Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Mao Gusev||


Aliases: Sis, Kitten

Name: Mao Gusev

Birthplace: Xing

Date of Birth: October 12th, 1899

Age: 15-16 (Around 18 at the end)

Hair: Black, short and slightly messy

Eyes: Green, unknown to others due to the fact that her eyes always squinted

Height: 160 centimeters, 5'3"

Weight: 48.988 kilograms, 108 pounds

Family: Mother (birth mother, deceased), Father (birth father, unknown, assumed to be Amestrian), Anna Gusev (adoptive mother), Yuriy Gusev (adoptive father, diseased), Alyssa Katharina Gusev (adoptive sister), Leo (cat)

Affiliations: Gusev Family, Alyssa Gusev,

Species: Human

Occupation: Alchemist, 

Abilities: Alchemy, agility, exceptional HTH combat training

Weapon: Fists, Alchemy

Unique Trait: Constant blush, squinty eyes

Goal: To help her sister reach her goals in any way possible, to become a useful alchemist  

Personality: Mao is a very shy young girl, and has always been so. She is very dependable, as well as trusting. She is sometimes too trusting towards people who do not deserve it, making her the victim of more that her fair share of betrayal. Mao is very optimistic, very polite, helpful and obedient. Downsides to her personality consists of self consciousness, indecisiveness, nervousness, timidness and is slightly more weak-willed than most.  Mao is one to stick by someone’s side until the end, especially if they treat her right in return.

Mao has a small disability that she realized she had at a young age, it was either caused by the trauma she experienced as a baby when she was pulled form her mother’s frozen, dead fingers; or her realization that her family wasn’t actually her biological family. Only her and her older sister Alyssa know of her disorder. Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.  

Story: Being born in Xing, Mao possesses the looks of a typical Xinese girl. She was raised with a Drachman family, thinking she was Drachman herself until the day her adoptive father explained how she was found and came to be a part of their family. How her actual mother was found dying of Hypothermia and acute frostbite.


At this particular point in time I doubt there’s any light show which could get the Drachmans to try to get into Briggs, and a good thing for them, since they’d probably get in just in time for the garrison to wake up.

But there’s a long border with Drachma, mostly pretty quiet if all the tension is at Briggs – although why all the tension would be at Briggs I’m not sure. I’d speculate about it being the most passable place, but that’s ridiculous. Unless there’s a huge mountain range along the entire northwest border? I’ll have to check the map again.

But accepting that the border is mostly quiet, and in an incredibly unnatural shape, and between two aggressive countries… Maybe there are places in the backwoods where people on either side of the border feel they have more in common with each other than with their governments, culturally speaking. Maybe there are farms or even villages that don’t quite take the border as seriously as they’re supposed to take it, and hop over to help with a barn-raising or get the planting done.

…This scenario isn’t turning out as funny as the traumatized Aerugan onlookers, since these witnesses will be panicking over their friends and family across the border. To cheer up, let’s imagine a more “civilized”, more hostile, but still not-actively-violent border crossing, where soldiers and customs officials glower at each other all day and make travelers’ lives miserable.

*spectacular light show*
*horrifying creature trying to grab moon*
*more lights*
*vortex of anguish*
*blue lights*

“…Fucking Amestris.”

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”
—Lovelle Drachman
Anyone going on a road trip this summer? Enjoy!
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