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AU where Bill doesn’t go off the rails in Sock Opera and instead befriends Dipper and tricks him into helping him take down Ford, the only person who would know how to stop him.

Bill uses Dipper’s body until they’re caught snooping, then switches with Dip so he can play the innocent nephew just wanting to learn more about his long lost grunkle.

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your writings are so good! i know you really like ignis and gladio! how do you think they would deal with a significant other who didn't know how to fight?

I do really like Ignis and Gladio. I wonder what could possibly have given that away? *scrambles around frantically as pages and pages of notes fly off my desk, all covered in Gladio and Ignis drawings, doodles, drabbles and ideas*

More seriously though, what a great ask! I hope you like my thoughts on it…


Gladio loves that you aren’t anything to do with work. He spends all damned day in the training centre with a bunch of (mostly nice) people, whose entire focus is fighting. He focuses on technique in the morning, doing patterns and kata, and then spars most of the afternoon, so when he comes home, the last thing he wants to talk about is unarmed combat stances or the best way to block a dagger strike. He loves that you give him a break from all that. He loves that you are more often than not there with a meal for him, even if it’s just Cup Noodles (because we all know a Cup Noodle is the way to this behemoth’s heart), and even though you’re not into martial arts, you still have the strongest, sneakiest hands on Eos, and can work out the knots in his back like nothing else. He’s so grateful for that, and honestly, who would complain about being able to rub their hands over him at the end of the day?

He also loves that he doesn’t have to worry about keeping you safe in combat, because you just won’t be there. If you go with them on the road trip, then you’ll stay in the Regalia and out of the way. Of course, if you get ambushed by imperials, he’s completely torn between his duty to Noctis and keeping the love of his life safe from harm. He feels awful that he protected Noctis and that you got hurt, and even though you told him you knew that’s what he had to do, and would have been mortified if he’d tried to protect you over the crown prince, he still spends the whole evening while you’re recovering waiting on you hand and foot. He’ll run you a bath that’s the right temperature, carry you into the bathroom, bathe you and then curl up beside you in the bed and stroke your hair until you fall asleep. Don’t tell anyone, but he’s secretly a huge cuddly teddy bear.


Ignis, like Gladio, likes that you’re not like so many of the Crownsguard and Kingsglaives. He likes that your focus isn’t on training, building muscle, and beating personal bests. He can cook you anything you like because you’re not on a particular diet, which is excellent, and you can spend those rare evenings when he’s set all work aside sharing a bottle of Lucis’ finest wine and distract that quick, deep mind of his with talk of anything but work.

Of course, because you’re not a fighter, that means he worries endlessly and hopelessly if you go out with your friends in Insomnia and he isn’t there to protect you. What if something happened to you? He’d be devastated. In fact, one time when you got mugged, even though all you ended up with was a black eye, he enrolled you in a civilian self-defence class just so that you would at least know how to defend yourself if anything like that ever happened again. He practised with you at home as well, which led to lots of giggling from you, trying to coerce him into an entirely different kind of game. Annoyingly, his will-power is a million times stronger than yours, but he did promise to reward your progress later. Shrugging, and knowing he’s a strategist you’ll never beat, you complied. You actually turned out to be pretty good at it in the end, and took up martial arts as a fitness hobby. He didn’t object, and it became something you could do together for fun. It gave Ignis a way to practise as well, and spend some more time with you.

You only just managed to make him promise not to put a GPS tracker in your car and on your bicycle, and you’re not entirely sure he’s not enabled it on your phone so that he can find out where you are, if you’re safe, if necessary. You know he doesn’t mean to be controlling, and it’s not because he doesn’t trust you, it’s just because he wants you safe. That’s all he ever wants. And for you to be happy.

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Carmilla hopped off of the island and sprinted up the stairs, getting closer and closer to the wailing from the nursery. When she entered the room, she wasted no time in picking up the vexed infant and cuddling him. As soon as he was settled on her shoulder, he stopped crying. She peered down at Jamie curiously, "Is that what you wanted? You just wanted me to pick you up?" A cooing baby was the answer she received. "Don't tell your Mom or else I'm gonna be the one on midnight baby duties."