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Drarry mistletoe, please? Thank you!

My pleasure, love.  You know I low-key ship these boys. ;-)


Harry startled as the door to the common room slammed shut.  He gripped the tumbler tightly, thanking his Seeker reflexes for not spilling his drink as he had been so lost in his thoughts when he’d heard the loud bang of the door he’d almost jumped off the sofa.

He turned to see Malfoy storm into the Eighth Year common room, his expression unguarded and tormented before he saw Harry.  He immediately straightened, his expression changing to haughty and controlled almost faster than Harry could see.  “Potter.”


Draco stood in place, clearly unsure what to say or do, and Harry saw him swallow hard before speaking. “Why aren’t you down with the others celebrating Christmas?”

Shrugging, Harry took a sip of his firewhiskey before answering.  “Didn’t feel like it really.”  He watched Malfoy look at the bottle of Ogden’s Finest on the table before him and before he could think about what he was saying Harry blurted out, “Want a drink?”

Draco didn’t move for a moment, clearly pondering his response, before nodding. “Sure.  Yes, that would be… yes, thanks.”

Harry bit back a smile at Malfoy’s stumbled words and conjured another glass, pouring a generous measure for the other boy and holding it aloft.  Draco walked over hesitantly and sat down next to Harry, their fingers brushing lightly against each others as he took the tumbler.


Harry nodded at Malfoy’s comment and saw a faint blush stain the other boy’s cheeks as he took a sip of the amber liquid.  He blamed the firewhiskey for the swooping sensation in his stomach and denied the thought of the pretty blush on Draco’s pale cheeks or the warmth of his fingers as the cause. 

“So, why aren’t you celebrating with the others?”  Harry asked quietly.

Draco shrugged and took a long drink.  “Feels wrong somehow, I don’t know.”

Since being back at Hogwarts for a few months for their Eighth year and forced to share not only smaller classes because of the few students who had returned for the repeat year, as well as a common room and dorm, Draco and Harry had  developed a fragile and tentative friendship, but had never spent much time alone together before.  The quiet of the common room with only the two of them in it pressed in on Harry and made him speak once again without realizing what he was saying.

“I know what you mean. Last year at this time I was at my parents graves and then fought a snake.”  Harry saw the stricken look on Malfoy’s face and immediately apologized, “Shit, I’m sorry…I didn’t think.”

Draco shook his head, “No, it’s alright. Last year I had a madman in my home so it wasn’t exactly a holiday for me either, not that it…fuck.”  Draco sighed and ran a hand through his hair in agitation. “I should feel festive this year, it’s all over thanks to you,” he rolled his eyes and bumped Harry’s shoulder, “but it still feels off.”

“Everyone expects me to go back to normal, “ Harry admitted and took another small sip. “But I don’t know what normal is really.  That was my normal.  Now I’m just… here, I guess.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping their drinks and both trying to come up with something to say that wasn’t centered on the war that they had endured. A flicker of movement over Malfoy’s head caught Harry’s eye and he turned to see a bright green sprig of mistletoe floating above them.  

Harry swallowed hard and Draco looked to see what had caught the other boy’s eye.  His eyes widened as he took in the mistletoe, hanging in midair just over them.  

“That’s um…one of Seamus’.” Harry said softly.  “It’s not going to go away until we, um, well, until…”

Draco nodded, his throat tight. “I swear Finnegan enchanted those just to have an excuse to snog Thomas everywhere.”

“Not that they don’t do that already.” Harry muttered, a small smile betraying his words.

“Right then,” Draco set his tumbler down on the table and turned to Harry, his expression unreadable, but Harry could see the determination in his eyes. “I guess that means we have to… or it won’t go away then.”

Harry nodded, not trusting himself to speak as Draco took his glass and set it down as well. He could only look as Draco moved closer, his cheeks tinged even darker with pink and his fringe falling almost in his dark grey eyes.  Harry wet his lips, watching Draco follow the movement of his tongue as it flicked across his bottom lip.  

Later Harry couldn’t remember which of them closed the distance between them, but he clearly recalled the press of the surprisingly soft lips against his own.  Their lips slid against each other’s hesitantly, neither wanting to press the other further, but when a soft sigh left Draco’s mouth, Harry couldn’t help himself and he pressed closer, his mouth firm against Draco’s as he deepened the kiss.

It was all the confirmation Draco needed, months of repressed longing and subtle looks sent the other’s way, causing him to raise his hands and grip Harry’s shoulders, pulling the other boy against him as he licked at the seam of his lips, begging entrance.  Harry groaned at the first slide of Draco’s tongue against his and couldn’t resist tangling his hands in the platinum locks, relishing the silky texture between his fingers.  

Their hands wandered, exploring the feel of each other’s shoulders, chests, and arms, Draco’s hands finally settling on Harry’s hips as he plundered the other boy’s mouth.  Harry pressed his hands to the back of Draco’s neck to hold him in place, the taste of the other boy overwhelming his every sense.

Finally, they broke apart, both panting for breath, but reluctant to let the other go.  Draco rested his forehead against Harry’s, still clutching the other boy’s hips, trying to calm his racing thoughts and raging erection.  “Alright, Potter?”

Harry pulled back slightly to look into Draco’s eyes. “Harry,” he smiled softly. “You should call me Harry.”

Draco smiled, his heart skipping a beat at the look in the lust-blown green eyes. “Happy Christmas, Harry.”

“Happy Christmas, Draco.” Harry murmured before pressing forward and capturing Draco’s mouth once more.


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Payphones and Post Cards- Part One

Summary: Dean found love in a secret place when he was young. A love story told through postcards and payphones.

Five Part Drabble Series for Thanksgiving.

Warnings: Angst, Extra Fluffy, Extra Cheesy, Implied Smut, and Holiday Feels.  

Words: 450

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

It wasn’t a surprise when the payphone outside the diner began to ring.  He sprang from the hood of the Impala to yank the receiver to his ear. The voice on the other end made him smile as she greeted him from miles and miles down the road.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Dean.”

Dean takes a moment to contemplate this before turning his attention back to her voice. It’s late November, and he knows she is somewhere safe and warm. The place where she belongs.

“How’s school?”  He asks as he pushes a hand through his hair and shivers in the cold Nebraska air.

“Boring.  The civilian life is boring.”  She huffes into the phone as her grandmother’s voice calls from the other room.  There are a few curse words breathed under her breath as has there is no choice but to say an early goodbye.

“I gotta go, Dean. There will be a postcard in the mail.”

Dean feels his heart collapse as the line goes dead.  He frowns as the wind nips his cheeks and he turns back to the car.  Sam is sitting in the front seat with his nose stuck in a book and Dean sighs.   It would be another few months before he would be able to get back here.  A payphone in Cotton Hills, Nebraska was his lifeline to her, and that was the way it would stay.  

“That was fast.”  Sam comments as he doesn’t bother to look up from his book.  Dean rolls his eyes and murmurs at him to shut up.  His stomach churns with grief that refuses to leave his mind as he pulls out of parking lot and mourns the lost love once again.  

Three days down the line, Dean finds that it’s hard to breathe as he reaches into his P.O. Box.  His heart thumps wildly as his finger grace over a postcard, and he pulls it out with a smile.  It’s a heartache at nineteen that makes him keep coming back to this place in a little town.  He scurries to the sit in his car and turns over the postcard with hast.

Dear Dean,

I know it seems like a million years since we’ve talked, but I guess it was just a few days ago.  It was nice to hear your voice, and for just a moment I could pretend that I was with you.  It’s been almost a year since Daddy died and Grandma doesn’t let me leave her for too long.  She’s the worrying kind, but I’ll be eighteen soon, and then we can be together.  Just you wait and see.  



Dean fingers the words and sighs.  Though he knew that it wouldn’t come true, he couldn’t help but wish that they would be together soon.  

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Cock warming is like keeping the D inside ya after sex, even if it goes limp. (I never thought of it as hot?? Like I guess I just really like being filled and that sounds super domestic, which I'm a slut for) 🍋

Because i read something that made me want to write about cockwarming I’ll take this as a request:

Keith has been sitting here, in Lance’s lap, for about thirty minutes now, and with every passing moment his frustration grows. Lance seems to be paying no attention to him, his chin resting on Keith’s shoulder, his x-box controller resting lightly on the small of Keith’s back. He curses every now and then when something in his game goes wrong, some type of fighting game, Keith doesn’t care enough to turn around and look. His boyfriends cock is hard, hot and still inside of him, and his asshole stretched wide around it. And as his frustration grows so does his sensitivity.

“Lanceeee.” Keith whines out in mild annoyance, fingers twirling in the short brown hair at the base of Lance’s neck. He tries to wiggle his hips, but Lance pushes his controller just hard enough against Keiths back to make him uncomfortable, and he huffs in slight annoyance, stopping his movements. The pressure on his back relents almost immediately. Normally he would be playing whatever game Lance is playing with the boy, and he’d probably be kicking his ass, too. But he can’t be too upset about his current predicament because Lance lets out a sudden curse of frustration, hips jerking forward slightly , driving his cock further into Keith’s ass, and Keith gives a surprised moan. He squirms slightly in his boyfriends lap, biting his lip as Lance’s cock drags slowly against the walls of his ass as his hips relax back down onto the couch.

Lanceee.” Keith whines again, leaning back so he can look at his boyfriend. Lance’s blue eyes flicker from the tv screen to Keith’s face, smile quirking up at his lips, “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll deal with you after this game.” He says, and his voice is deep and husky, eyes flickering back to the screen. Keith squirms for a little while longer before settling back comfortably in Lance’s lap, and he huffs in frustration. He trails his hands down Lance’s back as his boyfriend continues on with his game, biting his lip and moaning every so often when Lance gets frustrated and thrust his hips just slightly, and everytime he does Keith grinds his hips down right after and insist on Lance hurrying the hell up. It takes a couple more minutes for Lance to win the game, and once he does he tosses the controller down on the ground, grips Keith’s waist tightly and manhandles him onto his back while somehow still keeping them connected. Keith lets out a happy little shriek at the sudden movement, legs immediately going to lock around Lance’s waist.

“So fucking impatient.” Lance says with a laugh, and Keith loops his arms around his boyfriends shoulders, smiling into the kiss the boy gives him.


The Life We Never Lived

A little drabble of Eren and Levi meeting in a universe where Eren changed the past AND SAVED THE DAY, and fate still pulls them together <3

It’s been a long day, and Grisha sends Eren off after their last house call. They’re in the heart of Shiganshina, near all the shops, restaurants and pubs.

“You want to come for a drink, dad? I’m sure Mikasa would be happy to see you,” Eren offers.

Grisha waves him off. “No, I better get home to your mother. You kids enjoy yourselves.”

Eren sighs. “We’re not kids anymore.”

“You’ll always be kids to me.” Grisha takes the medical supplies that Eren was carrying and heads in the opposite direction towards his house.

Mikasa and Armin aren’t at the pub yet, so Eren takes a seat at the bar. Kenny is always good for a story or two to pass the time, and sometimes he gives Eren a free drink if he’s feeling especially charitable. Rare, but possible.

But Kenny isn’t there. Instead, there’s a dark-haired man behind the counter. The first thing Eren notices is how impeccably dressed he is–far too nice for this place. The second is how his heart starts racing when they meet eyes. It’s not often that Eren feels such a powerful pull of attraction without speaking to someone. He feels as though he’s seen this man somewhere before. His brain scatters in all directions trying to place him.    

“I’ve never seen you here before,” Eren says. He’s been coming here for four years, since he was sixteen.

The man gives him a bored look at first, but then his eyes widen and search Eren’s face. He doesn’t seem to find any answers, though, and his brows crease. “I’m the new owner.”

“Oh. What happened to Kenny?” Eren asks.

“Ah. Good old Uncle Kenny decided it was time to retire. He’s moved to Hizuru. Says the food’s better there. Left this place to me.” The man picks up a glass and polishes it, lifting it towards the light to give it a careful once over. His eyes look almost silver as the light hits them too, and Eren’s heart flutters again. “You a regular?”

“Yeah. I’m Eren.”  

“Levi,” he says, holding out a hand.

A smile splits Eren’s face, grinning so hard his cheeks hurt as his hand clasps Levi’s. Happiness floods his body, and he can’t swim against the tides. “It’s nice to meet you, Levi.”

Levi returns the smile. “Can I get you a drink, Eren? First one’s on me.”

Live and Let Die 

“Again.” Eddie growled, the noise coming from the back of his throat. “Do it again.” 

The sun had set long ago, the only light coming from the fire that separated the two. Stars were split onto the blackness, creating long stings of masterpieces above them. There was no moon, apparently having decided to keep hidden to avoid the storm that was brewing. On one side of the flame sat Eddie, his arms crossed and his eyes focused. There was a spell book between his legs, his finger holding a place that could only be read in Latin. He was spent, and he looked it with his baggy eyes and disheveled hair. The anger in his tone was apparent, the frustration lingering just underneath. 

Richie was across from him, sward in hand, feet spread shoulder length apart. There was a new scar running across his back, the mark was deep and ugly and he wore it as a reminder that he would be dead if not for the wizard that was now extremely vexed. The weapon felt like lead in his hands, his muscles screaming at him to stop, to rest but he kept pushing until he just on the edge of insanity. “Eddie, I’m exhausted please can we just-”

“No.” Eddie hissed, “Again.” 

“I can’t.” Richie pleaded, dropping the sword onto the dirt creating a small cloud. His hands thanked him, whispering their condolences to his feet as they began to throb. “I can barely stand! How you are even awake I don’t know! Please, just let me-” 

“Do you think this is some kind of game?” Eddie yelled, tossing the thick leather back to the ground before standing. Even though he was almost a foot shorter, the wizard seemingly towered over Richie. “Do you think that you can half-ass this and get away alive? You almost died today!” 

“I know okay? I was there!” 

“Oh you know? You know that if I hadn’t been there you would have bleed out? You know that I almost wasn’t able to keep you breathing, that I nearly died myself saving you?” 

“I never asked you to do that!” Richie shot right back, not missing a beat. His chest was burning with annoyance, his veins pumping lava though him. “I never asked you to come along, with your books and herbs and whatever. In fact, if I remember correctly I told you to stay with Stan and-” 

“You are the king and last time I checked I’m the kings wizard!” Eddie replied, his shoulders rigid and set. “It’s my job-”

“No it’s not!” Richie corrected, shaking his head. “I’m not in training anymore, I’m not a child anymore and you aren’t my guide. You can leave whenever you want! I don’t need you!” 

The words came out sharper than he intended, obvious cutting Eddie deep. The wizard stumbled backwards, clutching his chest as if his heart had been ripped out. His face was twisted, becoming unreadable as his eyes darkened right at his king. “You don’t need me huh?” 

Richie sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Eddie no, I didn’t mean-” 

“No, the king has spoken.” The hurt was there, hiding under his cold tone. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bother your majesty, you shouldn’t have to deal with a sullen scorer like myself.” It had been years since Eddie had addressed Richie with such submission, speaking to him just as everyone else did. 

But that was the problem.

Eddie wasn’t like anyone else. 

“Eddie, I didn’t mean-what are you doing now?” Richie asked, watching the boy across from him begin to gather his things, shoving them carelessly into his bag. Bottles clinked, things clanged and Eddie was done in a matter of seconds, leaving no time for the king to stop him. “Wait, just wait for one second.” But Eddie didn’t, and with one last longing glare the wizard vanished with a slight shift in the wind. 

“Eddie!” Richie cried out, running to where his friend had stood and shivering at the coldness that he had left. “I’m sorry.” The king whimpered to the darkness, looking up to the sky with thick lashes and blurry tears. He was alone, for the first time since Eddie had found him sleeping in a pig pin, he was truly alone. 

And it was terrifying. 

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Similar to a dream I had last night, but different pairing. Wolfstar and Sirius using Remus's special cup that is *just for him*, damnit!

Oh Rosie, my dear, I just love this and I am so Remus in this!


Remus walked into their tiny kitchen bleary-eyed, only managing a faint grunt and vague nod of his head towards Sirius who sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Saved the crossword for us to do together, Moony.” 

Grunting again in acknowledgement, Remus opened the cabinet over the coffee pot to grab his favorite mug and stopped for a moment, staring in confusion.  He clearly remembered putting his mug in the cabinet after drying it the night before, but it wasn’t there.  He rubbed his eyes, willing his brain to wake up more despite the lack of caffeine and looked through the cabinet once again but still his favorite mug was nowhere in sight.

He turned towards the stove and the sound of the kettle going off, managing a small, still-sleepy smile at his boyfriend for turning it on for him.  The brief smile faded as he saw Sirius sip his coffee and set his mug down.

“Sirius…” Remus began, his voice hoarse. “Is that my mug?”  

Sirius glanced down at the mug in question, noting the “I run solely on caffeine,sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts” written on the side and shrugged.  “I guess it is.  Sorry, love, I just grabbed the first mug I saw because I really needed some coffee. There’s other mugs in the cabinet.”

Closing his eyes briefly and gripping the chair in front of him, Remus tried to keep his annoyance out of his voice, but failed miserably. “That’s my mug though, in fact the one you bought me because you said it was hilarious and completely accurate for me.”

Sirius folded the newspaper on the table in front of him, his lips quirking into a grin. “Statement still holds true, Moonbeam.”

“Well I can’t run on caffeine if I can’t have any caffeine since you stole my mug!”

“You do realize there are at least four other mugs for you to drink tea out of in that cabinet don’t you?” Sirius raised an eyebrow, amused at his boyfriend’s annoyance.

Remus glared at him. “And yet none of them are the mug I want to drink my tea out of.”

Sirius bit his lip, trying to not outright laugh at how adorable he found Remus in that moment, still bleary-eyed from sleep, his tawny curls in wild disarray and wearing Sirius’ own Queen t-shirt over low-slung pajama bottoms.  “You’re cute when you’re mad at me and wearing my clothes.”

“That’s another thing,” Remus ignored his comment. “Not only do you steal my mug, but that’s my jumper you’re wearing!”

“It’s warm and smells like you.” Sirius grinned, getting up and reaching behind Remus for another mug and quickly pouring his own coffee into it. “And again, you’re wearing my t-shirt.”

Remus watched Sirius wash and dry his mug and folded his arms across his chest petulantly. “That’s completely beside the point!”

Sirius chuckled as he finished drying Remus’ mug, placing a tea bag inside it and pouring hot water from the kettle over it. Letting the tea steep for a moment, he gently pushed his boyfriend into a chair and turned back to the counter, preparing Remus’ tea exactly as he liked it, three sugars and a dash of milk.  He placed it in front of Remus, before sitting back down in his own chair and drinking more of his coffee out of the new mug. 

He watched as Remus drank his tea, his green eyes closing blissfully for a moment with the first sip.  “Better, Moony?”

Remus glanced at him bashfully, a faint blush coloring his cheeks. “Thanks, Pads.” He took another drink. “I just like my mug is all.”

“And I love my grumpy, Morning Moony.” Sirius teased, grinning as Remus rolled his eyes and continued to drink his tea.  He leaned forward across the table, playfully waggling his eyebrows. “What do you say after you get the caffeine taken care of we start working on those inappropriate thoughts?”

Remus set his mug down, hand still clasped around it, and looked his boyfriend up and down, taking in his lean, muscled form in Remus’ maroon jumper, his long dark hair pulled up into a messy bun, and his grey eyes smoldering with mischief.  He smirked and leaned back in his chair, “Oh I think I’ve already got a good start on that.”  


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It could be so sweet

The truth is revealed, and Jon and Sansa are to be wed to keep their kingdom together…

Writtten for @jonsadrabbles Day 1 - Relief - 255 words

They were sitting next to each other, sharing a cup of ale as they stared into the fire, just like they had that first night. 

Finally she decided to break the silence. “You always promised, didn’t you?” 

“Promised?” he repeated, his brow creased in confusion.

“That you’d protect me,” she clarified.

He took a swig of ale. “Not exactly what I had in mind,” he said with a grim smile.

“You do realize what this means, don’t you?”

He turned to her, his eyebrows raised in question.

“You’ll finally have the Stark name,” she reminded him cheerfully.

To her surprise, he averted his eyes, shaking his head. “Sansa, I… You don’t…”

She reached for his hand, clasping it tightly. She wouldn’t give him time to collect his thoughts and find a reason to torture himself over this.

“No,” she told him. “Don’t, Jon. Don’t. I know all of this is…” She had trouble coming up with an appropriate word. 

“Everything else is messed up,” she finally admitted, even if that didn’t feel adequate. “But this, you’re allowed to be happy about this. You’re finally getting the one thing you’ve always wanted, and I am glad I can give it to you.”

He glanced up at her, surprise, wonder even, and something else she couldn’t identify written on his face. 

Her cheeks grew hot under his steady gaze, but then he smiled and she couldn’t help grinning back at him, relief washing over her as she allowed herself to hope this could be a good thing.

Think // Void/Stiles Stilinski

Request: Oof can I request some stiles/void stiles angst where void feels obligated to protect you because of your feelings for stiles but stiles is like “h u n n y n o”

Please don’t plagiarize my work!

Originally posted by void-obriens

He wasn’t Stiles, but, oh God did he look like him.

Everything but his maneurisms. Void was Stiles but twisted. Evil. The dark Kitsune. But your body reacted to him the same. Was still drawn to him as if that was Stiles before you, and not the Nogitsune.

And whereas the Nogitsune seemed not to care about the rest of the pack unlike Stiles did, it was different with you. You couldn’t even begin to explain it. Find a reasonable excuse as to why Void lusted and protected you like he did. But you wished you could.

Because maybe it would make everything easier.

He was close. Uncomfortably close. It made your heart race, pound erratically against your chest. You could feel his breath, the rise and fall of his chest and half of you wanted to push him away, but the other half of you wanted to hold him close. Pull him closer.

“This is wrong.” Your words came out in a hushed whisper. Barely audible. Void only heard it because of how close he was.

“And yet, you don’t move away.”

Your eyes hardened. “You aren’t Stiles.”

“But I look like him.”

Now that the two were separate identities and this version of Stiles was slowly sucking the life force out of the other, the real Stiles, this was even more wrong. You shouldn’t be here. You should’ve left the moment you woke up here.

Stiles needed you. And here you were with a… a copy of him. The evil version of him.

You set your hands against Void’s chest, pushing him away. It’s only when he’s gone that you feel like you can breathe. “This is wrong,” you repeat, your voice louder. More sure. “You are wrong. I love Stiles and you are not him.”

Void only smirks, slowly turning to face you. When his haunting eyes meet yours, your breath hitches. “You cannot deny the way you feel about me,” he whispers, voice husky. “The attraction you feel towards me.”

“I can deny it, because it doesn’t exist.”

Void laughs, and it sends a shiver down your spine. “Shall we put it to the test, then?”

Your lips part to ask him what he means, but then; “Y/N.”

You gasp, spinning. Your eyes widen when they fall on that of Stiles. The real Stiles. The Stiles you love. His eyes are tired, his skin pale. You realize this is the first time you’ve ever truly seen the effects of what the Nogitsune has done to Stiles.

And yet, despite everything, he looks concerned. Worried. For you.

Scott arrives next to him in the next second, wide eyes falling on you, breathless.

“I won’t hurt you like he does,” Void speaks up, causing you to freeze. Stiles’s eyes narrow for a fraction of a second before they widened with realization. “I would never.”

“Y/N,” Stiles calls, dismissing Voids words. His voice is quiet, a low hum of what it usually is. He extends his hand out towards you, hanging there helplessly. “Come on. We came to save you.”

It shouldn’t be a question. You should just go. But right now, stuck in the middle, you feel torn. Isolated. And it’s wrong. Beyond wrong. The choice is obvious.

So why can’t you make it?


Without even looking at him, you know Void is smirking. “She likes you, Stiles,” his voice is dark. Mischievous. “And all you’ve ever done is dismiss her. I won’t do the same.”

Stiles’s arm falls, and he falters. “Come on,” he whispers, “Y/N, you know that isn’t true?”

“Is it?”

Stiles’s breath hitches, and you can tell by the look on his face, Scott is lost.

“What are you talking about? Of course it isn’t.”

“Is it, Stiles?” Void repeats, twisted.

This is wrong. You shouldn’t… shouldn’t doubt Stiles. Not Stiles.

“It isn’t,” Stiles assures, finding the strength within him to take a step towards you. “It never has been, and never will be. Y/N.”

You want to believe him. So you do.

You take a step forward-

“Think about it, Y/N.”

You do. For a second. Then you meet Stiles’s eyes, see the look in his eyes, and you know.

“I have.”


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Truth is stranger than fiction

“So, it was they who dubbed us ‘murder husbands.’”

“Looks like it.”

“Perhaps you should have murdered Freddie. Plagiarism is so crass.”

“Most of them can’t understand how she’s still alive. They reckon you like her.”

“What’s the name of this place?”

“Some of them call it ‘this blue hellsite’ but I don’t think that’s official.”

“They’re quite invested in seeing us again.”

“Awful lot of us, too. Don’t think you could manage that move, and I know I couldn’t.”

“Have faith, darling. With a little imagination, anything’s possible.”

“Including groin strain.”

You are crass.”

“You love it.”

“I do.”


Written for @bluecaliessi’s Amuse Bouche Drabble Challenge for prompt number 13, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

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Hey I was just wondering if I could request a song drabble - Healing Hands by Conrad Sewell & Pietro (MCU)? Love your writing x

Characters: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Breaking up
Lyric: “You’re changing me with the touch of your hand / I’ll never let go again, I’ll never let go again”
Word Count: 449
A/N: Aww thank you so much!! I hope it’s okay (and obviously this is like……. in a universe where Pietro is very much alive and an Avenger!!!!!!)


Originally posted by itseulonzobiitch

Breaking up with you was the worst decision of Pietro’s life. Granted, he had made plenty of foolish mistakes in the past, yet this topped them all.

He didn’t know what he was thinking, why he didn’t think things through before jumping to a conclusion that didn’t make sense. Perhaps in his mind, he was worried his new life as an Avenger would interfere with his relationship. Perhaps he’d be too busy. Or perhaps, more selfishly, being an Avenger meant starting a new life, a new life which didn’t include you. 

Whatever the reason was, Pietro didn’t care anymore. All he knew now was that it was a mistake, a mistake he needed to fix while he could. 

He was knocking at your door, hoping and praying you’d answer despite all the pain he had put you through. The breakup was brief, out of the blue, and it hurt you much more in the moment than it hurt him. Over time, the pain shifted, and Pietro began to feel the regret and sadness washing over him again and again. 

“y/n!” Pietro finally yelled, desperate. Banging on the door again, he pleaded, “Open up!” 

Begrudgingly, just to get him to stop, you yanked the door open. Pietro looked at you, the both of you staring at each other in a stunned silence, before you quickly composed yourself and asked, “What do you want, Pietro?”

“I made a mistake.” he blurted. He had prepared what he had wanted to say before he arrived, yet all the words in his head disappeared upon seeing your face. You rolled your eyes, and he stammered, “Please, listen to me-”

“It’s too late, Pietro.” you muttered, folding your arms across your chest. “You wanted to end our relationship. It’s done.”

“No, y/n, you don’t understand.” Pietro suddenly grabbed your hand, clinging to you despite you trying to pull away. “There is no one else in the world like you. You changed me into a better person, and I promise I will never forget that again.”

You pressed your lips together, tears welling in your eyes as you looked away. Voice croaky, you whispered, “I don’t know what you want from me, Pietro.”

“I want you to take me back.” Pietro stepped closer, and you didn’t move away. “Please give me another chance, y/n. I promise I will never leave again.” 

You looked up at him, hesitant. You could see the pain and honesty reflecting in his eyes, the desperation in his expression. For a moment, you wanted to turn him away, remembering all the pain he brought you. 

But your love for him outweighed that. And you knew it would every time.

anonymous asked:

one more possible drabble idea because i’m self indulgent and also i love you and want to inspire you: a more in depth piece about that first party tae and oc go to the night they first hook up and they just have undeniable sexual tension all night. or if you’re feeling ambitious just write the whole scene of them fucking for the first time (tae feels all guilty and hesitant because your moms in the house and he’s just rly cute)

pairing fotff!taehyung/reader

warnings alcohol | marijuana | stoner sex | taehyung being touchy | a lot of kissing

summary a more detailed flashback of the party that led you to your first hookup with the man of your dreams 

word count 2k

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Do You Believe in Faeries? Natsuki x Reader (Fae AU)

☀i’ve been wanting to delve into this aspect of the Fae AU for a while now. Kind of an intro? Enjoy!

You could hear the rattling echo as you struggled in the fading sunset to set up the tripod. It was always a battle trying to set up, and you had wondered why someone would give it away for free. Sometimes you wish working at the planetarium payed just a little bit more. Like right now as you kicked and pulled trying to get the legs to spread apart. When it finally relented, you nearly fell down the hill you were perched on. Nearly.

You’d like to think you’ve gotten better at setting up here. Far away from the city lights, on the other side of the mountain and as high up as the roads would allow. The skies were wonderfully clear and vivid, but the terrain was difficult and jagged. Working on adjusting the legs to accommodate the uneven surface meant planning ahead, using the last light of the sunset to your advantage.

Once the tripod had been stabilized, the rest was easy work. Setting up your star chart and notes with a dim lantern. Mounting your prized telescope on the tripod and using a small sextant with your calculations, you expertly adjust the angle to today’s celestial event. A lesser known comet was to pass by tonight, and the excitement to see it was nearly too much to bear.

As the light of day relented, more and more stars began to twinkle from the velvet indigo darkness of space. This was always a special time of the night. The first celestial body to appear was Mars. Had you been at the peak, you probably could have seen Venus, too.
“Hello, Mars.” You grinned at the speck of light. “Seems like it’s going to be a cold one, eh?” You chuckled to yourself. The more stargazing trips like this you made, the more you felt like you knew the stars and planets, personally.

You went through each constellation, giving them their own unique greeting as you knew them. Of course, Perseus and Andromeda with Pegasus to be greeted together, making sure to check on the heroic couple’s marriage (but you also made sure to give just as much attention to Cetus, lest you anger him and he begins to hunger for you, instead of Andromeda. Perseus had her back, of course. But you? A can of mace. You weren’t too sure of the effectiveness mace would have on a giant sea monster.)

By the time you greeted each present constellations, the sky was fully inky and the sky was alight with the vast starscape. The Milky Way’s glistening path through the sky and your heart  swelled. It was almost spiritual, the way the night sky moved you. You felt connected to the world outside your own, and at the same time, so small. The perspective was comforting, albeit solemn.

When the comet did come to pass, the view of it’s trail took your breath away. You placed your hand to your heart and closed your eyes, and made a wish out loud. The way the cool breeze tugged at your clothes so gently felt almost magical. Your cheeks flushed as you smiled back up to the stars, catching the last glimpse of the comet’s tail fading out of view.

“Until next time, then.” You sat down on the blanket you had spread across the dirt. You laid back, drawing your eyes back to the constellations.

“I certainly hope so!” A cheerful voice materialized to your right and you recoiled so hard, you tumbled over backwards. You searched for where the voice originated and you found a young man draped over a rock, looking at you upside down with a smile as bright as day. You suddenly were hyper aware of the fact your can of mace was in your backpack, more than arm’s length away. “Oh!” He exclaimed, righting himself up. “I didn’t mean to startle you!” His hands came up in defense, trying to look as non-threatening as possible.

You used the surge of adrenaline to take stock as fast as you could. The moon illuminated him from behind, its fullness wrapping around his curly blonde head of hair like a halo. His eyes…were not human, to say the least. The light reflected in them like a cat’s, bright and green as they fixed on you, not predatorially, but with great worry. When you looked more at his face, behind the small round glasses perched on his nose, his skin seemed to sparkle.

The only real response you gave was “What?”

You looked back to the sky, searching for answers. Did he come from…? No, that’s absurd.

The man looked over his shoulder to follow your gaze, finding no answers, he looked back to you and tilted his head in confusion. Your eyes darted to him and the sky quickly, desperate for some sort of connection.

“The comet?” You managed to blurt out. It took a second for him to realize what you meant, and he seemed to laugh lightly.

“That’s awfully kind of you to think so, but I’m not a shooting star.” His gaze softened more as he idly kicked his legs over the edge.

“Then what…” You stopped. You can’t ask him what he is! How impossibly rude that would be! Your mouth gaped, searching for the right words.

“What am I?” He  finished for you, his smile only seeming to grow warmer. “I guess my answer depends on whether or not you still believe in faeries.”

makennawalkerstanley  asked:

Hi! Can I request a song drabble for John Murphy with the song "mistakes like this" by prelow? Thank you!!!

Characters: Reader x John Murphy
Warnings: Sexual connotations ish
Lyric: “I’m more concerned for what you’ll leave if you stay”
Word Count: 456
A/N: Hope it’s okay!!


Originally posted by magnusalecs

You and Murphy always insisted your relationship was no emotions involved. The both of you found each other attractive, sure, but that was it. Late night hookups and sometimes even sneaking off into the woods during the day, but nothing more. 

You had agreed not to fall for each other, agreed not to develop feelings. You couldn’t afford to, anyway, not when the concern for survival was so important. Neither of you could afford to worry about someone else when you were just trying to stay alive. 

But of course, the both of you knew it wouldn’t last. It wasn’t long before Murphy started feelings things for you. It started off small, subtle jealousy when he saw you with other guys. His heart fluttering in his chest when you looked at him. The fear that gripped him when he was worried something had happened to you. He pushed the emotions down, tried to ignore the signs, yet it became unbearable. 

He was watching you now, pulling on your shirt before reaching for your jacket. He couldn’t help but chuckle at how awkward it was to try and get dressed in the cramped tent, and you rolled your eyes and teasingly threw Murphy’s shirt at his face before zipping your jacket up. 

“Shut up, Murph.” you joked, and he laughed as he tossed his jacket at you in retaliation. You swatted it away, smoothing out your hair as you asked, “How do I look?”

“Perfect.” Murphy responded, not nearly as sarcastically as his tone implied. You smirked at him before moving to leave the tent, and Murphy quickly added, “Stay.”

You paused, slowly looking over your shoulder in confusion. Murphy never asked you to stay, and you never lingered around that long either. Murphy awkwardly sat up as he rubbed the back of his neck, and he continued, “I mean, uh, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I just-”

“Don’t want to be alone?” you teased, and Murphy shrugged. You moved to sit opposite him, curling your legs underneath you as the two of you sat in a brief silence. Murphy didn’t know what he was expecting out of this, out of having you stay – he just wanted to be in your presence, and it almost scared him how close he wanted to be with you all the time. 

“Oh, screw it.” Murphy suddenly muttered under his breath, and before you could reply, he leaned forward, pressing a kiss to your lips. It wasn’t the first time the two of you had kissed, yet the both of you knew this time was different. 

And despite promising yourselves you wouldn’t catch feelings, the both of you liked this kiss so much more than the others.

Originally posted by cutelittleyoongi

You waited for him, patiently and obediently. You knelt at the foot of the bed, dressed only in your black leather collar, as his text message had instructed you. Your body faced the door, but your head was down. Your hands lay still atop your thighs as you sat back on your calves.

Namjoon had been away working for far too long. It was finally time for you both to be together again. Plenty of tension had built up between you both over the weeks. Neither of you were allowed to touch yourselves during your time apart, and you both stuck to that rule through all the temptation.

Steady footsteps thumped up the stairs slowly, calling your attention to the approaching presence. A smile crept onto your cheeks as your heart rang with anticipation. The door pushed open, revealing slick dress shoes and as much as you could see of a pair of dark suit pants from your position. He stopped in front of you, reaching a hand down to cup your chin tenderly. He tilted your face upwards to take him in full view. 

A mischievous smirk played at his lips, dimples giving a slight hint of innocence to his features. A false innocence that could hide the sinful things those lips promised from the average person. But you knew better. Those very same lips parted, releasing a deep, smooth voice that shook you down to your very core.

“Daddy’s home, little one.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Saw you were still taking drabble requests so can I have 23 and 32 with either Billy or Logan(sorry I really can’t choose😬) Thank you!💕

Hey, anon! Yes, my drabble requests are basically always open, I’ll just write them when I have time :) 

Of course you can! I decided to write this one for Billy, I haven’t written that much of him and I just felt like it. Your request just reminded me of him. I hope you like this, anon. And thank you for requesting!

23. “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

32. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified”

Originally posted by snuffles-padfoot07

The night had this suffocating pressure you knew wasn’t going to be friends with you, not even in the world’s end. It felt like someone was keeping their foot on your chest and just pushing and pushing and pushing until you were gasping for air so hard it actually hurt more.

There was one thing bothering you. Bothering was probably a wrong word, but in the middle of the night, it was the only word you could think of, strong enough to describe your feelings properly.

He was lying beside you on his side; hand around your waist in this way that gave you all the protection you would ever need. But, ironically, it wasn’t protecting you from the thoughts you had, the things in your head. You looked at his face in the darkness, his messy, raven hair and closed eyes.

You watched his chest rising and falling, listened to his breathing and noticed how calm he looked. It was nice to see him like that; in place and so peaceful.

It made you hesitate. But it was now or never. For some reason, you knew that if you didn’t say it now, you wouldn’t say it at all.

And not saying things at all didn’t exactly work with him, the way he lived, what he did to earn his living.

“Billy?” you whispered into the silence of the night.

It didn’t take many seconds for him to open his eyes. They looked black in the darkness, and he looked right at you. “Mmm?” he shifted a little and cleared his throat. “Is something wrong?”

You couldn’t answer that so you made a vague gesture with your head and shoulders. “Can I… Did I wake you up?” you frowned. “Can I talk about something?”

He shook his head and just looked into your eyes for a short moment, clearing his throat again.

“I can wait till the morning, it’s okay,” you spoke in a hurry when he didn’t speak, just looked at you with that same look in his eyes as often before.

Like he knew that something was wrong. He was extremely good at reading you.

It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway,” he started to move his hand on your waist as if to reassure you. Small, welcomed rubs that in the middle of the night were enough to make shivers rise on your skin.

You had known he was only pretending to be asleep. A part of you had known, at least. He was like that; if he slept, it was for minutes or hours, rarely the whole night. You had seen him sleeping the whole night only once or twice. All the other times had ended with him waking up during the night due to nightmares he never shared with you. And you didn’t force him to.

Now he was looking at you with waiting eyes, hand still rubbing your skin a little. It was a tired movement; you could sense the sleep in it.

“It’s nothing, really, just… drop it,” you started to get second thoughts. It was probably not the best idea to say it now.

But he was going away. He was leaving the next day due to business and was going to be away from town for weeks. Two or three, he had said. Very vaguely, but you didn’t argue. It was sometimes very irregular, his work.

“Say it,” he had gotten the most of his voice back. It still sounded a lot lower and darker than it usually was, but you were able to catch his words. “Just say it. It’s something; you woke me up because of it.

“But you weren’t asleep.”

“No, I wasn’t. But I could’ve been.”

You smiled a little. He probably didn’t see it in the dark, but you could feel his gaze on you. It was digging its way to your mind as if trying to read what you were thinking, what got caught in your throat.

Now or never, you told yourself. Just spit it out. He either runs or doesn’t.

You didn’t want him to run. But you didn’t want to risk anything, either.

So, it was better to just…

I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified,” you didn’t even breathe, just said it in a whisper that suited the way the moonlight was shredding its way inside the room.

Billy was quiet. He didn’t say a single word in a long time.

Not until you spoke again and started to turn around, back facing him. “Never mind, I… Forget it.”

He didn’t let you turn. His hand was holding you so firmly it was impossible to roll under the grip.

“What makes you terrified?” his voice was just as dark as the room around you two. You knew it was because of sleep but there was a shadow of something in his voice.

A feeling.

“Are you terrified of me?” he asked shortly after the first question with similar voice.

“No, not you. It’s just… what you do. It’s physical and it’s dangerous and it takes you away from me. What if you don’t,” you had to swallow, “come back to me one day?”

It had been one of the most used thoughts since the very beginning. It felt so bad to watch him leave, to even let him; you knew he had to, he had his responsibilities and he was a busy man, but… you couldn’t help it. Even though, you blamed yourself for it. You weren’t the clingy sort. You were just worried.

Billy was suddenly a lot closer than before. His face was almost on your pillow. “If you love me that much,” he whispered, sounding more like himself this time and pulled you against his sleepy but warm body, “I make sure I’ll come back to you.”

be alright. (alucard/reader)

baby don’t you know,

that all of them tears gonna come and go.

baby you just gotta make up your mind,

that every little thing is gonna be alright.

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Request from @miyakokurono : (summarized to not give away the whole plot) The team has a case where the UNSUB has issues with their father which affects the reader cause they have issues and she fights with Spencer about it not knowing he also has issues with his own father.

Hope you enjoy!


The team was on a case in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The UNSUB was abducting grown men and torturing them before killing them and dumping their bodies in the streets.

“Let’s go over what we know,” Hotch suggested, as they had hit a roadblock.

“The victims are all men in their 30s to 40s,” Rossi began.

“Is there any other connections we can come up with?”

“Family dynamics are different, so are career paths. The UNSUB also doesn’t have a preference for race. What’s left?” JJ questioned.

“The last victim, Tyler Shaw, had a family, didn’t he?” you asked.

“He did, but the other three didn’t. John Anderson had a girlfriend, but the first two lived alone,” Morgan answered.

“Garcia, can you dig into their backgrounds a little more? Look into their past relationships”

“Sure thing, darling!” she chirped, already tapping away. “Oh. What do you know? Turns out all victims except Shaw had wives and children that they don’t talk to anymore.”

“I think you’re onto something here. What if the UNSUB is punishing fathers for walking out on their families?” Spencer suggested.

“That’s a theory,” Morgan said. “But what about Shaw? He was still with his family.”

“Garcia, what was Shaw’s last credit card transaction?” you asked.

“Looks like he was at a bar on 14th street.”

“(Y/L/N) and Reid, why don’t you go check it out, see if you can get security footage or maybe a bartender will recognize him,” Hotch ordered.

You grabbed the keys to the SUV and followed Reid out of the room.

Upon talking to the bartender, you discovered that Shaw had been at the bar with another woman whom he was planning to leave his family for.

After getting security footage to send to Garcia, you headed back to the police headquarters, discussing ideas along the way.

“So I was right. The UNSUB is punishing men who walk out on their family,” Reid confirmed.

“Can’t say I blame them. Walking out on a wife and kids seems like a pretty shitty thing to do,” you spat.

He looked over at you. “Maybe… but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be tortured and killed.”

“I know that but… what kind of person just ups and walks away from their family like that?”

You pulled into the police headquarters parking lot and parked.

“I understand, but-“

“No. You don’t!” Tears came to your eyes. “You have no idea what it’s like to have a father just one day decide to leave and- and then decide to come back only to leave again over and over!”

You stepped out of the car and headed inside, ignoring his shouts for you to wait for him.

“Is everything alright?” JJ asked when she caught sight of you crying.

You brushed past her and headed towards the restrooms.

“(Y/N), wait!” Reid called after you again.

You entered the women’s restroom and he followed in after you. “Reid, this is the women’s restroom. You’re not supposed to be in here.”

He bent over and peered under the stalls before turning and locking the door. “There’s no one else in here. It’s fine,” he said.

“No, it’s not fine because I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Will you just listen to me please?!”

You leaned against the wall and crossed your arms with a sigh.

“You think I don’t know what it’s like to grow up without a father? I do. Mine left my mom and I when I was a kid. He left me, a child, alone to take care of my schizophrenic mother. So don’t say I don’t understand. I understand completely.” Tears began to fall from his eyes, mirroring yours, as memories from his childhood came to the surface.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea. I didn’t mean to upset you. Please don’t cry,” you told him.

“You’re crying too,” he pointed out.

You let out a laugh. “So.”

You hesitated before stepping forward and embracing him, reaching up to run a comforting hand through his hair. He hugged you back, doing the same.

After a minute of just standing there, holding each other and sobbing, you stepped back wiped your face.

“OK,” you sniffed. “Ugh. We better compose ourselves and get back out there.”



The team was able to catch the UNSUB later that day but were unable to fly home until the morning, meaning they had to spend a night at a hotel.

A knock came to Reid’s door just as he was about to turn in for the night. He opened it to find you standing there in your PJs.

“Can I stay with you?” you asked, your voice soft.

“Of- of course,” he replied, stepping aside to let you into the room. After shutting and locking the door, he followed you over to the bed and you both climbed in, holding each other close.


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excusemyobsessions asked: Hello! I don’t know if you’re still taking requests but I can I get situation #6 and sentence #38 with Hui, please? I think I’ve sent an ask before saying this but I love your blog and have it on notifications because your sweet little time stamps warm my heart (along with the other stuffs you post) 💕

6- in bed at 2 am, blissfully drowsy

38- “You just feel really good. Soft and warm…”

Originally posted by woosoek

You felt Hui stir away behind you, his arm pulling you tighter against him.

“Did I wake you?” you ask, turning to face him. He shakes his head, eyes not fully open.

“Why are you awake?” he whispers. Your heart melts at the sight of him, drowsy and soft in the moonlight.

“Just couldn’t sleep. I’m sorry if I woke you.” You bring your hand up to run your fingers through his hair. Hui leans into your touch, humming softly.

“You didn’t, don’t worry,” he says. His eyes can barely stay open and even though he says you didn’t wake him up, you still feel bad.

Hui shifts down to nuzzle his nose into you neck, arms tightly wrapped around your waist. You feel him yawn, full lips lingering on your collarbone.

“Still with me, sleepyhead?”

Hui stifles a yawn. “I can’t help it, you just feel really good. Soft and warm…” He places a gentle kiss just above your heart.

“It’s okay, you can go to sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow,” you say, feeling his eyes flutter shut.

Hui hums in response and pulls you closer until there’s no space between you. In a matter of seconds his breathing evens out, short puffs of air escaping his lips and hitting your skin. You feel yourself being lulled to sleep, eyelids growing heavier with each passing second.

Finally, you let yourself slip into sleep, dreaming of Hui and his laugh and pretty smile.

Runaan Musings

Runaan ran a finger across the enchanted ribbon tied to his bicep, a thread of oath. The physical representation of the pact he’d made with his fellow Moonshadow elves. White teeth glinted in the moonlight as he worried his lip. It was a foolish show of pride. He’d been too quick to prove to the others that Rayla was ready and now guilt tangled his insides.

Rayla was a type of precious that Runaan still didn’t quite understand. He wanted her to be everything her parents weren’t, everything he couldn’t be, but maybe that was too much. Too much to put on an elfling.

Azure eyes blinked up at the moon. Runaan could feel it in his bones, his own power growing along with the waxing of the silvery goddess. Her swollen presence in the velvet night was comforting despite his chaotic thoughts. He let out a sigh, the breath puffing white in the cool air.

“Tell me what to do,” he said, but the moon remained silent.

He closed his eyes and let her beams wash over him. He had to be strong for the others. This was his team, his brothers and sisters, and they could not fail. He would not let them fail.

He drew up a hand to touch the ribbon once more. This was his burden, not theirs, he would carry it to the end.

With a huff he stood up and made his way back to camp. His long hair flowed in the gentle wind, mimicking moonbeams. The moon stood alone in her sky while she protected them, he would do the same for his group.