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After four years of relationship, you learned something.  

It was impossible not to be enchanted to watch Kim Jonghyun. The way in which the spectacles slipped at the tip of his nose as he wrote quickly in his notebook, or when he played with Roo and lent more attention to her than to you, or even only when he smiled and noticed the people beside him light up and melt for that Marvel. You were no longer surprised at the effect that your boyfriend had on people, what still surprised you was the effect he had on you.  

The day began in the usual way, Roo asking for attention and his master who started playing with her while you were hiding between the sheets. Too tired to get up or do anything else.

The barking of the little of the house had completely woken you two hours later and you had found yourself dragging your feet to the bathroom, crave that long bath you wanted from the night before and that, of course, you hadn’t done because to see your fiance after two months had brought other consequences, especially physical.  

And it would be all right if you hadn’t found yourself on the couch, a book on your legs and a cup of tea on the side table next to you. Because you knew exactly what happened when he found you staring at him. The ironic comments began, his lopsided smile and the shimmer in his eyes always translated into “tickle War”.  

But it had been stronger than you. He sat on the floor with the laptop resting on his thighs and had started composing bases filling the living room with sounds that you knew you would appreciate. After ten minutes you had begun to observe him trying to seem as discreet as possible. Small fleeting glances, immediately interrupted when he moved his head and looked like he was going to turn towards you. Longer glances, enchanted by his high cheekbones that rose every time the smile appeared on his face. And in the end you had surrendered, your book completely forgotten and your mind that traveled quickly dreaming to sit beside him and started brushing with the fingertip of your index his jawline, then follow that wake by replacing your finger with your mouth.  

“Staring isn’t a good thing, you know??”  

“Oh fuck,” You cursed and threw the book on the Couch, breaking free from the blanket and running into the kitchen to avoid the beginning of his torture. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Your voice came out more trembling than you thought, your stomach in full revolt with the butterflies fluttering in freedom and your heart with its erratic beat. You hid behind the door, knowing perfectly that he would follow you and especially seen your safe haven.  

The countdown began in your mind and was barely seven when his slightly cold hand slipped under your shirt, making you jump suddenly and yelling at him because it seemed to have an icicle pressed against the skin.  


“It’s you who is cold, Jagi,” he chuckled letting his hand slide on your hips and pressing slowly his fingers he grabbed you better dragging out of your hiding place. Directly in his arms, “Why were you staring at me?” He inquired with a smirk, laying his other hand on your shoulder and starting with his fingers to move the wide neck of the shirt so as to discover your skin, “at first I thought that the music sucked and you were staring at me to ask me to stop. ”  

“Fool, you know your music never sucks.. Except for that nasty song you’ve never published for my luck.”  

“Don’t mock me, hey. You’re the one caught on the fact, it’s you who must pay, ” he snorted like a child, while you threw your arms around his neck; intertwining your hands behind him letting his smile melt you completely.  

“What do you want me to do, sir? I will accept any punishment for my crime. ”  

He smiling biting the tip of your nose, making you giggle and shutting your eyes slightly. His hands, under your shirt, began to run along your hips and then up your back as the silence increased and you imagined that he was preparing for his attack. Tickle was always his favorite weapon because you were the most ticklish person in the world.  

“Go back to bed, cuddling and a marathon of your favorite dramas.”  

“Why mine and not yours?” Curiosity dripped your question, as you began to caress his hair ripping a small and tender moan that broke on your lips.  

“Because every time you look at me that way, I feel the luckiest person in the world Jagi.. You deserve a prize, too. ”  


Adrien Agreste is desperate. He’s tried asking Nino, but his friend sort of tripped his way into his relationship with Alya by mistake, and he’s not too proud to admit it. Plagg is no help. He’s asked Natalie, only to get a blank look. Plagg is NO help. Adrien’s even asked Gorilla. The man stared at him through the rearview mirror for a full minute before he burst out laughing and didn’t stop even after he dropped Adrien off at school. It was hard not to pout all day.

So now, Adrien is doing what he should have done in the first place - it’s SO obvious, after all. I mean, obviously HE’D be an expert.

‘Come in.’

Adrien walks into his father’s study with shoulders pushed back in his dad’s preferred posture.

‘What did you need?’ his father asked without looking up from his designs, seven different sketched clothes articles being shuffled around to create various combinations.

‘Yeah,’ Adrien said, trying to channel as much of Chat Noir as he could, ‘so dad, you and mum, huh?’

Gabriel’s hand paused delicately where it was poised over a pair of tan women’s trousers.

'I mean, you two…. Got together and everything, you know?’

Adrien watched in fascination as his father’s eyebrows rose very slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was a good sign so he went on.

'And mum was pretty. I mean, REAL pretty. Well of course she was pretty she was a model. But she was. Nice, I mean. And you TALKED to her. And it WORKED. Of course it worked, she married you and you had ME.’

Gabriel Agreste looked like he was almost afraid to talk, but he put the sketches down, steepled his fingers and finally looked up at his son.

'What are you asking exactly, Adrien? I thought Natalie had adequately covered the topic of human sexual reproduction even before you joined College?’

'Not that, dad!’ Adrien replied, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. 'I know all about that. Natalie tested me and everything and I got top marks. I’m asking about all the rest! That’s more important!’

Gabriel Agreste’s eyebrows joined his hairline. He managed to look vaguely nauseous, which was the face he made when he was in any way flustered or uncomfortable.

'All… The rest.’

'Yes!’ Adrien replied, the word exploding out of him when he couldn’t contain it anymore. A river of more words followed it once it had split the dam. 'The flowers and the complements, and the manners and kissing her hand, and being a gentleman! All of that! But I’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked, so I MUST be doing something wrong! But you landed MUM, so you must have done something really right, so please dad, please teach me?’

Gabriel Agreste may as well be speechless for the first time in his life. He managed, 'What?’

'How to ask out a pretty girl!’ Adrien said in moan. 'The right way! So she says yes!’

Gabriel took off his spectacles to give himself time to think, polishing them off a silk hanky he always carried in his pocket, to give himself time to think. He didn’t think he’d be thinking about this already. But that was the problem with thinking. Once he put them back on, he’d formulated a reasonable response.

'I would like to know who the young lady in question is, before we go any further.’

Adrien’s brain went into panic mode. Darn, darn darn darn, he hadn’t thought of this! What was he going to say? He couldn’t say Ladybug obviously, his dad would never buy it. Quick, think of girls he knew! Girls he knew, girls he knew- ah! Girls from his class! Let’s see; Chloe- ah ah, hard nope, no way. Alya- nope, no way again, bro code. Mylene, yeah, super taken. Alix….. Just no. Darn it all, all he could think of were black hair and blue eyes and - hang on!

'Marinette Dupain-Cheng,’ Adrien squeaked. He hoped his cheeks feeling hot meant he would convince his father. Gabriel stared at him for a moment before he buzzed Natalie from the intercom on his desk.

'Natalie, send me the file of Dupain-Cheng Marinette from the College research folder.’

'Yes sir,’ Natalie chirped back. A few moments of heavy sweating later - for Adrien - his father’s phone pinged, and Gabriel picked it up, thumbing through whatever Natalie had sent. One eyebrow rose higher than the other in the expression his father often made when he was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, Adrien was irrationally pleased his father approved of Marinette, even though he realised he was now totally screwed.

'Designed an album for Jagged Stone,’ his father said, sounding reluctantly impressed. 'You will invite her to dinner next week.’

Gabriel put his phone down, seemingly done with the decision. Adrien tried desperately one more time.

'But, the advice!’

Gabriel looked him straight in the eyes.

'What I’m about to tell you does not leave this room,’ he said solemnly.

'Yes father!’ Adrien replied eagerly.

'The secret,’ Gabriel went on solemnly, 'is puns.’

'I knew it!’ Adrien hissed under his breath.

'Ah, but not just any puns,’ Gabriel admonished. 'That is why you have been unsuccessful. You need to find her interests, formulate humourous sentence arrangements. Drop them with the correct TIMING. Timing is crucial, especially in one particular way.’

Adrien fairly vibrated in his seat as he leaned forward, waiting for his dad to finally tell him the secret.

'You must take her hand, gently. Look her in the eyes, and tell her, without fanfare, how you feel about her. And how that makes you feel: in that order, son. Then, and only then, must you drop a very smart pun, about something she loves, and beg her to consider giving you a chance. Then walk away, let her think about it, and maybe drop another pun on your way out. Make her laugh, so that when she remembers you, she will smile. She’ll call you back within the week.’

Gabriel was smiling for the first time in a whole year, that Adrien remembered. He looked misty eyed and far away before he snapped out of it.

'Natalie,’ he said into the buzzer again, 'contact mlle Dupain-Cheng, invite her to dinner Friday week.’

'Yes sir. I will inform cook and the household.’

'Good.’ Gabriel looked at his son with a determined look on his face. 'I will allow you to see how it is done during this first dinner. I will then expect you to try and learn, with practice, during following invitations. Do not let me down.’

'No sir!’ Adrien replied excitedly. He raced to his room, almost bouncing giddily with joy at how helpful his dad had been. Real advice! With practice!

Then he froze when he realised he was going to be practicing on his sweet, shy classmate, who was likely going to get the entirely wrong idea, and who he had absolutely not the courage to come clean with; not on this.

'Darn’, he hissed into his room. Plagg ignored him and continued to eat his cheese noisily.

BTS in the US
  • Interviewer: Last question, what does the members like about Rap monster? What makes him a good leader?
  • Jin (in Korean): Who said he was a good leader?
  • Suga (in Korean): I need 3 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds to answer that
  • J-hope (in Korean): C'mon guys he's not that bad..
  • Taehyung (in Korean): But he is tho, remember when he lost Jungkook 5 times!!
  • Jimin (in Korean): Remember when he walked in to the dorms and suddenly five was injured and 2 went missing!!
  • Jungkook (in Korean): I'ts a miracle that we're still alive after all these years and all the "accidents"
  • Interviewer: (waiting for translation)
  • Rap monster: ...they can't decide what they love about me the most, they just love too much...
  • <p> <b>Seokjin:</b> Namjoon! I told you to roast the turkey, why haven't you done it?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Oh sorry
  • Namjoon: *turns to turkey*<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> YOU STUPID ASS MCDUCKING BIRD, WHAT KIND OF LEGS ARE THOSE HOW THE H<p/></p>

when will your favs

Just a lil something you should know before you watch the show. 

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Headcanon: Harry takes Draco to see fireworks, and Draco cannot get over the fact that they happen without magic

Harry 100% would’ve kissed Draco romantically under the man’s first firework show of his life…but said man was way too busy gawking and speaking about the impossibilities of fireworks without magic way too fast for Harry to even get a word in.


“How?! HOW! How does that even wor- Bloody hell! Look at that one Harry! Look, Look! It was huge! Bigger than the other ones! And- BLOO- How is it more than one colour?!”

Um- Drac-”

“It should be impossible! How does it change colour in the sky?! We can barely learn those spells until our 5th year how does-”


“HARRY IT’S A HEART! Harry look! Look it’s in the shape of a heart! How-”

His words were immediately muffled when lips pressed against his, silencing anymore that he could say about the fireworks. Harry molded his lips against the others, practically coaxing him to kiss back and only once Draco did, did he pull away with amusement in his voice. 

“You know, on a date the highlight is supposed to be the other person.”

Draco stared at him before flushing slightly, whacking his arm. “Shut up. I’ve never seen these before,” he said, and on cue, another firework boomed behind them. 

Harry laughed, leaning in for another kiss. “I know, I know. I just really wanted to kiss you,” he hummed against his lips.

Returning the kiss briefly, Draco immediately ripped his lips away to shriek. “’HARRY LOOK IT’S THE FINALE!”