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“I love you.” The words come out of Dean’s mouth as naturally as the feeling has been built over the years.

There are no fireworks. The world doesn’t stop on its tracks. Sparks don’t fly.

It’s like the whole universe is long adapted to this truth; voicing it equals to wind hitting ocean water - there’s some disturbance, but the components don’t change. Things don’t change much at all. The current will always be there, sometimes slow and calm, others wild and feral, but it’ll never waste away. 


“I loved you first.” Cas says earnestly.

The world does stop a little this time.

The Importance of Words (Steroline Drabble)

After the death of Caroline’s twin brother, Matt, she quickly develops progressive mutism. Shortly after she is placed in a mental hospital, where she meets Stefan Salvatore, an intern, who may just change her life for the better. (Warning: I do not know anything about this condition, so I apologize before hand if I have written false information.)

It’s been three years. Three years since Matt’s car drove off of Wickery Bridge, and into the murky water below, never to be seen again. Three years since Caroline’s voice was locked in a box and buried with her twin brother’s lifeless body. Three years ago, to the day, Caroline lost a piece of herself. One that she wouldn’t ever get back.

Shortly after Matt’s death Caroline became cold and distant. A shell of her former self. She wouldn’t speak, not even to her mother and father. She was lost. Lost in a world of sadness and grief, slipping further and further away from reality. She often felt the strong urge to sob and scream, but her voice never came, so instead she just let her tears fall.

It was a month before Caroline’s parents began asking questions about the brunette’s silence, and every time they would not get an answer. Caroline couldn’t give them one, no matter how hard she tried.

Only days later she was admitted into Mystic Falls Psychiatric Hospital. Every afternoon she would go through a series of rehabilitation classes that did no good. She made no progress, not for three years. Not until Stefan started his internship at the hospital.

Stefan was a senior studying at University of Pennsylvania to become a psychiatric nurse. He was meant to do an internship at a nearby mental hospital and take a patient under his care to help restore them to normality. He was starting the next day, and if recalled correctly his patient’s name was Caroline. Caroline Forbes. She had been suffering from progressive mutism for the past three years, and was showing no signs of improvement. She had gone through multiple treatments to help trigger her speech, but all attempts failed. Stefan wondered if she wanted to be helped. If she even had the desire to get better. In order for her to be treated she would need to wish to be cured.

The thought of her giving up made Stefan’s heart clench. She was only 18 years old, she still had her entire life ahead of her. She was supposed to graduate from college, get married, and have a family, but it seemed that Caroline was just about ready to throw that all away. The only problem was that Stefan wouldn’t allow that to happen. He was going to help her get better. She was going to be able to speak again.

Stefan walked through the automatic doors in front of him with a sense of confidence. Today was the day. The day he was starting his internship at the hospital, and officially taking Caroline Forbes under his care.

After meeting with his supervisor and talking about the guidelines he needed to follow and what was expected of him, Stefan made his way to the exam room where he was to meet his patient for the first time. Stefan could feel himself becoming more nervous with every step he took. First impressions meant everything in his case, if the patient wasn’t comfortable with their caretaker it would be almost impossible to make any progress with them. He paused as he finally reached the door, taking a moment to collect his nerves, and make himself look professional.

Caroline’s eyes shot up from the whiteboard in her lap when she heard the doorknob jiggle and twist. Not even a second later the door opened to reveal a tall, rather attractive male with light brown hair, completely different from the blonde shade of her own tresses. He was dressed in blue scrubs, along with clipboard tucked under his arm. She almost went to say ‘hi’, but stopped herself, realizing she couldn’t. Instead she settled for writing it on her whiteboard and holding it up for him to see.

Stefan read the writing and gave her a genuine smile. It wasn’t often that she got one of those anymore. Most were sympathetic. Even when the other nurses and doctors tried to pass it off as friendly she could tell it was all a façade. Caroline knew that just about everyone in this hospital had given up on her. Their encouraging words no longer held any meaning, neither did the vast amount of ‘get well’ cards she got from her family. But she had stopped caring about that a while ago, mostly because she had given up on herself as well.

“Hello, Caroline. I’m Stefan, I’ll be your nurse for the next few months.” He responded, stretching his hand out towards her to shake. Caroline took a moment to stop fiddling with her Expo marker and wrapped her fingers around Stefan’s. The warmth of his palm against her cold one almost made her jump. She couldn’t control the sense of comfort that washed over her. She frowned at the loss of contact when he pulled his arm back to his side. A sudden thought crossed Caroline’s mind, so she quickly grabbed her writing template and jotted something down. Stefan looked over at her when she held it up, his eyes making brief contact with her soft, blue ones..

Why are you only staying for a few months?’ It read in a neat, curvy script.

“Oh, I’m just interning for the late summer and fall, but in December I need to go back to school for finals.” Stefan explained, holding up his I.D. It had the word ‘Nurse’ on it with ‘Intern’ in parentheses. Caroline nodded in understanding, a feeling of sadness sneaking up on her at the fact Stefan wasn’t going to be her permanent nurse, just temporary. She could already tell that she trusted him and that maybe, just maybe, me might be able to get her to talk again.

It had been about two months since Stefan started his internship, and during so Caroline had made close to no improvement. There was once or twice when she had almost said something, while being triggered by memories of her brother, but all Caroline could really got out was a barely audible squeak. By the end of almost every speech rehabilitation class Caroline had, she would become more and more upset over her failure.

Other than Caroline’s lack of success, she and Stefan had gotten much closer. Both of them could sense the strong bond that had been created, as well as the feelings attached to it. Multiple times Caroline caught herself wandering into the uncharted territory of ‘More Than Friendship’. But every time she felt herself wanting something more than a platonic relationship from Stefan she would berate herself, and mentally say that it was wrong. Let alone did he not like her back, but he was also her nurse. It just wasn’t right for her to feel that way about him. No matter how chiseled his facial features were, or how it seemed like she could just drown in those beautiful eyes of his, she just couldn’t feel that way.

Stefan wasn’t able to explain what had happened either, but it seemed like his feelings got the best of him and now he was falling in love with Caroline Forbes. His patient. He didn’t know if it was her stunning personality or the way her smile could light up a room, but he was completely and utterly infatuated with the flaxen haired beauty. He knew it was wrong to feel how he does, but even if he tried with every fiber of his being, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from falling in love with Stefan.

“Okay, Caroline, can you picture what your favorite memory with Matt was from when you were kids?” Stefan asked, as he followed the same procedure he did during every single one of Caroline’s therapy sessions.

He watched as Caroline closed her eyes and pictured the memory she was thinking about, before opening her mouth and trying to articulate her thoughts. Stefan waited with baited breath, hoping that maybe this one time Caroline would be able to speak. But not even a few minutes later the blonde’s icy irises were showing again, and she was vigorously shaking her head back and forth.

”No, no, no, come on Caroline, don’t give up that easily.” Stefan encouraged, grabbing the hands that Caroline suddenly entwined into her curly locks. “Try again, you can do it.”

As Caroline’s eyes reconnected with Stefan’s, he felt his stomach drop at the tears he saw there. It physically hurt him so much to know that she was in such emotional pain.

‘I can’t.’ Caroline mouthed, wrapping her arms around herself. She really was trying the best she could, but she just wasn’t able to do it. The thoughts of her brother weren’t help at all, in fact they were making it harder. It was his death that caused her to become a mute, and thinking about Matt just reminded her that he was dead. Gone.

Stefan took Caroline into his arms, gently spooning her figure against his own as she cried. Her sobs were silent, and the only solid evidence of her sadness were the tears that were staining Stefan’s scrubs navy.

“Please don’t cry, Caroline. You’ll get better, I promise you that you’ll speak again. We’ll do this together, even when I leave, I’ll make sure I come back to visit.” Stefan declared, mentally scolding himself over the fact that he just made a promise like that. He had no right making promises that he might not be able to live up to. He had no idea if Caroline would ever speak again, and he had no intentions of giving her false hope. He briefly registered Caroline nodding against his shoulder, and burrowing deeper into his embrace.

You could say that Caroline was in denial or maybe she was just pretending she didn’t care, but deep down inside she was one hundred present aware that Stefan was leaving tomorrow.  And it hurt more than anything. Caroline wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. She wouldn’t ever be. She had come to care deeply for Stefan, maybe even love him. Sure, he promised he would come back to visit, but eventually he was going to move on and settle down. He would forget about her, leave her in the dust. The thought alone made her nauseous, she didn’t ever want to think of the day that that would happen.

Currently Caroline was waiting in an exam room for Stefan to show up for their last therapy session. She had a brief flashback to when she first met him in this same exact room. It seemed like that had happened only yesterday, but in reality it had been four months ago.

Caroline was shaken from her thoughts when she saw Stefan enter the door, and a smile automatically appeared on her face. But it soon dropped when she remembered it was their last session together.

“Yeah, I know it sucks, but why don’t we try to make the most of it, and try not to think about that.” Stefan said, sensing what was upsetting Caroline.

She shrugged dejectedly, before writing something on her board and turning it around. ‘Yeah, but still it’s sad. I’m going to miss you a lot.’

Stefan felt his heart almost break at her words, he was going to miss her a lot too. He didn’t want to say goodbye, but he knew that he had to.

For the next two hours the two of them reminisced and joked around rather than doing what they were supposed to. They both pretended that they couldn’t see the clock ticking down the time until they had to part ways. And they kept pretending, until the shrill beeping of Stefan’s watch timer went off, signifying the end of their last few minutes.

Caroline and Stefan both simultaneously sighed, but neither one of them moved from their current position of sitting next to one another.

“I guess this is where we say goodbye.” Stefan announced solemnly, breaking the comfortable silence.

Caroline nodded in conformation, not wanting to really believe that she needed to say bye, and let Stefan leave. His hand suddenly shot out the grab her own, bringing it between them.

“Caroline, I know how hard it is to say goodbye, and I know I’m going to miss you as much as you’re going to miss me, if not even more. But I need you to promise me that you are going to try your hardest to get better. No matter what, never give up.” Stefan said, his head coming closer to Caroline’s with every word, their breaths now mingling. “Can you promise me that?”

Caroline slightly shook her head, seemingly panting for air. The tension surrounding them almost took her breath away. She could see how close his lips were, close enough for her to reach out and capture with her own. Caroline glanced back up, looking into Stefan’s eyes almost for conformation to do what she’s been wanting to do since she first saw him. Caroline could sense nothing other than encouragement coming from Stefan, so she gently tilted her head forward, pressing her lips against his. Caroline immediately felt as if she could breathe again, as if she was finally seeing the world a hundred times more clearly. As if kissing Stefan had finally showed her that the past three years weren’t just for nothing, but for this moment

After a few seconds of hesitation, when Stefan was getting over his initial shock, he eagerly returned Caroline’s kiss. Cupping her cheek, Stefan brought Caroline’s face even closer to his if possible. His lips moving passionately against her own, as they breathed one another in. A few moments passed before the pair slowly pulled away, trying to regain the breath they lost. Their eyes met in an intimate exchange, and in those few seconds Caroline felt genuinely happy, and carefree. She felt loved. She felt like she belonged there with Stefan in that room.

“Stefan…,” Caroline rasped out, feeling the overwhelming need to just say his name, say it like it was prayer meant for God. Speak it with all of the emotions that she was experiencing so he would just understand how she felt. It took a few seconds for Caroline to realize what had happened in which she emitted a gasp and slapped her hands across her mouth.

“Caroline,“ Stefan said in disbelief, a bright smile forming on his lips. The brunette carefully peeled Caroline’s fingers away from her mouth before continuing,  "try to say something else!”

“I…I can talk.” Caroline uttered, her voice quiet and gravelly from lack of use. The blonde’s features visibly brightened when she heard her voice again for the first time in three years. “Stefan, I can talk again!”

Caroline waited patiently for her parents to finish filling out the release forms, so she could finally go home. After three long, painful years she was finally going home. And she owed it all to Stefan.

After Caroline was all settled down back at home her and Stefan were going to talk about what was to become of their relationship, even though they both knew they wanted to become romantically involved. Stefan actually gave her his number, so when she got her cellphone back she could call and text him.

Despite everything that Caroline had missed out on in the last three years of her life, she was happy. She was happy about where she was now. She couldn’t wait to just get out of this hospital and live her life to the fullest. She wanted to see her friends again, and spend time with her mom and dad. She wanted to learn how to drive a car and catch up on her school work, then go to college. She wanted to do all of that, all of that with Stefan right by her side.

And that is exactly what she did.

You know, I’m not really sure what this is, but I was given an assignment by my English teacher to write something, and it kinda just morphed into this. So I hope you enjoyed, even though I thought it was awful, and thank you for reading!

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Q&D Hellblazer Drabble Exchange! Pairing: John/Gary. Prompt#1: "That better not be what I think it is" OR Prompt#2: Clean. Canon: Any! Off limits: None.

many happy returns

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Constantine (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: John Constantine/Gary Lester
Characters: John Constantine, Gary Lester
Additional Tags: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, jokes about mutually underaged blowjobs, but no actual mutually underaged blowjobs

John, Gary, and a graveyard. What could possibly go wrong?

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high school senior/freshman au for namkook

The boy named Jungkook looked out the window of the classroom and sighed, for the first day of high school was more uneventful than he could imagine: the entrance ceremony was predictable, the people were predictable, and nothing in that day made it seem like high school was anything special, not to mention, he hadn’t spoken to anyone that day either.

He heard the bell ring and he darted out the door thinking that he should get out of there as soon as he could and he was eager to go to the park by his house, a place that always made him feel at peace, a place that was always beautiful no matter the time of day or time of year.

He sat down on the lonely bench admiring nature and he was so absorbed in it that he didn’t even notice someone sit down on the bench next to him, but after the clearance of a throat, he turned his head, and saw a seemingly older boy wearing the same uniform as him, he thought the foreign boy must be a senior at his school, Namjoon was his name as, Jungkook found out, and they spoke for a long time, finding they have similar passions and ambition, much later Jungkook left the park happy, happy he made an awesome new friend on the first day of school. 

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Things you said with no space between us

#16 - Things You Said With No Space Between Us (AO3)




No, Frankie. I’m not doing it.”

Frankie sighed. “Zach, it’s to protect us. Everyone’s going to know we’re in an alliance together. But if we don’t hang out alone-”

“You can’t ask me to do that, Frankie. You can’t ask me not to hang out with you. That’s not fair.”

Frankie sat up a little on the HOH bed. “Zach. Think about it. It’s obvious that we’d work together. They’re going to target us.”

Zach shook his head. “I don’t care. We’re better when we’re together.”

He groaned, plopping backwards into the pillows. Zach followed, resting his chin on Frankie’s chest and pressing close to him. Frankie felt the connection along their bodies and couldn’t help but to lean into it. “You never think things through,” he whispered.

“I am thinking this through,” Zach whispered back. “And I’m thinking that being in this house together is the first time I’ve gotten to spend time with you in over six months. I’m thinking that I’ve missed you. And I’m thinking that I’d rather work with you and be a bigger target than spend the next three months being in the same house but not being allowed to hang out with you.”

“Why is this so important to you? You said before you’d do anything to win this game,” Frankie said.

“And I would. But let’s be real, Frankie, I’m not going to win. And whether or not we hang out together, everyone’s still going to think we’re working together. So I’d rather just be with you and enjoy it while I can instead of pretending and having to avoid you.” He picked at Frankie’s shirt for a moment and pressed himself closer to him. “This was supposed to be our chance. Being locked in this house again, away from friends and family and fans and responsibilities, this was supposed to be our chance to reconnect.”

Frankie’s face softened and he ran his hand along Zach’s back. “I want to reconnect too, Zach. But I’ve told you, I can’t do the back and forth thing anymore. I need commitment; I can’t deal with you changing your mind over and over again.”

Zach brushed his thumb along Frankie’s shoulder. “I’m not changing my mind.” He scooted himself up the bed a little so their faces were even. “It’s been 2 years since we met. And every time I see you, I love you just as much as the last time. That sounds so cheesy and lame, but it’s true.”

He smiled a little. “You’re so cute sometimes.”

Zach tangled their legs together, getting more comfortable. “Frankie. Please don’t try to keep your distance from me this summer. I just want us to be us again.”

Frankie rubbed his ear lightly. “I want to…”

Zach bit his lip and glanced up at one of the cameras in the room. He looked back at Frankie and took a deep breath. He closed the gap between them, kissing Frankie briefly and then pulling back at look at him nervously.

Frankie stuck his bottom lip out a little and wrapped his arms around Zach. “You can’t take that back. That’s going to be everywhere in seconds. You can’t pretend that didn’t happen.”

“Good. I don’t want to.” He studied Frankie’s face, their lips barely an inch apart. “I love you, Frankie. I just want you back in my life. I don’t care who knows. I just want us.”

Frankie tugged on the hair at the back of his neck a little. “I’m never getting over you, am I?”

Zach looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “I hope not.”

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Featuring stoner!Remus and stoner!Regulus (what?)

Sirius was pureblood, no matter what how he tried to deny it. Though he read a lot of muggle books, most provided by Remus who’s mother was a muggle through and through, he was still a pureblood wizard from an anti-muggle household. He knew what motorbikes were but he didn’t know one thing about Pink Floyd or Queen. That was why he always thought the herb-garden smell that permeated Remus’ flat was just that, herbs.

Regulus, on the other hand, surprisingly knew exactly what that herb-garden smell was.

“Wow,” the younger Black had said upon first arriving in Remus’ apartment. The Black Brothers had only recently bridged the rift their family and its ideals had created and Sirius, eager about this new found bond, had decided it was high-time to introduce boyfriend and brother.

Sirius laughed at his brother’s reaction. “Remus is really into herbology.” It wasn’t really a lie, after all, that was what Sirius believed but Regulus could clearly see it for what it was.

Remus was seat on his couch, merely watching with interest as the two brothers interacted. It was a new sight that still left the werewolf reeling a bit. 

Regulus turned to look at Remus, chewing on his lip as he studied his brother’s boyfriend. “Herbology, hm?” Remus nodded, wondering where this was going. “Did you read the new study on Mentior Leaves?” 

Remus shook his head.

“Oh.” Regulus, who was already certain of the identity of the smell, just smiled. “So,  Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf?”

Remus, who was very surprised, could only manage out a hoarse “yeah…?”

“Me too,” the younger brother responded. And at that, both smiled.

In the background, Sirius was left wondering what the hell was going.

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Breaking & Entering

For thedoctorsherlockpotter I’m sorry it took me so long to get this written up for you. But, without further ado, your drabble. 

“You want to do what?” Hermione stared at Harry as he paced in front of the fireplace.

“I don’t want to, I have to. There’s a difference.”

She shot a hand through her unruly hair. “But breaking into Professor McGonagall’s office? Harry, that’s… that’s suicide.”

“You want me to fail?”

“No, of course not.”

“Because I will. I’ll fail if I don’t finish my OWL’s.”

Hermione buried her face in her hands. “If you get caught-“

“I won’t if you help me.” Harry chewed on his thumbnail as he waited to see how she would respond. He didn’t have to wait long.

Her head shot up as she scoffed. “I… you want me to help you break into a Professor’s office?”

“Please, Hermione. I can’t do this without you.”

She sighed heavily as she stood. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

If anyone ever wants to read amazing Stony headcanons, drabbles, fics, and more, check these blogs out.

starspangledsprocket, brandnewfashion, avengersasssemble, unsentpromises, and pensversusswords

They make my shipper heart squeal. I’m in love.

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Things you said while we were driving - Larry pleeeaaaase & tysm xx

I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you like it, Clara! x


Things you said while we were driving - Larry drabble.

The open road ahead has never caused any issues before. They’ve driven right between the two open fields a handful of times, and sooner rather than later it was bound to become a safe space for them to just be for a while. A lot of their problems are growing mainly because of escaping to it, yes, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Louis feels a lot less numb when Harry grabs a hold of his hand and drives them away from all obligations.

Their responsibilities are tricky, you see. There are so many of them right now, especially for Louis, and pushing them away only makes them so much bigger once they catch up. And if he finds that running away with Harry for the night a lot less stressful than arguing with his mum over watching his sisters next weekend while she goes on yet another dreadful date, all while he’s drowning in University applications and the way people look at him like it’s his fault that nothing is ever stable enough, then who can blame him?

Harry turns to look at him for a second, between focusing on the road and the soft tunes that accompany the lack of conversation, and squeezes his hand. Louis himself has been watching him the whole time, playing with their tangled fingers and resting his feet against the inside of Harry’s right thigh; knees pulled up half-way to his heavy chest.

“You’re frowning, babe,” Harry mumbles to him, stroking Louis’ knuckles with each word.

The radio is playing words from some Wrecker’s song and it’s more subtle than the darkness emerging from nowhere a few hours ago, but it still manages to stand out to him. Harry had been singing along just a few seconds ago, but now he’s addressing Louis with a silent question and it’s all very tense again.

“Tell me something,” Louis asks of him and leans the back of his head against the cold window behind him. He’s stopped frowning and is now smiling at his boyfriend and clutching his hand even tighter.

“Like what?” Harry chuckles and puts his eyes back on the road after glancing at him again.

“Anything, whatever comes to mind,” Louis adds and closes his eyes in yet another attempt to forget about his worries. It’s quiet for a few seconds and he can imagine Harry’s smile disappearing while he thinks of something to say to him.

“I never knew how to love anything. Before you, I mean,” Harry finally settles on, which is oddly liberating in Louis’ eyes. It’s not what he expected, but it doesn’t surprise him one bit either. “Like, all I knew was how to bother people when all I actually wanted to know was how to be a constant.”

Louis hums and tries his best to not interrupt him, because it seems both spontaneous and very bottled up at the same time. He knew all of it, all of Harry’s life and thoughts, but it’s bittersweet to hear him put it in words.

“I barely knew how to live, or how to not be constantly scared, or how to be seen. And at the same time that’s all I ever did, all I ever do. I live and I’m scared and I look at myself.”

“You look very pretty though,” Louis says. His voice is kind and Harry appreciates it because he needs Louis to not say ‘sorry’ like everyone else does. Pity is always unnecessary.

“All I wanna do is live a life worth dying for, you know?”

“We are,” Louis tells him and opens his eyes. “I love you, yeah?” He nudges Harry with his foot and cracks a smile to assure him of it. “And we’re gonna be okay.”

“I love you too, but we both know we’re not okay,” Harry whispers and shakes his head.

Louis straightens up and leans his chest onto his thighs, getting closer to Harry. The car is slowing down and he doesn’t go any further until they’re eventually just parked in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night, and in the middle of breaking down. Harry grips the steering wheel for a while, right until his knuckles turn white, and then lets go of it to run his hands down his face and then up again to almost pull his hair out. He wants to scream, but all he knows is how to remain silent. That’s all he’s ever done.

“Come here,” Louis mumbles and urges Harry to come closer. It’s an awkward angle and Louis isn’t lithe enough for the position to be comfortable, but he kisses him anyway and makes sure to hold on tight. “I said we’re going to be okay. Not right now, not tomorrow, but we are.”

“Hopefully soon,” Harry whispers against his lips and kisses him one more time.

“Hopefully very soon.”


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Strictly Stavos - A Collection of Drabbles and Short Fics - Chapter 10 - shadowsfan - Game of Thrones (TV), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I added a new chapter to my collection of modern AU Stavos drabbles.  This one is in response to a prompt for a fic exchange.  The prompt was - Stannis and Davos meet on the Donny and Marie show.  For you younger bloggers, the Donny and Marie show was a variety show in the 1970s with a brother and sister team.  Marie was a little bit country and Donny was a little bit rock and roll.  In this one Davos is a little bit country and Stannis isn’t.   I’ll leave it at that Lol.  I hope you enjoy!  Rated G for everyone.

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Not that I'm questioning anyone's taste in pairings, but it's Interesting how easily we welcomed the idea of Eli being Benny's twin. Either we want Dean to have twice the love OR we are some pervs. Or both.

Haha no, it’s gone surprisingly smooth! Although to be fair, Eli is a whole separate character played by the same actor, so just in the basic part of “this character looks the same they could be twins”, that works. Also the fact that they’re both vamps lol. 

I initially thought about it because I come across alot of DeanCasJimmy fics and drabbles, and I just pondered over the fact that we basically had the same situation with another character played by the same actor .. so why not, lol. For fun! And it is fun. I’m so happy to see people throw out headcanons and ficlets already. 

Also we’re probably romantic pervs. That’s the two keywords I’d prop on most DeanBenny shippers. And it’s perfect like that :P Wouldn’t change it for the world.

Ficlet: Don't Knock It Until You Try It - Kurt/Blaine (NC17)

Kurt wasn’t really sure why Blaine was taking so long in the bathroom, but he had no choice but to wait. He played with a loose thread in his pants, twisted his fingers and cracked his knuckles, his heart fluttering high in his chest.

Blaine was the resident badass at McKinley, and it took Kurt a while to admit it openly that for some reason something about Blaine just did it for him. After countless run-ins of being pressed against locker doors and secluded hallways, Kurt finally took Blaine up on his offer to go home with him. Even if Blaine reeked of leather and pot, the latent tingle in his groin was an obvious indicator that he just couldn’t say ‘no’ any longer.

So here he was sitting awkwardly on Blaine’s bed spread, occasionally hearing a muffled grunt and questionable thud through the door. So a few minutes later after Kurt silently panicked and wondered if his breath was fresh enough for getting down and dirty, the bathroom door creaked open.

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Headcanon, dwarves just sort of assume that Hobbit hair stops growing at a certain length and that's why it's so short so when Bilbo casually asks for some scissors or something and goes to give himself a haircut they're all shocked and horrified and BILBO NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING and Thorin starts freaking out because OH NO I TOLD THE BURGLAR HE WAS USELESS AND NOW HE'S HACKING ALL HIS HAIR OFF and they're all so confused when they find out hobbits cut their hair just for fashion and convenience

I was just gonna be like “hahaha this is a cute idea!” but then

a thing happened

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“A Coy Smile” - Digital Oil Painting

I imagine Rumple taking Belle somewhere sunny on their honeymoon, or just a random trip for fun, and at one point, she takes off her sunglasses and gives him this smile.

“Rumple, I think I’m getting a bit too much sun. Shall we go back up?”

And he takes great pleasure in making sure the sun doesn’t come close to touching his wife’s skin for the rest of the weekend as they hole up in their fancy hotel room.

Eventually, he comes to realize what this smile means all on its own, without her hints. It becomes one of his very favorite smiles. Of course.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

keep me close, hold me tight

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this is a teeny tiny hollstein drabble, loosely based on this post.

written for the lovely geoclaire, who is a wonderful person and also a dirty, dirty enabler.

Laura wakes in a tangled pool of body heat and stray limbs. For a second, she is completely disorientated, suspended in soft warmth and surrounded by the smell of Carmilla-


She opens her eyes and lifts her head, rewarded with a nose-full of black curls and a view of Carmilla’s sleeping face. Well, mostly her sleeping chin, but still.

She grins, tucks her head back into Carmilla’s chest, enjoys the way Carmilla has her arms wound tightly around her.

With her nose pressed into the hollow of Carmilla’s neck, she realises that for the first time, she is close enough to really appreciate the lack of life. She presses her ear against Carmilla’s chest, and hears nothing but the ghostly echo of her own heartbeat.

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Destiel + “Don’t fucking touch me” 
1,134 words
(big thanks to Meg for sticking with me through this, you’re amazing)

It’s been a week since the darkness swallowed the Earth whole; it’s been a week since Dean was scrubbed clean. The darkness hasn’t abated, and the world resides in a never-ending night. The brothers braced themselves, waiting for night’s terrible creatures to rule, and yet there has been nothing. Nothing but silence. No demons, no witches, no ghosts.

No angels. Radio silence.

Books bear no secrets; the words contort and jump about the pages. They spend hour after hour trawling for some remedy, some absolution, but it appears that they have been abandoned.

Dean prays. He whispers words of despair to the only man he could ever worship, and he is bereft of a response. He grows worse; red rings around his eyes and his mouth as dry as sand paper. His angel isn’t listening.

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