Because that was exactly what this was. People didn’t give him enough credit when it came to being nice.

               It’s just that the sight of the eleven-year-old in glasses that weren’t fitting his face, were horribly old, fading in color and just not aesthetically pleasing, had him wanting to rectify this travesty immediately. This wasn’t because he cared or anything. Nope. This was doing everyone else a favor. Really. It benefited society by no one having to see the hideous specs.

               Draco timed it perfectly. He knew that Potter tended to spend longer eating than everyone else. Certainly, longer than Weasley. The redhead inhaled food quicker than he did air. So, when Potter was about to leave for his morning class, Draco signaled the school owl that he had trained to wait for his mark. It took weeks to train the bloody bird. The only problem was that the bird was now attached to him. Which hadn’t been previously intended. At least the owl had proper taste.

               The brown barn owl swooped down, catching the attention of a few stragglers but otherwise the notice was limited.

               Confusion was the first expression that Draco could make out. He knew that the Gryffindor probably wondered why his snowy owl hadn’t delivered the mail, but the boy was too curious to not open it. Not exactly the smartest thing to do but that was just his own suspicious nature coming forward.

               The confusion quickly bled into shock before a genuinely pleased glint appeared in the brunette’s eyes.

               Instructions had been placed in the package, because Draco knew that intelligence was the reason the reckless idiot hadn’t been placed into Ravenclaw. The glasses were charmed to stay on his face until the wearer wished them off. They would mold to the user’s needs, whether the eye sight got worse with age or not. Not to mention, the frames would change to match the user’s outfit, ensuring that they remain elegant at all times. Which was a deal breaker in his opinion.

               Draco’s resolve to allow this to be a brief moment of weakness and a onetime instance, shattered at the flush on Potter’s face and a shy grin flickered on the Gryffindor’s lips.

               Salazar, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The git wasn’t allowed to make him feel like this. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do sappy feelings.

               Angrily, Draco made his way swiftly towards the entrance, inwardly cursing Potter’s existence. It wasn’t until he almost reached the door that he heard Longbottom’s question.

               “Oh, wow. Those are pretty expensive. Who sent them to you?”

               “No idea.” Potter’s tone was a little awed. “The note just says, ‘To fix your face, finally’.”


               Draco was determined that the second time still be counted as a slip up. This wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Nope. Not at all. Because that was just silly. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do nice things for other people. Especially to Potter.

               Unfortunately, the delivery was not as well timed as last year’s gift. The other two members of the Idiotic Trio were still around.

               He watched his the school owl struggle to carry the packages and it caused a twinge of guilt inside Draco. He couldn’t trust any other owls to do the job, so the bird would have to do it alone.

               When Potter looked to the owl, it was clear that he recognized the bird. The Gryffindor reached out a hand to softly pet the owl before opening the packages with gusto.

               Draco couldn’t hear what was going on from where he sat, but he could tell that the other boy had gasped. It was the way the eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open slowly. Which was a great reaction so far. He knew that his gift would mean something. Not that he cared about that.

               The silence was killing him. He needed to know what was being said. Draco slowly made to the end of the table, pretending that he was listening to a few of his housemate’s conversations before using that as a reason to go a different route towards the exit.

               Just as he passed, he caught the beginning of Weasley’s questions.

               “What is it? Why would someone send you books full of scribbles?”

               Draco rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. Scribbles. That one actually hurt.

               “It’s not scribbles, Ron!” Granger corrected. “I think it’s in Parseltongue.”

               “It is.” Potter whispered, fingers running over the title of the first book. Behind the Wonders of Parseltongue Volume I: The History of the Snake Language and Why it’s a Blessing and Not a Curse.

               “Why do you think they sent it?” Weasley asked, eyeing the book warily.

               “To send me a message.” Answered Potter, placing the book in his lap, only to pick up the second one. Behind the Wonders ofParseltongue Volume II: The Astonishing Accomplishments that Parseltongue has Brought to the World.

               “What message? Because they think you are Slytherin’s Heir?”

               Draco wasn’t going to even bother coming up with a mental reply for that one.

               “No.” Potter shook his head. “So that I can love all parts of me. Even the ones that are perceived as evil.”

               The insight had Draco fighting off a flush. That was not his intention… not exactly. He just hated the thought of others degrading Potter’s ability just because they don’t understand it. There is nothing wrong with being a Parselmouth. It wasn’t dark, vile or even evil.

               “Does the note say who it’s from?” There was suspicion in Granger’s tone, which had Draco scoffing internally. If he had wanted to harm Potter, he would have. It’s not like the brunette even spell checks the gifts. Which was actually pretty moronic, but that was just Draco’s thought on the matter.

               “No, it just says, ‘To learn something, for once’.”


               The evidence against this being a onetime incident was becoming a reach, even in Draco’s own mind. But that was beside the point.

               So far, this would probably be his worst idea yet. This was getting rather personal… but he couldn’t allow this year to continue with the mass hysteria that everyone walked around with. Not when it was a farce to begin with.

               This time, he chose to have Russet—not that he named the infernal bird—deliver the gift during a nighttime study session the Idiotic Trio were having in the Library.

               When a light scratching drew Potter’s attention to the window next to him, Draco stepped into the shadows of an alcove.

               “Oh, it’s you.” Potter’s voice took a happy glint to it.

               Draco watched him rip of the packaging and freeze. This was a normal reaction, but he just hoped that the brunette wouldn’t become angry.

               News clippings, articles posted in obscure news outlets, court records and even statements made by the accused where staring up at Potter.

               He watched Potter’s brow furrow slightly with each passing minute until he was full blown frowning as each parchment was leafed through.

               “Hermione!” Potter whisper yelled as his voice cracked.

               “What? What is it? Oh, your anonymous friend sent you something?” Granger hadn’t looked up from her book on Medieval Flobberworms and Why They Were the Downfall of Mermish Society, as she walked down the aisle.

               “Hermione, can the Wizengamot sentence someone to Azkaban without a trial?”

               That caused Granger to peer up at him in confusion. “No, it violates several laws and is illegal.”

               Potter thrusted all of the articles harshly as Weasley came around the other side of the table and read over their shoulders.

               “Oh.” Granger whispered, blinking rapidly. “This isn’t good.”

               “Black is innocent, isn’t he?” There was a miserable confusion in Potter’s tone. But Draco couldn’t have admitted that he knew from his father that Black truly hadn’t been a Death Eater, without revealing sources.

               “Let me guess.” Weasley began sarcastically. “There’s no signature?”

               “Just a note that says, ‘To provide the proof that has always been there, idiot’.”


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  • While getting dressed for dinner on Christmas Eve, Draco accidentally finds a scrapbook that Harry plans to give to Draco on Christmas morning.
  • The book is sleek, black and with silver lettering.
  • It is filled with pictures of them on dates, receipts from plays they went too, pictures of Draco’s parents at Harry and Draco’s first housewarming party, pictures of their first Christmas, pictures of them at the Burrow, and of them with their friends, pictures of their anniversaries, birthday’s etc.
  • As Draco flips through it he is startled when he feels tears streaming down his cheeks. He loves Harry like a wildfire. Intense and with wild abandon.
  • He flips to the very last page, and he finds a note that looks like a speech,
  • And the back of the scrapbook has a little cut out on the back page.
  • Inside is a delicate silver band, embossed with shining sapphires and glittering black diamonds.
  • With trembling hands, Draco touches the ring. He reads the speech with teary eyes and shaking hands.
  • He slides the ring on his finger, closes the book and walks out to their kitchen.
  • When Harry notices him, Harry looks concerned, because he sees that Draco is upset. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay Draco?” Draco looks into Harry’s eyes, burning with intent and passion
  • “Yes you idiot”
  • Harry looks down at the book in Draco’s hands and lets out a shaky laugh
  • He takes the scrapbook out of Draco’s hands, and wraps his arms around Draco’s shoulders “I had my speech all planned out you know”
  • Draco nods, “I know, I read it. And I accept”
  • Harry kisses Draco’s temple.
  • This was the best Christmas gift Draco had ever received.

This is not my hc, though I fully suport it, but that of a wonderful anon who came into my ask box. I added a word here and there but it’s 100% their content. Thank you so much for sharing this anon!

snape : Mr Potter, why aren’t you in detention last night?

harry : i…uh with hermione in the library

hermione : harry, i was at the common room with Ron studying charms.

harry : I….uh.. with Ginny helping Professor mcgonagall

Ron : Ginny was in the library with Luna and neville.

Snape : Mr potter, please…give me a decent reason why you are not in detention last nig—

Pansy : Draco, is that a gryffindor tie around your neck?

Flirty Time

Hufflepuff: *watering her plants* Lalalalala *dancing too as she twirls her wand* aguaammennnteeee

Slytherin: *peers into the common room*

Hufflepuff: *picks a few flowers and stuffs them into her robe pocket*

Slytherin: *suddenly appears behind her and wraps his arms around her stomach*

Hufflepuff: OOF *slips out from his arms and turns around with a punch*

Slytherin: *gets punched in the stomach* AH FUC-

Hufflepuff: *covering mouth* OHHHH BABBYY IM SO SORRRRYYYYY

Slytherin: *holding stomach and out of breath* It’s all good baby *winks and winces in pain*


Imagine: Being an empathetic Slytherin, and your boyfriend Draco constantly making sure that you’re not taken advantage of.

Request: Anon said, “Hi ^^ Can I request an Imagine? Being an empathetic female Slytherin and your boyfriend,Draco,always has to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of? :3”

“Hey Y/N,” Kyle, the boy who sits behind you in Transfigurations, says.

“Um, hey Kyle,” You respond, slightly confused, as Kyle has barely ever said anything to you before.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with this?” He pulls out his Transfigurations essay, which at this point, is just a blank sheet of paper with a title on it. You give him another confused look, and he sighs, “Look, I’ve been trying to write this for days -you should see the pile of scraped parchment by my bed- but I just can’t figure it out, you are one of the most brilliant students in this class, can you please help me?”

You feel a pang of empathy for the poor boy and you agree, “Of course I’ll help you Kyle! Meet me in the library an hour before dinner.”

“Thank you so much!” He runs off joyfully.

“How very non-Slytherin of you,” You hear a familiar voice drawl from behind you. You turn around and stick your tongue out at your boyfriend, Draco.

“Oh please, I’m being nice,” You respond sassily, “You know, you should try it sometime.”

It’s his turn to roll his eyes, “Well you should be careful, I don’t want that kid stepping all over you.”

“Draco,” You shake your head, “It’s just one essay!”

“Whatever you say,” Draco always complained about how you were too empathetic to be a Slytherin, but you knew it was only because he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of you. You had a fiery attitude but a kind heart, and that’s what originally attracted Draco to you, you attitude matched his, but you had the ability to bring him back down to earth.

A few days after you helped Kyle, he came back to you with another essay, and you helped him with that as well. Soon enough though, he began coming to you with more and more, and visit became more frequent. He even told some of his friends, who also began coming to you for help. Your empathetic nature came with one major problem; you had a hard time saying no.  

You were up late in the library one night, rushing to finish your own assignment because you had been too busy helping Kyle. You eventually trudged back to the Slytherin common room, only to realize that Draco was waiting up for you, “What are you doing up?”

“I was waiting for you,” He sighs, “Y/N, this seriously needs to stop, I get needing help for a few assignments, but this has become a routine for those assholes, and it’s taking a toll on you. You need to end this.”

“I know Draco,” You curl up next to him on the couch, “I just don’t know what to say.”

He places a gentle kiss on your forehead, “Get some sleep, we’ll deal with this in the morning.”

For the next few days, you didn’t hear a word from Kyle or his friends, he stopped sitting behind you, and he’d even avoid coming anywhere near you in the hallways.

“What did you do?” You abruptly ask Draco one evening.

“What do you mean?”

“Kyle and his friends stopped asking me for help, not that I’m upset, I’m honestly relieved, but you obviously had a hand in it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He says innocently. You raise your eyebrows at him, “Okay… I may have had a small chat with him.”

You laugh, “Well, thank you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Like I said, I’m pretty relieved.”

“So what? Am I like your knight in shining armour now?” He smirks.

“Don’t push it Malfoy,” You respond. He chuckles before leaning down for a quick kiss.


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The end.

JOKING, please don’t kill me. I realized that some of you though part two is the last part of ‘one last night’…. it’s not, there are 4 parts to this story! 

I want to thank all of you lovely readers, your comments motivated me and I am 100% sure you’re all the reason why I uploaded so soon. I also want to thank my best friend @5evershinee, I had lots of trouble with some phrases as well as some panels and she being an awesome savior, helped me out!!! (Even tho she doesn’t ship drarry lol)

This story is based on flashbacks, if some of you find it confusing, I can help you out there. 

1. The first flash back is when they are in Hogwarts. 

2. Second one is in the club.

3. There’s a flash back, in a flash back, Harry giving Draco his wand back.

4. Pansy guiding Draco. 

Hopefully that helps?

Thank you for reading!

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Draco Malfoy Headcanon:

Dating Draco and Being a Hufflepuff

Originally posted by smiledraco

• Him not noticing you at first

• But when he does he can’t stop noticing you

•And he try to get to know you

•But you would be hesitant at first because of all the bad things you’ve heard about him

• But eventually you’d warm up to him

• He’d be confident at first when he asked you out

• But quickly second guessing himself

- “I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me to hogsmede this weekend.”

- “Like on a date?”

- “Well, yes…”

- “…”

- “I mean I- uh not a date!”

- “Not A date?”

- “Well um, yes a date? Do you want it to be a date? Because If you don’t then I don’t mean on a date but if you do then I do mean on a date.”

• At first you two wouldn’t tell your friends

• Because your friends don’t like him

• And his friends don’t like anyone that’s not in Slytherin.

• You’d go to secret dates in the back of Madam Puddifoot’s

• And sneak glances at eachother during class and in the great hall

• But after a while you’d both get tired of sneaking around and tell your friends about eachother

• Draco’s friends would take it worse than yours

• You trying to get your friends to see what you see in Draco

•Sometimes inviting Draco to hang out with all of you so they could try to warm up to him

• Draco being nervous, and really wanting to impress your friends

• You’d have to make the first moves in the beginning, because he wouldn’t want to scare you off

• But once you got more comfortable with eachother that would change

• A lot of forehead and cheek kisses

• A lot of Draco being a sweetheart

• You’d wear his slytherin scarf

• You constantly trying to get him to wear your Hufflepuff one

• Because you think he’d look super cute in yellow

• And finally he does it to make you happy

• And he complains the whole time

• But secretly likes it

• You making him laugh a lot

• Him making you blush a lot

• Coming up with different cheesy nick names to call him each day just to annoy him

• He’d cheer for Hufflepuff from the stands in quidditch games

•Especially of you play

• You cheering for him during Slytherin games

• You making different banners to hold up during each game

• Holding hands

• Him playing with your fingers

• Him playing with your hair

• His father wouldn’t approve

• He’d constantly feel like he isn’t good enough for you

• But you’d reassure him

• He’d be a bit of an ass sometimes

• But always making up for it

• Because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing

• And he really doesn’t want to lose you

• Him dinstancing himself from you during his sixth year

•But you being there for him

• And sticking with him after the battle

• And he’d be grateful for it

• Because you wouldn’t just be the love of his life

• You’d be his happpiness too


I am new to the Drarry Squad and to Tumblr and I can’t even express how much fun I have had interacting with you all and being embraced as part of this spectacular fandom! To celebrate this first milestone, here is an excerpt of a longer fic that I am working on…well, working on when I can drag myself away from Tumblr…

Draco settled into his desk and started prepping the files he would need to complete the paperwork from his last mission. Thankfully the Weasel was out of the office today training and Draco reveled in the quiet environment.

Just as he pulled out the appropriate form and set to writing, the office door loudly swung open and Potter entered. Of course he hadn’t bothered to knock, and of course he didn’t say anything as he trudged to the couch in the office and heavily sat down.

Draco had yet to get used to the brutish “manners” Potter exhibited. Potter and the Weasel both had no sense of propriety and it irritated Draco to no end.

Potter grunted and pointed toward Ron’s desk with a quizzical look.

“Honestly Potter, are words too much to ask for? Weasley is doing his training today.” At Harry’s confused look, Draco pointedly rolled his eyes “He won’t be in the office…” Harry’s blank look didn’t clear “I was planning to quietly work on paperwork” the dismissal was heavy in the air, but of course Potter didn’t pick up on it. Instead, he sighed and laid his head back on the couch, closing his eyes.

Draco was perturbed that Potter hadn’t made a move to leave, but yet found himself staring at his exposed throat, slightly lighter than the surrounding skin, he noticed. He traced Potter’s strong jaw with his eyes and tried very hard to pretend he didn’t want to trace it with his tongue. Merlin, Potter was good looking. Internally shaking himself Draco bitingly said “Don’t you ever go home, Potter?”

Harry opened his eyes and trained a weary glance at Draco. They had been in the habit of verbally sparing with each other and though he wanted to say something smart back, he was simply too exhausted – so instead, the truth came out “Not if I can help it, no” he said in a weak puff of air.

Draco startled a little at the truthful admission. Quickly, he covered it with another quip “Oh, no one to pester at home, then?” Harry continued to look at him with weary eyes and he became uncomfortably aware that he was likely closer to the truth than he intended.  

Harry’s eyes closed once more and very much against his will, Draco softened. Quietly, he said “You look tired, was it a rough night at St. Mungo’s?”

Harry swallowed and once again trained his eyes on Draco “Yes. A torture case. He didn’t make it.”

Draco didn’t have to ask to know how hard this was on Harry. It was written in the painful crease of his eyes, the bone-weary set of his shoulders, and the fact that he still hadn’t moved, despite knowing that Ron wouldn’t be coming. Draco stood up and swept out of the office. When he returned moments later, Harry hadn’t moved an inch.

Draco gently settled on the opposite end of the sofa and quietly cleared his throat. Harry slid his eyes open a crack to glance at Draco, and then startled, he opened them wide. Draco pushed a mug of tea toward Harry and he gratefully accepted it. His eyes quickly shot to Draco once more as he realized his tea was prepared exactly as he liked it – strong, with a splash of milk. Harry opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Draco drawled “You’re here nearly every day, I am capable of picking up on some things” and walked quickly back to his desk.

Draco, in what he hoped was a nonchalant voice asked “Are you planning on staying here a bit then?”

Harry looked over at Draco and was struck at how clear and bright his grey eyes were, even as a slight frown lit his face. “I suppose I could head home, Merlin knows I need sleep, but…”

The unspoken words hung in the air. Draco had once heard the Weasel and the Weaslette talking quietly in the office, when they thought he wasn’t paying attention, about Harry’s nightmares that never went away after the war and were always made worse by cases he couldn’t help, even though he was the best healer at St. Mungo’s. Draco knew about nightmares. He had them more often than was decent. The only times he didn’t reliably have nightmares were when he couldn’t take it anymore and took a Dreamless Sleep potion.

Draco cleared his thoughts with an imperceptible shake of his head “Like I said, I was planning on a quiet day of paperwork…you’re welcome to rest on the couch until you feel well enough to go home, if you want.”

Harry’s brows knit together as he finished the last of the tea and levitated the cup to Ron’s desk. He looked back at Draco, his eyes searching for Merlin-knows-what. Draco had to work harder than he would admit to keep his face impassive as he fought down an annoying spike of caring for the handsome brute in his office. Harry sighed and murmured a thanks as he shifted further down into the couch and promptly fell asleep.

“Draco, what is this about?”

“It’s about the blasted lasagne, Harry.”

Harry’s mind begins to fill with a strange, buzzing sort of static that he hasn’t heard since he was a child. He shoves it away.

“Listen, Draco—”

“Just answer the question.”

The argument devolves into yelling, and Harry feels himself growing more and more distant, almost like he’s hovering behind himself, looking down at the two of them. He doesn’t know why. It’s not as though he and Draco haven’t fought before; their entire youth revolved around it, after all. But this feels different. This feels real.

He comes back to himself that night, when Draco slips in beside him in their bed. He curls himself in close, breathing in the scent of Draco’s neck, and reminding himself of the only certain thing he’s ever known: they are in love.


The Words We Say by @agentmoppet

Fresh-off-the-press remix of the amazing fic A Matter of Opinion by @goldentruth813