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New Cursed Child Era fics:

Beauty in the Legacy by niffizzle - T, WIP - Hermione Granger has just been appointed Minister of Magic and Draco Malfoy seizes the opportunity to placate rumors that Scorpius is the son of Voldemort. Instead of issuing a statement, though, Hermione decides to foster a friendship between Rose and Scorpius, leading her to have to spend more time with Draco, who she is surprised to learn has changed considerably in the years since the war.Begins in Summer 2017, right before the second generation starts at Hogwarts.

hear that? that’s the sound of my whole soul burning into pieces along with my heart breaking and my eyes becoming an eternal waterfall.


Scorpius: Come to the funeral.
Albus: Of course.
Scorpius: And be my good friend.

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Act 1 Scene 4

  • Ron: Mr. Malfoy, did you ever take Astoria on a date?
  • Draco: yes.
  • Ron: Where?
  • Draco: To a small little bistro no one knows about.
  • Ron: And how long have you been sleeping with Ms. Greengrass?
  • Draco: three months.
  • Ron: And your boyfriend's name is?
  • Draco: Harry.
  • *gasps*
  • Draco: Pardon me! I thought you said friend-I mean-Harry's just a friend!
  • Harry: *across the room* YOU BITCH!
Draco when Scorpius tells him about Rose
  • Scorpius: Dad!! I have a date!
  • Draco: That's great! Albus is a really lucky boy, you know?
  • Scorpius: Albus? I'm talking about Rose...
  • Draco: Wh- what? Who the fuck is Rose, Scorpius? WHO THE FUCK IS ROSE?
  • Scorpius: Hum... Rose Granger-Weasley, dad
  • Draco: Sit down Scorpius, I have a story to tell you, the story of a boy who made all the wrong choices.

scorpius: *gets extremely jealous when albus talks/sends owls to delphi*

scorpius: *flirts with him every two seconds*

scorpius: *cries about albus when they get separated*

scorpius: *thinks about how he loves albus to protect himself from dementors*

scorpius: *the hUGS*

scorpius: lol i asked out your cousin

Don't tell me Ginny and Astoria never make fun of their husbands' old rivalry
  • *the Malfoys and the Potters see each other in public*
  • Astoria: POTTAH
  • Ginny: MaLfOy
  • Draco: *rolls eyes* no please
  • Harry: *groans* not again
  • Ginny: *spats* shut up Malfoy
  • (Draco: *is shutting up just in case*)
  • Harry: *sighs* Really, it's not funny any more!
  • Ginny:
  • Draco:
  • Harry:
  • McGonagall:
  • Astoria: Potter, you've got yourself a girlfriend!

Slytherin Girls’ Headcanons

  • Slytherin girls demanding equality from their male counterparts
  • Slytherin girls are really supportive of one another and encourage each other to do the best and follow their dream cause they know it’s a harsh world out there
  • Slytherin girls fighting slut shaming and defending other girls’ sexual lives and sexuality 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls fighting pureblood traditions and the patriarchal system within the pureblood community and making a stand for their rights and independence 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls defending halfblood girls and muggleborn girls
  • Slytherin girls fighting boys who belittle and threaten other girls
  • Slytherin girls protecting the younger Slytherin girls from older boys who aren't nice 
  • Slytherin girls teaching younger Slytherin girls independence and how to stand up for themselves 
  • Slytherin girls refusing to compete with other girls for a man’s attention and instead banding together to take him down
  • Slytherin girls plotting on how to avenge another girl who was hurt by a guy
  • Slytherin girls not taking any shit from any guy
  • Slytherin girls speaking out on inequality and injustices and using their cunning minds on how to fight it
  • Slytherin girls banding together with other girls from other houses to fight and stand up to guys’ bullshit
  • Slytherin girls recognising sexual orientation and gender orientation movements and joining in to support it
  • Slytherin girls encouraging girl friendships and discouraging animosity, catiness and competitiveness  between girls
  • Slytherin girls supporting and helping people with mental illness and taking down all those who make fun and bully people who suffer with such
  • Slytherin girls forming groups to take down those who bully girls for any reason, no matter what house they’re from
  • Slytherin girls using their cunningness, ambition and determination to help those who can’t help themselves due to systems implemented that are their to keep them down
  • Slytherin girls are strong, independent girls who will cut anyone down who threatens them and those they care for
  • Slytherin girls sneaking out at night to get chocolate from the kitchens for their friends and other girls who are on their periods and have cravings
  • Slytherin girls making potions that help with period cramps and pms symptoms 
  • Slytherin girls talking to and helping the younger girls to learn abut their bodily functions
  • Slytherin girls encouraging body positivity and to love themselves and literally attacking anyone who shit talks other girls based on their appearance
  • Slytherin girls against racism and encouraging cultural appreciation   
  • Slytherin girls being Slytherin girls

I was thinking about dad Draco as usual, and i thought to myself, “Draco sees Scorpius as the best part of himself”. Which, he is!
Often times, i thought of that “part” as in, biologically a part of Draco. Now i’m thinking, what if it wasn’t biological at all? Draco, by choice and by parental influence, had a limited amount of agency to make his decisions ever since he was a child. Lucius thought for him, decided for him, and Draco was expected to follow his footsteps compliantly. So, what if, Scorpius was the first uninfluenced decision he’s made for himself?
What if, when his soon-to-be single mum friend Astoria came to him saying she was sick, he offered to adopt her baby and take care of him if something ever happened to her? Wouldn’t it be beautiful if it was Draco’s own, conscious choice to be a father, to devote himself to this pudgy little baby, simply because he loved him? Screw the Malfoy bloodline, screw the idea that parenting is inherently biological, screw his father fuming at the thought that he wants to adopt a halfblood baby. This is his son, and he’s going to love and protect him with all that he has, everything else be damned. Scorpius then, would be the best part of Draco’s soul and heart, and i just love the thought of that so much.

Harry getting Albus the ferret and insists on naming it dragon. Ginny loves this. Albus is really confused but agrees. So then Scorpius sends Draco a letter talking about his new best friend and how his dad is so cool and he’s like “dad he has a ferret, his name is dragon”. And Draco is standing in kitchen muttering something that sounds like “Saint Potter, with his stupid face and his stupid scar”. Astoria reads the letter and she can’t stop laughing.

Things Draco Malfoy said in the Cursed Child:

• “Never really fancied being a Ministry man. Even as a child. My dad, it’s all he ever wanted — me, no. (…) Mainly I wanted to be happy”

• “Astoria was frail. (…) I didn’t want to risk her health, I said it didn’t matter whether the Malfoy line died with me — whatever my father said”

• “I think you have to make a choice — at a certain point — of the man you want to be. And I tell you that at that time you need a parent or a friend. And if you’ve learnt to hate your parent by then and you have no friends … then you’re all alone. And being alone — that’s so hard. I was alone. And it sent me to a truly dark place. For a long time”

• “My son is in tears and I am his father and so I am here to ask why you would keep apart two good friends”

• “We have to find them — if it takes centuries, we must find our sons” 

• “Maybe the black cloud Bane saw was Albus’s loneliness. His pain. His hatred. Don’t lose the boy. You’ll regret it. And so will he. Because he needs you, and Scorpius, whether or not he now knows it”

• “Our child, Scorpius, was born … it was the best day of both our lives”

• “I would sell my soul for another minute with Astoria”

• “I need my son back with me and safe” 

 • “It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy. I will always be suspected. There is no escaping the past”

• “We can hug too if you like” 



Things he did not say:

• “There are times I wish you weren’t my son”

Draco is empty after Astoria dies. He feels even more alone than any moment in his life. Yet, he feels most afraid for Scorpius, because he hasn’t lost a lover, he’s lost his mom. Draco only knows one person who can help.
His friend Theo lost a mom. He lost his mother around the same age Scorpius did. He invites Theo over for dinner. When he walks in without a hug from Astoria, he knows. He walks up to Scorpius’ room, a knowing tear falling from his glistening eyes.
“I know.”
Scorpius falls asleep in Uncle Theo’s arms, and Draco knows, at least his son won’t be alone.

i was reading that ‘astoria wouldn’t raise her child to believe muggles were scum and that didn’t sit well with lucius and narcissa weh weh weh’ bit and i had this vision of someone calling astoria a blood traitor at the dinner table and she just doesn’t let it go and passive aggressively raises scorpius into a second arthur weasley while draco malfoy continues to be whipped by own family

Hermione vs Astoria
  • Blaise: You've got to choose mate. You can't keep them both!
  • Draco: But I fancy them both!
  • Blaise: You think you do but you don't. Don't think with your dick.
  • Draco: I do not!
  • Blaise: Come on then, just list down all the cons you have for the both of 'em. That way you'll see what you're getting into. Choose the one with the shorter list.
  • Draco: Alright... [scowls]
  • Blaise: Granger first. I'm sure you've got plenty of--
  • Draco: She's manipulative, she's an insufferable know-it-all, I was always behind her in class, she's a prude, a swot-- I hate how she bites her nail, when she thinks she can sing to save her life, when she squints her eyes when she insists that I'm wrong. That hair of hers she can't seem to tame, I mean sleekeazy's won't hurt once in a while! And thinking about my parents, I hate that she's a muggle-born.
  • Blaise: See? But take it easy now. Don't want to lose "insults" for Astoria now, do we? So, Greengrass then? I'm sure she's a lovely--
  • Draco: She's not Hermione Granger...
  • Blaise: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Blaise: Err, there you go?