drac oh

Domestic Drarry

“Potter, I’m home, let’s go eat someth-!”

“Come on Draco we’re married, stop calling me that. And I cooked…uh…what is it? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s… did you cook everything on that table?”

“Well, of course I did, your royal dumbness. Who else could?”

“… I… didn’t know you could cook…”

“One can never stop learning, uh? Come here, taste this.”


“Potter, let’s go to the cinem… what the hell are you doing?”

“Pijama, pop corn and sofa. There’s Titanic on TV.”

“That’s ridiculous… and that obscene pijama is four sizes bigger than you.”

“I have one for you, too.” *Throws it*

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. What’s Titanic anyway…?”


*cry together*

“Draco come here, please.”

“What is it, Scarhe-!!! *cough* What…the…”

“Bath with me, Draco… I’m feeling lonely.”

“…LIKE I WOULD BATH WIth you, Potter… oh… ok… but stop with that face…”


“…Move further, you prick…”

“Yes, Sir…

wait… are you bathing in your slip?”





“I was thinking… would you not sleep on the sofa tonight?”


“I mean, we’re married… you could sleep with me… once in a while. Honestly, I don’t get you…are you in love with me or not?”


“ No, never mind. I get it… I’m going upstair-”

“POTTER! I… I’d like to sleep with you tonight…”

“Yes, I get i… WHAT?! Are you for real?”


“OF COUR-…of course, the sofa, yeah… just for that…”


“Potter… are you asleep?”




“I love you… Harry…”



“Good morning, Drac- Oh woah… you made breakfast!”

“Or, at least, I tried. OH, don’t eat that, it might poison yoU- NO… why did you do that… ”

“I like it, it’s mine.”

“…you can’t possibly be serious…”

“Thank you, Draco!”



“Enjoy your free day, honey. I’ll be back soon.”

“Have a safe trip, Scarhead.”

“Thanks. Ha! And, Draco?”


“I love you, too.”

“………..YOU UTTER BASTARD!!!!!!”

Pansy the Jealous Bitch

Can I ask for a Draco imagine where the reader is a Slytherin and she likes Draco, but he doesn’t know, so one day she fights with Pansy because she was being too clingy (*cough* bitchy *cough*)? You can finish it like you please. (I’m new here btw😊)

I tried to make it what you wanted! (I might’ve written Pansy OOC and Draco a bit as well… oops…) I feel like my writing was a bit off and I’m sorry. It’s been a weird af day

I hope you like it :)

“Hey, Drac-y, where are you going?” whined Pansy in her nasal voice. Y/N couldn’t help but think that she was a clingy bitch, but of course she was biased. Then again, did Pansy always need to interrogate her boyfriend whenever he got up to go to the loo?

“Just the bathroom. I’ll be back,” Draco replied, slightly annoyed. Y/N couldn’t help but feel bad for Draco; his girlfriend never gave him any breathing room.

It seemed that Pansy had seen Y/N watch Draco walk out of the room, judging by her comment: “What are you looking at, Y/N?!” With a roll of her eyes, Y/N ignored her.

It was only a few minutes later that Pansy piped up again with a sigh, “Oh, where has my love gone off to? What’s taking him so long-”

“Oh, could you bloody please shut up?” Y/N said without a thought.

“Excuse me?”

When Y/N looked up from the homework that she was working on, Pansy looked absolutely enraged. Her face was red and she was standing, facing Y/N with the ugliest expression she had ever seen on her face. It was all Y/N could do to keep from bursting with laughter.

Rather than laugh, however, Y/N thought it was about time to put Pansy in her place. “Give your boyfriend some space, would ya? I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate a louse like you breathing down his neck all the time.”

“At least I have a boyfriend! Who are you to talk! I bet you’ve never even been in a relationship.”

Setting down her papers, Y/N responded, “Well I at least have the decency not to sleep around while in one.”

“Are you trying to imply that I’ve been cheating on Draco?” Pansy’s question was given in a high-pitched nasally scream that brought the eyes of everyone in the common room upon them.

“I’m not implying that you aren’t.”

“Why you little rat!” With this exclamation, Pansy darted out her wand and a shot of red sparks flew at Y/N, which she promptly dodged by falling out of her chair. A roll of laughter over the small crowd in the common room echoed as she hit the floor.

“Now you’ve done it,” Y/N heard someone mutter from behind her as she stood up.

Dusting her robes off, she shot Pansy a dirty look before whipping out her own wand and shooting yellow sparks at her. The two shot at each other and dodged their way around the room until a larger crowd began to form.

“You can’t tell me how to run my relationship!” screeched Pansy.

“Well you don’t seem to need any help; you’re running it into the ground just fine yourself.”

The banter continued only until Draco walked back in a moment later, promptly stopping the girls with the flick of his wand and blue streaks of light shooting into the room, dispersing the crowd. “What the bloody hell happened while I was in the toilet?”

Y/N, who had by now put away her wand, was about to respond when something knocked her off of her feet and onto the ground. “Wow, what a cheap shot,” she muttered very audibly.

“Pansy, what the hell is wrong with you? You’ve been batshit crazy for the past few weeks, and if you don’t stop this soon-”

“Oh, Drac-y! It was awful! This mean bitch tried to attack me,” Pansy whined, cutting off her boyfriend, throwing herself onto him.

“Oh, sod off,” he said, shoving her off. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

Y/N had risen and gotten a hold of her things as this exchange had been occurring. “I’m just fine, thank you. Get a hold of your girlfriend though, she’s a bitch.”

“Yeah, hold on,” abruptly, he turned to Pansy. “I think this is over, Pans.” And with another spin on his heels, he grabbed a hold of Y/N’s hand and murmured in her ear, “She was shit in bed anyway. I could use a real woman to bed.”

Y/N pulled away and winked.

AN: Laura x Carmilla. Carmilla comforts Laura after a bad dream.

“Child you are weak and for what? A human, for the second time. Did you learn nothing from those seventy years spent underground?”

“I might be a vampire, mother, but that doesn’t mean that I lost all ability to feel. I’m not you and I never will be”

“Perhaps that is the bigger issue at hand, maybe this human chew toy of yours doesn’t need to pay for your petulance and lack of use…”

“She has a name! I’ll take my punishment, but you have to let Laura go first”

“Carmilla, no!”

“I’m so sorry you were ever dragged into this mess. Go, live your life and be happy”


“Goodbye, Laura”


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