Well, I make a littles chibis of my Genderbend ❤

Josephine and Caesarina with casual clothes
Joriko and Tomoe ❤ (Design of Fem!Kakyoin is from @thali-lemonpie )
Jeannette, Merefit and Old!Josephine (Fem!Avdol is from @thali-lemonpie ❤)

PD: If You want a request of my GB You can, and ask about all too ❤…I dont have problem with this uvu

Your next line is, “we’re screwed!”, to yu! #iykwim (One Piece 860 - First Impression)

Katakuri (yeah yeah, Dogtooth) is the Joseph of One Piece yo! So hyped for him lmao

He will be all like: “Your next line is: ‘I’m gonna be the Pirate King’. Please.” on Luffy (For you guys who know what I mean)

For reference:

“To yu!”

And is it only me or the Vinsmokes all are giving the vibe of being killers (that are going to execute their plan)?

And welp, all of them looking fine af tho.

A List of my Favorite JJBA Characters (in order from parts)

Jotaro Kujo: To be honest, when I was first getting into JoJo and had started part 3, I didn’t like him. I started liking him by part 4 and onward, and now that I’ve seen Stardust Crusaders like three times, how can I not like this dork?

Noriaki Kakyoin: A precious cherry boy that left us too soon. He was my favorite part 3 character, and was actually my all time favorite JJBA character (before I read parts 4+). His character song Goodbye Nostalgia still gets to me.

Josuke Higashikata: I don’t even know what to say about Josuke. When I first started part 4, I didn’t really have an opinion on him. Now I love him to bits, and I really love his design. He’s a dork, the biggest dork in JoJo (actually, it’s probably a threeway tie between him, Johnny, and Gyro).

Rohan Kishibe: I absolutely love everything about Rohan. Every. Single. Thing. Even though he’s a jerk sometimes.

Kira Yoshikage: He’s actually my favorite villain. And yes, I’m still salty about him not winning that Crunchyroll villain contest thing.

Narancia Ghirga: My little sibling says out of every JoJo character, I’m the most like Narancia. He is precious, and my favorite member of Bruno’s gang.

Vinegar Doppio: I’m a sucker for split/multiple personalities, so I was drawn to Doppio from the minute I saw him. I also like how people “assume” he’s a 15 year old, but he’s like, probably in his thirties. I also say that Diavolo is one of my favorite villains (but Doppio plays a huge part in that).

Jolyne Kujo: She’s a Queen, and probably my favorite JoJo (or that might be Johnny).

Johnny Joestar: I think he’s one of the most well written JoJos, and he went through so much character development.

Diego Brando: I effing love dinosaurs. They are so cool, so of course, I’m gonna love the boy that turns into one. I also love Diego more than Dio, And I really liked Diego’s backstory (albeit really sad). I’m still salty that him (and Hot Pants) never went to see his father. Diego (and Hot Pants) deserved better.

I’m not adding any part 8 characters right now, seeing as how it’s not finished. But characters that might make it on this list are: Joubin, Joshuu (I’m still hoping for that character development), and Kira.