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Oooooh man can I get “What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.” from modernAU!Kylo? Just thinking about him saying that to me has got me sweatin' like a sinner in church, girl! 😩😍

1 & 149! Please kylo please !

Hoooo girl, I’m there with you haha. Alright, we’re doing this one (or these ones) with modern Kylo! Hope you enjoy :)

Modern AU Kylo +  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” +  “I just need ten minutes.” +  “What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.”

Tilting your head to the side you looked yourself over in the mirror, faintly tugging at the bottom of your skirt that accompanied your ensemble. Though you weren’t always one to wear anything this “scantly” of clothing your friend was hosting a party and you found no other occassion befitting for the outfit. Considering how long it had been sitting in your closet, you were more than eager to finally break it in. 

Smiling to yourself you bent forward, retrieving your strappy heels from the ground as you carefully slid them onto your feet. As you began to tie up the right heel you suddenly heard a familiar baritone voice behind you.

“Is that lingerie?”

Turning your face to look at Kylo behind you, you shook your head.

“No, why would you think that?”

His nostrils flared as his eyes raked over your entire body, ravaging in the sight. Even at this point in your relationship you had yet to wear any sort of lingerie or anything especially “sexy” for Kylo, so naturally, your outfit was about as close as he had ever seen you in. The sight consuming all of his attention as he gulped. 

“Your ass is practically out.”

You snorted faintly, “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Your attention turned back to the last ties you needed to make in order to secure your heels before you heard the soft thuds of Kylo’s feet approaching you. The closer he got the more you could swear you heard a low rumbling eminate from his chest. 

“I didn’t know you owned this.”

You smirked as you stood back up straight, suddenly realizing just how close Kylo was standing as you practically knocked into him with a slight turn around. 

“I haven’t had an occassion to wear it to.”

Kylo’s eyes, pupils blown wide, raked over you once again now taking in the full expanse of your outfit. 

“You don’t need one.”

You arched a brow with a playful smirk, “Oh? …You like it?”

He nodded, “Very much so.”

Slowly he brought his rough hands to your upper arms, gently gripping onto them as he returned your smirk.

“In fact..”

In an instant he leaned down and was ravaging your lips with his, almost dizzying you from the sudden onslaught. Your calves hit the back of your bed, causing your eyes to open for a moment as you brought your hands up to Kylo’s chest and gave him a little push.

“Kylo no, I need to get ready and-”

“I just need ten minutes.”

You shook your head faintly with a giggle, “Kylo-”

Suddenly he put one of his fingers up to your lips, silently shushing you as he stared intently into your eyes.

“Can I convince you?”

You sighed as you gestured for him to speak. Instead he remained silent and opted to make his point physically. Gently he pushed you onto the bed, assuring you were sitting down, his hands then continued to push you back, your body laying out on the mattress. You sighed, about to fight back until he pushed you back down. Sighing dejectedly you accepted your position and relaxed on your back. 

Before you could protest or process what was happening you suddenly felt Kylo’s hands grip onto your thighs. Instantly perking your head up you looked down to Kylo who was spreading your legs before himself.



Instantly your heart began to race in your chest, your core faintly beginning to throb in anticipation. Slowly he leaned in towards your left thigh, leaving a chaste kiss to the exposed skin, almost as sensually as he would your lips. The sweet gesture however was quickly followed by a sudden bite to the flesh, eliciting a moan laced with shock. Kylo looked up to meet your eyes, his smirk more devious.

“What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.”

Just as he had said, Kylo’s teeth sunk into the flesh of your exposed upper thigh, this time earning a sharp inhale and a sigh from you. As Kylo’s eyes met yours again, your chest was now beginning to heave, your breathing growing more rapid already. You gulped.

“T-ten minutes?”

He nodded with the same smirk still playing on his lips, “Ten minutes.”


Spencer Reid

It was dark when you woke up. You searched for your phone, surprised to see that it was only 11:17 pm. You had text messages from Garcia and Morgan, all wishing you well and begging you to join them at the bar if you felt better.

You did feel better now you’d slept non stop for the past 5 hours. The team had returned from their latest case yesterday and you had spent most of the day completing the mountain of paperwork that went with it. It had given you a migraine. Penelope and Morgan had wanted the team to go out together for drinks afterwards but JJ had wanted to get back to Henry and Hotch had needed to spend some time with Jack.

That had left you, Reid and Rossi for them to bully into taking part in their drunken shenanigans. You’d been game originally until the migraine had hit you around 4pm and you’d felt the desperate need to retreat to a dark room to hide.

Spencer had seen you wincing and rubbing your temples. “Go home” he’d said tenderly, understanding the pain you had been feeling. You took his advice, texting Penelope as you headed to the parking lot. She’d called you immediately asking if she could do anything to help.

“No thanks” you were touched by her concern. “I just need to take some meds and sleep.”

“Well if you’re sure my little cupcake. If you feel better later we’re still planning on heading out to Ben’s,” she’d said naming the bar right around the corner from your apartment.

You’d had a text from Spencer too. ‘Hope you feel better soon Y/N. Sleep will help,’ he’d sent not long after you’d left the office.

He’d text you again at around 9pm, ‘I think Morgan is trying to get me drunk. He keeps buying me funny coloured fruity drinks. Did you know that the human body actually produces its own supply of alcohol naturally, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.’

You’d received a picture message from Garcia about 30 minutes later showing a table filled with shot glasses, all with various brightly coloured liquids in them, and then another picture showing the glasses empty but with Reid and Morgan in the background pulling disgusted faces.

Reid had texted you again only ten minutes ago which must have been what woke you up. ‘Save me Y/N. I think Morgans trying to break my liver.’

You giggled. 'You still out?’ you messaged him back. You dragged yourself out of bed quickly going to the bathroom and freshening yourself up. After ten minutes Reid hadn’t replied so you sent the same message to Garcia.

'Oh Yes Yes my gorgeous little munchkin’ she’d replied almost instantly.

'Be there in ten’ you shot back as you quickly brushed your hair and re did your make up. You threw on a short denim skirt and a black vest top grabbing your purple converse and hoodie. Not exactly classy but you looked good enough for the local dive bar you frequented so often.

“Sweetcheeks you made it!” Penelope squealed excitedly from her perch as you made your way through the bar to the table where her and Derek were sitting. You placed the bottle of wine you’d just purchased on the table and gave her a quick hug.

“Yep I feel tons better after my nap,” you said quickly downing a glass and refilling it.

“You need to catch up with us lady bird,” Derek smirked at you, handing you a shot glass full of an amber coloured liquid. You took it, screwing your face up at its bitter taste.

“Where’s Rossi and Reid?” you asked scanning the room for them.

“Rossi left with a hot blonde about five minutes before you arrived,” Garcia replied happily.

“Yeah she looked like she was ready to eat him up,” Morgan added in. “And the pretty boy is currently being chatted up by a very attentive cougar over there,” he made a notion with his head and you followed.

You laughed as your saw your friend looking horribly uncomfortable as a women in her late forties was sat drawing circles on his arm with her nails whilst attempting to lean over seductively, giving him a good view down her dress. You could see him trying to avoid looking, but every so often his eyes would drift down.

'Men and boobs eh?’ you thought to yourself. You caught Spencer’s eye and waved. His eyes lit up as he saw you, mouthing 'Save me’ in your direction. You giggled shaking your head watching his brown eyes plead for you to come and help him.

“Poor Spencer,” you chuckled taking another long sip of your wine.

“Poor Spencer nothing, princess. That boy needs some female attention. It’s about time he got laid, ” Derek knocked his drink back.

“Yeah but really Derek…..a cougar, she’ll break him!” you giggled. “How long has she been there?“

“Well I pointed him out to her about 30 minutes ago when she grabbed my ass and asked if I was looking for a good time tonight, ” Derek laughed. “I figured the boy genius could have a good time instead. If he can’t find himself a hook up, I’ll do it for him.”

You shook your head at Derek feeling sorry for Reid. It wasn’t that the profiler was unattractive. Far from it. In fact, as far as your own tastes went, Reid was preferable to you than Derek. But he lacked confidence with women, not knowing what to say or when to stop rambling. You’d been surprised at how quickly you two had actually become friends outside of work to be honest, seeing how awkward and shy he could be around people.

You glanced at Reid again. He looked so miserable, but you knew he’d rather sit there than risk offending someone, even someone who was blatantly trying to get him into bed.

“Be right back,” you said to Garcia and Morgan as you hopped off your stool and walked over to the booth where the cougar had imprisoned Reid.

“Baby!” you exclaimed sliding in next to him hoping he’d catch on. “I’ve been looking all over for you,” you took his hand and squeezed it gently, leaning in and pecking him oh so lightly on the cheek.

He smiled gratefully, “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’ve just been listening to Shirley here telling me about her job as an air hostess.”

You smiled at 'Shirley’ sweetly. “Well thanks so much for keeping my boyfriend company for me.”

“Boyfriend?” she sniffed curtly. “His friend over there told me he’d be in need of a good time tonight,” she nodded over at Morgan who you could see was trying to hold back laughter. Spencer’s cheeks started to blush at the implication of what she meant.

You started to stroke his hand softly feeling him getting flustered. “Yes boyfriend, Shirley. Our friend over there must have meant someone else. The only person showing Spence a good time tonight will be me, right Spence?” you raised an eyebrow at him. He flushed red at your words.

“Pffft,” Shirley huffed. “He’s too scrawny for me anyway. Probably wouldn’t be able to handle a real women.”

'Bitch,’ you thought to yourself. Some people just didn’t know how to handle rejection well. You felt Spencer wince at the insult from her. 'And there goes his confidence levels plummeting to the ground again,’ you sighed internally.

“Let me tell you something Shirley,” you leaned over looking her dead in the eye. "This man right here may look scrawny, but he has no trouble pinning me up against my bedroom wall and fucking my brains out. He definitely, 100 percent knows how to handle a real women. Now I suggest you leave so I can discuss with Spencer exactly how he’s going to handle me when we get home.“ You smiled as her jaw dropped. Her face started to flush as she gathered up her bag and stalked away from the booth in the direction of the bathroom.

You knocked back your drink and turned to look at your friend. "Hi” you said nudging his shoulder with yours.

"Hi yourself” he replied licking his bottom lip. “Thanks for getting rid of her,” he smiled taking a sip of his own drink.

"No problem…. She pissed me off when she didn’t seem to believe that I was your girlfriend. So I had to put her in her place a little!“

“Well of course she didn’t believe it Y/N. Why would someone like you be with someone like me,” he said softly suddenly seeming very sober.

"What’s that meant to mean Spencer,” you asked sharply turning to look at him.

He gripped your hand realising how what he’d said might have sounded. “Oh no. N-no. T-that didn’t come out right,” he stuttered. He looked at you sadly and sighed. “You’re gorgeous Y/N. She couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as you would be with someone like me. Like she said; I’m scrawny and definitely don’t look like I’d be any good at….. Well….that,” his eyes focused on his drink not wanting to look at you.

“Look at me Reid,” you put your hand out and touching his jaw, turning it towards you. “Spencer look at me.”

His sad brown eyes found yours. “Spencer, you may not be as built as guys like Morgan but trust me when I say that you could have any girl in here, if you’d only learn to be more confident.“

He huffed as if to say 'yeah right’ and started to look away again. You grabbed his face keeping it aimed on yours and moved closer to him. "I’m being serious Spencer. You’re gorgeous. You have a jaw line that most guys would kill for, eyes that someone could easily get lost in and hair that most women would love the opportunity to run their hand’s through. Add that to the fact that you’re a genius as well as kind and funny and well… What’s not to like?” He started to bite his lip the way he does at least ten times a day. "Oh and lip thing you’re doing right now Reid? Sexy as fuck….When ever you do that I can guarantee there’s at least one girl in the room watching you, wanting you to bite down on their lips instead…..Seriously, if you can teach yourself a whole new language in the space of a weekend then you can teach yourself to be confident. You could have anyone you wanted if you just had confidence in yourself.”

You sat back in your seat feeling sad that your friend didn’t realise what a good catch he was and feeling angry with Morgan for sending that bitch over to try to seduce him. You weren’t saying those things just to be nice either. You genuinely meant them. He was gorgeous and would make someone an amazing partner.

“What if I don’t want just anyone?” Spencer spoke quietly after taking a deep breath. “What if there is someone I like but I’m too scared that she doesn’t think of me like that?” he looked at you shyly.

You sighed racking your brains trying to think who this girl could be, feeling slightly jealous that there was someone he liked.

“Then tell her Reid, at least that way you know. If she doesn’t want you, then that’s her loss but at least you have an answer. Tell her.”

“I’m trying to Y/N. I’m trying to tell her right now,” he spoke so softly you almost didn’t hear him. He must have felt you tense as the meaning of his words finally clicked in your mind.

'Wait what?’ you thought. 'Me, he likes me?’ As much as you wanted to believe that’s what he’d just said, you couldn’t.

“Shit.” he muttered. “Guess that’s my answer. Can we just forget about this please?” he smiled at you weakly.

When you didn’t respond he made a move to leave the table. When you realised he was going to leave you blurted out, “NO.”

“No?” he asked quizzically.

“No, we can’t forget about it. Spencer…. You like me? Like properly more than a friend like me?” you wanted to be sure before you made a fool of yourself.

He blushed, “Well, erm, yes I do. A lot. A hell of a lot actually. I just never thought that anyone as awesome as you could like me. I don’t really have girlfriends, you know this.” He brushed a brown curl that was escaping back behind his ears as he bit his bottom lip again nervously.

You giggled, “Spence… I’m that girl.”

He looked confused.

“You’re biting your lip again… I’m that girl who wants you to be biting hers instead.” you laughed at the expression on his face. "I like you too. A lot,“ you whispered.

He smiled at you, his eyes lighting up. He looked so adorable right now.

"Listen,” you said. “Let’s go somewhere and get some coffee and talk okay.”

He nodded and you both stood up. You caught Penelope’s eye and mouthed 'We’re going’ across the room to her. She looked confused. You made a 'I’ll text you later motion’ with one hand and slipped your other hand back into Reid’s hearing him sigh happily at your contact.

Garcia clocked the hand hold and her eyes widened as a huge grin came over her face. You could almost hear the squeals that must be happening inside her head.

“Come on Dr Reid. We’ve gotta go find a wall for you to pin me up against. Wouldn’t want to have lied to Shirley now do we?”

He coughed and spluttered at what you’d just said.

“Haha. I’m joking Spence…. I don’t do that on a first date,” you turned to look up at him. "But someday, when you’re ready, we are soo doing that okay?“

He lowered his head so his lips were next your ears and whispered, "Okay, but maybe tonight, we could try some of that lip biting you mentioned instead.”

It was your turn to cough and splutter then as you pulled his hand and nearly dragged him out of the bar.

Prompt: “You’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” AU

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Author’s Note: Just a little drabble because Valentine’s Day is nearing. Enjoy!

Originally posted by geekyyears9

“What are we watching?” You asked, waltzing into the living room with a carton of ice cream and a spoon dangling from your mouth. Your roommate patted the empty spot on the couch next to her and pointed to the television. “The S.A.G Awards?” You asked dully.

“I just want to see if Stranger Things wins any awards,” she replied. “If not, we can turn it and find something to watch on Netflix.”

“Sounds fair.” You replied, with a mouthful of ice cream.

Moments later, your jaw went slack when you heard the announcer start talking about their next guest. You could see your roommate looking at you from your peripherals, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of the screen.

“I’m here with Sebastian Stan who picked up a nomination tonight for last year’s Captain America: Civil War. How are you doing tonight, Sebastian?”

“We can turn it, if you want.” Your roommate mentioned, picking up the remote from the couch and pointing it at the t.v. 

“No,” you replied. “It’s okay.”

Sebastian- or Seb, as you used to call him- gave the interviewer generic answers. He was doing good, he was happy to be there, he was excited about the nomination, and talked about his upcoming projects. You couldn’t help but let your eyes wander. He looked great. Older. More mature than the boy you met nearly ten years ago when you were an intern on a movie set. 

It was your first production job, and his first major role.

You shook your head, trying not to think about the time when the two of you dated briefly. After all, it had been a long time since then, and he had definitely moved on. Even if it took you a little longer, you were- for the most part- over it.

“With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have to ask, have you ever been in love?”  The interviewer asked with a smile.

“Oh this ought to be good.” You muttered with another bite of ice cream, trying to hide your bitterness. Your roommate snickered beside you. “I mean, he’s dated how many girls in Hollywood?”

Sebastian just smiled, “there was one,” he said. “She was an intern on the set of The Covenant, it was a long time ago. We had a falling out, went our separate ways, it happens.”

Your eyes nearly popped out of your head at his words. You were almost certain there were no other interns that he was involved with, and that meant that he had to be talking about you.

“The one who got away, huh?” The woman asked, Seb shrugged. “Any chance you might see her again?”

“You never know,” he replied. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this business, it’s that you never know who you might meet or run into. It’s crazy.”

“That it is. Well thank you for your time, Sebastian, and good luck tonight.”

He looked into the camera and gave a small wink before moving along to the next interviewer. Your heart was beating so rapidly that you couldn’t think straight, and wondered if what you had just heard was real. 

“Did that just-” you stopped mid-sentence, to look at your roommate who shared the same surprised look on her face.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“He was talking about-” You began again, but trailed off.

“I think so,” she answered once more. “You have to call him.”

“I am not calling him.”

“Text him then.”

“No!” You exclaimed, standing up off of the couch and making your way to the freezer to put your ice cream away. “He probably doesn’t even have the same number.”

You turned around to see your roommate with your phone and smirk on her lips. “Well, I guess we’ll just have to find out.” She replied as she handed the phone out to you. Before you could take it back, she pulled it back quickly and looked at the screen. “Oh my gosh, he’s replying.”

You grabbed the phone quickly before she could read the next message, which would probably be ‘who’s this’ or ‘wrong number’. But when the message popped up on the screen, your heart nearly jumped out of your chest. 

“I was hoping you’d see that.”

prompt: “the blood’s just from a nosebleed; don’t worry about it.” 
pairing: dean/cas
tags: married!au, teacher!cas, firefighter!dean, worried hubbies
for @winvhesters

request a drabble! 

At the sound of the Impala on the driveway, Castiel looked up from his work. Dean’s heavy footsteps sounded on the pavement. Cas looked at the clock as he heard keys in the lock.

Dean was trying to be quiet, he probably hadn’t seen the light in the living room where Castiel was sitting. But even from far away, Castiel could hear his soft breathing, the shuffle of his feet as he got out of his jacket.

“I’m still awake.” He called and a moment later, Dean appeared in the living room. His hair was a mess, his clothes dishevelled and there were smudges of ash on his face, together with something dark, red or brown. Blood. There had been at least one fire tonight, Cas knew.

“Angel, shouldn’t you sleep? It’s late.” He looked tired, exhausted even, but at that moment he only seemed to worry about Castiel, which was crazy. Cas had been safe, at home, with the door locked, grading harmless high school papers while Dean was out there saving people from burning fires, which gave him at least ten different ways to either die or get heavily injured.

“Dean, you’re injured. What happened? Are you okay? Come on, sit down, I’ll get you-“

“The blood’s just from a nosebleed; don’t worry about it.”

Castiel’s fingers shook as he pushed the grades and his half empty cup of tea aside. He made Dean sit down on the couch, on which he agreed right away. He put his feet on the table with a soft groan as Cas gently touched his face.

“That’s not just a nosebleed, Dean, tell me.”

Castiel looked at his husband sternly, who looked back partly amused, partly sorry.

“I fell, from the ladder, which is pretty stupid, but I’m fine. Honestly.” He gave Cas a tired smile while he examined the scratches on his face.

“I’ll clean your face. No, stay here.” Without listening to Dean’s protests, Cas hurried off and came back a minute later with a bowl and a first aid kit. He settled on his husbands lap and started to softly pat a wet cloth on Dean’s dirty and scratched cheek.

“You should be a nurse.” Dean joked. His arm slid around Castiel’s waist to secure him. “Why didn’t you go to bed? You knew I had a late shift.”

Castiel didn’t answer right away, busy with putting ointment on the red spots.

“I couldn’t.” He admitted. “I couldn’t go to sleep without you. Without knowing…”

It had always been that way. Dean working late meant no sleep for Cas until he heard the familiar sounds of Dean coming home. He pretended to be asleep for a few times, just to make Dean feel less bad, but he could only relax when Dean was with him.

His job frightened Castiel constantly, he knew the dangers. But he also knew how important it was for Dean to do this, and he would never make him get another job.

“I’m here now.” Dean said gently. His fingers traced a familiar pattern on Castiel’s back, blindly marking the birthmarks there. “I will always come back, you hear me? I’m not leaving you.”

“You can’t be sure.” Castiel said, they had this conversation many times. He patted the last blood away and cleaned up the water and kit. As he washed his hands in the kitchen, Dean stood behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him close.

“And you can’t promise me you won’t get hit by a car tomorrow. We’re both vulnerable. We all are. And that’s scary. I’m just taking advantage of that to save other’s.” He kissed Cas’ hair as he relaxed against his shoulder.

“I know. I’m just- scared.” He turned around.

“I know.” Dean repeated before kissing him tenderly. “But so am I. That means we care, right? Come on, let’s go to bed.”

As Cas slid under the covers and snuggled up to Dean, he finally felt comfortable. Dean’s warm, strong arms felt protective around his body, and lying on his chest to hear his heartbeat was one of the most comforting things ever. Dean pulled him closer, as if lives depended on it.

“Saturday tomorrow.” He slurred, his voice deep and thick.

“Yes.” Cas whispered, smiling, because they both had a day off.

“We could stay in bed all day… Or go out, if you want.”

Castiel smiled again as he felt Dean’s nose in his hair.

“We’ll see.” He didn’t mind what they would do, as long as they would do it together.


Zack Ryder x reader

(y/n) starts questioning her relationship with Zack Ryder because Nikki Bella was trying to get in her head.


#9 “Yeah, last night you were so drunk you started crying about how beautiful a dog wearing a bandana was.” Zack Ryder

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soft prompt kent/swoops lazy saturday morning ft. kids cartoons

Kent sees Jeff’s hand moving toward the remote in a way that’s slow.  He knows that move, knows he’s trying to be sneaky.  He laughs when Kent smacks him.  “Don’t you fucking dare.”

Jeff sighs and tugs Kent closer.  “Come on.  If I have to watch any more of my little pony I’m going to claw my own eyes out.”

“I have to catch up,” Kent says, and lets out a tiny oomph when a ball of fur jumps onto his lap, nudges Jeff over with her head, and curls up to purr.  “I’m like nine episodes behind.”

“Oh my god,” Jeff groans.  “I swear to god, when did this become my life?”

“Uh nine years ago,” Kent reminds him.  “Your dumb ass is the one who got down on one knee and had a ring.”

“Well your dumb ass is the one who said yes,” Jeff chirps, and pokes Kent in the side, making him squirm and laugh.

“Stop tickling me, asshole!” Kent says, and hits him with a couch cushion.

“Shut up, the show is on,” Jeff says, making a show of turning round to fix his eyes on the TV.

“I fucking hate you.”

There’s a tiny gasp, and wide eyes that are sort of blue, and sort of green, and sort of brown.  And an upturned nose wrinkles.  “Daddy!”

Kent flushes, making his own freckles stand out against his skin.  “Sorry, baby.”

The small girl with bed-head curls shoves at Kit until the cat grudgingly moves to Kent’s other side.  She shoves herself between her dads, letting Jeff tuck his arm round her, and kiss the top of her hair.

“Daddyyyy,” she whines.

“Tillyyyyy,” Kent whines back in the same tone.

“I already see’d this one.”

Kent glowers at Jeff.  “This is all your fault.  I swear to god, I am never going to catch up now.”  But he picks up the remote and flicks forward nine episodes, which makes his daughter smile, which makes them both grin a little.

“You taught her that, dickhead,” Jeff mutters into his ear.  “You have only yourself to blame.”

“Why don’t you shut up and kiss me and make us some chocolate chip pancakes,” Kent chirps back, saying the last thing loud enough for the four year old to hear it.

She gasps and turns doe-eyes on her other father who groans and rolls his own eyes.  “Please,” she begs.

Jeff kisses Kent, because Kent asked for it and he’s literally never turned down a kiss ever, in the nine years they’ve been together.  “I hate you,” he murmurs.

“Strawberry compote,” Kent says in reply with a grin, and tucks Tilly close in as the themesong begins.

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OOH 28 and 21!!!

Alright! I hope you don’t mind I chose to do this one with Modern Ben cause it seemed to fit pretty well. Hope you like it hun!

Modern AU Ben Solo +  “You’re still mad?” +  “He’s a bad kisser.”

Abruptly Rey began tapping you on the shoulder, her eyes growing wider as if in sync with her tapping.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), don’t look now but Ben’s coming over here.”

Your brows raised, “What?! Rey you said he wouldn’t be here!”

She sighed, “I know, I know, I thought he was going to be gone with my aunt and uncle but, apparently not.”

Shaking your head you placed a hand to your forehead as you felt your heart begin to beat faster. 

“I-I need to get out of here.”

“Oh come on (Y/N), you’re not seriously running from him are you?”

“Rey can we-”

“Hey friends!”

You froze in place as your eyes moved back to where Rey had originally been gesturing to, now showing Finn and Ben standing before you. While Finn looked ecstatic to be at this party, his smile beaming, Ben looked notably tense and uncomfortable with an underlying hint of something you couldn’t identify. 

Rey smiled awkwardly, “Heyyy guys.”

“Enjoying the party?”

You nodded sheepishly trying to avoid Ben’s gaze which seemed to be solely focused on you. Rey nodded.

“Uhm yeah, yeah we’re having a good time.”

“Great! Have you seen Poe by chance?”

Rey smirked, “Taking shots with Jessika.”

Finn rolled his eyes with a smirk, “The man is a slut for shots.”

Rey giggled as Finn held out his arm for her, “Come find him with me?”

Rey looked between you and Ben, noting the way you both watched each other carefully. She turned back to Finn nodding.

“Yeah sure, let’s find him.”

With that Finn pulled Rey off into the crowd of people, leaving you with Ben. Both of you silently staring at each other. Feeling the overwhelming emotions come forth just by looking at Ben you remained silent as he cleared his throat.


You barely gave him a nod, instantly turning your eyes away from him. 

“You’re still mad?”

You turned to look at him, unsure if you really wanted to have this discussion, but not sure of when another time would arise. In reality, it was likely the only time you would have to have this discussion with him.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N) please talk to me.”

You sighed giving him an unimpressed expression, though you were forcibly keeping it on your face.

“Why should I?”

“W-we’re best friends, are you kidding me?”

You tried to remain unamused, keeping your expression neutral as you stared straight back at Ben who sighed, running a hand through his brown locks. 

“You know I didn’t mean what I said in a…demeaning or um…cruel way right?”

You sighed, “Sure came off that way.”

“I admit my word choice was poor.”

You huffed, “A lot of your choices are poor Ben.”

His nostrils flared, “Look (Y/N), I only said what I said about him because I’m your friend and I know, everyone knows, you deserved better. I just really cared, er…care about you and couldn’t believe you picked such a douchebag to give a chance.”

You nodded, “I understand…still, you hurt my feelings pretty deeply.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I really am. I could’ve gone about it differently.”

Looking into his eyes you quickly found yourself falling for that same old Solo charm you remember being told about by your friends, Ben included, and acquaintances. He was undeniably hard to say no to and even harder to ignore. With the pleading look behind his eyes and the genuine nature of his words, you couldn’t help but to give in. You shrugged.

“Apology accepted.”

Ben smiled as he nodded in response to you. With a smirk you leaned over towards him.

“He is a douche anyway.”


“He’s a bad kisser too.”

Ben laughed for a moment with you. After a moment he looked you over and sighed.

“Like I said, you deserve better.”

“Got any suggestions of who would be better?”

Ben smirked as he draped an arm over your shoulder, “I might know someone. Not so much of a douche, pretty good looking and a great kisser.”

You raised your brows with a smirk, “Really? You’ve kissed him yourself?”

Ben chuckled, “I have not.”

“You haven’t?”


Your brows furrowed as you crossed your arms under your chest.

“How can I trust your suggestion then?”

Ben stopped in his steps, putting himself before you when he suddenly leaned down and put his lips to yours. In the blink of an eye your body felt as though surges of electricity were running through it, your mind slipping into a heavenly daze. After a moment Ben pulled away just inches from your face with a satisfied grin.

“You trust me now?”

Your cheeks grew hot, your smile turning more bashful.

“You’re right…this guy doesn’t sound too bad.”

Ben smirked as he leaned in to continue where he had left off. 

All of It

Originally posted by canonspngifs


Dean stared down at you lying on your bed with a satisfied look on his beautiful face as he pulled up his jeans and zipped them, then fastened the button. As he was putting his belt on, you bit your lip and sat up, the sheet falling from your chest, exposing it to him.

You squinted at him as you studied his body language. Dean wasn’t one to talk much after sex and you were fully aware of that, but this had been going on too long. At this point, you were going to give him in ultimatum: all or nothing. You were ready for a relationship. Yes, the sex was wonderful and you could do it every day with him, but you wanted more. 

“Going so soon?” You asked innocently as you stood up and walked toward him, wrapping the sheet around your bare shoulders. Dean bit his lip lightly almost as if he was rethinking getting dressed. But he nodded his head and kissed you on the cheek and pulled his shoes on. “I kind of wanted to talk about something with you.”

“Sweetheart, you know I’m supposed to be meeting Sam soon…we’re going on a hunt,” You rolled your eyes and sat back down, then took a swig of whiskey out of one of the many bottles lying on the ground. Then you looked back up at him and sighed, then pursed your lips. “Can it wait until I get back?”

With a roll of your eyes, you stood up and started to get dressed as well and kept your back turned toward him. “I don’t know, Dean. Can it?” When you turned back around you gave him an annoyed look that he fully understood.

“Let me guess,” He nodded understandingly and pushed some hair behind your ear. “You’re ready for something more.”

You gave him a confused look and nodded, then folded your arms across your chest, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”

“You know me, Princess…I’m not big on commitment. You knew that going into this.”

“Yeah, yeah I did,” You looked down at your feet as he started walking toward the door. As he stepped out, he turned back toward you and smiled lightly. “Which is why I’m going to say this once; and only once. If you decide you can’t commit to me, don’t bother coming by when you get back.”

For a minute, Dean almost looked hurt…almost. But it was gone in a split second and that beautiful smile came back. “Sure thing.”

Then he turned around, just like that and sped off in his Impala, leaving you lonely again.

It had been two weeks. And still, you were sitting on your bed, still drinking whiskey and wishing Dean was with you, but it wasn’t going to happen. He was never going to commit to you, let alone anyone else. He just didn’t want what came with commitment.

It was the knock on your door in the middle of the night that had you worried while a horrible thunderstorm was raging throughout the town. Slowly, you climbed out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat from under your bed and slowly walked toward the door. You leaned in toward the peephole and sighed when you saw a soaking wet Dean patiently waiting for you. You had two options here; cave in and open the door or just leave him, like he left you.

Almost immediately after you had decided to leave him there, you sighed and opened the door and gave him an expectant look. 

But it was almost as if Dean was…broken, or had technical difficulties. He didn’t have any witty remarks as he stepped into your apartment; didn’t shoot any suggestive looks toward you as he headed straight for your bathroom and got a towel, then started to dry himself off. He didn’t even undress more than taking his jeans and jacket off. 

And then he just…fell asleep on your bed, flat on his stomach. Throughout the night you sat up criss-cross-apple-sauce with that bottle of whiskey in your hand and you just stared at him with the most confused look on your face. Something must have happened. And you highly doubted he was going to talk about it. If he was going to sleep, he could have just gone back to the bunker and slept there. This had to involve Sam.

Y/N: Okay what happened out there? Dean is dysfunctional at the moment.

SAM: Long story short, we were hunting a Djinn and it got Dean and well…you know. I’m guessing his alternate life had something to do with you. All he said was that he had to make sure you were okay.

Again, the puzzled look returned to your face and you looked back down at him, then ran your fingers through his hair. You weren’t really sure what to do about this situation except let him sleep it off. So you did, but you didn’t sleep. You just stayed up and watched him, making sure he was okay. Djinns were nasty creatures and could take a huge toll on people; so you knew Dean would be asleep for a while.

What you didn’t expect though, was for him to be asleep for twenty-eight hours. You had to go about your business and move on with your daily life eventually, so you gathered your laundry and made your way downstairs and put a load in, then went back to your apartment.

When you walked through the door, you were surprised to see Dean sitting up in the bed, staring into abyss. Slowly, you set the laundry hamper down, then walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water for him, then walked up to him and crouched down, holding it out to him. He didn’t make any movements and you were starting to get worried, so you waved a hand in front of his face, but nothing came of it. You pushed your lips to the side and stood back up, then walked toward the kitchen and pulled your phone out of your back pocket, ready to call Sam. As he answered, you turned around and leaned back on the kitchen counter.

“Y/N, is Dean okay?”

You were going to answer, but you were at a loss for words as Dean was standing right in front of you with an odd look on his face. You weren’t sure if he was going to kiss you or kill you at the moment.

“Sam, I’ll call you back,” You said slowly, then set the phone down. “Dean, are you…”

Yes, Dean was okay. More than okay as he crashed his lips against yours in a passionate kiss that was way different than your usual ones. He pulled you closer to him, then lifted you up and set you on the counter swiftly. You shared the kiss, but thought back to what you said two weeks ago and pulled away.

“Dean, wait,” You had a hand on his chest, the other on the side of his cheek. “I told you, I can’t keep doing this. All or nothing. I understand you had a rough hunt and you need some company, but…”

“All,” He said quickly, putting his forehead against yours with a pleading look in his eyes. “All of it, Y/N. I want all of it.”

“All of it,” It was supposed to be a question but came out more of a statement as you studied his eyes. You had never seen this look before. 

Dean pulled you into a soft, tender kiss as he took your hands in his with a small smile on his face, “Every fucking bit.”

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Omg 103 with Jumin's daughter *screams in anticipation*


“MOM!” Groaning, you were woken up with a loud pitched screaming noise.


Rubbing your eyes, you stumbled out of bed and into your daughter’s room. Her eighth  birthday was in two days, yet she was still the height of Jumin’s knee. 

“What is it, sweetie?” you asked absently. It was another one of her tantrums.

“Daddy isn’t giving my diary back!” she whined, beginning to shed tears, twinkling in her eyes.

Jumin snorted carelessly. “This piece of trash? Daddy can get you a phone, or whatever those technology devices are that they say are the new ‘gig’.” 

We are not giving her an iPhone, Jumin Han. It’s people like you who indulge their children in useless projects.” you gritted your teeth as you whispered to him. You just woke up, and the day was already going to be ruined. Hell, he didn’t even know the name of the phone brand in the first place!

Jumin stared at you indignantly. “She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.

Sighing, you left the room, waving your hand in farewell. “Good luck, hon. You’ll be sorry you took that.” And a cry of dismay followed. A very loud, unhappy scream. Sorry, my daughter. I don’t have the strength to fight that man right now.

“Damn,” you said, “I need coffee.”

i love sassy MC and stubborn Jumin they are 11/10 best otp

Future!Darcy Week - Day 4 - Heir & Stranded - Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark

Darcy was targeted by the villain of the week and kidnapped, Tony saves the rogues Avengers’s political liaison, trying to bridge the feud between him and Steve but their helicopter got attacked during their escape and with his Iron Man suit totaled, they barely survive the drop. Fortunately for them, they find themselves on a tropical island but it’s deserted. At first, they don’t get along that much, but they start knowing each other while trying to survive, love comes easily and after a few years, they make a life and even starts a family. When their son’s first birthday comes, they are finally rescued. For Darcy, Tony is her husband, but the man insist on giving her his heart again (’Tony, babe, the old arc reactor is not your heart even if it’s a really nice rock;’ ‘I miss your shells bras but you don’t hear me say it’ wasn’t a bra.’ ‘That doesn’t make any sense!’)

scribe-of-winchester  asked:

72- "You're breaking my heart." with Pride


You threw your bag into your passenger seat, shutting your car door.  This was the last straw for you.  Dwayne had always been one to put his job before everything, but he did his best to fit you in his busy schedule.  The thing that drew the line for you was his insistent behavior of putting himself in danger.  You couldn’t take the constant torture of wondering if he was going to survive another case.

“[Y/N], ya don’t have’ta do this,” Pride tried to reason.  “This is ridiculous.”

“I can’t take the constant worry Dwayne,” you muttered.  “I’m sorry, I really am.  I love you, but I just can’t do this anymore.”

“You’re breakin’ mah heart darlin’,” Pride spoke in a low voice.  “Please just come back inside.”

You started up your car, buckling yourself into your seat.  You pressed a kiss to the agent’s cheek, “maybe someday Dwayne, but not today.”

Pride watched as you drove away.  He could feel his heart break into a million pieces as your car disappeared in the distance.

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Costume rehearsal (Part two).

@doctor-anxiety: could I request a spencer Reid x reader friendship one where the reader works in a theatre as an actor/actress and is besties with Spencer (he could have a crush or something, whatever seems fitting) but he doesn’t want to tell the BAU about them in case they tease him, but like they end up finding out after following him to the theatre or something? Sorry thats such a long description :/

Part 1

Originally posted by sweetg

Reid’s anxious gaze was glued to the floor, playing nervously with his fingers as his team members wandered over to the pair. Y/N stared at the tense doctor, guilt attacking her brain while she mentally prepared herself for the teasing.

“Hey, pretty boy.” Derek smirked, dark eyes flickering between the two timorous forms.

“I-I thought y-you were with David,” Spencer stammered, still avoiding Derek’s intimidating eye contact as his complex mind became clouded with taunting memories from bullies teasing him in school.

“He is,” David’s warm voice announced as he proudly smiled at the guilt-ridden actress who shuffled nervously. “David Rossi.” He introduced himself, holding out his large hand to shake hers but she hesitantly declined.

“A-actually, I-” Her voice evidently shook but before she could explain herself, Spencer took in her slightly shaking form.

“Germs.” He muttered, knowing the team would understand her miniscule action. At the word, Derek smirked as he frowned at the timid, young woman.

“Really? It sure as hell didn’t look like-” But before the muscular man could finish his smug remark, Y/N’s confidence grew as she recognised him to be the man that Spencer feared would tease him.

“In fact, it’s actually much safer to k-kiss because out hands l-lack antibacterial-” Y/N rambled, trying to help the situation but instead dug herself a deeper hole.

“Y/N,” Spencer muttered, observing Derek’s growing smile as she rambled. In effect, Y/N halted, bowing her head apologetically.

“Right…Sorry,” she mumbled, looking up to meet his gentle eyes, “I’m just going to go get ready.” Spencer silently nodded as she stumbled backstage.

“So..” Derek began, a small chuckle escaping his throat. Spencer looked up at him, feeling more at ease standing up to him.

“Please don’t.” Spencer pleaded, eyes scanning over to five of them, girls hidden behind Derek and David.

“Why didn’t you introduce us before?” JJ softly questioned, warm eyes encouraging him. Spencer searched his pounding mind for the right words.

“I-you,” he stuttered, feeling their eyes burning into him.

“Breathe, we’re your friends.” JJ comforted, stepping closer to the trembling man.

“I, um, thought you would all tease me, w-we’re just friends.” He quickly admitted as Derek’s face dropped slightly, realising that he lived up to the doctors expectations.

“I’m sorry, kid.” Derek apologised in a hushed tone causing Spencer to nod, a small smile on his lips.

“Spence, after that you have to know you’re not just going to be friends.” JJ giggled, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder as he blushed slightly.

“T-things like that don’t happen to people like me.” He whispered, glancing down at the floor.

“Do you like her?” JJ questioned softly, piecing together his subtle actions over the past couple of weeks.

“She’s the most beautiful girl in the world,” He continued whispering, admitting this to himself for the first time.

“Ask her over to mine.” David announced, eyes glistening at the young doctor.

“W-what?” Spencer’s eyebrows furrowed but he was quickly interrupted to Y/N walking up behind him, costume off but capturing the glowing eye’s of Spencer.

“Um, Y/N w-would you like to come t-to David’s with us?” Spencer stumbled, fingers aimlessly playing with the hem of his shirt to calm his nerves. Y/N’s stomach flipped as butterflies fluttered.

“If that’s okay, then sure.” She quietly spoke, glancing over at the older man who nodded at her with a wide grin. In response, Y/N smiled gently as Spencer’s team members walked off in front. Suddenly, Spencer felt the warm brush of Y/N’s lips against his cheek, he closed his eyes briefly as a gentle smile grew on his face. He glanced up at her, nerves vanishing as he slowly interlaced his slender fingers with hers.

“Come on,” he whispered, walking out of the empty theatre.


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Hello! 5 for the drabble thing? Love your writing!! Thank you!!

Thank you so much sweet friend! i’m glad! 

Prompt: 5. “You’re burning up.”

Jemma could see Fitz standing across the lab, leaning over his desk. She could tell by his body language that something was off.  He seemed to be shaking and breathing heavily. “Fitz?”

He turned and smiled at her as if nothing was wrong. “What’s up?”

Jemma eyebrows raised and her jaw dropped. Fitz’s face was wet with sweat and he was as white as a ghost. “Oh my god, Fitz. You’re sick! You need to go back to the apartment!”

“What?” He replied looking astonished. “I’m totally fine,” he said leaning limply against his desk still shaking.

But Jemma was not going to take his word for it. She walked briskly to her boyfriend and clapped her hand onto his wet forehead. “You’re burning up. Fitz you really should go home.”

Fitz sighed and shook his head. “Honestly Jemma I’m fine! I probably just have a little cold! And besides I need to finish these updates to Coulson’s new arm.”

“That’ll have to wait! Fitz I’m being serious! You look terrible! Either go home right now or I’ll call May and have her remove you by force.”

Fitz raised his hands in surrender with the slightest twinge of pain on his face. “Alright Jem, you win.”

Jemma smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll be home in a few hours to check on you.  Drink some water and get into bed.”

Fitz chuckled as he picked up his bad. “Yes ma’am.”

When Jemma finally arrived back at their apartment she found Fitz lying in bed still sweating and shaking from top to bottom. His eyes were closed, but as she entered he spoke.

“You were right Jemma, I’m sick. I think I have the flu.”

Jemma smiled and laughed quietly. “Silly man, when are you gonna learn that I’m always right.”

“I guess I’ll have to learn soon,” Fitz said before coughing dryly.

Jemma scurried into the bathroom and ran a rag under some cold water. She returned to Fitz and began to run the damp rag over his face. “You’re still hot.”

“Goodness sickness must suit me.”

“Oh shut up you prat.” Jemma scoffed, holding back a smile. “Have you been staying hydrated?”

“Been trying to,” he groaned. “Is it cold in here to you?”

“No, but let’s take off your shirt. Maybe that’ll help you cool off.”

Fitz with Jemma’s help pulled the white under shirt over his head and tossed it onto the chair by the bed.

Jemma then began to move the rag across his chest and onto his abdomen. “Do you wanna watch some Doctor Who?” Jemma asked brushing one of Fitz’s curls back from his forehead.

Fitz smiled and nodded. “That sounds good.”

Jemma handed the rag to him. “Keep this up while I go get the DVDs. And I had a feeling you had the flu so on the way home I picked up some medicine. So I’ll grab that was well.”

When Jemma returned, Fitz was sitting up a bit so that he would be able to see the TV. She smiled and quickly put into a disk. After having Fitz take his medicine she crawled into bed beside him and continued her work with the rag.

“You’re too good to me,” he whispered glancing up at her.

She laughed, “I know.”

“You might want to sleep on the couch Jem. I don’t want you to get sick.”

“I’m staying right here,” Jemma said sternly. “If I get sick so be it.”

“If you get sick, I promise I’ll take care of you like you are caring for me.”

Jemma beamed down at the man he loved. “I would expect nothing less.”

Fitz hardly slept that night because his body ached so badly from the fever. But whenever he was awake Jemma was too. She would change the disks, wet the rag and bring him soup and water. Finally sometime early in the morning, Fitz was able to drift off to sleep, and Jemma was not far behind him.

taking prompt from this list for fitzsimmons drabbles 

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I KNITTED YOU A JUMPER! But in Pompeii Sakura and a character of your choosing.

Kakuzu exhaled shakily, finding the gesture calming despite the fact that he didn’t possess any lungs. He could do this. He could totally do this.


Oh hell, who was he kidding?

“H-hi Sakura,” Kakuzu greeted, wincing as his voice cracked. What was he, six centuries old? “Fancy seeing you here!”

Sakura glanced up at him, then around their surroundings. “This is my office.”

“Right, right, of course,” Kakuzu said, stepping past her as he paced.

“Are you alright?” Sakura asked, approaching him tentatively. “I don’t have a meeting with you on the schedule…”

“Just dropped by to say hello,” Kakuzu said, cheeks heating with shame. He was such an idiot. Why did he come here? “I’ll just let myself out.”

Sakura caught his hand as he tried to pass. Kakuzu paused, turning in her direction but not looking at her. “Kakuzu, what’s wrong?”

He finally made himself meet her eyes. She was looking at him with such compassion, such kindness. She was looking at him.

She wouldn’t make fun of him or reject him. Not over this.

Before he could lose his courage, Kakuzu reached into the subspace between reality and unreality and pulled out a package. It was messily wrapped, but then again, it was the first time he’d wrapped a present.

“I knitted you a jumper!” Kakuzu said, thrusting the box into Sakura’s hands.

He couldn’t look at her as she let out an exclamation of joy and began unwrapping the present.

Then it was silent.

Kakuzu gasped as Sakura wrapped her arms around him in a loose hug. He tentatively embraced her, afraid she would break beneath his touch. When she pulled back, he immediately felt her loss.

“Thank you!” Sakura said, grin wide and happy as she looked up at him. “Did you seriously make this? You have amazing skills!”

Kakuzu nodded, watching as Sakura pulled the sweater over her head. The black sweater, made of a similar substance as his threads but not quite, was a bit big on her, sleeves hanging over her hands.

She was absolutely adorable.

“I-it’s resistant to magic,” Kakuzu said, bashful. “It can also increase your speed when you’re running.”

Sakura blinked, pulling him into a hug again. “I can’t thank you enough, Kakuzu!”

Kakuzu wrapped his arms around her, finding that her happiness was more than thanks enough. The hugs were pretty great too.

Comfort and Strength

Malec fluff drabbles - part 4
Plot: both Magnus and Alec returning from a terrible mission and Alec offering his strength. 
Characters: Magnus x Alec, Jace and Isabelle
Warnings: angst, but there will be fluff, these two deserve it
A/N: as per requested, enjoy!  Because I have been receiving such lovely feedback for the other parts I am posting this one earlier than I intended. Thank you all very much for the likes/reblogs/comments!!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

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ticklishraspberries  asked:

ari&dante w/ the 'putting my cold hands up your shirt to warm them' trope, if you still wanna do these? x

A/N: When I said I would write something super short I really did mean super short. I might return to this prompt and write something longer some other time because it’s beautiful.

Ari could never have imagined what being with someone would feel like. It honestly hadn’t really interested him either, until he met Dante. Those sappy descriptions in books didn’t do it justice at all. Being with someone wasn’t all racing hearts and tangled limbs and nightly phone calls. It was so much more.

And so much more mundane.

Being with Dante meant sudden and brief arguments about things that didn’t really matter just because they were both tired and needed to lash out on something. 

It meant nights filled with conversations about life that would be interrupted when one of them accidentally fell asleep. 

Not even touching each other because two people sharing a bed wasn’t as glamorous as everyone thought it was. 

Cold hands going up shirts in order to warm them while ignoring the other’s protests. 

Tickle fights ending with one of them getting hurt because they both underestimated how much damage flailing limbs could cause.

Being with Dante wasn’t always easy, but it was always worth it.

Update + Follower Count

OKAY! HEY! I know it’s been forever. I’ve basically been running my blog off of a queue for the last couple months. Please bear with me… These last four classes are kicking my ass, BUT I finish school on FEBRUARY 28th and then I will be done FOREVER! Here a couple quick updates:

1. Private Lives Chapter 11 is in progress. Not gonna tell y’all what happens, BUT it’s exciting :)

2. Dean x (sorta) Reader, so far is 8,000 words. I love this fic and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Let’s just say Dean’s gonna don a military uniform 

3. I still have my list of fics/drabbles/oneshots. If you have requested from me for a celebration or otherwise, I am working on it!! 

4. UMMM… I AM 42 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM 1,000. As many of you know, I started this little blog in March of last year, just wanting to look at Supernatural things and post a few stories. IT’S SO MUCH BIGGER THAN EXPECTED! SO, if I reach 1,050 by the time I graduate (AKA my one year on March 1) I WILL DO A BIG CELEBRATION. 

So, I need your help, lovely followers cause I WANNA CELEBRATE! 

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after the storm

So the aftermath of the reveal of Gabriel Agreste as Hawk Moth could be all grim dark and terrible. But consider this instead:

  • Adrien is obviously shocked and hurt and angry, but the first thing he wants to do is talk to his dad and figure out why he felt the need to do this
  • He knows that his dad hasn’t done so great ever since his mom disappeared and that he’s gotten more and more absent, but he never would have considered this
  • But of course he can’t compromise his identity- because if he does, then people will start asking Ladybug to reveal her identity as well, so he stays transformed as Chat Noir and starts asking Gabe really pointed, serious questions about why he did what he did and if he had ever once thought about the implications it could have for his son and everyone close to him
  • And Ladybug, who is going through her own existential crisis about Adrien and wondering how he’s going to take this and what to do about this reveal and so worried about who’s going to be there for him now, is surprised by how thoughtful and considerate Chat Noir is being towards Hawk Moth, considering that he the Enemy
  • After they hand Gabriel off to Master Fu and discreetly call the authorities to deal with the situation- knowing that this is a big deal and needs to be handled with discretion before the press gets wind of the news, Ladybug asks Chat Noir if he could come with her to the Agreste mansion
  • Chat Noir is nervous about what his lady is going to ask him to do, because it could compromise their secret identities, and she asks him if he will tell Adrien about Hawk Moth being his dad, because she wants to be the one to tell him before someone else does
  • She wants him to hear it from the source, rather than through the news, and even though he’s hurting more than he ever did before, Chat Noir’s heart swells about ten sizes because his lady cares about him so much, and he decides right then and there that he wants her to know who he is, even if he doesn’t know who she is. She deserves that much, for caring about him so much
  • So he says “Yes of course, I’ll come with you,” and they make their way to the mansion, which is as dark as can be, but Ladybug makes her way into Adrien’s room with ease, and Chat Noir has to bite back a laugh at how skilled she is into breaking into his mansion. the security cameras have nothing on her
  • Ladybug calls for Adrien when she sees that he isn’t in his bed, and just as she starts to get worried that he’s in trouble because he’s not answering her, she feels a warm hand on her shoulder, and she turns around to see him standing there, waving at her
  • She’s not even thinking as she barrels into him, wrapping him in the tightest hug, and then she pulls back and says “I’m so sorry Adrien, but I have some bad news to share with you. I came here with Chat Noir to tell you before the press finds out- but wait, where is he?”
  • Adrien coughs and awkwardly waves at her with a little smile.
  • “You’re looking at him, my lady.”

Sometimes, Dean breaks.

He holds it together when he needs to. An apocalyse? He can handle it. Making sure Sam’s okay, no matter what hell he’s dealing with? Dean is a steel support beam.

But every now and then, when he’s alone and everyone he loves is safe and the world is relatively quiet, he falls apart. He has to, has to let himself feel everything, shove it out of his body sob by sob so that it doesn’t get in the way next time.

Tonight, when he falls down into the bed, slams his face into the pillow, there’s a hand on his back. A familiar, soothing hand.

“Are you alright, Dean?”

Dean pushes himself up and rolls over, ready to tell Cas that he’s fine, that he’s just tired, and Cas misunderstood his body language.

But then he sees Cas’ eyes, soft and gentle and concerned. There are oceans and skies and centuries in those eyes, and it doesn’t really matter if Cas sees him like this.

“Not really,” Dean answers honestly.

“Can I help?”

Dean smiles sadly. “I wish you could, Cas.”

Cas stands awkwardly for a moment, then leans forward to squeeze Dean’s shoulder. Dean pats his hand, and it’s such a solid and comforting weight that Dean lets his own hand settle over it.

Dean isn’t sure how, but he ends up in Cas’ arms, nose tucked up under Cas’ ear as he hides in Cas’ neck.

And tonight, that’s where Dean falls apart.

And it becomes the place where Dean gets put back together again.

Smut Fic Recs


Pink / tayegi

Something New / taehyung-the-baehyung

Morning Delight / yoongguksx

Adoration / pleaseseokjin

Salt + Shadow / floralseokjin


Take Care / btssmutgalore

For Yoongi / pleaseseokjin

Buzz / floralseokjin

To Have and to Hold / floralseokjin

Triplicity / kainks

Open Up / xtaexhyungx

New Guy / kainks

Makeshift Chemistry / jungblue

X / floralseokjin


Forbidden / btssmutgalore

Mirrors / yoongguksx

To Cure Longing / baeseoul

Enthusiasm / versigny

Bad Boy, Hoseok / seokvie

Bound & Teased / seokvie

Take a Break / hobibliophile

Triplicity / kainks

Wicked Games / jungkxook


Five Months / ellieljade

Ships in the Night / jungblue

The Take-Home Test - versigny

Underground King / sugajpg

Don’t Care About the Presents / hobibliophile


Lower / jiminniemouse

Control / jungblue

Hush / baeseoul

Take a Break / hobibliophile

Laundry Mishaps / hobibliophile

Secret Desires / kainks 

Boastful Drunks / ellieljade


Pillow Fort / workofteaguk

Zaddy / btssmutgalore

Pour Up / jungkxook

To Have and to Hold / floralseokjin

Ho-Ho-Hot / kittae

You Have (16) New Messages / sugajpg

Salt + Shadow / floralseokjin

Outlines / seokline

Quiet / xtaexhyungx

Nude / btssmutgalore

Business / btssmutgalore


Who You Belong To / ellieljade

Pour Up / jungkxook

Slower, Baby / seokvie

Boastful Drunks / ellieljade

Business / btssmutgalore

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