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B.A.P Jongup 'Best Laid Plans'

Anonymous asked: How about a drabble extension around cooking with Jongup?

A/N: Thanks for the request Anonie, I hope you like it. ^^

This is a drabble extension of a reaction I did here.

Your boyfriend was so cute. You two were having a lazy day in and you mentioned wanting to bake something sweet. He seemed eager to help, pulling his long bangs back into a top knot and listening carefully to your instructions. Currently he was a few feet away stirring some ingredients together. You knew you shouldn’t do this, you totally shouldn’t. But. There was this swelling of affection for him when he was trying so hard and being so damn cute. So you could really say it was his fault.

Taking the few steps you needed to approach him you called over his shoulder. “Jongup.”

Obediently he turned his head toward you and was rewarded with a face full of flour. He froze for a second in shock and then shook his head to rid the excess flour. Looking at you through flour crusted lashes he saw you biting your lip in a futile attempt to keep from laughing.

Calmly he turned and set his bowl down and then with a roar tried to grab you around the waist. You yelped and dodged, circling around your kitchen island to get some distance. Chuckling you two sized each other up for a moment until you decided to break the stalemate by tossing a strawberry at his forehead. You admired the arc of the berry as it bounced off.

Shaking his head at your audacity Jongup faked you out by acting like he was reaching for the flour when he snatched up the chocolate sauce and squirted you in the face. You gasped and reached for flour, sugar, anything you could get your hands on and just started throwing fistfuls. He returned with volleys of eggs tossed in your direction. Running from the eggs you grabbed the bowl of wet ingredients he had been stirring and reached in for a sticky glob. Jongup caught up to you then and turned you with his hand on your hip. Simultaneously he sprayed whipped cream in your face and you smeared your glob in his.

The two of you stared at each other and how ridiculous you looked then howled with laughter. Finally you wheezed out, “So is it a draw?”

Unexpectedly Jongup swept your feet out from under you and brought you gently down to the kitchen floor. With you under him he licked a long stripe of cream off your neck. “Nope. I win.” You rolled your eyes at how smug your boyfriend sounded as he resumed licking your neck. He was making yummy noises and you wondered if this might get even more fun until he stopped and spit something out.


That set you two off again and Uppie buried his head in the filthy crook of your neck as you both carried on until you were panting and your sides hurt. Lying on your back you felt the warmth and weight of your happy boyfriend on top of you as you took in your ruined kitchen.

Totally worth it.

waywardfacegarden  asked:

Okay so... uh. I have never ask you for something so I don't really know the rules? Um. I think I just have to say the ship and the number of the prompt right? Well, then. If you don't mind, Bakudeku for number 6 "I need a place to stay" (it was hard to decide omg. And I know you said you want that other ship but I haven't watch HxH yet, sorryyyyy).

Ahaha nope you did it right! Number, dialogue, and the ship! Thank you for taking the time to follow my rules!

Izuku trudged along the snow covered street, shivering at the biting cold seeping into him. It would take him hours to warm up at this rate.

It was too late for him to catch a train back to his mother’s place, he didn’t have enough money to really rent a hotel room, but the prospect of his freezing cold apartment made his heart sink.

He’d already gotten a cold and his work was suffering from his lack of sleep and fatigue. Even Kaminari had commented about how rundown Izuku looked in an interview the other day. He needed a good nights rest and some decent cold medicine, but to get those things he needed a place to stay that wasn’t below freezing.

There was the place he should go, and then there was the place he wanted to go.

The place he should go was a bit further out of his way, but he knew that as soon as he knocked on the door he would be ushered in, blanket and a hot drink instantly in his hands, and the two of them fussing over him like worried parents.

As nice as it sounded, it would also be embarrassing for Izuku to crash at Shouto and Momo’s for the night, because it would not end with tonight. After they were made aware that Izuku’s apartment had lost heat, they would demand that he stay with them until the problem was fixed, which again sounded amazing, but they had just gotten married. Izuku would rather die of hypothermia than crash that party. He know he should go there. It was the smartest move.

His feet had completely ignored his brain and had led him directly to the front door of the place he wanted to go.

Izuku’s hand hovered at the door, unsteady and clasped tight from the frigid air. He was probably already sleeping. This was a mistake. It didn’t matter how much Izuku really just needed the comfort and something familiar right now, he shouldn’t be here. The door would only be slammed in his face anyway, he might as well save himself the trouble of-

“Deku?” Izuku jumped at the sound. Eyes flickering to the side, Katsuki stood a few steps away with a small bag in his hand, most likely from the convenient store down the street that was probably the only thing open this late.

“Heeeeeeeey, Kacchan,” Izuku wanted to stick his head in the snow. That sounded so strained! Izuku was already making this an awkward situation and they had only said hello!

The fuck are you doing here?” Katsuki moved passed him, keys sliding into the door. Izuku bit his lip, ready to turn tail at this stupid idea. There was no way Katsuki was going to let him spend the night here.

“Deku, get your ass in here! It feels like IcyHot covered my doorway!” Katsuki shouted from his entryway. Izuku startled, but quickly entered the domain and shut the door behind him, blocking out the cold and letting his body be enveloped by the warmth of Katsuki’s apartment. Katsuki had already removed his shoes and outer attire, heading for the kitchen with his purchase. Izuku floundered in the entryway, not too sure what his next move should be.

“Deku, you eat yet?!” Katsuki called from around the corner.

“Oh, um … no! I mean! Don’t worry about it, Kacchan!” Izuku rushed, pulling off his shoes but he kept his coat on for the warmth. He hurried to where he knew Katsuki would be and tried to think of how to bring up the topic of conversation.

“Why are you here at nine at night, Deku?” Katsuki asked, straight forward as always.

“Oh! Well … um … I need a place to stay,” Izuku could feel how flushed his face was, but he couldn’t tell if it was from embarrassment or the fever.

“Hah?!” Katsuki raised a skeptical brow before a shit eating grin flashed in Izuku direction. “What, your shit little apartment not good enough for you anymore?” Katsuki had been busy with whatever he was beginning to cook, so he’d missed the way Izuku face had fallen at the reality of his situation. Katsuki would most likely make fun of him then send him to another one of their friends places.

“Oi, Deku,” Katsuki voice was suddenly right next to him. Some time during Izuku’s inner ramblings Katsuki had left the stove to come and stand right in front of Izuku. “When’s the the last time you’ve slept?”

“Three days … I think? The heat in my building has been shut off for maintenance, or at least that’s what the landlord is claiming,” Izuku explained, steeling himself for the oncoming insults.

“You waited three days to haul your ass over here?” Katsuki growled out at him. Izuku blinked, the sudden feeling of warm hands holding his face sent a pleased ripple down Izuku’s spine. Katsuki hissed in discomfort and retreated his touch. “You really are useless Deku,” Katsuki grumbled. Izuku stared dumbfounded as Katsuki nudged Izuku towards the stove then began walking towards the hallway.

“If you let dinner burn I’ll kick you out,” Katsui warned, vanishing from Izuku’s sight. This had been a pleasant surprise. Given Katsuki’s reaction, Izuku was assuming that he would be able to stay here for the night. Izuku busied his tired mind on keeping an eye on the food to make sure that nothing burned or was ruined as Katsuki instructed. Izuku wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but he knew whatever dish Katsuki was making was almost done when he heard returning footsteps.

Katsuki returned after a moment or two after that realization, as if the fact that the food now needed his attention had summoned him.

“Go take a bath,” Katsuki grunted, hands and eyes focused on what he was doing.

“What?!” Izuku stated in alarm.

“Are you deaf now too? Go. Take. A. Bath. You’re freezing, Deku. I’ll make you get out when the food is done,” Katsuki still wasn’t looking at him, but Izuku was beaming at the other.

“So … it’s okay if I stay? I promise I’ll be out of here by morning and I’ll figure out a temporary solution so-”

“You’ll just fucking stay here until your apartment’s fixed. I have a spare room, Deku. You might as well use it,” Katsuki finally met his eyes and Izuku was humbled by the look of kindness Katsuki was showing him. “I’ll look and see if I’ve got medicine here too. You should take that before you eat, but just go get warm for now.”

“Thank you, Kacchan,” Izuku reached out, placing still shaking fingers against Katsuki’s back while he walked by.

“Don’t mention it, Deku.”      

feels like home - thetruecaptain - The Expanse (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: The Expanse
Characters: Alex Kamal, Naomi Nagata, Amos Burton, Jim Holden, Bobbie Draper
Tags: Family Fluff, Alex’s Lasagna, Found Family
Summary: A short drabble in which Alex is doing what he does best: taking care of his family. 
Notes: For @tabbystardust! I hope this is what you were looking for!

Comments/feedback appreciated, as always! I’ve also put the drabble below the cut. Enjoy! <3

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B.A.P Yongguk 'Collision'

Anonymous asked: Hi! Could I have a longer version of the roughhousing scenario for Yongguk please?

This is an expansion drabble on a reaction I did here.

You had just arrived at the dorm to visit your boyfriend. Zelo let you in and you made small talk as you took off your shoes in the entryway. “What is all that noise?”

“Daehyun-hyung and Youngjae-hyung are bickering about something.” He rolled his eyes at the common occurrence of his hyungs’ play fighting.

You nodded in understanding and stepped into the next room while looking over your shoulder at Zelo. Suddenly you felt a massive blow and you went down. Hard. Staring at the ceiling you tried to catch the breath that had been knocked out of you. Slowly you realized you were on the floor in a tangled mess with Daehyun and Youngjae. Zelo stood above everyone else looking rather traumatized. They stared at you in horror for a moment before they all started apologizing in unison. You tried to wave off their apologies but it came out a wheeze. Rolling to your side to ease your breathing your wrist throbbed and you pulled it to your chest.

“What. Happened?”

The eerily quiet voice drew your attention to the doorway in which you saw your boyfriend looking more homicidal than you’d ever seen him. Yongguk glared at his band mates as he bent down to check on you. You could feel the anger radiating off him in waves and even though it wasn’t directed at you, you felt a little intimidated. Which was ridiculous because he was your gummy bear.

Crouching in front of you he switched his focus from them to you and his face softened. “Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No, no. Don’t be silly. I’m fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me.” Yongguk placed a hand under your elbow and another around your waist and eased you to your feet. “It wasn’t their fault, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Yongguk pulled you to his side and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, despite your insistence you were fine. Moving off with you at a slow pace he once again glared at his members over his shoulder. “Be more careful.”

Walking down the hall you kept trying to get the boys out of their leader’s bad graces but apparently Gukkie wasn’t having any of it at the moment. With your arm around him you could feel his muscles coiled in anger and gave up, letting him guide you to his room.

Leading you over to the bed he had you sit while he shut the door. Coming back he knelt in front of you and idly it made you think of a knight pledging himself to his maiden. You wondered briefly if you’d hit your head. Tenderly he brushed your hair from your face and searched you with inquisitive eyes. “Where are you hurt? I saw you holding your wrist.”

“It was just a twinge. I must have landed on it or something. See? No swelling.” You held your arm up for him to see. Yongguk stared at your arm as if he could see through it with x-ray vision. He seemed reluctant but finally nodded his approval.

“I’m so sorry this happened. I’ll have a word with them in the morning.”

“No, you won’t. It was an accident, love, and mostly my fault. Go easy on the boys, they feel bad enough as it is.”

He harrumphed and you let him grumble and grouse while he checked every inch of you until he was satisfied you weren’t on death’s door or anything. Once he pulled back he saw you smiling at him.


“My protector.” Gukkie blushed and ducked his head. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s kind of sexy.” Leaning in for a kiss you gently nipped at his lips until he opened his mouth for you two to deepen the kiss. Getting into it you grabbed his shirt and started to lean back intending to pull him on top of you. But he resisted and appeared bashful.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea. You know, after what happened.”

Incredulous you could only stare at him until you started scrambling off the bed. “I’m so going to have a talk with those boys!”

Laughing Yongguk prevented you from getting up and you realized he was teasing. Part of him must have been serious though because although he was passionate with you that night he treated you like spun glass. Which was fine with you. As much as you enjoyed seeing the protective side of your boyfriend, you liked him as your gummy bear the best.

Originally posted by elblindoguardiano

sooooooo remember how I said I was going to continue that drabble a little bit further …

It’s becoming a book, holy shit this is no longer a drabble whoops guys what have you done?! I’m eleven pages in and only half way through what I want to do with this!

anonymous asked:

hi there! i'm looking for two different fics: 1-the first one katsuki got kidnapped as pro heroes or something and so the rescue team (+deku) found him with a muzzle one and really beaten up? I just remember that the muzzle had left injuries and marks on 2-all I remember from this one is that deku and katsuki had a long distance relationship and deku went to russia I think where katsuki lived to surprise him for his birthday? These are really vague so sorry about that but I really admire you all

Anonymous said:
this is the same anon from the muzzle and the long distance ask, I think the long distance fic had multiple chapters while the muzzle was a oneshot but I’m not sure

Hello! I think the muzzle fic you’re looking for is this one: 

Beaten Yet Never Broken by InkspillsNotebook 
( M | 4,063 | 1/1 )

Kidnapped Au Prompt from forever ago that I finally extended and finished

Izuku had to constantly remind himself that this was just another rescue. Someone had been taken by an upcoming group of villains and he, as the number one hero, had rushed to the sight. He had asked about the villain’s quirks, thought of a plan, and had wanted to form a team as quickly as possible.

Part 5 of Drabble Expansion Pack

[Graphic Depictions of Violence]

And I believe the long distance fic you’re talking about is this one:

[Abandoned] Call Accepted by Attack_Of_The_Flying_Dekus 
( M | 13,784 | 8/? )

When the screen was clear of lag and static, Katsuki looked at the screen… and froze. The boy was an angel. A halo of green hair sat atop his round face, the curls framing wide eyes and freckled cheeks. The boy on the screen gaped at him for a moment, his mouth parted in a soft ‘o’ before he gave a sweet smile that made Katsuki’s heart beat faster.

”H-hi, Kacchan.”

B.A.P Zelo 'The Levels of Agony'

Anonymous asked: B.A.P You’re in Critical Condition expansion with Zelo, please? Thank you!!!

A/N: You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Whenever Zelo thought he knew what pain was, life showed him he was wrong. Being kicked in the shins by his crush in elementary school. Leaving home to become a trainee. The hardships behind the scenes that he hid with a smile. The agony and sheer hell of the lawsuit and not knowing if he’d perform on stage with his members again.   

All of it dulled in comparison to this. A few hours ago he’d received the news about your accident. About you being in critical condition. About you possibly dying.

Junhong liked to chew things over in his mind which made him prone to worrying at times. But he never thought this would happen. The two of you were too young to think about death, right? Your lives had just started. Things were going so well, he’d felt invincible lately. Maybe he was being punished for his pride.

Jongup sat next to him. Zelo could tell his friend felt awkward. Didn’t know what to say in a situation like this. That was ok. He didn’t know how to live through a situation like this. He felt Jongup’s strong hand on his shoulder and for some reason he couldn’t fathom, the tears started to fall again.

A few minutes later or maybe hours, he really couldn’t tell, Yongguk came into the room and asked if he wanted to talk.

“Not really.”

Yongguk nodded and looked faintly relieved, but Junhong could tell his leader was trying to be strong for him even if it was uncomfortable. His hyung turned to leave and Zelo thought of something very important to say.

“I ate her cupcake.”

Bang stopped and looked back in confusion at the non-sequitur.

“I…I was teasing her. She had a cupcake and I took it from her and ate it. I told her I’d buy her one when I got back from the tour, so she could anticipate it.” Junhong shut his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. “She could die but all I can think about is that stupid cupcake. I was only playing. Her pout is so adorable.” His voice cracked. “I really was going to bring her some from her favorite shop. Do you think she forgave me for that hyung?”

Yongguk looked a bit lost at the path the conversation took but quickly recovered. “Yeah. Of course she did Junhong. She knew you were playing around.”

“If she makes it, I’ll buy her a whole box of them. I’d even buy her one a day for the rest of her life. I just need her,“ He deteriorated into tears again. "To…wake up…so I can…make it right.” Yongguk came and wrapped his arms around this person who was almost like a son to him.

Zelo knew the big picture involved way more than a cupcake. But his mind couldn’t wrap around thoughts of funerals, lifelong comas, or months of physical therapy. There were no easy outcomes for this situation and he couldn’t do anything about it.

But he could handle thinking about cupcakes. And regret. And hopefully redemption.   ​

“You said you would change, but you never did! You never will!” - InkspillsNotebook - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Welp there you go guys. I did it. Go enjoy it! @unoutan @honeyotu

the expansion of the drabble!

anonymous asked:

A soulmate AU with ereri where every mark made on one person's skin appears on the other's too, and Eren is a forgetful person who writes reminders about everything on his hands/arms while Levi prefers to keep his skin meticulously clean

Levi’s never felt like his life is devoid of anything, but, as his eyes land on the fresh blue ink that’s appeared on his inner wrist - ‘cat food’ - it seems the universe just doesn’t tire of reminding him that he very well is missing something. Well, in its opinion, anyway.

Everybody is supposed to have a soulmate, or so they say, and Levi faces the evidence of his very own nearly every day. Random words and phrases mark Levi’s hands and wrists; on rare occasions, words have shown up in different spots, like the crook of Levi’s elbow, or his abdomen, once, though he hadn’t noticed it until it had already almost faded away. They only last a few minutes to begin with, which is about the only saving grace in all of this.

Some people cherish the marks that appear on their skin, those brief glimpses into their soulmate’s life before their lives collide - hopefully, that is; some people never find their soulmate, be it tragedy or simply life not bringing them together - but Levi, well, he could really do without. His soulmate uses his body like a canvas, scrawling the most mundane notes and reminders to himself without a care in the world that he is marking up somebody else’s body as well.

Before he gets into bed, Levi’s gotten into the habit of roving his eyes over his arms and hands, turning them over in the dim light of his small bedroom. It’s not that he wants anything new to appear, but something inside drives him to do it.

Nothing else has appeared since the note about cat food earlier, at least, not that he’s noticed. Levi sits down with a sigh, closing his eyes. Not once has he ever written anything upon his own skin; yet, it’s been marked again and again by someone he’s never met, may not ever, even.

He stretches out his hand to flick off the lamp, fingers already poised and ready, when his gaze lands on newly written words across the back of his hand.

If I have a soulmate, they must really hate me

Levi stares, unblinking. There is something so incredibly bizarre about seeing those words on his hand, in that familiar scrawl, that it’s sent his skin buzzing.

As the ink grows a little fuzzy, on its way to fading, Levi runs his fingers over the words, leaves them there. He closes his eyes again, waits until the thrum of his skin subsides.

He flicks off the lamp without casting another glance to his hand, closing his eyes before his head hits the pillow. Despite himself, his heart beats steadily in his chest, keeping him from sleep.

VIXX  Leo 'Despair'

@kim-shinya asked: Hello! VIXX reaction “You’re in critical condition” is excellent! That’s exactly how they would react according to my opinion. And I feel so deeply for Leo despair. T_T May I please request a drabble expansion with him?

A/N: Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I hope you like this as well sweetheart. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

His manager broke the news to him and he sat there not moving, not reacting as only certain words filtered through. It was almost like being underwater.

Your name. Accident. Critical condition. Life support.

Taekwoon’s shock lasted until he could wrap his mind around the implications and once he did his only thought was of getting home to you. Abruptly he stood from the table and started listing things he would need and asking the manager to schedule his flight back. Mentally he was calculating the hours it would take to get to the airport and for the flight when his manager’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“Taekwoon, I’m sorry but you can’t go back. You have to stay here for the concert tomorrow.”

Slowly he turned back to his hyung, someone he’d joked around with but always been respectful. The blood in his body turned to ice. Leo didn’t even recognize the voice that grated out the following words. “I’m going home. I’m going back to her.”

The manager shook his head and sounded truly regretful. “Taekwoon-”

“I’m going home!” Leo never, ever shouted. He always got his point across just fine without it. But he felt his rationality slipping away as panic was starting to set in. You were lying in a bed. Dying. You were the love of his life, he had dreams of you being the mother of his children. What else could possibly be more important than being by your side? Compared to that what was a little volume he thought distantly. “I don’t care if I have to buy my own ticket! I have to go home!”

The tension in the room ratcheted up as the other members of VIXX were caught off guard by the outburst. Leo loved these men like brothers but right now he didn’t give a damn.

Softly, as if he wasn’t ripping out another man’s heart the manager reminded him, “I have your passport, Taekwoon-ah.”

His hopes of leaving evaporated and the reality hit him he could never see you alive again. Rage. Pure blind rage consumed him and he shoved the table as hard as he could. Wonsik and Hyuk sprung up and grabbed his arms to keep him from hurting himself. It took both their combined strengths to hold onto him and finally all Taekwoon could do was vent his grief and futility with a guttural scream.

Sinking to his knees he felt the arms around him change from restraint to embraces and he wept bitterly. He lost track of how long he sat but he heard Wonsik sniffling beside him and was grateful. There simply were not enough tears in him to do his sorrow justice, he would take those of others as well.

Suddenly Hakyeon’s face filled his vision. “I spoke with her parents. She’s had some transfusions and she’s stable although she’s still in critical condition.”

He nodded and felt the chaos in his head start to settle. You weren’t lost yet and he was stronger than this. Pulling himself together mentally and physically he rose to his feet as he gently shook off the grip of his friends. The news had caught him off guard and not being allowed to see you had pushed him over the edge. But now he knew he had to get it together.

He would be strong, and believed you would be too.

VIXX  Ravi “Touchstone’

@fouryearsgoingstrong asked: bc Ravi needs more love and this reaction was adorable af, could you please do an extension for the cuddling? thank you !!

A/N: Of course he needs more love! I hope you like it dear heart. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

You could always discern his mood as soon as you saw him. If he was happy his face would light up when he saw you, even if he was exhausted. On the days where he was feeling a little worn around the edges and you came into view, his expression would be that of relief. And as such when he was that troubled you always, always went to him.

Today was such a day. You didn’t know what had happened. Possibly a rough day in the studio, a tough photoshoot, or harsh comments online. The cause wasn’t relevant, not really. All that mattered to you was that he was hurting. And as soon as he saw you his face looked like a man who’d just crawled through the desert and been given a glass of water.

Wonsik was known for taking very good care of you, it was readily apparent to everybody. What they didn’t know was that it was a two way street. They never saw just how much he depended on you emotionally. He needed someone safe he could love with all his heart, open up to completely and know down to his bones that they would always be there. You were his safe person.  

Clutching you tightly to himself he buried his nose in your hair and took a few deep, steadying breaths. Wonsik was quiet, lost in his thoughts and still as stone. But you weren’t alarmed yet. Sometimes after a hard day he’d grab onto you tightly like a child with a teddy bear. And then after resetting his equilibrium he’d claim to be starving. Sometimes it was for food.

His low voice reverberated near your ear. “They just don’t see me. They totally disregard my music because I’m an idol.”

Still in his arms you rubbed his back, using your nails to lightly scratch and soothe him. You felt his muscles begin to relax. “They will, love. This is just the beginning of your career. You will make them see your talent in time. Just keep being you. Keep growing. That’s all you can do.”

After dinner he still seemed glum so you suggested a funny movie. Laying with his head in your lap you carded your fingers through his hair, teasing along his scalp. You knew he wasn’t paying attention though when he didn’t laugh at any of the jokes like he usually did. Your heart broke for him. “I’m sorry Wonsik. I know you want to be recognized more than anything. It’ll happen someday.”

Turning his head from the TV to focus on you, his eyes were contemplative. “Not more than anything. You need to know that. It can all go to hell as long as I have you.” Stunned you didn’t know what to say. He reached up and ran a fingertip along your cheek. “Hey, don’t look so surprised. You’ll make me feel like a bad boyfriend.”

Not able to wrap your head around what he was saying you stammered, “But…that’s just…I mean your music is everything…”

A gentle smile crossed his lips. “Music is a part of my soul. I need to make it. But you are my foundation, the only steady place I have to rest when it all gets too crazy or hard. You’re my touchstone for when I get lost.”

Not one to make promises lightly, still you felt compelled to do so. Lightly tracing along his brow you replied. “I’ll always be here for you.” You knew this man’s heart and your own too well to deny the truth.

Catching your hand he turned his head and placed a kiss to the inside of your wrist. “I know.”

BTS  Suga 'Differences Between'

Anonymous asked: a drabble expansion with Suga and when your ex wants you back? I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS! FIGHTING :D

A/N: Thank you so much sweetheart! I hope you like it. ^^

This is a drabble expansion on a reaction I wrote here.

“I need to talk to you.”

You looked up at the familiar voice you couldn’t quite place and froze, noodles slipping from your chopsticks back into your bowl. Well, this was unexpected. You had been enjoying a quiet dinner with your boyfriend when your ex that you hadn’t seen in two years showed up at your table. The one who made you doubt yourself, the one who fed into your beliefs that you were never enough.

A quick glance at Yoongi told you he was annoyed at the interruption but clearly had no idea who the interloper was. Uncomfortable, but feeling like you needed to be firm you said, “I don’t want to talk to you, please leave.”

“I can’t pass this chance up. Please, I want you back.”

Yoongi’s eyebrows arched so high they disappeared under his bangs. “This is your ex?”

Desperately wanting the whole mess to be over you nodded.

Yoongi uttered a mirthless chuckle and leaned back against his chair. “Man I knew you were stupid but this is too much.” Your ex opened his mouth to reply but Suga calmly cut him off. “No. You had your chance years ago to say anything that needed saying. Instead you come up to her when she’s clearly moved on and happy and throw her world into chaos. That is so fucking selfish, man. But that’s nothing new for you is it? Now that you realize what you missed out on you expect her to drop everything and come running back? Fuck, do you know how hard I’ve had to work to undo a lot of the damage you did? To get her to trust me? But I’m willing to do it because I understand she’s one of the ones you don’t let slip away. When you find someone like her you hold on and make it work, despite the differences. And since I give a damn about her I will not allow you to upset her anymore. So get lost and accept you’ve screwed yourself out of being with her.”

Your ex clearly saw he wasn’t going to get anywhere and left. Even so, Yoongi looked irritated. He hadn’t raised his voice or lost his cool, but he got his point across. Your boyfriend had class and it was one of the reasons you loved him. He turned to you, “Can you believe the nerve of that guy? We’re in the middle of dinner. I’m sitting right here.”

Frankly you weren’t that surprised. Your ex always went after what he wanted. Ambition was something he and Yoongi shared and that made you nervous in the beginning. But where your ex would ignore the needs of those around him and trample whatever got in his way, Yoongi wasn’t like that. He was determined to reach his dreams but not at the expense of other people. His goals were not worth making others suffer. It was a seemingly minor difference but one as vast as the ocean.

“I’m sorry that happened.” You knew it wasn’t your fault but you felt…responsible somehow.

Yoongi’s eyes cut to you sharply. “Don’t apologize for that dick. Are you ok? Did I step out of line?”

With a soft smile you rested your elbow on the table and leaned your chin on your palm. “I’m fine and you were perfect. I was just too shocked to say anything to be honest. Thank you for standing up for me and for thinking I’m…worth keeping.”

An emotion flickered across his face that you couldn’t quite catch. Scooting closer to you he surprised you by taking your face in his hands. Yoongi wasn’t big on public affection. Placing a lingering kiss to your forehead he then brought his face close to yours, looking you directly in the eye. “You’re worth everything. You are everything.”

This man. You loved him fiercely. Not only for all the myriad reasons that added up to him, but also because he saw things in you that you didn’t see yourself. But he was teaching you how.

B.A.P Yongguk 'All That's Needed'

Anonymous asked: Can i have the expension of When he finds you in tears with Bang Yongguk please ?

A/N: Sorry the pic is so big guys. I fail at certain things. 

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

You hated each tear that fell but you couldn’t stop them. Sitting at your desk you sorted through your papers and wondered where you’d gone wrong. It was an endless process of checking your work through blurred vision and messily wiping the tears off your face.


Startled, the papers slipped through your fingers as you looked up at your boyfriend. You’d been so engrossed you hadn’t heard him come home. Four swift strides brought him next to you, eyes searching from head to toe. He took your face in his hands. As you watched his frantic eyes look for physical injuries a sob caught in your throat.

“Gukkie, they…hated…my paper.” It was hard to get the words out, they tasted bitter on your tongue. “I tried so hard but they said it was mediocre and beneath expectations. I don’t understand. It seemed good to me, what did I do wrong?”

His face crumpled in pain at seeing you doubt yourself. Gently pulling you to your feet he led you out to the living room. Sitting on the couch he motioned for you to take a seat on his lap. Normally you tried to be strong, but you just didn’t have it in you today. Today the world had knocked down your pride and you were hurting.

Carefully you sat on his lap and curled yourself up as much as you could. Yongguk wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your head while you bawled into his chest. He rubbed his hands along your back and legs to soothe you. With him holding you so close, at least you felt a sense of shelter. You were safe right now and nothing would hurt you.

A part of you longed to hear Gukkie’s deep voice and wise counsel. Even though both of you knew there was really nothing he could say to make it better. He was a quiet man yet knew the value of words. But he also knew their futility as well. Definitely not one to spout useless platitudes when silence would serve better. So you weren’t surprised when he chose to remain quiet yet infinitely supportive. He kissed your temple and held you tight, almost as if trying to take you into himself to protect you.

After you’d calmed, he found his voice and said the only thing you needed to hear. The only thing that mattered. “I’m so sorry. I love you.”​

2PM  Junho 'Heaven' (M)

Anonymous asked: can you do a drabble extension for vacation with 2pm, junho’s reaction please owo

A/N: Ah Anonie I hope you don’t hate me for smutting this up a little but it was kind of implied in the reaction, sooooooo…if smut isn’t your cup of tea just read until the read more break. Hope you like it dear. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

You and Junho were in heaven. Well, really it was a private beach with a nice condo but it felt like heaven nonetheless. Both of you needing a break from your hectic lives this was the perfect getaway. Earlier Junho buried you in the sand and crafted a mermaid tail for you. He always had a way to make you feel enchanting even if that wasn’t his goal. Now you were standing ankle deep in the clear blue ocean you felt the sand sift between your toes as you picked up seashells that caught your eye.

Next to you Junho bent to dig something out of the sand for himself. It was a split second decision but you went for it. Taking advantage of his lowered center of gravity you pushed him hard. You barely stayed long enough to see him flail and sprawl into the water when you sprinted off with a shriek of maniacal laughter. Not daring to turn around you could hear him gaining on you. Finally catching you about the waist he hoisted you over his shoulder and walked out to deeper water. Where he promptly dropped you like a sack of potatoes.

Breaking the surface you sputtered and wiped your eyes and retaliated with a water fight. Only instead of getting farther apart the two of you crept closer until you had a cease fire with out of breath, chuckle laced kisses. Standing in the ocean, with this man literally kissing the breath out of you, there was no other place in the world you’d rather be.

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2PM  Taecyeon ‘Unrealistic Expectations’

Anonymous asked: Would you be able to do an extension of teacyeon and pillow talk? Thank you <333

A/N: You’re welcome! I hope you like it Anonie. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Lying in bed for a while now your eyes have adjusted to the darkness and it’s easy to see his features. You like the way the moonlight adds just the faintest tint of blue to his face. But Taecyeon’s expression held a tension lately you weren’t used to seeing and you knew something was on his mind.

“So. What’s bothering you?” Subtle didn’t work with this man. You’d learned a long time ago directness was key in communication.

As usual he tried to brush it off. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

You released a sigh and placed your hand over his that was resting in between the two of you. He lifted his fingers and yours laced with his like they had been made to do so. “Taec, it’s not fair to either one of us if you’re always the strong one.”

Silence stretched, but not an angry one. Thoughtful, pensive, weighing the pros and cons of opening up. You could wait.

“I’m going to be picking the date of my enlistment soon. I guess that means we should talk about what we’re going to do.”

“You go in for service and I hold down the fort. What else is there?”

“You could…I mean, just because I have to go doesn’t mean you don’t have options.” There was a reluctant tone in his voice you didn’t like hearing.


“We could take a break when I go in and then start again when I get back out.”

This time the silence came from you. Your mind reeled. “Do you want to break up?”

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s fair to you. I can’t ask you to wait two years for me.”

Good God for a smart man he was a moron. He scrunched his face and you realized you may have said that out loud. “Listen. If we’d only been together for six months or something you might have a better argument. But we’ve been together long enough for me to know you’re worth holding on to. You’re it. The one. Whether it’s two years or more I’ll be here, faithfully, waiting for you to come back.”

His smile of relief was beatific and only then did you understand just how unsure he was of your answer. “The one, huh?”

You could already see it going to his head so you distracted him. “Big kahuna of my heart.”

“Oh, man that one was horrible.” But he was still grinning and you loved it. “I should punish you for that.” And yep, there was the eyebrow wiggle.

“Keep it up and I’m going to call you that in public. In front of Khun.”

Flopping on his back he hooked his arm behind your head to gently pull you onto his chest while wailing, “Cruel, cruel woman! I’ve done nothing to deserve such treatment.”

You snuggled into the place that you’d known was your home for quite some time now. Hearing the strong beat of his heart, your own clenched at the thought of a time where you would be denied that luxury for two years.

But two years was a small price to pay to be with this man the rest of your life.

2PM Nichkhun  'Anticipation'

Anonymous asked: Hello! I love your drabble expansions 💜 can you do one for Vacation with 2pm for nichkhun pretty please?

A/N: Thank you so much sweetheart! I hope you enjoy this one as well. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

If you were being completely honest you felt a little overwhelmed. In a foreign country, amidst a large, albeit lovely family which you were unfamiliar, and a language you didn’t understand aside from a few phrases your boyfriend taught you. And where was your boyfriend anyway?

From a small family yourself, you thought you were holding your own well enough despite the circumstances. Everyone was so friendly, interacting what little they could with big open smiles. Khun had been by your side most of the day but in a group this large inevitably he’d been pulled away a few times. Left to fend for yourself you were reduced to a mixture of charades and pictures on your phone to get your point across. You refused to use the translator app after a rather…embarrassing incident at the airport.

Looking around you knew there was no way Khun was related to everyone at the gathering. But knowing his heart you guessed that his relatives felt the same as he did: everyone is family. Smiling you thought back to a few hours ago in the kitchen. Thankfully your boyfriend was present as you both helped chop and mix. It was so much fun bonding as Nichkhun translated some stories from his childhood that they shared with you, although you suspected he censored a couple of them.

Currently you were stuffed from a feast that had been prepared for your visit. You were humbled by all the warmth and love you received from strangers, people you’d only heard stories about. There were five children of varying ages around you playing a game which you had no idea of the rules. At this point you’d peek-a-booed, hopped, and high-fived them and you were beginning to think they were taking advantage of the language barrier just to see you do silly things. They were laughing though and meant no harm. Dignity was a small price to pay for such hospitality.

An arm wrapped around your waist followed by a string of quickly spoken Thai. The kids happily scampered off and Khun kissed your temple, murmuring into your skin, “You are so adorable. They totally had you whipped.”

Sighing you agreed. “I know, I know.”

Teasingly he placed a kiss on your neck and you swatted his chest lightly. “There are four generations of your family here! I want to make a good impression.”

Snickering he released you but clearly didn’t appreciate your concern on the matter. “Relax. They love you already. How could they not?”

Rolling your eyes, you knew better than to argue. “So what’s on the agenda, man-o-mine?”

“It’s been a long day. I think we should turn in soon. Tomorrow there are a few places I wanted to show you that everyone who comes to Thailand should see. Also maybe a few nice spots where a wedding could happen.”

You froze. What had been a raucous room filled with people had suddenly narrowed down to only the two of you. “Are you asking to marry me?”

Slyly he looked at you out of the corner of his eye, smiling his most charming smile. “Oh, when I propose to you, you’ll know it. This is just research.”

Grinning at each other, completely in love, you knew you couldn’t wait to see what lie ahead.

VIXX Hongbin  'Visceral'

anonymous asked: could you maybe write “you bring lunch for vixx” with bean?

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

The plastic loops from the bags were hurting your hands but you didn’t care. You’d bought plenty of food because it was your life’s mission to see these boys eat. It’s funny, you didn’t realize when you started seeing Hongbin you’d get five brothers in the bargain but here you were.

The door to the practice room was slightly ajar and music was pouring out. Bean had told you about what time they usually broke for lunch so you hoped you weren’t intruding. Hands full you gently nudged the door open with your toe and peeked in. All of them were sweaty and tired. It always surprised you how serious they looked at their work when they weren’t smiling for the cameras.  

The song came to an end with all of them frozen in different poses, chests heaving from the dancing. Idly you wondered how many times they’d done a run through of that number in the last few hours. You heard one of them mention eating so you figured that was your cue.

“Hello! I brought lunch.”

They all turned towards the door but you had eyes on your boyfriend. He had the most adorable expressions and you didn’t want to miss it. Hongbin didn’t disappoint you. Eyebrows up, eyes wide, and mouth slightly agape, he was obviously surprised. Which totally made the cramping in your fingers worthwhile.

There were a few exclamations of delight and appreciation. Your boyfriend had gathered himself and came to help you with the bags. Taking them from you he exclaimed, “This is so sweet! Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do this?”

“And miss your cute ‘surprised’ face? I don’t think so.”

With your hands free you took advantage and stood on your tiptoes to give him a quick peck on the lips. Then you wrapped your arms around him and gave him a hug. You felt him tense under you and he let out a noise of protest. Bean hated being hugged when he was all sweaty. It made him feel gross and self-conscious. But it amused you to no end to poke at your prim and proper boyfriend on occasion.

You backed away and he gave you a frustrated look which you answered with a smug grin. Silently you reminded him of the food he was carrying by nodding toward the bags he now carried. With a parting glance he went to the center of the room and plopped himself down.

Everybody joined in, making a circle and the guys left you a spot next to Hongbin. Probably more from a desire to see him squirm than to be considerate.

He was sifting through the bags but you knew what was inside so you reached right in. Your hand landed on a package and you brought it out with a smile. “Hakyeon?”

N was in the middle of thanking you and reaching for the container when all of a sudden your hand was empty. Caught off guard you looked to your boyfriend who had snatched the food. Hongbin looked from the lunch he was holding to you, seeming nearly as confused as everyone else.

Blushing slightly and flustered he handed Hakyeon his meal. Then he turned to you and said, “I can pass them out.”

Baffled at his behavior you pulled out the next box. A quick glance told you who it went to. “This one goes to Ravi.” Wordlessly he handed it to his friend but avoided eye contact with you.

Well this was an unexpected turn of events. You were about to call him on it when you saw an impatient hand creeping in from the side. Swiftly Hongbin gave the hand a slap. “Wait your turn and don’t be rude.”

You side eyed your boyfriend. It wasn’t like he was really angry, in fact he seemed embarrassed more than anything. After all the food had been distributed Bean seemed mollified when he received the biggest box.

Taking Hongbin’s hand you mentioned wanting a word with him. As you walked away you turned and indicated to Leo that you were watching him. He was what you politely referred to as an ‘opportunist’.

As soon as the door clicked shut you asked, “So what’s going on? Why are you being weird?”

Clearly uncomfortable he hesitantly replied, “I just don’t like seeing you take care of them.”

Frankly you couldn’t be more surprised. “Wait…are you actually jealous of the other members? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is?”

He grimaced. “I know! And I’m not jealous.”

Skeptical, you raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue.

“It’s just, I don’t know. It caught me off guard too. I’ve never been jealous of you being around them. Not once. And I know none of you would betray me like that. But seeing you taking care of them…it bothered me a little.” Breaking eye contact once more he became fascinated with a crack in the linoleum. His foot lightly scuffed at the line while he seemed to be considering something. “I won’t become a jealous idiot, I promise. It’s just…I’ve never felt so strong about anyone before. I want to be the only one you see and care about.”

It was hard for Hongbin to bare his feelings like this, very hard, and you felt touched he’d made the effort. Cupping his jawline, you gently raised his head. “I’m always going to look after others, that’s just who I am. But you are my favorite person on this planet. You’ll always come first, you massive dork.”

You weren’t sure if it was the sentiment or your teasing, but his eyes sparkled. “Really?” You nodded. Hongbin leaned in and kissed your forehead.

“Come on, Binnie. Your food is going to get cold.”

Back in the room you were glad to see the others munching away and that Leo had kept his chopsticks to himself. Returning to your places, Hongbin sat closer to you than he normally would. Sitting tall and proud, he was beaming. He ignored his members' muffled chuckles but you rolled your eyes.

To show him your feelings you fussed over him a tiny bit, not much. Just little considerations. Anything more in front of the others would mortify him. But you made sure he had sauce, chopsticks, and napkins. He looked so content, so happy that your heart fluttered deep in your chest.

Hongbin was right you reflected. Sometimes you just couldn’t help your reactions when you were in love.  

B.A.P  Zelo ‘One of a Hundred Ways’

Anonymous asked:  Random affection Zelo! <3

A/N: I actually got a couple requests for this one. I’m sorry it came out kind of short but it’s extra, extra fluffy to make up for it, lol. I hope you enjoy. ^^

This is a drabble expansion on a reaction I wrote here


It was a little on the sappy side but you had something to prove. You had the sweetest most thoughtful boyfriend and he always seemed worried if he was doing right by you. Of course if you confronted him on it he’d get all awkward and deny any such thing. But you knew. It was in the way he’d call and apologize every day he was away on tour. Or he’d do something sweet like buy you flowers and then tentatively ask, “Are they okay?” Like the grin on your face wasn’t proof enough.

So you had to do small things randomly to let him know he was doing just fine. Today it was sneak up behind him and give him a back hug. Nestling your face between his shoulder blades you told him, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

You felt every muscle tense under you and you worried you’d made a mistake. After a few seconds though he relaxed. Feeling the muscles in his spine move against your cheek you guessed he had bowed his head in that adorable way he does when he’s embarrassed.

“Really?” It came out a near whisper. A fraction of the volume you knew Junhong was capable of.

Releasing him from your embrace you moved to face him. You really tried not to smile at your tomato of a boyfriend but he was so cute. Even his ears were red. “Why would you doubt you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?”

It was almost like Junhong’s feelings couldn’t be contained by his body. His eyes sparkled, his grin reached his ears and he got fidgety like he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he settled on using his height to his advantage (which always amused him with you) and linked his arms around your waist, picking you up and spinning you around. Ever so slowly he let you inch down his body until your face was close to his. When your lips were within reach he kissed them sweetly and with gratitude. “I’m the one who should be thankful for you.”

“Are we gonna fight about this? You may be tall and have abs but I fight dirty.”

Laughing he set you down on your feet and kissed your nose. You lived for moments like these. Junhong had a tendency to worry and be pensive. Seeing him radiate unabashed joy, like he didn’t have a care in the world, meant everything to you. His happiness was your happiness. So sappy or not, you’d keep telling him how much you loved him in as many ways you could.

B.A.P  Himchan 'TLC'

Anonymous asked: Are request open? Can I resquest a expansion for “BAP When he’s sick” with Himchan? 😊 Thank you and I really love your blog and your writing *kisses*

A/N: Aw, thank you so much sweetie! Kisses to you too. ^^ I hope you enjoy!

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Entering the dorm you found your sick boyfriend sitting at the counter resting his head on his arms. Side-eyeing Yongguk you shared a smirk at Himchan’s dramatics. Placing a hand between his shoulder blades and rubbing gently you whispered, “Babe, why aren’t you in bed?”

He raised his head and even you had to admit he looked awful. “Waiting for you.”

Oh have mercy. Your boyfriend felt pitiful and was milking it. “C'mon. Let’s get you into bed.” That he didn’t have a flirty comeback indicated how bad he was feeling. Picking up the tote of supplies you brought you ushered him into his room and shut the door.

Wordlessly you pointed to the bed and he shuffled over. Once he was under the covers you tucked him in and a tension in his face eased. Making a bit of a fuss about getting him comfortable he smiled weakly at you, appreciating the attention. His eyes were glassy and cheeks flushed, dead give aways he had a fever. Rummaging through your bag you found the medicine you needed and some chocolate to get rid of the taste.

While he was taking the cold medicine you had stepped out to the bathroom to get a cold compress. Placing it on his throat and then dabbing at his temples, you finally left it lay on his forehead. He groaned at the coolness against his skin and you laughed. “Watch it, or they’re going to think I’m doing something else to make you feel better.”

Himchan’s lips quirked and your heart warmed that even as obviously sick as he was he still had his sense of humor. Eyelids drooping you encouraged him to sleep. After he drifted off you gently flipped the compress over and frowned at how much his fevered skin had warmed the other side.

Two hours later he woke and the first thing his eyes did was search the room for you. Brushing his damp hair from his forehead you told him you were going to warm up some soup you brought. When you came back he ate every drop without complaint. Jokingly you admitted to liking this docile side of him.

Self consciously his hands clutched at the blankets as he stared at his lap. “I’m just thankful you came to take care of me.”

Little did he know it was these moments of vulnerability that tugged at your heartstrings. Certainly more than any lip rubbing or eyebrow wiggles when he was trying to be charming. These rare instances where he let his uncertainties bleed through his confident exterior to show you the man underneath captivated you. He always felt he needed to be perfect to be loved, but the reality was just the opposite. Taking the soup bowl from him you tossed over your shoulder, “Of course. Just don’t expect any kisses until you’re better.”

He didn’t say anything and you imagined he was pouting dramatically. But when you turned back to him he was watching you with nothing short of adoration. Embarrassed you felt your cheeks get warm. “You’d better still look at me that way once the cold medicine wears off.” You joked.

Voice rough from illness and disuse, nonetheless you heard him croak out, “Always.”

2PM  Taecyeon ‘Wednesday’

Anonymous asked: Hi, can you do an expansion for taec on the one where you are in critical condition? Thanks so much!!! Your writing is so good!! Love it!

A/N: Aw, thank you so much sweetheart! I really hope you like your request. Of course given the subject matter, there’s a touch of angst.

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


He checked his list again.

Usually pretty organized in his thoughts he didn’t use lists often. But as of three hours ago Taecyeon had been living by one. Three hours ago he received a phone call that turned his world upside down.

Your father was on the line explaining in a choked voice about things that everyone dreads yet somehow still manage to blindside you on some random Wednesday when you least expect it. It had been a normal day: work out, make-up and hair, an interview, a rehearsal and then came the call that seized his heart in his chest.

Top priority was getting to you, period. The last few hours had been spent making apologies and arrangements. Phone calls to people he had to let down for the one person he couldn’t. He refused to feel bad about it though. Taec knew what his priorities were. The other members were sympathetic and did what they could to help, but mostly he just needed them to stay out of his way.

Taec insisted to all who asked he was fine, he was coping and goddammit he didn’t care if it was a window seat or aisle just get him on the plane. Taking a deep breath he checked himself and bit back the uncharacteristic outburst before it could fly. Typically he wasn’t one to let emotions rule him, but he realized he was on edge and his patience was fraying. So intense was his need to get to you that as ridiculous as it sounded his heart whispered to his brain that he’d cross the ocean in a canoe if necessary.

Check the list. Focus on the list. It would lead him to you. Bag packed, tickets ordered, venue notified, just enough time left to get to the airport. Grateful for everyone’s well wishes, all the same he couldn’t let them sink in. His responses were automatic, keeping the ‘thank you’s’ and the eye contact at surface level. There would be time for emotions later, but not yet. Breaking down now would take valuable time away from getting to your side.

One call left. Call your parents to inform them when he’d be there. Your mother answered and began to cry as soon as she heard his voice. Taec’s heart shattered and he barely kept it together at the desperation underlying her words. The man who was like a son to her, the man who loved to fix things and make sure they ran smoothly, could do absolutely nothing. Taec never wanted a conversation like that again.  

Before boarding he picked out the most complicated book he could find and downloaded it. The flight was tortuously long as he tried to absorb the finer points of gene therapy in an effort to keep his mind from chasing thoughts of you. It was mostly a futile effort but it gave him something to do.

Leaving directly from the airport to the hospital he checked his phone for updates. Feeling exhausted and heart-sore, nonetheless he was where he needed to be. After talking to the doctors with your father, Taec went to the intensive care wing. They would only allow one person in at a time to see you so he waited as your mother collected herself and came into the hallway. She appeared as if she’d aged ten years since he saw her a week ago. After a quick embrace and a promise to talk in a while Taecyeon steeled himself for the worst and entered your room.

It was quiet except for the heart monitor and ventilator and the smell of antiseptic clung to the back of his throat. Even knowing the machines and tubes would be there it was still a shock to see you hooked up to them. Never before had he thought of you as fragile but it was the only word that came to mind as you lay there bruised and swollen, covered in equipment that was keeping you alive. It took his breath away like a punch to the gut. Amidst the IV line and pulse oximeter on your fingers he had nowhere to hold your hand so he settled on touching your forearm as lightly as he could.

As soon as his skin met yours the dam that held everything in broke. He’d never cried so hard in his life as he curled in on himself but still kept that delicate touch on your arm. He’d traveled thousands of miles to touch you, he wasn’t letting go now.