We Thought It Was Obvious // Isaac Lahey

Request: Hola. Could you possibly do an Isaac Lahey imagine where none of the pack knows your together but they catch you sleeping in one of his goodies and get suspicious and then they finally find out by catching you kissing or cuddling or something. Sorry if it’s weird. 
Requested by: @calmcalum5

A/N: I altered the request slightly so it made a bit more sense.

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Word Count:

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

It was one of the mornings where everything had gone wrong.

You couldn’t quite explain how, but you could definitely explain why. It started with you sleeping in past your alarm, and then realizing you only had twenty minutes to get ready. Continuing on, your makeup had taken you longer than normal because you were panicked and you hadn’t had time to make breakfast nor lunch so it seemed you were buying lunch today.

And to top that all off, you’d forgotten that your mother had taken the car this morning, meaning you had literally a minute to text Lydia and hope that she’d pick you up, or you were walking.

The only thing that had gone right was that, luckily, Lydia was more than happy to pick you up.

“Rough morning?”

“You wouldn’t believe it,” you sighed, shutting the car door beside you as you moved to pull on your seat belt. As you did, you continued, “I slept through my alarm, and then I couldn’t, for the life of me, do my eyeliner this morning, ugh, it was just a big mess.”

It was only a moment after you’d finished explaining, did you realize that Lydia had started moving the car yet.

With furrowed brows, you turned your head slightly, raising your eyes to glance at her only to find her already looking at you. But rather then meeting your eyes, she was looking at your chest. “Um…” You started, increasingly baffled. “Is there something wrong?”


Raising your hand, you waved it in front of Lydia’s eyes. “Hello?”

She blinked, registering and meeting your eyes. “Sorry,” she mumbled, shaking her head as she set her hands on the steering wheel. “Got a bit lost there for a moment.”

“Everything okay?” You questioned, with an eyebrow raised. 

“Yeah,” she said after a moment, slightly hesitant as she nodded her head. “Yeah.”

Once Lydia started driving, everything fell into pattern and before you knew it, the two of you were at school. And with time to spare.

Lydia said she was meeting up with Stiles and Scott before class started, and with a shrug, you said you’d tag along. The two of you talked about basically nothing, just as you had in the car, before the two of you reached Stiles and Scott.

“Good morning,” you greeted with a bright smile, looking up at the two of them.

Stiles and Scott turned to you and Lydia, their lips parted as if to reply, before they paused, much like Lydia had. You glanced down at yourself, pulling at the fabric of your hoodie in confusion.

Was something wrong with it?

“Is something wrong?” You questioned, voice hesitant.

Stiles snapped out of it first, slapping Scott in the chest. “Nope,” he shook his head adamantly. “Nope, not at all.”

Squinting your eye in suspicion, you turned to Scott; “Scott?”

He glanced back and forth between you, Lydia and Stiles before nervously mumbling a; “nope.”

You opened your mouth to reply, still suspicious before a familiar head of light brown hair caught your attention. “I’m just gonna go to my locker…” You explained, still wary, “i’ll see you guys later?”

“Yup,” Stiles grinned.

“See ya!”

With a short nod, you turned, heading off the other way. As you grew closer to your person of target, your lips curved into a bright smile and you practically started skipping along in the hallway, unaware of the eyes that followed you.

“Isaac!” You called, gaining the boys attention.

He turned to you the moment you called his name, his eyes immediately lighting up and his lips curving into a bright smile. “Hey,” he called softly, opening up his arms to which you promptly ran into. Curling your arms around his waist, you squeezed him tightly in response before pulling back.

“I missed you,” you whispered, voice low.

“I missed you too,” he grinned, before his eyes gazed lower. “See you’re wearing my hoodie?”

Glancing down at your attire, you fingered the material. “I fell asleep in it last night and then woke up late. I can take it off-”

“No,” Isaac cut in, shaking his head. “No, you look cute in it.”

With a soft blush, you grinned; “really?”

“Yeah,” Isaac whispered huskily, leaning down. “Really,” just as he finished speaking, he pressed his lips against your own, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close. You immediately responded, wrapping your arms around his neck with a soft smile against his lips.

Then; “I knew it!”

You jumped, surprised as you turned to the direction of the shout only to find Lydia, Stiles and Scott all standing before you.

Pressing a hand against your chest, you sent them all a glare; “knew what?” 

“That you were dating,” Lydia exclaimed.

Glancing up at Isaac, you furrowed your brows; “we didn’t tell you know?”

“No,” Stiles shook his head, “no, you didn’t.”

“Oh,” Isaac mumbled, shrugging, “we thought we did.”

“What do you mean you thought?” Lydia screeched, turning her eyes on you. “That is some major information I needed to know.”

“Sorry,” you mumbled nonchalantly, “I thought you did.”

“You never even mentioned it,” Scott reminded.

Glancing once more at Isaac, you turned back to your friends with another shrugged. 

“We thought it was obvious.”


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prejudice; j.n ft. j.m

Originally posted by baekthecorgi

thank you for the request! ahaha although i dont think jeno will act like this

  • you and jaemin have been friends ever since forever
  • you appreciate the hell out of him because he was the main reason why you and jeno are dating right now <3
  • the relationship have been filled with nothing but love
  • recently, you have this really important exam coming up in a few days and you were busy studying
  • at the same time though, your boyfriend and best friend had the day off for today since they finished their promotions
  • jeno had persuaded you to come over to the dorm, though you rejected the offer a few times, you ended up coming over anyways since you couldn’t resist his cute whines
  • as this exam was really important, you requested to study in your boyfriend’s room which he quickly agreed, giving you some time to study
  • you knew jaemin had a naturally loud voice and loves screaming in a high pitch voice
  • but when jaemin won’t stops screaming about how cute jeno was, you were getting slightly annoyed by his loud voice
  • you dropped your pen on the table as you grabbed your phone and texting jeno
  • ‘could you please tell jeno to lower down his volume? i can’t focus’ you texted
  • jeno quickly replied, ‘oky sure sorry babe’
  • for a good 15 minutes it was peaceful, no loud screams of how much jaemin loves jisung
  • until you heard even louder screams, obviously coming from jaemin
  • aggravated. you left jeno’s room to tell the 2 boys to quieten down. 
  • “jaemin, can’t you lower down your volume? i’m trying to study in there.” you scolded, glaring at the boy who was sheepishly smiling at you
  • jaemin clicked his tongue, “y/n why are you even studying when you’re here? just ditch your books and join us!”
  • you crossed your arms, “unlike you, i want to pass my exams, jaemin. so i would greatly appreciate if you could stop screaming. it’s annoying”
  • jaemin glared at you, “when you scream, i don’t even complain, what makes you think you can?”
  • “maybe because i scream at appropriate times.” 
  • at this point, you were going crazy. was it so difficult for him to lower down his volume?
  • jaemin rolled his eyes at you, “how about you leave? you’re annoying us.”
  • your fists clenched. your eyes shifted to your boyfriend, asking for help
  • instead, jeno said, “i think you should leave, babe”
  • “are you serious?!” you shrieked, “i came over because you asked me to and now you’re asking me to leave because you’re siding with that piece of shit?!”
  • “great,” scoffed jaemin, “now im a piece of shit? thanks a lot y/n!” he said sarcastically
  • “why are you being so mean? just leave” said jeno as he gave you a dirty look
  • “yeah, sure, fine, whatever. don’t come looking for me.” you said angrily as you went back to jeno’s room to pack your things
  • when you reached home, you barely had the energy to study, instead you laid down on your bed while sobbing 
  • few hours later of you taking a nap, too tired to cry, you felt a presence laying next to you
  • suddenly you felt someone place their hand on your waist, pulling you closer to them
  • “y/n”
  • it was jeno
  • opening your puffy eyes you looked at him, “what are you doing here?” you asked rudely
  • “came to apologize,” he told you, sincerity evident in his voice
  • you sighed, turning away, “i thought i told you not to come find me”
  • “wouldnt be a good boyfriend if i did that,” jeno chuckled lightly.
  • you didn’t reply, instead, turn your body away from jeno
  • “look, im sorry. what i did was selfish and dumb. i should’ve known better to side with that annoying egg, you were right. we were noisy and should’ve tone a little bit down.”
  • you sighed, turning to face jeno. “i accept your apology,” you told him
  • jeno cracked a smile
  • “but”
  • “but?” his face, confused
  • “i won’t be studying at your place anymore. it’s too noisy,” you told him
  • he agreed. “okay, i understand”
  • lmao wtf is this bye

So, @adoptdontshoppets requested a little something based on the below pictured post. I wanted to be careful not to totally steal their idea, so the premise is slightly different, and it doesn’t go into super detail, but I like the idea of Ben seeing Dean again. Also, I’m sleepy. lol I hope you enjoy.

Dean stares at the house, his fingers wrapped tightly around the steering wheel, knuckles white as he gripped the worn leather. It looks the same as it did the last time he saw it, though the yard could use a mowing. His eyes shift to the envelope laying on the seat next to him, the address in the top left corner bold and messy. He tries to think if he’s ever seen the handwriting before, at least enough to confirm that this is in fact a legitimate letter, but deep down he knows that it’s real.

Sam had offered to come with him, though it was half-hearted. Not that Sam wouldn’t have come; Dean is sure that regardless of how awkward it may be, Sam would have pushed through it. But this isn’t for Sam, is it? The letter inside the creased envelope is specifically addressed to him. The rushed handwriting asked him to come visit. Never mind that, Sam’s knee couldn’t take it. Folding his long frame into the car would aggravate it, and he is having a hard enough time with the cane as it is now. Sam is at the bunker, spending time with Cas and Jack, and Dean is here, confronting his past.

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Pen & Quill - a collection of Dramione drabbles. Find the first one here, with more to follow!


The first thing was that Draco Malfoy thought Hermione Granger was beautiful.

From her soft frame to the warmth of the chocolate in her gaze; from her free and unreserved smile to the wild and uncontrollable curls she wore.

He’d thought she was pretty – but then after the Yule Ball, during their fourth year, Draco had made peace with the fact that he was attracted to her and it had morphed into something else altogether.

He had started noticing the little things, like the way her lips curved with a secret when she watched her friends. Like the small furrow that came to her brow when she was focused, or how her eyes widened in joy when treacle tart was served for pudding in the Great Hall.

Draco liked the way she wore her uniform skirt, and how her posture was always a little slumped on one side from the weight of the books she carried in her bag. He would have laughed at the irony, given he had been raised to have the most upright of posture.

She was beautiful even now, splayed on the floor of the drawing room of his family home. Her frame was thinner than he remembered, her cheeks hollow with deep bruises beneath her eyes. Granger’s hair was dull and lank, her curls matted beyond help and – Draco cringed – mixing within the growing puddle of her own blood. 


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T'challa x reader drabble with Black Widow by Iggy Azalea

Characters: Reader x T’Challa
Lyric: “This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same / First we’re both down to play then somehow you go astray”
Word Count: 344
A/N: It’s 4am, my emotions are all over the place, I don’t know whether I want to be happy or cry, I really want to learn how to play the guitar, I want to sleep but I remembered I don’t have anything in my queue so here we are I felt like this song didn’t really fit T’Challa but I hope I did ok!


Originally posted by softtroublemaker

You perplexed T’Challa, and not many things could confuse the King of Wakanda.

You were enticing, your aura intoxicating in almost every way. T’Challa had never felt so lovestruck by anyone before, had never felt so out of control when it came to his emotions. Being with you felt like throwing all his instincts and inhibitions out of the window. 

You knew very well the effect you had on the King, and you loved it.

You loved playing games with T’Challa, and for a while, he played with you. You played hard to get, made T’Challa work for your attention, made him work to be with you. It was twisted, the whole idea that you had the most important man in Wakanda wrapped around your little finger, yet you did, and nothing could change that.

Eventually, T’Challa grew tired of the games, grew tired of the chasing. He wanted to settle down, wanted you by his side. He was no longer willing to fool around anymore, and he wanted you to see that you didn’t need to, either.

Perhaps the idea of commitment scared you. You didn’t know what it was in particular. But you certainly weren’t ready to settle down. 

“I love you, y/n.” T’Challa had confessed one day, and the gravity of his words shocked you to your core. Deep down, you knew you loved him back, but you didn’t feel ready to say the words, the words frozen on your tongue. You had quickly turned away, and T’Challa grabbed your hand, spinning you around as he looked at you pleadingly.

“How can you be so sure?” you spluttered, unsure of what else to say, and T’Challa jerked back.

“I am sure about my feelings when it comes to you.” T’Challa insisted. “Don’t you love me back?”

You wanted to desperately to say yes, but it felt as though your body was rejecting the answer. The emotions were too serious, too real

Snatching your hand away, you quickly turned and darted out of the room, leaving T’Challa alone with no answer.

That One Day // Minho

Request: Could I request with Minho, where the reader was the first med-jack sent in because the first gladers had no idea how to patch themselves up and she is the leader of the med-jacks. She looks after the runners a lot and one day Minho is bedridden so she keeps him company and teaches him some medical tips and tricks. These later on save him during the night in the maze with Thomas and he’s super grateful. (Hope this isn’t too specific :) )

Please don’t plagiarize my work!
Word Count:

Originally posted by samwinchesster

“Can I come in?”

Turning your head slightly, you set down the few medical supplies you’d been holding, meeting the eyes of Minho from afar. Almost immediately a smile lights up your features as you quickly nod, turning your body to face him. “Yeah,” you exclaimed, albeit softly, “of course.”

Minho nods, stepping past the door and shutting the door softly before him.

There’s a moment of silence before you break the silence.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I just wanted to say thank you.”

You blink, confused as you raise a brow. “Thank you?” You smile, oddly, baffled. Tilting your head to the side, you pause a moment in thought before shaking your head. “I haven’t treated an injury recently.  What could you possibly be thankful for?”

Minho takes a step closer to you, and for a moment, your breath is caught in your throat.

“Do you remember that time i’d gotten so injured, I was bed-ridden for a week?”

“Yeah,” you nod. 

“And you sat with me everyday, helping me and making sure everything was okay? But not only that, you told me a few tips and tricks?”

Thinking back to that day, you slowly nod. “Yeah,” you say, your nod becoming more confident. “Yeah, I do.”

“Well,” and he takes another step towards you, slipping his hand in your own. Once again, it surprises you, and for a moment you just stare at your entwined hands before Minho’s voice snaps you out of your stupor. “If it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve died last night in the maze.”

“Oh,” you blink, feeling your cheeks warm.

Squeezing your hands, Minho smiles softly. “I owe you my life.”

“It’s no big deal,” you shake your head, chuckling softly. “I just did my jo-”

You’re interrupted by Minho pressing his lips against your own, surprising you even further. You freeze, before realizing just what was happening and returning the kiss. Minho lets go of your hands, opting to wrap his hands around your waist, pulling you close. You response by wrapping your own around his neck, pulling him closer.

Then, you’re parting, catching your breath as you blink up at Minho.

“Well,” you say after a moment, panting slightly. “That’s one way to say thank you.”

“Yeah,” Minho chuckles, “I guess.”


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It’s that tiiiime~ Just like last fall, I’m giving you all a list of 31 ideas for drabbles, fics, poems, short stories, plots, or whatever else you can use them for. There are two categories that you can feel free to mix and match between in case one of the prompts on either the first or second column doesn’t inspire you. As the top description says, don’t freak out if you miss a day or several! This is just for fun. Happy writing!

Some random Kacchako headcanons:

Originally posted by tachipaws

  • They have a daily sparring session at almost every opportunity they get, whether it’s rain or shine
  • On their first date out at a restaurant, Bakugou teases Uraraka that her sweet tooth would never be able to manage something spicy like he can. She eats a full ghost chilli off his plate just to prove him wrong. He is SHOOK
  • Aggressively shouting encouragement to each other in tournaments and battles so much that they nearly always have a sore throat afterwards
  • When Uraraka is feeling down, Bakugou brings her mochi and reluctantly asks to borrow Koda’s bunny just to cheer her up. He knows she likes the strawberry mochi so reserves a batch of them in advance for her
  • Uraraka bases the names of her future move-sets off Bakugou like ‘Explosive Gravity’ and he is a screaming, flustered mess every time she says it aloud 
  • One time they go out on a double date with Kaminari and Jirou to the arcade centre. Bakugou and Uraraka get so caught up in competing with each other that they forget it’s a double date. The other two go and get ice cream. They later come back to see Uraraka grinning ear to ear whilst Bakugou is trailing this huge bag of stuffed animals they won behind him
  • Once they become Pro-Heroes and move into an apartment together, Uraraka BEGS for a pet. One day Bakugou barges through the door with this gigantic puppy, looks her straight in the eye and says-”his name is Bombshell”
  • Bakugou low-key watching any documentary or interview of Pro-Hero Uraraka in secret. She walks in one time to see him stood up on the sofa shouting ‘HELL YES, THAT’S MY GIRL!’ An awkward silence ensues before she rolls on the floor laughing whilst Bakugou’s face turns beetroot red

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Frank Castle x reader! younger (wannabe vigilante) drabble thing with Let You Down by NF

Characters: Reader x Frank Castle
Warnings: Mentions of death
Lyric: “Paranoia, what did I do wrong this time?”
Word Count: 395
A/N: Hope it’s okay


Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

The silence was worst than the shouting. Worse than Frank’s gruff voice chastising you, worse than the verbal criticism. You could tell from his clenched fists, his closed off expression that he wasn’t happy. Worse, he was furious, anger you had never seen before. 

“Frank, I’m sorry.” you pleaded, desperate. You knew your mistake, but you could never be sure with Frank. Some days, it felt like he’d pick you apart without you even realising something was wrong in the first place. He didn’t respond, face clouded with anger as he turned away from you, refusing to face you. “Please talk to me.”

He remained silent. Being under Frank’s wing was hard. He wasn’t the best mentor, especially since he wasn’t particularly interested in helping you out as a young vigilante. He was a solo act, better off alone, and he had tried to tell you multiple times. Yet, you refused to listen. You insisted on helping him, insisted on working alongside him. A small part of you admired him, despite knowing his techniques weren’t the most peaceful.

He got things done, and sometimes, that was all that was important.

You had never killed someone. You had convinced yourself that when it got down to it, you could do it. But when you and Frank were chasing after a man who had escaped Frank’s interrogation, you slowly realized you weren’t a killer. You weren’t capable of it. 

So when you had caught up to the man before Frank did, your hesitation to kill him allowed him to escape for good.

You slowly turned around to see Frank had seen you let the man escape. There was confusion in his expression, before the situation dawned on him. He had marched off, not even bothering to say a word to you as you chased after him, begged for forgiveness.

“I couldn’t do it, Frank, is that really so bad?” you asked. “Is death always necessary?”

“You let him go, y/n.” Frank roughly shoved you aside as you tried to catch up to him. “You let that bastard go.”

“But-” you tried to defend yourself, but Frank cut you off.

“Go away.” Frank demanded, and you flinched. “You’re either helping me all the way or not at all, and you just proved to me you’re no help. So stop tagging after me – from now on, we’re done.”

“Get up.”

A sharp voice pierced the air, commanding the attention of everyone. Kagami glided gracefully toward Marinette, prompting the two boys to dodge and scurry out of the way. She stopped just short of her with force, sending a spray of ice and snow through the air.

Marinette blinked rapidly and wiped her face.  Her eyes trailed upward to meet Kagami’s outstretched hand. The expression on her face matched her tone—sharp and poignant with an overall air of frustration.

She took the outstretched hand and was rapidly hoisted upwards, which nearly caused her to lose balance again. Kagami remained unimpressed and steadied her shoulders with an eye roll. The boys exchanged looks of concern behind her, but were blatantly ignored. 

Kagami leaned in close and commented under her breath, “The only reason you can’t stay on your feet is your hesitation.”

Hairs on the back of her neck stood up as Kagami’s warm breath made contact with skin. She blinked rapidly, slightly taken aback by the pointed remark.

There was an element of truth to it.

Kagami’s rosy perfume brought about a tingling sensation in her nose as she pulled away. Her dark eyes fixated on Marinette with an intensity that sent shivers down her spine.

“I never hesitate.”

Her words echoed that sharp tone once more, inciting a small panic in Marinette. Her eyes widened in bewilderment. What did this girl have against her? She felt as helpless and frozen as a deer caught in headlights. Did Kagami not piece together the fact she was helping Adrien with this date? That she encouraged him to pursue her, despite every fiber in her being screaming in protest? How every loving glance cast her way by the guy she cared about felt like a knife to the chest? Ironically, this ice rink felt like her flaming hell on earth. As if it was created for the sole purpose of hurting her every—

Kagami’s voice interrupted the train of thought and returned Marinette’s focus to the present.

“I’m going to skate with Marinette for a while since both of you can’t manage to keep her up for more than five minutes.” 

Kagami was now turned to face Luka and Adrien. Both guys were also taken aback by the comment and silently stood with dumbfounded looks.

“W-what—” Adrien sputtered, trying to sort out his words.

“And what are we supposed to do exactly?” Luka raised an eyebrow, seemingly peeved for the first time today. It was quite a feat, but Kagami managed unsurprisingly.

“Figure it out,” she replied curtly. Kagami pulled Marinette gently behind her as they passed the boys, “You seemed perfectly content while standing around and doing nothing.” she remarked while side-eyeing Luka.

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Friends? // John Murphy

Request: you’re taking murphy requests!!!!! im so excited you have no idea. I was thinking maybe they are both on the ark and Y/N starts kinda falling for him and since you asked for angsty stuff maaaayyybe John tells her that he’ll always love Emori? Y/N would understand his choice of course! or not, that’s completely up to you ♥ thank you so much babeeeee

Please don’t plagiarize my work!
Word Count:

Originally posted by niylvh

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

“I didn’t mea-”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for, Murphy.”

A moment of silence past before you sent the man a soft smile, biting your lip. “You can’t help the way you feel,” you smiled, softly, not all that real, “I think if anyone understands, it’s me.”

Shoulders slumping, Murphy offers a short chuckle. “Yeah,” he whispers, “I guess.”

Taking a step forward, you set your hand on Murphy’s chest, right above where his heart should lie. Murphy gasped slightly at the sudden touch, obviously not expecting you to do such a thing, but you ignore his reaction. “You have a heart of gold, Murphy,” you mumbled. “I’ve known you since we first landed, and trust me, you didn’t use to. But you know now. I only hope Emori realizes that soon enough.”

Murphy blinks, baffled; “you’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

Murphy glances to either side of him, as if someones coming, but in reality, you’re both far away from the others. The only embarrassment you have to feel is that Murphy was the one to witness this all. 

“I just… rejected you. Told you that it, this, you and me, could never happen. Aren’t you mad?”

You shrug, letting your hand fall back by your side. “No, i’m not mad. I told you, you can’t help the way you feel.”

Murphy nods, slow. Hesitant.

With another smile that doesn’t completely meet your eyes, you take a step back, holding your hand out.


And Murphy hesitates a moment, unsure, and still baffled on how you’ve forgiven him so easily for the suffering he’s unintentionally put you through. But eventually, a moment later, he slips his hand in your own. 



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Adrien fidgeted in his seat, getting increasingly nervous as Nino stalled, pacing around the room and messing with things. Their apartment was uncharacteristically clean for a change since they had had guests recently, but Nino was still finding things to touch or move or dust, or anything at all to prolong the horrible tension. He was breaking the sacred rule of not leaving someone hanging on the “Can we talk?” text for hours on end, and by this point Adrien was nearly ready to rip his hair out.

He was about to demand that Nino just spit it out when he suddenly took a deep breath, turning to face him and slowly moving to a seat across from him.

He sat heavily, not saying anything right away and the silence hanging thick. Adrien squirmed again and was still working through a list of reasons that they might break up right now, because this is what it had to be right? It was so tense, and Nino wouldn’t even look at him directly. What had he done?? 

He was ready to start begging pre-preemptively when Nino finally spoke, his hands twisting together in his lap.

“Okay,” he said abruptly, pushing the word out. He was still looking away. “I know I’ve been letting you sit forever and thats not cool and I want to start by saying that we are SO good, we’re so okay.” He looked him in the eye for the first time, trying to get the genuineness across but Adrien still looked nervous. “This is not a fight thing or a problem thing at all this is just- this is just me, being a nervous loser and having no idea how to phrase what I want at all. So i’m just gonna try and say it? So please please just stick with me, please. Literally, I don’t want this to be a big deal or to hurt us at all, one word and I’ll drop it entirely.”

Adrien waited, realizing after a moment of prolonged silence that Nino expected a response, so he just said, “Go ahead,” and gave him a nod. He was feeling a little better, but not really. This was still so strange. 

Nino looked a bit frozen, his mouth sealed shut and his expression like he was trying to work up the courage to swallow a frog or something. He took another deep breath, which wasn’t really helping, and started again. 

“Okay so… forever, you have been so cool, and so gracious and kind about our relationship, but… but also about my relationship with Cat Noir.”

Adrien stiffened a little, not expecting this exact turn.

“You’ve assured me a thousand times that it was okay, and that our relationship was not hurt or lessened because I was seeing him, we were open about it from the beginning and you’ve been more kind then I’ve ever deserved, seriously. You knew I cared about him too and allowed it to happen, but its gone on for too long and I hate keeping everything so separate. Like i have my real life with you but sometimes i still see him at night and that seems unfair but you’ve promised its not but like-…” he groaned a little, looking frustrated. Adriens discomfort continued to mount, Plagg’s movement in his pocket like a silent slap. “We’ve always been transparent but, it’s been bothering me so much and I’ve realized its because I love both of you so much and think so insanely highly of both of you that I hate that two people who are so important to me have nothing to do with each other. You guys have never even met, and yet you’re both totally cool with me being with both of you and it drives me nuts, you both matter too much!”

Nino was looking away, so he failed to notice how insanely panicked Adrien was trying not to look. The rapid internal monologue of ‘I’m an idiot I kept it going for too long I’m such a moron how far did I think I was going to get this is insane what do I do-’ was too fast to calm, and Plagg, though silent, was feeling incredibly smug. 

Nino was continuing to talk, delving into how its come to bother him that Cat Noir and Adrien have never interacted but they are both okay with an open relationship with specifically this one other person, and meanwhile Adrien was devolving into madness. He was insane! It had started so small, a fun excuse to romance Nino all over again but its been going for months and needed to stop and it was so stupid and Plagg SAID this would happen. The plan was to date him and make it romantic and intimate and then use it as a way to FINALLY tell him the truth, after years of fighting for the right to tell him. But then he was having too much fun and he kept sneaking back as Cat Noir and then bothered to set up and excuse for himself and now it was so out of hand, and Nino was still talking, and he was so fucked. 

“And it’s come to this thing, in my head,” Nino continued, rubbing his neck, looking suddenly… embarrassed. “It’s this image that I can’t shake, and I like the idea of it… but not just for me! It’s not just a me thing, thats what I mean! Ugh, I’m making no sense.” He briefly dropped his face in his hands but sat up again to press on, his face redder than ever. “It’s not just about me! Like, I’ve realized I want you guys to know each other because you’re both so amazing! And I have this great feeling with both of you and I ust- I know you guys can have that too.”

Adrien was frozen, Nino peeking to check and realizing that his expression looked pretty insanely confused, so he rushed to clarify.

“I mean hell, crap I’m not trying to push you into anything I don’t even know if you’re into the idea but, I think, that maybe if you guys just talked, you’d really hit it off. I mean, he’s open to that stuff and so are you, at least with me you were! And I just, I like the idea of maybe you getting to have that feeling too, because I just know you guys would like each other so much. If you gave it a shot then maybe, you guys could start talking too. And like, it would have to just be a me thing, it can be for you guys too, and then we can all be… uh…”

Adrien, pale as a ghost and his voice so distant it was barely audible, managed to squeak,” …together?”

Nino watched him carefully, nodding slowly with a flushed face. 

Adrien was slow to process, his pocket on the verge of manic laughter. And he muttered slowly, “Us. The three of…us… together.” 

“If you wanted to,” Nino clarified again, “and if you hated the idea, I wont ever bring it up again but, I just… I started imagining it and… I knew that you guys would get along you’re so much alike.” 

Nino thought he heard a noise like a snort but shrugged it off, too focused on Adrien leaning on one hand in the arm chair, staring at the wall. 

“All three of us, … wow… um.”

“I haven’t mentioned this to him, but I thought maybe, if you guys would want to meet up and just chat a little, that maybe you would get along way better than you think. And that maybe… I dunno. You know?”

Nino smiled at him weakly, still so nervous with the proposition. 

And Adrien, already 600 feet deep in this problem with a shovel ready in his hands, weakly said,


‘I will die in this hole I have made’


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11 - just fuck me up

I’m not sure how much of the “Hiding/hoping not to be caught” got into this, but I managed to combine 52. Accidentally witnessed kiss with 11. “I almost lost you” kiss. Also, this is not angst. It is instead a sequel to the superhero AU drabble, now with even more camp and even more cheese. SFW, McHanzo. Or Cyberninja and Mystery Man, I guess. 

“You should have joined us when you had the chance, Mr. Shimada.”

Hanzo blinked, bleary-eyed and head swimming, until the source of the sound came into focus. Doomfist. Of course. Hanzo jerked forward but was caught from behind, metal clanging and yanking him back.

“Rude to attack a man on his morning run,” he answered, tongue feeling thick in his mouth. Arms locked behind his back, he tested the restraints, but they’d even covered his hands. Clever. Between that and the lingering effects of whatever they’d knocked him out with, he couldn’t call the dragons. It seemed the only strategy presently available had to come straight from the superheroics handbook: “What is your plan here?”

Doomfist’s face lit up. “I thought you’d never ask.” Hanzo suppressed an eyeroll and settled in for the lecture.

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Little Bit 03 [m] (ft. Yoongi)

Originally posted by hibiscous

grumpy policeman!yoongi au, childhoodfriends!au aka extreme fluff, rated because it gets a little smexy but just some kissing and heavy handed touch touch
3k words, part 1, part 2

a/n:  know ya’ll wanted it at some point

“Don’t be stupid, y/n.” Yoongi rolls his eyes again for the third time that night.

You whine, pouting like a little child and crossing your arms and legs on his couch. You can feel it, the shameful petulant wave of hatred and tantrums welling up in you but you can’t help it, the childish attitude welling up in the way you purse your lips and crinkle your nose and glare up at him. He just slumps in the entrance of his living room, watching you boredly.

“Just let me sleepover!” You whine, throwing the pillow on the floor. “We’re dating now, aren’t we? That’s why you brought me those stupid flowers and held my hand, so why can’t you just sleepover? It’s not like I haven’t stayed here overnight before!”

He sighs, looking up at the ceiling like there’s something there that’ll help him get through your tantrum. “Jesus,” he breathes, zeroing back in on you with dark eyes. “I told you, that it was just because the culprit was out for you. Now he’s caught, and you’re safe, the whole town’s safe. Go home,” he jingles his keys in his pocket for extra effect. “I’ll drive you. Go sleep in your own bed.”

You pout, tears prickling at your eyes. It wasn’t because you were a week away from getting your period, no. It also wasn’t because you were hungry, or bored, or desperate, even. It was because earlier today, you’d been with a group of friends and they’d gushed about how romantic and cute it was to have their boyfriends make up all kinds of dumb excuses to stay over their homes.

But for you, it was straight out embarrassing. Not only did Yoongi ever stay over your place, but after the case was closed and the murderer caught, he’d refused to let you stay over anywhere past 9:00pm, and had barely even held your hand ever since the both of you started dating a few weeks ago.

“Do you not like me?” You whisper, a single tear trailing down your cheek.

“Oh my god,” Yoongi huffs, stumbling from his standing position to next to you on the couch, “What are you even saying right now.”

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I kinda need a Drabble about fisty but also small and sleepy nurse Louis who works 2 nights a week. And he totally is annoyed by the tall curly haired security guard Harry who insists on walking him to his car each night. He doesn’t like it all even a little bit and he definitely doesn’t think he smellls good or want to fall asleep after a 12hr shift curled up next to him. Not at all despite what his co worker Niall says. (I’d die of happiness if you wrote this girl x)

I loved writing this so much and I hope you’ll like it too!

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Doesn’t Even Compare // Peter Kavinsky

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  • Peter kavinsky fluff like them staying in bed and cuddling while watching movies and maybe a little making out with his hand on the reader ass

A/N: ;)

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.

Word Count: 549


“He is not that cute.”

“Uh, yeah, he is.”

“…I am way better looking than that guy.”

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes, quirking a brow as you peered up at Peter. His brows were drawn in together and he was pouting, obviously jealous, as the lights from the TV reflected off of his eyes. The moment he felt your gaze on him though, he turned his attention to you. “I’m serious.”

“Yeah right,” you laughed, shaking your head.

“How in the world is Gilbert Blythe more attractive then me?” Peter exclaimed, shifting upwards slightly. You groaned in response, given that you’d been leaning heavily on his chest, his movements affected yours. When you felt Peter sitting up, you followed him, reaching for the remote to pause the show as you turned your head to face your boyfriend. “I mean look at him,” he gestured to the TV, “he’s so scrawny, and I am not scrawny. Not to mention, that hair-”

“Your hair is just as messy.”

“That’s not the point,” Peter huffed, then frowned, “besides, you said you liked the messy look.”

“I do.”

“Then… how?”

With a soft smile and a sigh, you rolled your eyes once again. You knew Peter wasn’t actually upset or angry, and rather, his ego was a little insulted. This little rant was purely based off of jealously (and you chose to ignore the fact that he was jealous of a TV character – a fictional character).

Knowing what had to be done, you set your hands before yourself, bracing yourself as you rose your leg, moving it so it was across Peter’s lap. His rambling instantly halted the moment you crawled onto his lip, setting your hands on his chest, making sure to even run your fingers along his shirt as you smirked down at him. 

“You know you’re the only guy for me,” you assured, smiling.

Pouting for a moment longer, Peter’s hands came up to your waist, pulling you closer as he muttered; “damn right.”

A little squeal of surprise left your lips when Peter slid his hands down from your waist to your ass, cupping it and tugging you forward until you practically fell against his chest. You were glad your hands had been on his chest, helping you brace yourself from the sudden movement as Peter pressed his lips against your own.

You didn’t hesitate a moment before returning the kiss, eventually sliding your own hands up his chest, to his neck and then cupping the back of his head to pull him closer.

After a moment you pulled back, mumbling breathless against his lips; “but the sho-”

“Who cares about the show?”


“Come on, Y/N,” Peter grinned, squeezing your ass a little as he licked his lips. “I’d much rather sit here and make out with you.”

Huffing, you knew that you agreed with Peter. So, with a half-hearted glare, you pressed your lips against his own once more. You moaned slightly into the kiss, against his lips, as Peter messaged your ass, moving one hand up to press against your lower back. All the while, your fingers ran through his messy hair, pulling him as close as humanely possible.

Peter was right, Gilbert was definitely did not compare to the boy in front of you.


let me know what you thought? remember, reblogging always helps!

also, the whole gilbert blythe thing is just a joke. both noah and lucas are both very attractive boys (what?? im not gonna lie). i merely did this because of that whole thing that lara jean covey’s dream man is gilbert blythe. just a little joke for yall.

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36 “We can never be together” kiss for Mchanzo ??? Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top ?

Man this prompt has been nagging me since the first time I read it, but I couldn’t figure out how exactly to make it work. True to form, I will write all the angst, but when given an angsty-sounding prompt my brain somehow resisted. Instead, have a silly superhero AU smooch.

Hanzo almost didn’t bother. The fighting had nothing to do with him, and if Overwatch wished to take out yet another city block on this week’s flavor of villainy, well. Their bounties might go up, might make it worth the risk of making a true enemy of them once and for all.

He really did mean to stay away, but he heard the sound of that ridiculous gun in all the commotion, caught a glimpse of black and blue, and Hanzo remembered that he owed Mystery Man a debt. Biting down on a sigh, Hanzo leapt into the fray in time to put an arrow through the eyes of what he thought was a person. It collapsed just like one, but the sparking wires that ripped out the other side with his arrow suggested otherwise.

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