draco comes out

Potter Potter Potter
  • Draco: Ugh, it's always 'Potter Potter Potter!' Why is everyone so obsessed with fucking Potter?!
  • Pansy: *sigh* Draco, that's literally just you. You are the only one obsessed with Potter
  • Draco: What?! Don't be ridiculous. What about the constant rumors??
  • Pansy: You started every one of those rumors
  • Draco: The stories in the Prophet?
  • Pansy: You mean the stories you came up with and then gave to Skeeter?
  • Draco: Well explain to me all the whispered conversations I hear when I'm *trying* to get work done?
  • Pansy: You talk to yourself when you do your homework
  • Draco: The badges with his name on them?
  • Pansy: You made those
  • Draco: The songs about him?
  • Pansy: You again
  • Draco: It's not just me! The other Slytherins all make fun of him too!
  • Pansy: You threatened to ostracize us if we didn't regularly antagonize him!
  • Draco: Well surely you can't imagine I'm responsible for the rampant speculation about his sex life
  • Pansy: You literally started a betting pool about the size of his dick.
  • Draco: All the girls asking him to the dance?
  • Pansy: You offered fifty galleons to anyone who swore they would take him and then not touch him
  • Draco: The invasive fantasies about his mouth?
  • Pansy: You— wait, what?
  • Draco: The shrine to him under my bed?
  • Pansy: Oh my god
How Drarry Came To Be
  • Draco: *on one of his Potter rants*
  • Blaise: Oh no
  • Draco: What
  • Blaise: You're in love with him
  • Draco: Ugh, as if! He's so annoying and his hair is always a mess and he always acts like he doesn't care and-
  • Draco: Well it's not like I lie awake at night thinking about him.
  • -Later that night-
  • Draco, lying wide awake in bed: Oh no

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Coming out/ revealing that they were in a relationship fics?

This fic rec is also for @go-to-helvetica who also requested some stories where Harry and Draco out their relationship to their friends/the public. Hope you guys enjoy! 

  • Being a Master at Ignoring the Obvious - by sockpuppet82 (4k)
    “Look,” he said, pointing somewhere behind Malfoy’s head. “Something expensive.” Ron’s a fellow master at ignoring the obvious, Hermione’s easy to distract, and Draco…Harry’s not sure if Draco’s just humouring him, or really really dense
    (An absolutely hilarious story where Harry distracts his friends so they don’t find out about him and Malfoy. Harry is such a tease, Ron and Hermione are so hopelessly oblivious and Draco wishes Harry had a better sense in fashion. A really good read just for the laughs!)

  • The One Where Ron and Hermione Find OutEruditeWitch (13k)
    When Harry is injured, the secret is out. Will their relationship last such a startling revelation?
    (The love between Harry and Draco is so strong and lovely. Summary says it all tbh)

  • Secrets - by Vorabiza (395k)
    Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side
    (A total classic! It has one of the best plots I’ve ever seen, and the Drarry relationship is so realistic. The long length of the fic won’t matter because time will honestly fly when you’re reading it!)

  • 5 times Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter weren’t dating (and 1 time they definitely were) - by Ingi (6k)
    These times, at Hogwarts, the most asked question is “Are Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy dating?” The answer is usually no, until it isn’t.
    (This story had me giggling like a madman! It’s where everyone (and I mean everyone) think Harry and Draco are dating, but the two boys are fervently denying that they’re not. Such a fun read!)

  • All Our Secrets Laid Bare - by firethesound (149k)
    Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on. 
    (Draco and Harry are assigned to be auror partners and violate about 17 ministry laws when they start secretly dating. Oh well, when has Harry ever cared for rules anyway?)

  • Love, Secrets, and Quidditch - by ElectricBlueLilies (1k)
    “‘Potter, you oaf.’ He grumbled to himself.
    They were supposed to be keeping their relationship a secret, for obvious reasons, but then again, the Golden Boy could never do anything subtly, could he.”
    (This is such a lighthearted and cute story! Basically summary says all, but it truly was adorable)

  • Right Hand Red - by lumosed_quill (73k)
    Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory.
    Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy.
    Malfoy felt inevitable.
    (Loved every minute of this fic! If you haven’t read this story, then you’re honestly missing out on so much! The high levels of UST will kill you, but don’t worry our boys later fix it ;) It has party games that help Harry and Draco progress in their relationship. And the art! Oh my god the art that accompanies this story is brilliant!)

  • Everybody’s Secret - by leontina (3k)
    Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts, and in a relationship with each other. They think they’re doing a good job keeping it secret — they’re not.
    (This is such a cute, funny and adorably fluffy fic! There’s so many hilarious moments and scenes, you’ll definitely love reading it!)

  • I’ll Tell You A Secret (Just Don’t Tell) - by nerakrose (18k)
    Harry and Draco are living a fairly normal life with a fairly normal relationship, except for the part where it’s, well, secret.
    (Harry and Draco have been in a secret relationship for 4 years - and then the secret suddenly gets out…whoops? Draco as a model is the best thing ever. Oh, and I also loved how realistic Harry and Draco’s relationship was. Pure perfection!)

  • Hiding with The Silk Shirts - by attackonomelas (5k)
    Five years in a secret relationship is enough. Draco and Harry come to the realization that they have to come out.
    (I was instantly hooked right from the start with this fic! Everything I could ever need was in this fic - 8th year, banter and a snarky Draco. It’s an amazingly hilarious story!)

  • You blew your cover for what?! - by la_choo (melonbutterfly) (3k)
    Draco gets almost killed, Snape is pissed, and somehow in this whole mess a rather shocking secret is revealed.
    (This was incredibly sweet! Honestly, there’s nothing more to this story than to say it’s the sweetest thing ever!!)

  • 9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry - by  LockWhoSuper (4k)
    “Harry grinned, Draco fell into his trap perfectly. Surging forwards, Harry wrapped his fingers around Draco’s tie and pulled him forwards until their lips met over their cauldron. The pressure lasted for three seconds, Harry’s eyes shut and Draco’s wide in surprise. When Harry let Draco go, he slid back into his seat slowly, eyes still wide, tie crooked and a blush painting his cheeks.”
    (You’ll be suffocating in fluff if you read this fic! Harry doesn’t like it when Draco swears, so he kisses him whenever he does. Ugh, it was just too cute <3)

a thing i’m thinking about today:

harry potter, aged 23, visiting teddy and andromeda for his normal weekly cup of tea and w/e, and andromeda is in the kitchen and teddy’s run upstairs to fetch harry the latest game he’s obsessed with, and harry notices a leatherbound photo album half-sticking out of the bookshelf in the living room that he’s never seen before, and sort of idly takes it down, and it’s full of photos of the malfoys

photos of narcissa: standing stiffly next to andromeda, the two of them not touching, looking very dubious, and teddy’s ruffled head in the bottom left corner of the picture as he tries uselessly to leap up and wave; sitting very still in a high-backed armchair looking quietly pleased and possessive with teddy six months old and asleep in the crook of her arm; frowning intensely as she pushes rune cards towards a blithely chattering 3 year old teddy.

but most of the photos are of draco. draco asleep on the sofa with teddy curled up and asleep on his chest – there are deep grey circles under draco’s eyes and he’s waxy pale with exhaustion even in sleep, and teddy can’t be more than a couple of months old. draco looking horrified and holding a squirming pudgy teddy at arms length as teddy gleefully spits up what looks like some of his first solids on draco’s crisp white shirt. draco reading a copy of the daily prophet with a 2001 date while teddy crawls up over his back and hangs off around draco’s neck and blows spitballs in his ear. draco and teddy posed solemnly in andromeda’s back garden, draco straddling a broom, teddy next to him and almost beside himself with excitement on the toy broom harry got him for his fourth birthday. draco and teddy playing exploding snap. draco walking in a park next to andromeda with a fast asleep four year old teddy scooped up easily in his arms, snoring on his shoulder. draco in dark jeans and a soft, worn thin looking t-shirt laughing up at the camera while teddy advances on him with hands covered in brightly coloured paint.

harry had no idea narcissa and andromeda were in touch, let alone draco. when he hears teddy thundering back downstairs, he quietly closes the book and replaces it in the cupboard. it doesn’t have to mean anything. he testified at both of the malfoys’ trials. he doesn’t care about them anymore. he’s not even angry.

only that monday at the ministry, when he’s heading for auror hq, draco malfoy wanders past in his buttoned up formal robes clasped tight around his neck, frowning and haughty as ever over a file, shooting harry a swift venomous look as is his habit, and harry’s heart suddenly kicks into high gear.

I AM FUCKING GAY!” Draco shouted to the Great Hall, having the effect of a silencing charm.
Pansy hopped up next to them. “SO AM I!”
Blaise joined in with the yelling. “AND I’M BI!”
The three of them stared at Theo expectantly. He sighed and clambered up next to them quite awkwardly due to his long legs. “I’m ace and actually have common sense to not yell and ruin everyone’s hearing. I am so sorry about them.”
Blaise squealed in delight. “We are the fucking gay group in school! All my dreams have come true!
—  Draco is Freaking Out™ by
At Your Service
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: faithwood | Word Count: 95.7k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Hogwarts students are in danger; Harry is determined to save them all. There’s only one thing he knows for certain: Draco Malfoy is somehow involved.

Review: Probably the best fic with boys in denial you’re ever going to find! This is also such a Hogwarts fic, and not just because of the setting. It really brings back the magic of school life at the castle, the mundanity of the most amazing sounding lessons, the insanity of Hogwarts students and their lives together, the mysteries that never seem to leave harry potter alone… It made this feel like such a genuine continuation of the books. 

All the characters stay so true to canon, with all their flaws and sincerity and insecurities, and the fic takes these details from the book and incorporates them into the story in such a seamless and believable way. The plot and premise is also so creative and imaginative, with so much warmth and magic and fear and all sorts of other emotions.

Content/Warnings: Eighth Year, Mystery

  • Hermione: Hi Ha- Why are you naked?
  • Harry: I don't have any clothes?
  • Hermione, opening Harry's closet: What do you mean? You have a lot of clothes. Like this shirt, this robe, hi Draco, these jea-
  • Hermione: Wait, Malfoy!?

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Fandom: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: smut, smut, Narcissa and Lucius, and smut

Word count: 1,418

Song: Your favorite song

Requested by anon: Please write a Draco smut about trying to be quiet as his parents are there

You sat across the room from your boyfriend, Draco. You two were going back to Draco’s house tonight as it was the last day of term at Hogwarts. You twisted your hair round your finger as you knew you and Draco had his house to yourselves for a bit. This made you smile and bite your lip slightly. You kicked Draco under the table, you were in Potions Class. He looked at you and you were still biting your lip. He knew exactly what was on your mind and you knew it was on his, as well. You winked to him.

As soon as your lesson was over you jumped off your seat and stood in the hallway, waiting for Draco. When he got to you, you leaned him against the wall and discreetly began messing with his boxers, after untucking his shirt. He gulped.

“Hey, Malfoy…” you smirked and you had complete power over him at this point.

“Yes, b-babe” he stuttered as he felt you messing with the beginning of his boxers, your chest resting on his.

“We have the place to ourselves, right?” you whispered in his ear. He nodded, breathing heavy and you messing with his downstairs.

“Good!” you smiled and walked off. Draco looked down at his bulge. He now understood you were just teasing and weren’t very happy about it.

“Wait… Babe…” you heard him call, but you were already skipping to your next lesson. The rest of your day couldn’t have gone slower. You were patiently waiting. Patiently waiting, for you and Draco to have some real alone time.  Most time alone was at school in the dorms and hoping no one had noticed you slip into Draco. You knew you two were going to have a great night together and was just really happy.

Later, school had finished and you waited for Draco to come out to meet you. He was in a mood with you when he walked out of the school. He had his arms crossed and didn’t look at you. You laughed as you knew it was because of your teasing scheme. You just kissed his cheek and blushed.

“I’ve had an awkward boner for an hour, Y/N, this isn’t a joke” he hissed, not maliciously though. You laughed and wrapped your arms around him and he gave up on the mood and repeated your actions. You smiled into his chest.
“Come on then” he said, and you both started to walk to get the train back to Draco’s. You were both flirting with each other all the way home and it was getting very heated, but you were both saving yourselves for the Malfoy household.

You arrived at Draco’s and he put the key in the door and he turned around and kissed you deeply, picking you up and wrapping your legs round his waist. He opened the door and you continued to kiss. When the pair of you got in the house, you heard noise. Draco propped you down on the floor and grabbed his wand. Draco walked through and into the living room. Before Draco and you could say anything, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy walk round the corner. Your eyes widened and you sighed heavily.

“Hello darling!” Narcissa smiled at her son leaning forward to look into his blue oceans. Draco’s face dropped, you and him no longer had alone time. Now you had “family” time. The Malfoy’s loved you and you loved them, but you wanted your alone time with Draco and they were in the way. You greeted both parents and they greeted you. They told you they would cook you dinner and then you and Draco would not be disturbed.

You sunk into the chair at dinner, wanting the time to hurry up because, even though you and Draco couldn’t have “fun”, you still had free time without school to worry about. You both knew you should embrace not being at the excellent but dragging Hogwarts. You wiggled in your chair anticipating and rushed your food down. Draco, also, ate very fast. Once the pair of you had eaten, you both ran upstairs with Lucius and Narcissa remaining downstairs.

You sat on Draco’s bed and he sat next to you in silence. The silence was painful and you cut the tension in the room with a knife. You don’t understand why there was so much tension though. You looked at Draco and he was breathing slightly heavier than usual.

“Dra—“you were going to say before you were cut off by Draco’s lips on yours. He kissed you passionately and snaked his hands round your body and pulling you more into the kiss. You wrapped your arms round his neck. He picked you up and placed you on top of him not breaking the kiss. You were straddling Draco and he broke the kiss. You were both breathing heavily trying to catch your breaths. Draco began to kiss down your neck and nibble on your jaw line. You breathed out heavily, clutching some of Draco’s hair and pulling it playfully. He sucked onto your sweet spot on your neck causing you to slightly grind on him. He groaned slightly. You could feel he was already hard under you.

“Draco, we can’t, your parents are downstairs…” you trailed off while he was kissing you and you were breathing kind of heavy. He began to undo your shirt and kiss down your chest and you sighed, giving in, because you knew how bad you wanted Draco. You undid his shirt while he was massaging your breasts, causing you to moan. He bit down on your nipple gently. You covered your mouth and bit down on your hand trying not to moan.

“I want you now, Y/N…” Draco purred down your ear and you shivered in response. He lay you down on the bed and you began to take your bottoms off so you were only in your underwear. Draco put your favorite song on, quite, loud and took his trousers off so he was left in his boxers. He, then, sat between your open legs. He bit one side of your panties and pulled them down and you were instantly impressed. He licked up your core, instantly, and your legs closed around his head. You began to moan but you put your face in Draco’s pillow. He looked up and laughed slightly. You pushed your fingers through his hair as he went down on you. He kitten licked your clit before pushing his two fingers into you. You bit his pillow hard but a moan still came from your throat. He pumped his fingers into you, fastly, hitting your g-spot. You bit your lip hard trying to contain your moans and you were almost at your climax when Draco pulled out. You looked up at him, slightly mad.

“That’ll teach you not to tease me” he hissed, seductively, hovering over you. You pulled his boxers down, knowing he wanted to have sex and you, also, did. Without warning you, Draco thrusted into you and you moaned into his neck whilst he slightly chuckled. He waited a second, whilst you got used to him and then began to thrust into you hard. You moaned out trying to be as quiet as you possibly could but failing, unfortunately. Draco was moaning in your ear, silently, you didn’t know how he moaned so quiet. The bed was slightly creaking as Draco went into you hard and deep. You both whispered each other’s names and a few profanities, along with muffled moans.

“Shhhhh…” Draco hushed you in your ear, causing you to groan a little. He kissed you deeply, before carrying on with his work.

Draco had picked up a good rhythm going and was hitting your g-spot perfectly. You were moaning so loud and your sweaty bodies were pressed against each others. You dug your nails into Draco’s back and your face was in his chest, causing your moans to be muffled.  

“Draco, I’m going to—“before you could carry on, the pair of you hit climax and Draco carried on through both of your highs. You were both panting and sweaty when you’d finished up. You looked at Draco, who had collapsed next to you and you lay in his arms.

“You are so good at that…” you whispered to Draco, smiling at him. Blue, hazy eyes met your Y/E/C, dreamy eyes.

“And you really suck at being quiet” Draco mused, tiredly. You both laughed.

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How I imagine Draco's coming out
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I'm gay. I don't care if you don't like it, this is my life and--
  • Narcissa: Draco, we've known you were gay since you were 11.
  • Lucius: The only truly shocking thing about this is that it's taken you so long to tell us.
  • Draco: --I won't be stopped from--what? I don't--But... how?
  • Lucius: Draco, you sent us letters every day about how devastatingly perfect Potter was for five years.
  • Draco: WHAT? I did NOT!
  • Narcissa: You most certainly did, dear. Let me go get the boxes. We saved them all.
Get Some

Author: sara_holmes | Word Count: 75k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently afterthe war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Review: Oh wow this absolutely pulled me in, almost like a Harry Potter sequel but much more personal! It’s such an honest and real story about Harry and Draco and how the way the see each other develops, along with their relationship and their own characters. 

Harry’s frustration at everyone deferential treatment towards him feels almost visceral, and so plausible it almost makes you want to slap him the way Draco does at the beginning. Because we know, as well as Draco knows how very much Harry needs that reminder that he is a normal human being after all, and Harry in return reminds Draco to care about himself again. Harry coming to terms with his life post-war, his feelings towards Draco as well as his sexuality was so gradual, yet so sure - with Draco beside him his acceptance of these things become so easy.

There’s Hogwarts and the Gryffindors and Slytherins and lessons and everything else that lends a sense of this fic picking up from where Deathly Hallows left off *hysterically yells EWE???*. And it really is fantastic, how strong and true the friendship and love between Harry and his friends, as well as Draco and his friends is. 

Content/Warnings: Eighth Year, Secret Relationship, Some Harry/Ginny

Mood Music: Couldn’t Believe - BROODS

I Find It Cute When Boys...
  • Ginny: Let you wear his sweatshirts
  • Luna: Listen to you when no one else does
  • Pansy: Like cuddling
  • Hermione: ... Have proper grammar
  • Harry: Have that little half-smirk thing going
  • Draco: You mean like me? *wink wink* *smirk smirk*
Hermione wearing a wedding dress she can't wear on the wedding day for some reason
  • <p> <b>Draco:</b> Come out there, love.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> [from inside the room] No, I can't. I'm wearing a wedding dress.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Great! You found <i> the </i> dress?<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Yes, but I have to return it.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Well why can't I see it?<p/><b>Hermione:</b> I guess you can see it. But you can't like it, understand?<p/><b>Draco:</b> [chuckles] Okay, I promise I'll hate it.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> [comes out the room] [smiles] Hi...<p/><b>Draco:</b> Wow. You look hideous.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> [giggles] Really?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Yeah, that's like the most ugliest dress I've ever seen. That dress is just terrible, it makes me want to just rip it off of you.<p/></p>

Draco stood up from his bed and waited in front of the floo fire in his room. Harry came through it. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry in a hug.

“Are you okay?”

“No. I haven’t been down the stairs yet… she doesn’t know it’s you I’m ‘dating’.”

“Come on, let’s go down then.” Harry said before kissing Draco. Draco nodded and held Harrys hand as he pulled him out of his bedroom and down the stairs to find his mum setting up tea in the living room. She didn’t look up.

“Hello Draco.” She said pouring tea into every cup, she eventually looked up; her eyes went wide at the sight of Harry.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Malfoy.” Harry said

“p-please… call me Narcissa.” She smiled and sat down, Draco was being oddly quiet; Harry gave Draco a concerned glance. “Sit down dears.” Narcissa said gesturing to the other seats.

“Sorry mother…” Draco muttered. Harry looked at Draco confused as did Narcissa.

“What for darling?” she asked

“Hiding from you.” Draco muttered and Harry gave his hand a supportive squeeze

“No, no. its fine, Draco and stop calling me mother.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“So, Harry…. Harry Potter… you’re dating….. You’re dating Harry potter.”

“Yes he is… well, we say dating…” Harry smiled at Draco.

“What do you mean?” She asked wondering if she was supposed to be getting annoyed (like she was doing) at the boy who lived.

“We… Urm, we got engaged mum.” Draco said moving his hand so his mum could see.

“Oh my…” she breathed in collecting her thoughts before tugging Draco’s hand forward so she could see. The ring moved… it was a dragon! The wings flapped slightly as she ran her finger over it. The body was an emerald colour and the wings were a ruby colour, the head of the dragon moved and it opened its mouth to show a diamond. It did this for a few seconds before closing its mouth and wrapping itself back around Draco’s finger. Narcissa was gobsmacked; she had no idea what to say.

“do you like the ring?” Harry asked all she could do was nod. “I had it specially made, it marks slytherin and Gryffindor house together as one, it’s also when we got together, the tri-wizard tournament after I got the egg from the dragon. While I was in there I saw Draco, his mask lifted, he looked concerned… worried I flew right by him just as I thought the dragon was going to get me and his eyes were filled with tears. I was confused and decided that I wouldn’t be able to know why he was crying if I didn’t win the egg and he was what got me through that challenge. Not the fact that the world depended on me to defeat vol-you-know-who but Draco.” Harry said and Draco teared up; just as he did when it was said to him in the proposal but the proposal was longer and by the end of it Draco was full on crying.

Narcissa, finally, was able to speak “Congratulations. Drink your tea an-and… wait do your… do the Weasleys know?”

“No… I was hoping Draco could come with me… They definitely don’t know I’m gay… only Draco knows…” Harry blushed and Narcissa didn’t know why but she stood up and walked over to Harry pulling him into a hug.

“Trust me Harry, they’ll accept you and if they don’t… well they’ve got another thing coming.” She smiled “And Draco.”
“you did good son and im proud of you.” She pulled both of them into a hug

Number one of my storyline they are all tagged #myharrypotterfanfictiontexts

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Hey friend! I was wondering if you knew of any Drarry fics in a post-Hogwarts setting, like The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight. I loved it so much after I read it when I found the link on this tumblr page, and I haven't been able to find a fic to compare. Thanks love!

Ah I’m so glad you enjoyed reading The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight! Anyway, onto the recs!

  • IDK, My BFF Hermione? - by lettered (19k)
    After Lucius’ death, Draco rebels against being what a Malfoy is; beginning to party, drink and have sex with anything that has two legs. Of course, Harry thinks he’s up to something.
    (I simply love how Draco is so wild in this fic)

  • On Daftness - by Tracy and Starlitshore (16k)
    Draco wants Harry. Harry wants Draco. So why is everything so difficult? 
    (All of the unresolved sexual tension will honestly kill you. The banter, flirting and insisting on being ‘just friends’ will honestly drive you mad)

  • Slithering - by astolat (27k)
    Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.
    (In which Draco finds Nagini’s nest and raises one of her hatchlings + some Drarry drama and angst)

  • In the Company of a Rubber Duck - by birdsofshore (34k)
    War makes for strange bedfellows. However, that doesn’t fully explain how Harry ended up sharing his bath with Draco Malfoy… nor why Malfoy was a rubber duck at the time. 
    (To repent for his war crimes, Draco has to serve 18 months of community service by residing in an ordinary household object for one hour each day. Somehow he ended up as Potter’s rubber duck)

  • In Pieces - by Cheryl Dyson (87k)
    Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost.
    (I don’t want to spoil too much, but although Draco is a ghost there will be a happy ending!)

  • Matchmaking - by Frostywonder (22k)
    When Hermione rushes off to the Amazon, Ron is left alone in handling their brooding third wheel. Somehow, he drags Malfoy into the mix and the stupid Ferret steals the show.
    (The friendship between Ron and Draco is absolutely brilliant! Eventually Harry ends up meeting Draco through Ron, and the red-head is completely oblivious to the growing relationship between his two friends)

  • A Healing Grace - by Lomonaaeren (5k)
    After the war, it takes Harry a while to start going to Quidditch games again. And he certainly never expected that the most interesting part of them would be Draco Malfoy.
    (Harry is obsessed with Draco Malfoy…again)

  • On a Clear Day - by Saras Girl (41k)
    Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly.
    (Harry isolates himself inside Grimmauld Place, refusing to come out. Draco is given the impossible task to try coax him out of his reclusive living.)
Harry coming out to Ron

“Ron, I don’t know how you’ll take this, you’ve been my best friend for eight years and you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin, I just hope that would be enough. But Ron, I’m gay.” Harry had said it so quickly he was out of breath, yet he still held it in, waiting for a response.

“Wait…” Ron looked and Harry wasn’t sure why, but he looked relatively nonchalant, “why are you telling me this?”

“If you don’t want to be friends with me anymore then that’s fine. I don’t have a crush on you anything-” Harry’s rambling was cut short.

“You don’t have a crush on me?” Ron asked quizically.

“Well, no… I kind of haveathingforMalfoy.” Harry sped, still unsure as to why Ron asked that.

“Yeah, sure,” Ron blew off, “but, like, you’ve never looked at me? Not even once?”

“No, mate, you’re like a brother to me.” Harry reasoned.

“I’ve looked at you, Harry, am I just not attractive? What has Malfoy got that I haven’t?” Ron stuck out his bottom lip and pouted, making him look strangely similar to a kicked puppy.

Harry stumbled over his words, “No, no, Ron, not like that- you’re attractive, I just don’t… uh, Hermione, help.”

(Based on this post: https://mxlfoydraco.tumblr.com/post/152214649928/okay-so-you-know-that-trope-in-fics-where-after )

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secret relationship

((hope you like it; thanks for the prompt))

It didn’t surprise Harry the first time Draco pulled away from him.  They’d been sitting in the 8th year common room late at night.  As they heard footsteps outside the doorway, Draco jumped from his seat next to Harry and moved to the far side of the sofa.  

Once they were alone again, Draco apologized between soft kisses. “I’m sorry.  We just have a lot of eyes on us right now.  For very different reasons, of course.  I’m just not ready.”

Harry held him close and smiled.  "It’s ok.  Not everyone is cut out for fame and attention.“

Draco swatted at him but couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

Right after leaving Hogwarts, Harry gave Draco a small box tied with a green ribbon.  He stood with his hands in his pockets and watched Draco open it.  Once Draco saw the key inside, Harry asked, “Will you move in with me?”

Draco didn’t immediately answer.

Harry nervously rambled, “I mean, it’s not like the manor, it’s just a little flat in a Muggle area, but it’s got plenty of space.  I know you have too many dress robes to keep in a respectably sized flat, but we could make it work.  I won’t even get mad at all the hair potions taking up room on the bathroom counter-top…”

Draco stood with tears in his eyes.  "I’m sorry.  I…“

Harry sighed, “It’s ok.”

“I’m not ready. I want to.  I really do, but…”

“It’s ok, it was a long shot anyway.  I mean, what did I expect. ‘Happy late nineteenth birthday, please make this crazy commitment with no time to think it over.’ I mean we’ve only been together for…almost a year” Harry stopped when he realized how disappointed and a bit bitter he sounded.

“Please, don’t be angry. I love you. I just can’t,” Draco held the box out for Harry to take.

Harry took a deep breath and he let it out grabbing Draco by his outstretched arm and pulled him close. Wrapping his arms around Draco, “Keep it.  It’s not like you’re going to walk in on me and someone else,” Harry said as Draco scoffed at him.  “You have my heart.  A key to my place just seems reasonable.”

Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

“You don’t want me to be your partner, and that’s perfectly understandable.  I’m just having a hard time with why I can’t list you as my emergency contact,” Harry said.

“You can list Weasley,” Draco said quietly.

“Aurors can’t list their partners as their emergency contact.  It’s not like these are posted in the break room, I just think that if something happened to me, you would want to be the first to know,” Harry said.  

They sat at the kitchen table in the flat Draco still hasn’t moved into.  Paperwork covered the surface.  Another year had passed between them.  Auror training had been as horrible as Draco thought it would be, but Harry had been there for him every step of the way.  Over the past year, he never pushed Draco to come out.  Draco eventually felt comfortable being seen with Harry, as friends of course.

Their “friendship” didn’t seem to surprise anyone.  Then only time he heard anything from the other Aurors-in-training, it was some snide comment about how Harry seemed to have a things for taking in strays.  What did come as a surprise was when he heard Weasley speak up about it saying, “Yeah, cause Weasleys are such solitary stray people.  I really set the trend for the rest of his friends.”

Harry took Draco’s hand, “I’ll make a deal with you.  I’ll list Andromeda first, you know, because of Teddy.  Then I’ll list you second.  That way, my godson isn’t stuck waiting for me to pick him up if something happens.”

Draco smiled, “Fine.  But I just don’t want to risk our jobs.  Relationships in the workplace are just inappropriate.”

“Are you kidding?  There are two different married couples in our department.  They just can’t work as direct partners.  And we’re not working as partners.  No problems,” Harry explained.

“We’re not married,” Draco said, pulling his hand away.

Harry stood abruptly, busying himself getting drinks from the refrigerator.  Draco couldn’t be completely certain, but he was willing to believe he heard Harry mutter ‘not yet.’

Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

The day Lucius Malfoy died, Narcissa spent the evening with her son.  Both she and Draco were very private with their grief even in the presence of each other.  Draco had watched Lucius’ health decline sharply over the six months since he’s become an Auror, ashamed that he was thankful for the long hours and inconsistent schedule.

“You should go back to work tomorrow.  You know your father wouldn’t approve of sitting about when there are still matters that need attended,” Narcissa suggested.  "Sitting about isn’t going to make you feel any better.  Leave the isolated grief to me.  My son, you have been through quite enough.  I know if you go back to the Ministry in the morning, you will feel better.“

Draco wasn’t convinced she meant his job would make him feel better, but how could she know?  Draco had been so careful.  Hadn’t he? 

He took her advice though.  Draco went back to work the next day.  As he arrived, Harry ran to meet him.

"What are you doing here?  They’d understand if you took some time off.  No matter who he was, you still lost your father,” Harry said.  He was careful to stand a bit farther away from Draco than he wanted.  He was careful not to offer Draco any comforting touches.

Draco fell into Harry’s arms right there in the middle of the corridor leading to the Auror offices surrounded by at least a dozen of their colleagues and acquaintances.  Draco cried.  At first he cried about his father, then he realized he was crying because he had nothing to hide anymore.  He was holding his lover.  Draco, held close to Harry, leaned down to kiss Harry’s shoulder.  

Harry pulled away quickly, glancing around them, “Do you want to, er, go somewhere more private?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think.  I shouldn’t have done that without knowing if you were ok with it.  You can blame it on me if you want.” Draco stumbled over his words, obviously holding himself away from Harry.

Harry kept his voice low, “I’ve been waiting for that for 3 years.  You were hiding me from your father.  Weren’t you?”

Draco shook his head, ignoring the small glances from the people walking past them. “I was hiding me from my father.  I don’t know why I never just said that.  You deserved to know, but I couldn’t tell you that I expected you to go out of your way to stay hidden because of him.  I mean, you two weren’t exactly on the best of terms.  I would understand if you don’t want to see me right now, or ever. But he was…he would have disowned me.  I know he was terrible but…”

Harry put a comforting hand on Draco’s shoulder, “But he was still your father.  I get it.  I would pick a fight with Minerva McGonagall for my father and I don’t even remember him, not really.”

Draco’s eyes widened, “No, you wouldn’t!”

“Nah, but I’d think about it,” Harry laughed. He took Draco’s face in his hands and kissed him not caring who saw them.  His entire body filled with relief when Draco kissed him back.  "You still shouldn’t be here today.  Can’t we just go home?“

Draco nodded, "Take me home." 

When Harry apparated them into the little flat in Muggle London, Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with Harry Potter.

These Are Not Love Letters - ContrEeri
By Organization for Transformative Works

Generally, love letters are filled with sweet nothings, ‘I love yous’, 'I miss yous’, and promises of forever. That’s why these aren’t love letters. They really truly aren’t. Instead, they’re falling in love letters, they are the slow but sure decent from old school rivals to friends to something else they aren’t quite ready to name.

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Harriet Potter is a transgender asexual and only after the battle of Hogwarts when everything has settled a bit realises why she's never been comfortable in boy's clothes. Bonus: Draco being secretly aggressively supportive of Harry's identity, and never making any jokes on the front (also making whoever is transphobic life a living hell). -H

Draco isn’t really supportive of Potter or anything Potter (aside from the general defeating The Dark Lord thing, of which Draco, like many others, is still working on overcoming his trauma), but there are certain lines you just don’t cross.

Besides, when Potter is a lazy academic, uncreative problem solver, rash and brash, self-righteous egotistical jock pretending she’s got the charisma of a leader whom people only follow because she didn’t die as a baby, why would Draco need to stoop so low as to make fun of something she can’t help that isn’t even something to be made fun of? 

Other identities aren’t something new to Draco. They’re all over Slytherin; they’re just whispered about in the dead of night, when they can really all be themselves without trying to present a certain image to the rest of wizarding society.

Millicent is trans and Blaise is bisexual and agender and Daphne is aromantic and Crabbe is gay and Draco himself has only ever made it as far as labeling himself as all-around questioning. In fact, Draco hates himself a little bit for how much he admires Potter for publicly coming out. It’s something a lot of Slytherins still struggle with. He sees his own mum’s eyes wandering too long over beautiful witches to be purely platonic, gazing at them in a way that she’s never looked at towards father.

Yet it never feels weird to Draco to correct his own father when he uses the wrong pronouns for Potter. It never feels weird submit blazing corrections to certain journalists who refuse to respect Potter’s identity. It definitely never feels weird for him and Astoria to sit Scorp down and occasionally talk about identity and boundaries and exploring and being open-minded and respecting himself and other’s.

Draco’s never been one for just “doing right” - more about doing right for himself. But in this instance, he is about doing what is right. If you’re going to criticize somebody, at least put in the effort to genuinely criticize their faults, not your own shortcomings.

And when Scorp sits him and Astoria down the summer after his third year at Hogwarts, and quietly but surely tells them, “um, so. You know Al? I think I might be kinda crushing on him. I might be just a little gay,” Draco can feel the pride and love bursting within him. This isn’t a conversation he’d ever dreamed of having with his own father. He couldn’t be happier that Scorpius knows he can come to Draco. Potter’s kid isn’t exactly who Draco is hoping Scorp will end up with, but hey. It’s just a teenage crush, right?

Then when Scorp starts sending cryptic and curious letters home in his fifth year, Astoria and Draco suspect another coming out is on its way. Sure enough, that summer, Scorp loudly announces over breakfast, as if he hasn’t been able to wait to tell them, “so I’m pretty sure I’m acespec. Maybe graya or aceflux”. Draco simply ruffles Scorp’s hair, an action he knows Scorp loves and hates, and dumps more pancakes on his son’s plate, while Astoria smiles and tells Scorp she loves him always.

Even when Scorp slyly smiles at Draco after his graduation and tells him, “you know I’m looking for a place with Al to move into together, right?” Draco just takes a breath, knowing that at least Al is a good kid. Plus, how’s Draco supposed to effectively get under Potter’s skin if they never see each other?

So Draco tells his son the only thing he’d ever wanted to hear from his father, “I’m proud of you for doing what will make you happy, Scorpius. Plus,” he gently nudges his shoulder into his son’s, “you know I love you no matter what, right?”

~Hufflepuff Mod