The first time Yuuri cuts Victor’s hair it’s more convenience than anything else. The summer was really starting off, and Victor’s hair was reaching near mullet stage when he decided it was time for a cut. He asked Yuuri where to make an appointment when, seemingly without thinking, Yuuri offered to do it for him. 

“Phichit and I used to save cash by cutting each other’s hair. It’s just a shave in the back right?” 

So Victor finds himself sitting in a chair in an open door way of the onsen with an old towel around his neck as his crush trims the back of his head. Lets the soft buzz of the shaver mix with the mindless humming Yuuri does while working. Pushing, just slightly, against the finger tips tilting his head every other way. 

Far too soon Yuuri is pulling the towel away and taking it outside to dump out the hair. 

After that it’s just habit. Sitting in an old creaky chair with an even older towel or blanket around his neck while Yuuri cuts his hair. The first time Yuuri asks him to cut his Victor jumps at the chance. While Yuuri is meticulous, Victor is greedy. He uses it as a chance to run his fingers and (after a certain kiss) nuzzle his face into Yuuri’s kitten soft hair. Breath in the smell of all natural shampoo that Hiroko and Toshiya make in the backyard. A smell that now means home more than any cramped Saint Petersburg apartment ever could. 

we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something?

for ninette week: AU:  based on this song. 

p.s. it’s like super late. 

rain softly pitter patters the top of his umbrella, droplets sliding down the fabric and dripping on the ground. water splashes his shoes, his pant legs, biting into the bare skin where his sock used to be snug. 

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"Look at me- just breathe, okay?" Daveed x reader please? (I love your writing so much omg it's everything 💙)

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as the understudy for Angelica Schuyler you were beyond thrilled, this show was huge and would be such an incredible opportunity for your career.

You knew the part backwards and forwards from listening to the cast album on repeat from the minute it was released and every single member of the cast had offered you their support and wishes of luck for your first performance.

Even Renee, who was sick at home had sent you a string of texts telling you how great you were going to be tonight. But despite your preparation, you’re still absolutely terrified to go on.

When you hear the announcement, letting everyone know there’s just five minutes until the top of the show you can feel the dread settling in your stomach.

“Knock, knock,” Daveed says, leaning on the doorframe to the dressing room, already in his costume for the opening number.

“Oh h-hey,” you mumble.

You drop your gaze from him, focusing on your hands as you pull at your fingers, releasing your frustrations and stress about the performance.

“Hey what’s up?” He asks, slowly stepping towards you and placing a hand on your arm.

“I-I can’t, d-do this, what if… what if I mess up?” You ask as your breathing starts to speed up, your whole body feeling like it’s shaking.

“Look at me Y/N- just breathe, okay?” He says, his voice soft and kind.

You look up into his deep warm brown eyes as he rubs a hand down your arm.

“You’re gonna kill it out there. You know this part, and you’re damn good at it,” his soothing voice helps you calm down as you force yourself to take deep breaths.

“What if I mess up though?”

“You ain’t gonna mess up,” he assures you. “But if you do, no one’ll give a shit. We’ve all messed up before, even Lin has and he wrote the damn thing.”

That last statement manages to get a small laugh out of you, which causes him to grin just as another announcement is called, letting you know it’s time for places.

“Go show ‘em how it’s done,” he says, gently kissing your forehead and leading you out of the dressing room.


A/N: Drabble request for anon. Reader is talking on the phone with a friend who’s not involved with the club, and she brags about her boyfriend Jax, who overhears the conversation. I’m sorry it took so long, I hope you like it, lovely!

The night before had been hectic, getting up a few times with Abel so Jax could sleep. You’d offered to watch the baby while Jax went to the clubhouse, and after finally getting Abel to nap, you’d drifted off on the couch.
Your phone had woken you up from your sleep. It was your close friend Lynnie, and for the umpteenth time that week, she’d called to ask you when she was going to meet the mysterious new boyfriend you’d acquired.
You’d come to Charming from Sacramento, to meet your dad, Bobby, in turn meeting Jax. 
Lynnie still lived out in Sacramento, and hadn’t had time with her busy work schedule to come and visit you, but demanded updates of your life.
You’d been seeing Jax for a few months now, but with him being in the Sons of Anarchy, and all the danger surrounding the club, you wanted to make sure this was a sure thing before involving anyone outside of the club that could get caught in the crosshairs of club business.
“You can’t keep this a secret from me! I’m your best friend! What’s wrong with him?” Lynnie whined down the phone.
“Nothing is wrong with him! It’s just complicated.”
You sat up on the couch, rubbing your eyes. An interrogation was the last thing you wanted.
“Has he got warts? Is he a spy and you can’t talk about him otherwise he’ll have to kill you? Does he even exist?”
“LYNNIE!” You barked down the phone.
You stopped dead, listening to see if you’d woken Abel.
“Well at least describe him for me, I’m dying here!”
Sighing heavily, you closed your eyes, leaning back into the cushions. You set the phone on speaker, resting it on your chest as you reclined back.
“He’s tall, got this medium length blond hair and blue eyes-”
“So he’s a sexy surfer, cowabunga dude, continue.”
You didn’t correct her, the less she knew, he better.
“He’s taller than me, a mechanic.”
“Yeah, yeah, cool, he has a job, what are his defining qualities? And by that, I mean what’s he like in the sack?”
You couldn’t help but chuckle. Lynnie was never one for beating around the bush.
“He’s got a shit-eating grin that makes your legs quake and your panties drop.”
“Nooooow we’re gettin’ somewhere.” Lynnie cooed down the line.
You paused, thinking you heard something, but figured it was just Abel moving in the crib.
“Alright, fine.”
You stopped talking for a moment, unable to stop yourself recalling the last time you and Jax had sex. Gemma wanted to babysit, and you’d both jumped at the chance to have an evening alone. And then you’d jumped each other.
“The sex is incredible. He’s… blessed in that department, both in size and talent.”
Someone cleared their throat, and you sat upright, turning and seeing Jax leaning against the wall coming out of the hallway, that panty-dropping smile plastered on his face.
Lynnie was still talking, not realising that they had an eavesdropper.
“Gotta go.” You snapped the phone shut, feeling your face burn through every shade of red.
“When did you get in?”
“While you were napping. I went into check on Abel, then I heard you talking and thought I would see what my lady really thinks about me.” He replied.
Jax pushed himself up from the wall, still grinning, walking around the couch and sitting himself next to you.
“’Blessed’, huh?”
You rolled your eyes at him.
“Like you needed an ego inflation.”
“No, no, don’t get all flustered on my behalf, darlin’. Keep going.”
Jax pulled your legs over his and leaned in, running his hand up and over your thigh, leaving a trail of kisses up your neck.
You groaned, enjoying the attention, when all of a sudden it stopped.
“What are you doing?” You asked.
“You keep going, I keep going.” Jax replied.
You gave him a pointed look, and he shrugged, smirking, resting against the back of the couch. He traced circles over your leg, waiting for you to give in.
You sighed, not wanting to risk him withholding sex.
“Well, you’re very sweet. You always know how to make me feel safe, how to make me feel loved.”
“That’s a good start, I’m definitely a sweetheart.” He mumbled as he nuzzled and kissed your neck.
“Incredibly humble.”
He chuckled, nipping your skin lightly.
“The way you bite your lip, makes me wanna bite it too. And the way you walk around, especially when you’re not wearing a shirt… ah.”
You let out a slight moan as Jax kissed the sweet spot just behind you ear, his hand cradling your cheek.
“And when you’re up against me, and I can feel… every… part… Jax…”
Jax had pushed you back into the couch, kissing you as you started to lose focus, both your hands wandering over each other’s bodies.
You took it that you’d complimented him enough, said a silent prayer that Abel would keep sleeping before giving yourself over completely to Jax.

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number 7 with kylo?

Sure hun!

Kylo Ren +  “Someday my prince will come.”

Resting your elbow on the balcony you released a sigh as your eyes looked off into the distance. Night had fallen over Naboo and yet again you found yourself out on the balcony, staring out into the great expanse of space above you as if waiting for a sign. Though at this point you were certain it wasn’t going to come.

You wished for a lot of things in the galaxy, success in your kingdom, adventure across the star systems, wielding a blaster in battle at least once. As of late however, your desires seemed to take a different turn. A turn many in the palace would deem “practical”. A prince.

You weren’t sure why or how, but you had never yearned to find someone out in the great wide somewhere more than you had now. Perhaps it was the fact that you noticed so many of your companions with their own partners that this came about. 

Another sigh escaped you as you looked to the stars.

“Somebody has to be out there…”

At the thought of going on your desired adventures you smiled, imagining meeting your ellusive prince in a whirlwind.

“Someday my prince will come.”

“Or perhaps another will.”

Suddenly it felt as though your heart had leaped up into your throat and ceased from beating. With a gasp you turned around behind you, eyes frantically searching the space behind you. In the corner of your balcony you finally saw the foreign presence lurking in the shadows. Though his garbs concealed most of his appearance you could make out his pale complexion from under his hood. Now that you could make him out, you could instantly feel your veins throbbing within you.

“Who are you?! What are you doing up here?!”

“You yearned for somebody, and here I am.”

You shook your head, “I didn’t ask for you.”

Slowly he began walking towards you, stalking you like a predator with its prey.

“That may be so.”

Suddenly you felt your limbs freeze in place, locking you into the place you stood. He was obviously one step ahead of you in planning a next move.

“But I asked for you.”

Your eyes instantly grew wide as his face finally came into view, nearly causing you to choke on your breath. Though he was, from what you could tell, handsome you couldn’t shake the fear of what would happen next. Just as you were about to protest he suddenly ran his hand over your forehead, causing you to fall limp. He caught you with ease, putting you over his shoulder as he made his way to the edge of the balcony once again. 

Marinette's Stray Cat

MariChat May 26th: The Stray


Summary: Marinette’s excuses land her in hot water. Chat does his best to help.

Marinette looked between her mother and her room in panic.

She hadn’t expected the sudden inquisition at dinner. Her plan had been to eat quickly and then return to Chat. He was waiting for her in her room, probably napping, for her to finish dinner so they could play some ‘games’. So it was definitely not the best time for her mother to be curious about the noises that came from her daughter’s room at night.

“Marinette, are you listening to me?” Sabine asked sternly.

Marinette snapped out of her thoughts at her mother’s words. “Y-yes, Maman!” She nodded her head quickly.

“Well? I asked you a question I would like the answer to.” Her mother was giving her no quarter.

Marinette wracked her brain for an answer that wouldn’t get her grounded. She knew that her mother couldn’t know Chat spent time in her room as that would probably get her in the most trouble. No matter how much of a gentlecat he was. Running out of time she blurted the first thing that came into her head.

“I have a boyfriend!” Marinette shouted. Her mother’s eyes widened. “No wait, not a boyfriend, something else.” She shook her head. “I have a cat!”

Tom did his best to stay out of the conversation as her mother’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Marinette could feel sweat bead on the back of her neck as she waited for the inevitable accusation.

Sabine smiled pleasantly. “You should have just told us Marinette.” She reached across from where she was sitting and gently patted her on the head.

Marinette relaxed and smiled. Crisis averted for-

“So, when can I meet this adorable stray?” Sabine asked with a small twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Don’t panic Marinette you klutzy-

“Never! I mean later! Sometime…?” Marinette shrunk into her seat and then planted her head onto the counter. Good going genius. She glared into the counter. Her inner voice sounded annoyingly like Chloe.

The tinkle in Sabine’s eyes only got brighter. “How about tonight dear? No time like the present after all.” She said knowingly.

Oh god. She sat straight up in her chair. Chat was still in her room.

“H-how about tomorrow instead…?” She managed to squeak out.

Sabine let out a short tsk. “Your father and I are very busy tomorrow. It’d best be done today.” She added. Her lips were curled just a tad bit too much on one side for it to be called a smile.

Great, even her mother was making fun of her.

“Can you give me a few minutes to clean up?” She asked meekly.

“Of course dear.” Sabine chuckled.

Marinette winced as she got up to go to her room. Her mother no doubt thought there was no way out of this situation for her. Honestly, she wasn’t sure there was either.

Despite being in a hurry, Marinette couldn’t help but stop once she entered her room and stare at Chat. He was laying smack dab in the middle of her room curled up like a cat. Somehow Tikki had also apparently decided Chat’s hair was a good place for a nap as any. Her little snores were making one of Chat’s black cat ears twitch cutely.  

Marinette shook her head. It seemed like both her and Tikki were making some stupid mistakes today. She glanced at the two again. In Tikki’s case they were cute mistakes, still stupid, but also very cute.

She gently lifted the little Kwami off of Chat’s head. Her small friend whined slightly as Marinette disturbed her sleep. She cooed down at Tikki as she carefully brought her over to the little corner bed she had made for her. She set her down and sighed. Now for Chat.

She went and stood next to him, took a deep breath, and then crouched down and started gently shaking him. “Time to wake up, Chaton.” she murmured.

His eyes slowly opened and he turned his head to look at her. “Princess? You’re done with dinner?”

She nodded and was surprised when one of his arms grabbed her and pulled her down against his side.

“Let’s play some.” He said softly into her ear.

Marinette shivered. “Sorry Chaton, I need you to leave.”

He blinked slowly at her and his ears drooped. “Oh.” He let her go and she stood back up. She brushed herself off and then held a hand out to help him up.

He took her hand with a frown. “Did I do something wrong?”

Marinette shook her head as she pulled him to his feet. “I did something wrong.” She corrected him.

He looked at her in confusion. “What do youuu-” He yawned in a cute manner. “-mean?”

Marinette stared at him and pouted. The universe must hate her. Her winning attribute, her cuteness, was being beaten by a boy in a leather cat outfit. Maybe he could give her some tips?

“My mother noticed the noise we’ve been making and I made up a stupid excuse.” She explained.

He blinked wide cat eyes at her. “What was the excuse?”

“I kind of, um.” She stuttered. Her mother had turned on her and now Chat was going to tease her. “Told her I had a cat.” She said meekly, hiding her eyes behind a hand.

She felt him gently pry her hand off her face. He looked concerned. “How are you going to convince her you have a cat?” He tilted his head to one side, his cat ears twitched, and his tailed swished concernedly behind him.

That cuteness isn’t fair! She bemoaned inwardly. Outwardly, she just sighed. “I have no idea, but she can’t find you here.” She frowned at his hesitant look. “Don’t be that way. Better I be in trouble for lying than her to find you up here.”

He smiled at that and then his eyes lit up. “I think I have the purrfect idea to solve your cat problems.”

Marinette tentative smile slowly grew to a wide grin as he described his plan.

“I’m coming in Marinette.” Sabine announced as she entered her daughters room.

The first thing she noticed was Marinette standing in the center of the room with a wide, obviously fake, grin. Sabine took a glance around the room and let out a sigh at the lack of anything that prove her daughter to be telling the truth.

She sighed and put on a smile. “So, where is this little stray?” She made sure to exaggeratingly look around Marinette’s room in search of it. Might as well give the girl a chance to come clean.

“Why don’t I tell you. About him first.” Marinette said robotically. “He is shy. I mean that’s why he’s not here. Right now.” She flailed.

Her daughter was bad at lying, she observed. “Oh, please do tell me all about him.” She said with a patient smile.

Marinette smile became a little less fake. “He’s a black cat.” She nodded, seemingly satisfied.

Sabine gestured for her to continue.

Her daughter’s eyes widened. “Um. He’s um.” Her eyes darted to her loft and then back to her mother rapidly before setting on the floor. “He’s cute.” She admitted and blushed.

Sabine blinked. What an odd reaction. “I would assume so Marinette. He is a cat after all.”

Her daughter looked at her with confusion that soon transformed into realization. “Right. 'Cus we’re talking about my cat.” She bonked her own head. “Sorry, kind of lost myself there.” She said and smiled nervously.

Sabine looked at her daughter oddly. “What’s his name? You haven’t mentioned it yet.”

“Chat Noir.” Marinette stated confidently. Her mother got to watch her slowly dissolve into a panic as she seemed to realize what she just said.

Sabine interrupted her daughter’s brewing panic. “Like the superhero?” She asked with an amused smile.

Marinette froze. “Yes.” She nodded.

Sabine hummed. “What’s his temperament like?”

Her daughter smiled slightly and sighed softly. “He silly a lot of the time and seems to love getting into my things.” She chuckled. “He really cheers me up and whenever I need him he’s there for me.” Marinette blinked and seemed to remember something. “And he’s kind of shy. Which is why he’s hiding. Yeah. That’s why he’s hiding in my loft.” Marinette pointed at her loft.

Sabine felt confused. Her daughter sounded like she was lying anytime she tried to ask where the cat was, but sounded like she was telling the truth whenever she was talking about him.

Sabine frowned sternly. “I would like to see him now.” Seeing the panic on her daughter’s face she quickened to add. “If you don’t mind sweetie.”

Marinette shook her head and looked up with determination. “I’ll go get him.” The girl headed over to her ladder and then climbed up onto her loft.

Sabine patiently waited for her.

After a few moments Marinette crawled onto the edge of her bed so that her mother could see her. “I’m sorry Maman, he’s refusing to cooperate.”

Sabine sighed. “Are you sure you can’t get him?”

Her daughter shook her head.

“Then I have no choice but to believe-” A loud meow cut her off making her blink in confusion at the sound.

Marinette tuned behind her and said something that Sabine couldn’t hear. She turned back to her. “He’s seems to be getting distressed by me trying to force him to meet you.” She looked at her mother apologetically.

The cat seemed to start meowing distressingly as though Marinette had given him his cue. That was impossible though. Since he was a cat.

“Are you sure Marinette? I would love to meet such a cute cat.” She smiled.

Marinette looked pained and somehow the meow’s seemed almost smug. “I’m sure Maman. I don’t want to stress the little guy out.”

Sabine sighed and nodded. “Very well. Make sure to keep him out of the bakery.” Her daughter nodded rapidly in agreement. “And Marinette?” Her daughter gave her mother her full attention. “Sorry for thinking you were lying.”

Sabine didn’t notice the guilty look that followed her out of her daughter’s room.

“Sorry for making you lie Marinette.” Chat apologized his ears dropping and tail hanging lamely off the bed. He was sitting on the bed, curled up, next to her cat plushy.

Marinette was once again struck by how unfairly cute her crime fighting partner was. “Stop that.” She told him. Guilt forgotten.

He looked at her in confusion. “Stop what?” He tilted his head like a cat.

She growled. “That.” She pointed at him. When he still looked confused she finally snapped. “Stop looking so dang cute all the time!” She shook her finger at him. “It’s hurting my self-esteem!”

He looked into her eyes and blinked at her slowly. “You think I’m cute?” A slow smirk slid onto his face.

Marinette relaxed. “Thank you for stopping.”

Chat looked at her once more in confusion. “What?” He asked.

Marinette ignored him. “You should skedaddle. Just in case my maman comes back.”

He sighed and the smiled. “Glad to be of help, my Princess.” He smoothly grabbed her hand and placed a kiss to her knuckle. He laughed when she flushed and pushed him away.

She crossed her arms, turned her head away from him, tiled her head up, and closed her eyes. “Thanks. For the help.” She cracked an eye open to glance at him and froze.

His face was lit by the light coming from her skylight and it made the soft smile on his face seem all the more captivating. “You’re welcome, Marinette.” He said soft before he quickly saluted and left.

Marinette stared after him for a moment. Once she was sure he was gone she huffed and stomped her foot. “Why does he have to be so freaking cute?!” She demanded the universe to tell her.

Much to her chagrin the universe didn’t respond.

The True Nightmare is Living Without You

I actually wrote this before the finale aired, back in my ~denial~, but never got time to post it on Tumblr before the spoilers came in so I had to wait until now. Basically, the ending I deserved.

A thousand thoughts shot through Clarke’s mind as she returned to consciousness – where’s Bellamy did his suit fail too did the nightblood work what happened to the rocket – but she pushed them all aside because suddenly a blaring heat and noise filled her senses and oh no. The rocket.

            She scrambled to her feet, ignoring a dull throbbing in her skull, only to feel her heart sink straight back to the ground. She could see the ship, all right, and it was fine, but…it was leaving. Lifting off into space. Without her.

(Bellamy’s face rose to her mind, unbidden, warm and soft like his arms around her a few hours ago, and her heart ached all over again. Maybe she could survive on her own, but already she didn’t know how she was supposed to live without him.)

The thought of the next five years on her own was so overwhelming, in fact, it was a long time before she remembered about the radio. They’d synced them up for communication while they were spread apart readying the rocket, and she brought hers from the lab so it should’ve been….

There! She scrambled to grab it and quickly inspected for damage; thankfully, it appeared fully intact and functioning. Hands shaking, she clicked the receiver and held it close to her mouth, whispering, “Is someone there?”

No response. She tried a little louder, and then louder still, until she was practically shouting into the phone; begging someone, anyone to confirm her friends were safe and alive. “Bellamy, come in. Raven? Monty? Can anyone hear me? Bellamy, please, tell me if you’re there.”

            Then, after what could’ve been a few minutes or a few hours of this, a crackle came over the line and then a voice. “Clarke? That you?”

            Raven. Clarke nearly broke with relief, but managed to say, “Are you all right? Did you make it?”

            “Yes. Everyone but you,” she replied, a thousand emotions coloring the words.

            Clarke nodded solemnly, trying to quiet the grief welling up inside her. “Is–is Bellamy there?” she asked now, unable to hide how much she needed to hear his voice right now.

            And then there it was. “Clarke.”

            It was suddenly, overwhelmingly all too much, and Clarke let out a choked sob. “Bellamy. Oh, thank—”

            “Are you all right? Injured? Sick?” he interrupted, the words bursting out like a river surging towards a waterfall—rushed and desperate and dangerously close to the edge.

            “I’m okay. I just passed out is all. The nightblood’s working. Are you—”

            “I’m so sorry, Clarke, gods above, I never meant to leave you behind, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop it and—”

            “Bellamy,” she breathed, a sigh and a plea and a whisper all at once. He sounded on the verge of tears, and it terrified her. Bellamy never let himself break, not in front of others. “It’s okay, Bellamy. We’re both safe. We made it.”

            “Not together,” he murmured brokenly, and she shut her eyes against the pain in his voice, in her heart. “I promised you we would have five years away from the horrors of the ground, we were never going to get separated again, we were going to have a future up here, and now—”

            “It’s not for forever,” Clarke said, even though she knew five years was an incredibly long time. By then they could be dead, or forced to stay in space, or completely different people, and then maybe he wouldn’t…. She swallowed down the thought.

            “Being without you for just three months felt like forever, and that was before…well.” He paused, either too nervous to go on or confident she knew what he meant.

            And she did. That was before ALIE and the end of the world and the list with their names on it; before she tumbled and tumbled and found herself opposing him, gun in hand, and knew that no matter the cost of humanity, she could not lose him. Before he had enveloped her in his arms while she cried and tucked away a loose piece of her braid, gentle as she’d ever seen him, and whispered that all he wanted was to spend the rest of his life beside her. Before she had agreed, heart thudding, and they’d rested their foreheads together as if in recognition of the confession they hadn’t quite uttered. Before Clarke finally felt the assurance deep in her bones that Bellamy Blake loved her too.

            “I know, Bellamy. I know. But can still communicate, hopefully whenever we want, and besides–” She paused, still unsure despite everything, before continuing. “You’re always with me.”

            There was barely a moment of hesitation before Bellamy murmured back, “And you with me.”

            She decided then they’d be okay.

She went nowhere without her radio after that, constantly checking on how things were going. There were soft times, when they had hours to talk and plenty to eat and hope like the blossoming flowers slowly peeking up in the fields; violent times, too, when mutated creatures arose or ALIE fought back and they went days, weeks, without communication. But most of the time, they were just times—just days, spent hunting and foraging and cataloging and always, always talking to the people she cared about most, just as she would if they were all together.

            “We will,” she murmured to herself, echoing Bellamy’s words every time she murmured may we meet again or tried to say goodbye just in case. She was out in the field, now disturbingly lush and green compared to the ashy wasteland she’d first lived in, working on a signal to communicate better with both the spaceship and the bunker. Her hair was long now, but thankfully still well-kept now that clean water was returning and she didn’t have to ration it out solely for drinking like she had for the first few years.

            It was incredible, how much time had passed. She’d lost track of the days long ago, letting them blur into nothing, but somehow…somehow she knew it was close. The end of her time alone.

            She glanced up at the sky, imagining she could already feel the heat of the rocket engines, and then her vision went black.

Clarke flew awake with a gasp, heart thudding at a hundred miles an hour, and tried to move but quickly realized she was being held back by something—a belt.

            No, not just a belt, a realized. A rocket belt. She looked around, dizzy with confusion, and saw the inside of the ship, gleaming and silver and filled with her friends. Her heart burst with relief, but the part of her that was still clinging to images of lush forests and radio conversations was wondering, how…?

            “Clarke? Oh, thank the gods, you’re awake.”

            She swung her head towards the sound, heart pounding, and suddenly her whole world condensed to just him—the freckles spanning his features, the cut above his lip, the tangled curls falling over his forehead, all half-concealed by the sheen across the front his helmet. Her voice felt nearly choked off with relief. “Bellamy.”

            “Are you feeling alright? Raven was worried about lifting off while you were unconscious,” he breathed. “But it’s okay now. We made it. We’ll land on the Ark any moment now.”

            “We’re together,” she agreed, hardly daring to believe it.

            Eyes softening, Bellamy reached his hand out to her and she took it, tangling their fingers and holding on tightly. “Yeah,” he murmured, looking at her like despite the whole vastness of space and time around them, she was all he wanted to see. “Together.”


Starting off my request weekend early since I’m realizing Sunday is going to be jam packed and I already screwed up trying to schedule the first prompt lmao. Hopefully that other one shows up later tonight and the rest I will start posting tomorrow morning! (And you all are more than welcome to keep sending me prompts throughout the weekend! Since it’s a holiday weekend for me I’ll be working on them until Monday!) 

This drabble was a request from @decaf-for-cutie who requested cute SidLink raspberries! So. Have cute SidLink raspberries and tickle fights! 

Link enjoyed the small things in life.

One of those things he loved so much was how vastly expansive his safe havens reached nowadays. As a boy, they were limited to wherever his music and his books could take him. While that was still the case, he had another, much more extensive one. 

And that was wherever the Zora Prince wandered off to.

On this particular day, Link found him inside the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, fiddling with one of the smaller control panels that had the elephant rather disgruntled that morning. Sidon was neither a mechanic nor was he particularly science-minded (languages and communication were definitely his strong suit as opposed to his reserved and analytical elder sister), but he tried his best anyhow.

“Alright, Ruta, tell me if that helps you at all,” Sidon huffed, rising to his feet. It had appeared that Link had arrived just in time for the prince and champion to finally figure out how to switch the console back into the correct position as it turned from orange to blue and Ruta gave a pleased trumpet.

Link smiled to himself, chuckling at how something so simple had taken Sidon multiple hours. Still, Link had to applaud him for his patience (although he wouldn’t have been surprised if the trumpeting he had heard earlier was Ruta’s end of a full-out shouting match). The Hylian crept up behind Sidon before he jumped on him, wrapping his arms around Sidon’s waist and causing Sidon to let out a yelp and nearly fall on Link.

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Lion’s Heart

Omg can you do one where Gryffindor Hoseok falls for Slytherin Reader? 😣🙏🏻

Note: You didn’t specify which Hoseok you meant so I wrote this for my fave. I hope you like it. 

I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Originally posted by hoshikio

Autumn had hit hogwarts; everything was ash brown, red and burgundy. The leaves on the trees, the skies at sunset. The grounds were decorated with candles and dancing flames amongst the carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. It was a beautiful time, especially up in the breeze by the black lake as you sprawl out your Potions essay with black ink. Usually you’d study in amongst the dusty books of the library, but how could you miss an opportunity at such a beautiful dusk? And in the dungeons of the Slytherin dorms, not a lot of light as prohibited to fall through.

It wasn’t until you heard leaves crunching and crumbling that you realised you weren’t alone. You turned back to look; it was no surprise to see the ruby red robes of the Gryffindor you knew as Jung Hoseok.

He wore a large grin on his face, it met his eyes like everything radiated with happiness. He stood tall, his shoulders pushed back as though he had all confidence in the world. You often wondered how he always looked so flawless like this, how he gave out smiles as though they didn’t cost him a single thing.

“{y/n}” He spoke as though he’d been expecting to see you there. Perhaps he was expecting to see you there. This wasn’t the first time you’d taken refuge at the outside castle grounds to escape the bustling halls. He took up an empty space of grass beside you and stretched his legs out before him; he continued to smile as though he had something to motivate him to be so cheerful.

“What do you want?” You asked him. It came off a little cold, but it didn’t seem to phase him in the slightest.

“I wanted to come here. You’re an added bonus, of course.”

You rolled your eyes at his statement, but it didn’t stop your heart thumping in your chest.

It was also myth by now that Slytherins and Gryffindors are sworn enemies, but you can’t help but feel a little hint of opposition to him. Perhaps it was just a clash of personality, or the fact that the played with your emotions at his will without even trying. You almost jumped when he put his arm over your shoulder.

“It’s pretty out here right?” He questions you, turning to face you so you look out over the lake and nod in agreement. There’s no point in trying to shake him off, because you know that he won’t leave. He;s the kind of person that will put everyone else’s happiness before his own, and you’re not exactly very good at hiding your emotions. Who comes out to a lake in the evening alone? Well, it’s certainly not because one is feeling happy.

“The lake is pretty too.” He suddenly says.

You turn to look at him, finally. His eyes are glittering, and your cheeks burned to the colour of the red sky. You cleared your throat, “I don’t understand.” You tell him, not technically wrong, you did want clarification.

“I mean, I think you’re really pretty. No, more than that, I think you’re stunning.”

The breeze parts your hair around your shoulders, and it feels cool against your skin. The feeling you’re experiencing right now in indescribable. Your heart is racing and pulsating out of control while your head spins like a tornado that refuses to give up. Your potions homework is abandoned beside you.

“I’m not.” You refuse, dragging your feet up and wrap your arms around your knees, closing yourself away from him like the ultimate fear of opening up and being hurt.

He chuckles. “Do you need me to list all of the ways you’re stunning? Because I will. I’ve liked you for a while, and I’m good for picking up the small things. Like the way you always tie your hair back when you’re concentrating hard in potions, or the way you sit like that when you’re nervous.”

You let your legs fall and push them out before you, the same way he is sat. “I’m not nervous” You tell him in defiance.

“You keep disagreeing with everything I’m saying.” He brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. “But you haven’t said that you don’t like me. Romantic or otherwise.”

He winks at that, and you shake your head. “That’s because I can’t disagree with it. Well, I could, but I’m not a liar. That’s one thing you Gryffindors can’t slate us for. Slytherins don’t lie… often.”

You crack a smile, finally, to show him you’re joking.

He laughs, and it’s like all the magic you have in your entire being is full inside of him and more. “Okay, {y/n}, I want to make you agree with me. Right?”

“Right?” You ask him, breathing a little more deeply as he leans down.

“Do you want to kiss me?”

“Agree” You respond, he smiles, only a little, then presses his lips against yours. It’s faint, and light, and your magic burns inside of you as though it wants to dance and spark and create great fireworks. It’s a moment whirl of bliss and it’s over too soon. You barely have to digest that you’d just shared a moment of romantic intimacy with a Gryffindor until your lips are pushing against his again.

It’s like rivalry all over again with each push of the lips, each swipe of the tongue and biting softly against the lips. His hair brushes against your forehead, it feels glorious. So fucking glorious.

You’re the first to pull away, and you feel proud over the way his confidence has dropped and he’s panting. For the first time since you’d met him; Jung Hoseok was speechless.

He’d allowed you to all for him, and now, you wrapped your snake around his lion’s heart.

“We could...” - Namjoon Drabble

Prompt(s) Requested: “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: humor / fluff / mature language

Warnings: slight nsfw topics

Word count: 653

Originally posted by kimdaily

>>Drabble below the cut for those interested in reading it ^.^<<

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A short Madi & Silver drabble

Silver sat up straight on the cushioned chair vaguely wondering where and how Madi acquired it since they’d been in Nassau for all but three days and had been avoiding Berringer’s men for all that time.  He sat still as she poured a small pitcher of warm water over his head after telling him quietly to close his eyes.  The wet warmth soothed him as it gushed over his scalp, past his shoulders and down his body.

It took the sand that had stuck to his clothing and hair, the smell of the salt water that’d dried on him since he swam to shore and all the dirt and dust that had seeped into his skin.  He didn’t question where Madi found soap or the scented oil she added to the water that she used to clean them both.  But what he did question was why fate or God or luck had chosen to bless him with a woman who was so absolutely fierce and daring, but who was so soft and loving, and gentle all at the same time.

She rinsed his face and body, cleaned underneath his nails, washed his hair and then treated the tiny cuts he’d gained over the last few days.  He felt clean when she was finished.  In more ways than one.  And he felt a fullness in his heart knowing that in front of her men, and his and Flint’s she had run into his arms and kissed him like a woman who had been lost without him.  Much as he had been lost without her.

He touched her bare skin, rubbed his hands over her stomach and felt her breath hitch at the touch.  He put his arms about her waist and kissed her stomach.  Her hands stilled on his back and when she looked down at him, unshed tears began to fall down her face.  Berringer was dead, they’d won the day, got their men back, but the toll had started to wear on her.

He pulled her into his lap, took the washcloth from her and let it drop into the bucket of water near them. He kissed her neck, letting the moisture on her skin touch his face.  He skirted the soft skin of her back with his fingers while his tongue blazed a hot trail near her neckline.  Her nipples puckered against his chest, teasing him, making his cock roar to life as she straddled him.  

He wanted her.  It had been nearly a week since they left Maroon Island.  Nearly a week since he’d made love to her, and there was nothing more than he wanted right now than to be inside her again.  But greater than his feeling of desire was the satisfaction he got from simply holding her.  He marveled at how just months earlier he’d had no one to think about but himself.  No one to care for and no one to care for him in return.  Now he felt as if every moment that wasn’t spent fighting this war was meaningful only when she was in it. Now he felt as if his home and everything he held most dear was in his arms right now in this one.  And he couldn’t think of anything that would make him give her up or walk away from her.

His lips tasted hers, took in her soft moans.  He lingered on her mouth, tasting with his tongue, darting it in and out of her lips while he thumbed her cheeks.  Her fingers found his hair while he drowned in her, telling her how much he loved her through every tender nibble and caress.  He kept it slow, kept it soft, and savored the feel of her kiss.  He angled his head as his tongue danced with hers, glided over it, sucked on it and then deepened his kiss until they both could barely breathe.  

She pushed away from him finally, their foreheads touching while they both tried to get air, and she was still crying.  It was only in these tender moments the thought that she allowed herself to be completely soft.  Here, she wasn’t the princess.  She wasn’t the queen.  She was simply his, bare and vulnerable and completely in love with him.  Like he was with her.

He wiped at her tears, kissed her wet cheeks and comforted her.  He swallowed, hating that she was still worried about him.  He was humbled at how deeply her feelings ran, and he wondered if she knew the depths of his feelings for her.  It was beyond anything he could describe.  Even to him.

“Sssh…Madi.  Don’t cry.”

“Next time,” she said softly.  “Get on the ladder when I tell you to.”

He chuckled before he kissed her hard, squeezing her nipples, and then sucking gently on her top lip.  “As you wish, my queen.”

Treaty - Mark (78/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Treaty
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: DragonShifter!AU

Word Count: 2,576

This got so long and the ending was meh but I rather like it~

The journey to the cave had taken several days. It had been long and cold, but you were willing to do whatever it took to get to the dragon that the King had ordered you to kill.

At first, the king had been suspicious of your ability as a bounty hunter. You weren’t a wizard and, unlike many other hunters, you had no magic at all. However, what you lacked in that area you more than made up for in your ability with your mind and with your sword. Tactics were always used to your advantage, and as long as you felt that you could stay one step ahead of whatever it was that you were hunting, you didn’t feel you needed magic.

Regardless, a small part of you felt sorry. You didn’t mind dragons very much…sometimes they could even be helpful. If you could persuade their human side to do something, often times their dragon side would agree. But the amount of money that the King offered to you to either go forth and slay the dragon or sign a blood treaty was too much for you to turn down.

You just prayed that it was a dragon shifter so that it would be easier to kill in its human form. If it was a full dragon or even a shifter that remained in dragon form all the time, it would still be possible to kill, but it would certainly be much more difficult.

However, you were fairly certain that it was a shifter (and male by the looks of it) because of all the little clues you’d picked up whilst tracking it to its cave.

Now, after a long trek up the mountain, you were finally at the foot of the cave and prepared to face whatever horror lay within. You mentally berated yourself for not bringing any extra fairy dust to help you – you had used it all up to make fires on the mountain.

You pulled out your sword and ran your finger down it, checking it’s strength and sharpness and humming contently when it was to your liking. You had plenty of black arrows left and, needless to say, you were feeling pretty confident in your abilities.

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flabbergabst  asked:

Drabble prompt? Captain Canary + Lisa with the lines somewhat like, "A blonde? But blondes are never Lenny's type."

Okay, I got a very specific picture of this one and couldn’t shake it, so heads up: mentions of past (possibly one-sided, your choice) Coldflash.

Lisa raises an eyebrow at Leonard. “Didn’t think you were into blondes.”

Leonard glares at his sister. Sara’s lips twitch. “What’s his normal type?”

There’s mischief in Lisa’s expression, and she ignores a warning from her brother. “Well, Lenny likes them in tight leather, so you’ve got that much in common with his last fixation.”

“Sara’s more than a fixation,” Leonard snaps, relaxing as Sara presses a kiss to his cheek. “And Barry’s basically a friend at this point.”

Sara laughs, delighted. “You had a thing for the Flash?”

Leonard shrugs. “Then I met the White Canary and was hooked.”

Cats Day 9

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Frerin comes under scrutiny and Bilbo returns to Erebor

A/n: This is the new chapter that I came up with when I was writing the tags

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

The next day, you find yourself still wondering what Thorin bought and why he brought it. When you came home last night, it was completely gone. It was like it never existed in the first place. You had asked Frerin where the two packages went and he just shrugged. You knew he was lying because he could never look you in the eyes when he did. You just sighed and let Thorin do what he wanted to do. He was such a weird cat.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Cheiloproclitic with JongKey please~

Cheiloproclitic – Being attracted to someone’s lips.

L I P S | Jongkey | G

“Jonghyun, do you want to fail?”

Jonghyun’s mind processed first how Kibum’s lips moved differently. Before, Kibum’s lips would often curve into the same words. B, they folded together and were pulled back into his mouth; U, they opened, revealing the redness of his mouth; S is all tongue; on T he closes his mouth a little and his tongue flicks to the roof of his mouth; I is the release, mouth now wide enough for Jonghyun to see all of Kibum’s white teeth; with C and K he raises his tongue and the sound emerges from the back of his throat; E is a sounded, direct exhale; and his lips near each other slowly on T. Eventually, they meet one another, his pink lips closing as the word formulates in the air.

There are other words Jonghyun can see, having stared at Kibum’s mouth and his lips so much–combined with the fact that Kibum is simply repeating the basic English conversation about a bus ticket they had learned in English class earlier that day.

Kibum’s mouth opens so wide on “have,” on “leave” the sound is wet yet airy,  and with “when” the exhale of his breath is soft and the click of his tongue at the end is suggestive of something more. Of whatever’s waiting at that questioned time.

Jonghyun likes “you” the best. Kibum’s lips purse together into a pink and round button with a single hole in the middle. And the sound is low and melodic, just one syllable without any thuds and clamors at the end. It is only a exhale, given sound like the way the clouds give earth rain. Naturally, healthily, beautifully.

Korean is different on Kibum’s lips. Not that the language makes his words or voice or tone or mouth any less beautiful, but he has to move differently because of the nuances of the language.

When a sentence in English is completed, the mouth slowly closes. First the tongue rises to encumber future noise, and then the lips meet each other. With Korean, the mouth tends to stay open, letting the final syllable ring through the air like a proud bell.

Jonghyun only realizes Kibum is speaking in Korean to him when those lips stay open for a beat too long.

“Huh?” he asks, blinking and raising his head from his hand.

Kibum sighs and leans back in his chair. “You do want to fail this class, don’t you?”

“Of course I don’t!” Jonghyun whines. A dozen pairs of eyes turn angrily to him and he clamps his mouth shut, lowering his voice. “It’s just hard for me to focus.”

“Whatever,” replies Kibum indignantly. “It doesn’t matter if you pass or fail. I still get my tutoring hours.”

“Hey, I’m your friend. You should care if I fail.”

“Whatever,” Kibum says. “I’m tired. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

“Sure,” Jonghyun exhales, holding back his disappointment that he won’t be able to watch Kibum speak anymore.

It sucks enough in English class that Kibum’s basically become the unofficial teacher’s assistant, meaning he spends the entire class period helping out other students rather than sitting right next to Jonghyun like he should be. So Jonghyun can stare at his lips. Like he does in every single other class.

Jonghyun likes to say Kibum is the reason he’s a C+ student. Regardless of the fact that he’s been a C+ student his whole life and he only met Kibum in 8th grade.

He follows Kibum to the parking lot, eyes at first trained on his friend’s shoes and then slowly traveling upward to his ass. Jonghyun thinks It’s a nice ass, as Kibum dances five days a week. He should add the caveat that, aside from pornographic videos, Kibum’s (clothed) ass is the only one he’s stared diligently at.

They jump into Kibum’s car and Kibum starts the engine.

“So,” Jonghyun begins expectantly.

Kibum snorts. “So?”

Jonghyun doesn’t know what he was thinking. He only lives about a minute away from the school by car, so he’s only got a minute.

“What words are on the next English quiz?”

“A bunch,” Kibum says with a shrug. His eyes are trained on the road ahead. “The list is on the website.”

“Yeah but do you know any of them? Like, off the top of your head.”

“Umm. I guess.” He taps his fingers against the steering wheel, thinking. “There’s airport, airplane, luggage, ticket, bus stop, bus, taxi, fare, seat, aisle…”

Jonghyun bites down on his lip, holding back against the whimper rising in his throat. The base of his spine is tingling, little sparks rising to his skin and spreading his body as Kibum’s voice curves around foreign sounds, as his lips are tucked inward, pushed again, pursed into a little pink circle, stretched thin over pronounced syllables. Even from the side, it’s a beautiful sight.

Jonghyun doesn’t realize they’ve arrived at his house until the car has stopped moving and Kibum turns to face him. “We’re here,” he states in Korean.

And Jonghyun doesn’t hear that. He sees Kibum’s lips move, his mouth hanging open as that final sound hits Jonghyun’s ear drums but doesn’t register in his mind. The only thing he is thinking of are Kibum’s lips, and that he wants them.

“Can you translate something for me?” he asks, his voice shivering with uncertainty and need.

One corner of Kibum’s lips twitches. “What?”

Jonghyun runs his tongue over his lips. “Kiss.”


K is when his mouth opens slightly to make room for the sound; I his lips open more; S they come closer but it his teeth that touch; S the letter is given voice through the push of his air between his teeth. He lips stay open at the end, teeth separating just slightly as the word escapes.

Jonghyun’s heart is pressing his rib cage with every desperate thud. The sparks have turned to an electricity that roars through his fans as though thunder had struck him in the chest. “Me.”

Kibum doesn’t hesitate. M his lips come together and contract inward, on E they release. Again, he doesn’t close them even though the word has been said. The sentence finished. He leaves his thick, pink lips open and Jonghyun stares at them.

He doesn’t know what to do past this point, but, fortunately, Kibum does.

He leans forward and in a clear and slow voice asks in English, “Can I kiss…” His lips curve into the familiar circle, and the sound is low and seductive but curves just slightly upward at the end. “You?”

Jonghyun nods numbly. “Yeah.”

He leans toward Kibum and their lips meet softly. For as good as Kibum’s lips look to Jonghyun, they feel so much better against his own.

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anonymous asked:

Basorexia with my boy warren please ❤ i need some warren love rn ❤❤❤ i love love love your work by the way :)

Warren + Basorexia – An overwhelming desire to kiss.

Charles was lecturing the team, a frown evident on his face as you all sat in silence. The words, ‘careful’ and ‘consequence’ were thrown around a lot, although Warren wasn’t listening. He probably should be considering he was the one under scrutiny. He didn’t care for Charles lecture, or the glare Scott has been sending him, because as of this moment, Warren was planning on leaving. He was just about ready to tell Charles to fuck off, before your voice echoed in his ears.

“Why the hell are you only yelling at Warren?” You snapped, arms crossed over your chest while Warren looked up from his hands at you, surprise clear on his face. “All of you have been treating him like shit just because he was a part of Apocalypse’s team, well news flash! So was Ororo and you’re all nice to her. It’s unfair.” You huffed, looking over at Warren.

His expression warmed as you placed your hand over his, a small smile gracing your features. You gave him a curt nod before turning back to the Professor who seemed at a loss for words. You continued defending Warren, your hand squeezing his ever so slightly. He still hadn’t spoken, his eyes now trained on you. He never noticed the way the light caught your eyes, making them swell with colour, or how your nose crinkled faintly when you rolled your eyes,

As Warren looked at you, really looked at you, he was hit with an onslaught of unforeseen affection that made his chest tighten. His hand clenched around yours just out of the sheer shock. How could he had not seen this before, felt this before because God, it felt so right. You glanced over at him, tongue swiping over your mouth as you whispered, “Are you okay?” Warren’s mouth felt like cotton and not trusting his own voice he just nodded. You watched him for a moment longer, lips pressed together in concentration, eyes glistening with something unreadable. Warren felt a blush creep up his face from your gaze, but it suddenly softened into a brilliant grin.

Warren’s gaze fell briefly to your lips, which looked so soft and kissable and he couldn’t think about anything else. He should be worried about Scott practically bashing him, or the fact Charles seems to be agreeing, but you were looking at him like he was your world and the way you rubbed your lips together before speaking only drew his focus further away from the meeting. Warren took in all your features as you spoke, memorizing them like it was the last time he’d see you.

He tried to remember the way your hand felt when you slipped of away from his, elaborate hand actions making him smile. He wasn’t sure what you were saying, everything was white noise at this point. All Warren’s senses honed in on you and only you though his attention was brutally ripped away from you when a hand smacked the table. A curse flew passed Scott’s lips as he stormed out of the room. You smiled triumphantly, falling back into your seat. You turned to face Warren, who was in a bit of a daze. You leaned in closer, mouth opening to speak when Charles interrupted.

“Well I guess the meeting is over.” He grumbled, your eye flickered from him back to Warren.

“Thanks.” Warren managed with a hoarse voice.

“Anytime.” You winked, and now that the meeting was over, Warren didn’t have long to grab your face and kiss you.

But as the plan became cemented in his mind, Peter strode in and your smile lit up as you jumped out of your seat. “What I miss?” Peter chuckled, earning a side eye from Charles. “I’ll speak to you later.” He sighed, leaving the room with Jubilee.

Warren stayed seated for a moment, glancing over to Jean who sent him a sympathetic smile. Warren exhaled sharply before pushing past you and Peter who were hugging by the door. He could hear the “I love you.” You whispered to Peter, and Warren liked to imagine it was for him.

Taller than a skyscraper, the obsidian tower that was his body reached ever skyward—his formidable visage so large it seemed to clot out the very sun overhead, leaving what seemed like the entire Earth within his sights.

His eyes wide and staring, crazed in their manic light, stared down upon the maggots that were his new playthings with an avidity that rivaled that of a lunatic unleashed upon his obsession, and when the demon raised his arms and outstretched his claws, he seemed to rip holes through the very clouds– seemed to make the very sky s c r e a m for mercy.

  Thunder R O A R E D in the near distance—

     Lightning C R A S H E D

        —and the world knew its MASTER in that moment as it never had before…

Aku’s laughter rang out, wicked and cold and unforgiving in its black delight as he reached down with one arm—grasped his fist tightly round one of the spires of his newest prey—an ivory tower— and uprooted it as effortlessly as one might a daisy, yet not quite so kindly; and the demon plucked from its windows a young maiden he had espied, and threw her upon the ground so hard she instantly knew the darkness—before he then tossed aside the tower over his shoulder as casually as one might litter.

From his eyes, red lazers leapt forth—their beams so blistering hot that all who were caught in in them were instantly and painlessly vaporized—and with these he followed the senseless patterns of his fleeing subjects—drawing blazing figure eights into the soil and occasionally allowing himself to kill a few of them when he grew tired of their screaming.

From his mouth when he tired of this, white flames billowed—hotter than the sun. With them, he cremated the buildings of the city into ash—watching with dissatisfaction as they gave way beneath him as easily as might an eggshell.

Hmph. He had hoped for more resistance than this.

He gritted his teeth harshly, saliva hanging in dangling ropes from the corners of his lips, froth like that of a mad dog bubbling forth in equal measure—and with one DECISIVE gesture, he drew his hand far over his shoulder and finally swiped the buildings aside—leveling the city into rubble like the aftermath of an Earthquake.

Though, perhaps with fewer intact pieces…

He quite liked this first taste of blood he decided, looking upon the smoking husks of his first conquest with utter detachment—like a child sullenly eyeing a broken, yet once beloved toy.

Perhaps he would seek some other plaything with which to amuse himself…

I Won’t Let Him

Request: Heyyy can you write an i won’t let him part 2 where bellamy goes after the reader’s boyfriend and because of that the boyfriend goes after reader to take revenge on her for telling their secret but bellamy saves her and eventually they get together, it would be awesome thank youuuu

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I altered it slightly, it has the sae general idea but is different a bit.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: abusive relationship.

Originally posted by neshamaprincess

You stared up at the serene picture of Bellamy’s face, finding solace in his gaze. You could now admit that you did like Bellamy, you found more trust and gentleness in his gaze in this one moment than you ever had in Y/B/N’s darling. They were so different, the both of them, stark differences and you couldn’t help but wonder what you’d done to deserve ending up with him instead someone like Bellamy.

Instead of Bellamy.

The calm moment was disturbed by the sound of the curtain opening, alerting both of you that someone had entered. You leaned up on your arm, searching for who it was, but the moment of calm and safety left you when you saw your boyfriend standing before you all.

Your gaze fell to your arms, the clear bruises open to the world and looking up at your boyfriend you saw the look of anger contort his gaze. Your heart sped up and you felt yourself freeze in spot, you completely forgot the fact that Bellamy was right beside you, his own anger radiating off of him, when you found yourself stuck. You found yourself back in your tent, alone with only his angry eyes before you.

Only his disapproving eyes faced upon you, and his hard rough hands smacking you down every time you picked yourself up. You could see nothing as you pathetically shook on the cot.

“What is this?” Your boyfriend asked, his voice coming out in a sickly sweet innocent facade. His eyes fell on Bellamy, “what are you doing with my girlfriend?”

Bellamy stepped forward, walking to the front of you as if to protect you, “saving her from you.”

Despite the smile on his face and the way he laughed ironically, you could see the bittersweet facade disappearing on Y/B/N’s face. He was slipping, slipping from that wall he built when he was around others so no one knew what he did to you at night. You moved your legs over the side, standing up as you twisted your hands together slightly behind Bellamy. You looked away from Y/B/N, fearing the anger you knew you’d see.

“What are you talking about, Bellamy? Y/N, come here.” He ordered, you hesitated, “now.” Like the obedient girl you’d been broken into, you stepped forward, quick to obey. Before you could make it very far though, Bellamy’s hand fell to your wrist, making you stop. You looked up at him, tears in your eyes as he only shook his head. “Stay here and don’t move.” He ordered, his eyes pleading you to listen.

You looked over at your boyfriend, flinching when he snarled at you. “Y/N come here now.”

“She’s not going anywhere near you.” Bellamy snapped, turning to look at him. 

“Oh really? Well she’s my girlfriend, she listens to me.” Y/B/N took a step forward, making his way towards you. You saw his fist clench so his knuckles were white and you let out a small gasp, taking a step back and bumping into the bed behind you. Bellamy noticed your panic and noticed your gaze, snarling he stepped forward, standing in front of your boyfriend.

With a sudden swing, Bellamy’s fist hit his face, making Y/B/N cry out in pain. He was quick to retaliate though, jumping up and punching Bellamy in the gun, he bellowed out, swinging his leg out. You sobbed into your hand, scared of what would happen but you knew there was nothing you could do to help. You’d only get in the way. “Bellamy!” You screamed when he stumbled to the ground, you watched the blood fly from his face.

“Stop! Please!”

Bellamy straightened out, hitting Y/B/N hard enough that he fell to the ground. You watched with helpless eyes as Bellamy straddled Y/B/N, holding him by the ends of his jacket and brought his bloodied face towards his. Bellamy panted, struggling to breathe as he wiped the blood off his face. “You think it’s cool to beat on girls?” Bellamy spat, “well i’ll tell you now, you’re lucky I don’t kill you. You don’t ever touch Y/N or any other girl in camp again, you hear me?”

“Yeah.” Y/B/N panted, before Bellamy threw him to the ground. 

He stood up, turning towards you, and you were quick to run forward. Grabbing his face, you checked for any serious injuries and found nothing but a bruised nose. You sniffled, shaking your head as you looked down pitifully. “Why’d you do that? You could’ve gotten seriously hurt.” A hand fell on your chin, bringing your gaze up to Bellamy as he wiped the tears off of your face. Finding your eyes, he looked sincerely down at you.

“I told you, i’m not gonna let anyone hurt you ever again.”